Saturday, November 27, 2021

More essays soon...

 I have been busy with media flyering and Church duties. More articles to follow soon.

Friday, November 26, 2021

Stickers Sent to Austin:

  Because of racist anti-White bigots being wankers in Austin we sent a new batch of stickers to Texas. These pics show just the ones sent to Austin. Suck it, pussies!!

Each stack is 500!!

500 under each stack!!

1000-1200 under each stack!!


Latest CPR Radio Shows:

 I am posting this as i do shows on organics and Anti-vaxxe.

In case you missed our Thanksgiving Day/Family Day celebration last Saturnsday??? HERE IT IS!!

Our Flyer Drive + Open Lines episode:

And our White Persecution + Suicide episode:

Best Thanksgiving in Years!!

 Best Kill Injins Day in years!!

Thursday, November 25, 2021

24-48 Hours till Launch!!

 I want to thank everyone who's help with technical questions. We found several FREE SPEECH hosts and have picked one. If it doesn't work out we have several weeks to cancel, refund, switch.....

I also want to apologize for my curtness over the last 2 days. This one paedophile in austin got 5000 commie faggots to bitch to blogger EVERY BLOODY DAY for two weeks straight till blogger deleted TWO BLOG PAGES!! Rather than wait for number 3 to be taken down we decided to finally pay for a free speech host. What a pain in the arse!!!!!!!!!!!

As a result the new Church blog will be exclusively on VK + MEWE. You must join one of them to recieve our daily posts on news and issues for Whites, as well as Creativity essays. We also have GAB + TELEGRAM accounts as extra back-ups. My personal blog is still going strong. 😁

The commie paedophile in austin is Kit O'Connell. Our Skinheads in texas have his picture. That is all ill say. To stay legal. 😉 😉

We also got pics of several of his buddies, as well as neighberhood info. Shutting up now to stay legal. 😉 😉

My two main email addresses shall remain the same. We also now control SIX CREATIVITY DOMAIN NAMES to keep Cambeul soup from stealing more. Wanker.... Anyway, all six shall soon point to CHURCHOFBENKLASSEN.ORG and the new website. I am not, at this time, going to run any kind of email subscriber list. It is up to YOU to stay connected to us. I am getting busier with Church duties as we grow. Please assist me in this area by staying up to date on our new blogs and other social media accounts.

Thank you.


Rev. Lloyd, PM

PS: If you would like me to add you to my personal Creativity email list, for friends/members/supporters, send me your email address and I shall create a new list. YOU MUST EMAIL ME STATING YOU WANT ON!!!!

New Site for Church:

 The new site for the Church is almost ready!!

Tuesday, November 23, 2021

Hardy Lloyd Radio: Lambada


Hey, I was born in Santa Lucia.

What can I say?


Hardy Lloyd Radio: Dance With The Dead


NYC Thomas Jefferson statue taken down to ‘bow to cancel culture’

 NYC Thomas Jefferson statue taken down to ‘bow to cancel culture’

The statue of Thomas Jefferson in New York’s City Hall has been taken down to “quell some fluttering breeze of wokeness,” according to Sky News host Chris Kenny.

“History and institutions matter; cancelling Thomas Jefferson is to empower ignorance,” Mr Kenny said.

“It is to turn your back on the very ideals of America and the free democratic world.

“However, imperfectly, these ideals have been put into practice, the ideals, as eloquently expressed by Jefferson, matter.”

Monday, November 22, 2021

Brooks: The black-Supremacist Murderer

Smash Anti-White Hate!!

The anti-White HATE attack on White people in Wisconson yesterday was perpetrated by avowed racist Darrell Brooks. Darrel Brooks is a 39 year old black-supremacist who has made HATE videos promoting the open killing of White people. He raps and rants about killing White women and children, as well as raping White girls as young as 8 years old. What a piece of garbage!! I can only hope that the AB or Dirty White Boys kill this filthy nigger?!

This latest hate crime against Whites by negroe-supremacists proves that there is no justice in amerika for Whites. We are thus forced to take up arms against all anti-White hate. Violence under the banner of our sacred Jihad, RAHOWA, must be the law of the land. Let the blood flow untill ALL ANTI-WHITE SCUM are dead, and the slavery and prejudices we have suffered as a race for 3100 years are avenged!!


Rev. Lloyd, PM