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Protests Right Now in Pgh over tge MURDER of a Man by Racist Piggies!!


Demonstrators took over the steps of the City County Building Friday and called on District Attorney Stephen Zappala to prosecute and name the officers and first responders involved in the case of Jim Rogers.

We’ll update this story with the latest information from our Mike Holden LIVE for 11 News at 6 p.m. in the field and from public safety officials.

UPDATE 5:52 p.m.: District Attorney Stephen Zappala released this statement to Channel 11 regarding the case:

“It is both frustrating and unacceptable that this investigation has dragged on this long. I will not permit this type of delay in the future.”

UPDATE 5:40 p.m.: Protesters were in the middle of Grant Street blocking traffic. They were chanting “PEOPLES JUSTICE FOR JIM ROGERS.” Grant blocked right in front of City County Building.

The group “People’s Justice for Jim Rogers” organized this latest rally.

They want immediate answers from the city of Pittsburgh and what they are calling “justice” following his death on Oct. 14.

The homeless man allegedly took a bike someone was trying to sell in Bloomfield, rode away on it and returned it to the area.

Police were called and used a stun gun on him. He was taken to the hospital and passed away shortly after.

Channel 11 reached out to the district attorney’s office for comment. District Attorney Stephen Zappala released the following statement:

“It is both frustrating and unacceptable that this investigation has dragged on this long. I will not permit this type of delay in the future.”

The group also wants full body camera footage of the incident and what followed after the response. Demonstrators say they plan to hold more rallies in the future.

Hardy Lloyd TV: WP Music Scene in Europa

I know one or three of the guys in this....

Hardy Lloyd Radio: Speed Racer xxx

 Remember this one, guys???


90s rule!!

We are at the BAR doing karaoke.


Live life, for tomorrow you die....

By the way,

we passed out 5700 flyers!!

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Hitting the Sa Side Today!!


I am in Oakland now drinking....

Tgen we are off to the Sa Side to flyer.


Is It vets Day?

 Fuck all you murdering, raping, JOGITE filth!! Gringo vets go around the world murdering helpless people to further the jew agenda.

Fuck your vets!!


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Gun Grabbers Don’t Want Teachers Protecting Kids

 LAST LINE OF DEFENSE: Gun Grabbers Don’t Want Teachers Protecting Kids

 November 10, 2021

By Iam_Anuphone @

In a school shooting, teachers are often the last line of defense between the perpetrator and the kids just trying to learn. Anti-gun crusaders like Everytown for Gun Safety want to prevent trained and vetted teachers from protecting children with firearms. Many schools don’t have the resources to hire additional security, so having volunteer teachers and staff, trained and vetted and ready to stand up to any threat is a way to maximize security with minimal resources. Why would anyone want to deny children safe schools?

This argument is playing out right now in Ohio, where anti-gun lobbyists are hard at work trying to prevent small towns and underfunded schools from implementing such a plan. Bearing Arms reports:

Over the past few years, thousands of school staff in dozens of school districts across the state of Ohio have undergone background checks and dozens of hours of training in order to lawfully carry a firearm on school grounds, but a state Supreme Court ruling earlier this year declared that, in order to be in compliance with current law, any staff member armed on the job must go through the 700+ hours of law enforcement training that certified police officers receive.

That, of course, drastically inhibits the ability of smaller, more rural districts to provide on-campus security in case of an armed attack, which is why Republicans in the Ohio legislature are moving to pass a bill that would specifically allow for volunteer, vetted, and trained school staff members to once again serve as a first line of defense for the students in their care. At a recent hearing of the House Criminal Justice committee, dozens of individuals turned out in both support and opposition to the bill.

Madison Local Schools Superintendent Jeff Staggs was one of the 13 testifying Thursday in support of House Bill 99. Staggs, the former superintendent of Newcomerstown Schools in Tuscarawas County, said that whatever the policy states, any armed staff will go above and beyond any minimum standard. His former school allowed for armed personnel, and he said he was one of those staffers.

“One more day without this program puts the lives of students in danger and that’s unacceptable,” said Staggs. “You can (require a minimum of) 100 hours, I’m going to do 200 hours. … [J]ust like the standards we teach every day, we go above and beyond, we teach above and beyond, and we make our teachers go above and beyond. Standards are just that, a standard. But to excel, and be the best, you must go above and beyond.”

Madison Local Schools was the district that was sued over its policy, with parents opposed to the measure aided by the anti-gun attorneys at Everytown for Gun Safety. The gun control lobby has been actively opposing the new bill as well, along with representatives of teachers unions in the state.

Melissa Cropper, with the Ohio Federation of Teachers, said her organization would rather see more funding allocated to public schools which “would allow more school districts to hire appropriately trained School Resource Officers, without watering down current law.”

“In April, when we previously testified in opposition to HB 99, we identified some simple and common-sense changes that would mitigate the very dangerous risks this legislation poses,” she said. “We are disappointed that the substitute bill did not address a single area of concern, but instead actually made the bill more reckless.”

She said the bill needs to include minimum standards surrounding transparency on if teachers and staff are carrying (not identifying which ones), a program developed by OPOTA and oversight, and psychological testing so parents, teachers, and staff have confidence in the program.

No offense to Cropper, but if we’re going to start subjecting teachers and staff to psychological testing before they’re able to take part in any armed school staff program, why not just test every employee of a school district? I mean, there’ve been plenty of stories of educators in Ohio being accused or convicted of some pretty heinous crimes, while there’s not been a single incident involving any armed teacher or staff member in any Ohio school district, at least that I’m aware of.

Action Line: You are responsible for your own safety. You are the last line of defense should anyone attempt to harm you or your family. If you haven’t already, get your guns and your training now.

No Permit Bill Advances!! 💪


Pennsylvania’s state Senate is advancing two veto-bound firearms bills, including one to allow people to carry a loaded firearm openly or concealed, without a permit, and another to punish municipalities that impose firearms ordinances that are stricter than state law.

The bills passed Tuesday with near-universal Republican support. The Republican-penned bills go to the House of Representatives. Gov. Tom Wolf, a Democrat, has said he would veto the bills.

Pennsylvanians are already generally allowed to openly carry loaded firearms without a permit, except in Philadelphia. But the legislation would remove Philadelphia’s open-carry permit requirement, as well as the state’s requirement for people to get a permit to carry a concealed weapon.


Out Fliering Oakland!!


Just try and stop me someone?



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To All The Anti-White Bigots Trying To Get My Website Shut Down:

 To All The Anti-White Bigots Trying To Get My Website Shut Down:

I know HTML.

I pay for private hosting.

I use blogger because it's quick.

I don't have to.

Blogger believes in FREE SPEECH!!

I have 4 back-ups EACH for BOTH websites.

I am on MeWe, Gab and Telegram.

They all believe in FREE SPEECH!!

You ain't going to stop us.

Negroes Starting more Fights in Pgh Schools. What a Suprise....


Following the return of full-time in-person learning, several reports suggest an uptick in violence at schools.

In the last month alone, Channel 11 reported a handful of  fights and school threats happening in local districts.

The latest incident happened Tuesday in the Penn Hills School District after a social media threat was made against the high school. The district issued the following statement:

‘Penn Hills School District and Penn Hills Police Department have been working collaboratively this morning to investigate a social media threat that was made against PHHS.  While Penn Hills Police Department does not view this threat as credible and have been able to identify the source of the threat, we are arranging an increased presence of Penn Hills Police Officers on our high school campus throughout the day tomorrow, including arrival and dismissal. The individual responsible for this message is being processed through law enforcement and will face school district consequences as well.

We thank our students for their commitment to safety and security and for their willingness to come forward and share concerns. We also thank our Penn Hills Police Department for their prompt response and willingness to provide extra support for us.’

A similar situation happened in South Park last week after a social media post threatened gun violence at the middle school and in late October, four fights broke out at Woodland Hills High School, all in one day.

“We are seeing violence in our major cities, and as a result of that we are seeing violence without our schools,” said Don Bridges with the National Association of School Resource Officers.

Bridges tells Channel 11 what we’re seeing in schools across Western Pennsylvania, school resource officers are also seeing across the county.

“This is a lot for our young people to be asked to handle,” Bridges.

Back in May, the Department of Homeland Security warned about targeted school violence following the return of in-person learning. In that same bulletin, Homeland Security suggested schools will need to increase support services to help students adjust back into the classroom.

“Students have not been able to get those mental health services and have essentially worked in isolation and the stress that they are under as a result of the pandemic, I would say would be a contributing factor to some of the violence we are seeing,” said Bridges.

Recently, while threats and fights were being investigated in our schools, many districts moved their students to virtual learning. Meaning many students back home and some, isolated once again. Behavioral health therapist Joshua McKivigan says he doesn’t think virtual learning is always the healthiest response.

“My hope is that these technology tools won’t just be used as a trauma response to big events,” said McKivigan.

McKivigan with Allegheny Health Network’s The Chill Project goes into local schools to teach students how to react positively to stress. McKivigan’s hope is more districts will sign on and use their resources.

“We give those students tools. Like how can mindfulness and meditation help you be less reactive and control your anger and have those therapy tools for those more intense situations,” said McKivigan.

Adolf Hitler’s Speech Before the Front Peasants (October 15, 1940)

 Adolf Hitler’s Speech Before the Front Peasants (October 15, 1940)

The struggle in which the German nation finds itself this time for the first time in its history is a struggle in the deepest sense against the life assertion of our folk in itself.

The states, which since September of the previous year had declared war against us, have not had any objective reason that we could have given them. The reason is understandable to all of us: It is supposed to be prevented that the 85 million mass of our folk can achieve the life claim that is due our folk on the basis of its number, its significance, its industriousness, its work strength, but also its genius. The state that is the main driver in this war was the driving force in almost all European wars for almost three centuries. England tries to build its world dominance upon Europe’s ruins. It tries to prevent any consolidation of Europe. And this time, it is supported in the process by those forces for whom especially the German Reich in its present constitution is a thorn in the side. They see in the intellectual world that we represent a danger for the rule of their own purely capitalist oriented circles, of their so-called leading strata.

This struggle, it seemed to be possible to this other side and in its outcome certain through the hope in a few allies. The first ally in whom they believed they could trust was, in their eyes, a new German revolution. They were really of the opinion that they only needed to declare war, and then Germany would collapse in a few days as the result of an internal revolution. Whither they believed that and why they believed that, I do not want to examine that here. There are, unfortunately, isolated unscrupulous rascals who, active especially in foreign lands, have helped to spread this idiotic view. We do not need to waste any more words about this.

The next hope was the opinion that they would manage, like in the World War, to force us into the fight with two or three fronts at the same time in order to then gradually let us bleed to death.

After 18 days, their first ally has been defeated. Even though autumn’s bad weather did not make it possible to finish France still in autumn, a few months later this settling of accounts nonetheless took place. And even though bad weather again prevented us from dealing with the last opponent, his hour will strike as well. Militarily, this war is already today completely won. Whoever dominates Europe, whoever possesses this European position from the North Cape to the Spanish border and beyond, can no longer be defeated militarily. They also know that.

They then still had a few other hopes. A big hope was the winter in the previous year. We withstood it better than our opponents themselves. And then a really big hope still remained for them, ft is hunger. They basically built upon that. They reckoned that what they had not managed by force of arms, what they had not managed with betrayals, what they failed diplomatically, namely Germany’s encirclement, that they will, in the end, nonetheless still manage through the thumbscrews of hunger. Here, too, we have taken extensive precautions in many areas. Economically, industrially, the fate of the World War can no longer strike us at all. Perhaps many a person in the years before the outbreak of war cursed or grumbled or carped about the many substitute materials that I had imported already back then. I did that, because I was first of the conviction to most easily be able to eliminate the unemployed along the path of extensive new German raw material acquisition. That also succeeded. But I also did it, because I was of the opinion that it makes no sense to base a folk’s economy on raw materials which one does not have in an emergency, after all, rather that it is better, right from the start, to cut one’s coat according to ones cloth and to take what one has, even if, for all I care, at first glance, there are better materials. We simply cannot allow ourselves the luxury that we work in copper at a time when we just must import and can import copper, while we are in the position to produce light metals ourselves.

Furthermore, I was also of the conviction that the sooner we start with substitute materials, the better they get. For one can thoroughly prepare many things in peace. And we have today found so-called substitute materials in so many areas that are better than the earlier original materials. We will never again buy from others the earlier original materials at a high price. They have also noticed this, after all. This has also, in part, greatly angered them, because they felt that their blockage would be pointless in the future.

If we took many precautions in the economic, industrial area here, then we also tried to come to a healthy domestic production again in the area of agriculture. And you know: In all these years, we have known only one law: How do we protect German national labor in every area, in the area of industrial production exactly as in the area of agricultural production?

I have from the first moment represented the principle: If two products face us in competition, a German product and a foreign product, then the German must be taken under all circumstances. The foreign one takes second place. Only where German production does not suffice, there we can also resort to the foreign. The capitalist and liberal principle of earlier, simply for price reasons to take the foreign one, even at the risk of ruining whole businesses at home, we broke with that principle from the start. Quite the opposite, it is self-evident that many things that we manufactured ourselves were initially somewhat more expensive and perhaps must also forever be more expensive, because German labor is somewhat more expensive. But in the final result, as the product of our work, it is nonetheless cheaper; for we can produce it, we have the work force, and the whole German economic policy has been for us nothing else than the mobilization of the German work force, on the one hand, and of our natural resources and of the fertility of our soil, on the other hand. That was the problem that we faced.

The war has proven this preparatory work correct. In no area has it become possible for the opponent to somehow put us in a situation, say, in a similar situation to the year 1915, 1916, 1917 or 1918. That we restrict ourselves in the process, that is not tied to it at all, that we do not have something or have too little, rather that is tied to my caution. I feel myself responsible that the misfortune of the year 1918 does not happen to the German folk a second time. And because I feel myself responsible for it, I prefer to save in time. I would have been able to hand out many things. But I took the standpoint: We will ration for as long as we cannot exactly estimate time and things. It is always better to have the awareness of being equipped for three or four years, if necessary, than have the feeling that in six months things cannot go on. For it I know that, then the enemy also knows it in the end. And then one cannot count on a peace at all. The opponent must know that it is all the same how long it still lasts, in the end, he will succumb. That is the sole possibility to move this stubborn and impertinent enemy to a peace.

I have offered them my hand so often, and it was usually just spat upon as reply. Just a few weeks ago, I again declared to the English, I could imagine that we would immediately come to a peace. There are no problems at all that were not to be solved. I made as good as no demands. You have heard the reply, after all. However, under these circumstances, I am now also determined to vanquish this state. For there must then be a peace not for 5 or 8 or 10 or 20 years, rather a peace must come that enables us for generations to ourselves consume the fruit of our work. We have demanded nothing from the others.

These preparations have succeeded industrially and, thanks to the cooperation, above all, of our rural populace, they have also succeeded in the most important sector of our independence, of our conduct of war and thus of our future and the preservation of our future. This is a real miracle. And I also know quite precisely how difficult that was, when so many men are drafted, serve in the military, if actually only the old people, the youth and the women can be at home; for it is very difficult to manage what a nation needs in foodstuffs alone. I know how difficult the work of especially the German woman was. Nonetheless, this demand had to be made. We had no other choice, after all. And this demand has also been fulfilled, and indeed to a superabundant degree. We can again reckon that we will definitely last this year. And we have meanwhile, through new living space and through the securing of an ever-growing European economic region, created possibilities, after all, which we hope to be able to make full use of already in the next years. This difficult struggle, it finds understanding everywhere. And I can only assure you that as soon as I see the possibility somewhere, leaves will immediately take place. If I see somewhere that it is possible, without endangering the Reich’s security, or perhaps give rise for any lurking party to believe that he could now find a weak spot among us, as soon as I see that these dangers do not exist, I immediately grant leaves. I must, on the one hand, ensure the highest striking force of the Wehrmacht, on the other hand, I do not want to make anybody stroll around the barrack-square longer than is definitely necessary. Then I prefer to immediately send him home so that he can be active and can work, can support his family.

These are principles that are often difficult to reconcile with each other. But the realization must remain guiding: In this struggle, the German folk fights for existence or non-existence. They already almost totally ruined us in the year 1918. Back then, the miracle set in that I managed, over the course of fifteen years, to build up a movement that made Germany free again and could hence again win for us the general internal and external life prerequisites. If they would triumph this time - we must be clear about this -, they would tear apart and atomize our folk.

I want to not just thank you for myself and through you thank all the millions of German peasants and agricultural workers and those who possess the responsibility for their leadership, rather I also want to pass along to you my conviction and my fanatical faith, when you leave here, that this struggle will be won one way or another. When, in the autumn of the previous war, the war against Poland began, there were many, especially former soldiers as well, who perhaps faced this conflict with fears, for they knew, after all, how difficult that was, and they looked back at the World War, and they had to tell themselves how slowly we advanced back then. I was a soldier myself in this war. I believe they were all not only surprised, rather they were downright thunderstruck that it became possible to crush the opponent in 18 days. And when they heard for the first time that the attack in the west had begun, when they heard on this May 10th, especially my old comrades from the war, that, in the west, we launched the attack, I know exactly that most of them felt a fearful worry and that they said to themselves: We know what the war in the west means. We have all experienced that. That is a terrible task. We often advanced not even three or four kilometers in months of fighting or tediously defended kilometers.

I was of the conviction that, with our present-day training, with our weapons and with the masses of our munitions, which I had manufactured and stockpiled, we would manage to smash this opponent in a few weeks. And you have seen that my prediction or my prophecy has come true. Yes, in the World War, Germany had the second strongest navy and still did not manage to escape the confines of the North Sea. I was convinced that even with our smaller navy, given correct leadership and given an absolutely courageous action, we will solve a problem like Norway. We solved it. If in the World War we had gotten the positions for our U-boat war that we possess today, on the one hand, from Norway, on the other, from the French coast, then nobody would have doubted that the war will be won. In barely six weeks, we have achieved this goal in the west. After six weeks, there was no longer any France. For me, that was not, say, a prophecy from insight of a miracle, rather I prepared everything most carefully in advance. Here, too, we saved and saved. Perhaps many people could not understand earlier why we did so much in this area. I have always feared that they would not allow our ascent, even if I declare a thousand times: I want nothing from you. They want something from us! They do not want the big economic competitor. They do not want that. And hence I had preparations made here as well for years, through preparations, in great contrast to the time before the World War. I took the standpoint that one should spare human beings, but must be able to lavish material. One can replace material. Not human beings.

And we have now waged this war, and it has cost us in the west, with France’s total annihilation, 50% of the dead that the war of 1870/71 cost. But only because we produced munitions and more munitions, and because we produced the most modern weapons. And in the process, we could then spare human beings and save up human beings.

And if perhaps the one or the other will now present the question: Oh, why didn’t he attack, already in autumn grab England by the throat? - Because I want to spare human beings here as well and do not want to take a step, if I am not of the conviction that everything is so thoroughly secured that success must come under all circumstances, and indeed not with huge blood sacrifices. I want to spare human beings, do not want to achieve what I experienced in the World War with my own eyes. Today the whole Wehrmacht has gone over to this: The principle not to make any prestige matters, not to make any prestige attacks, such as was unfortunately all too often the case previously, rather to annihilate the opponent with material. Once he also annihilated us only with material. And I can assure you, there is a saying in the land out there: Where there is much, much comes. - And oddly, whoever has much, does not need much at all. If I today look at our munitions supply, then it is now roughly twice, in part, three to five times as full as it was in the autumn of the previous year. There will perhaps be many who say: Yes, why are you still manufacturing? - I do not know, but carefulness is the mother of wisdom. If somebody should come up with the idea to tangle with us, then he will knocked hard on the head before he can wipe his eyes.

And I am responsible for it. I prefer to be excessively careful and produce too much. If I will have won the war and the nation then wants to indict me and says: There is too much ammunition lying around - then I will say: Fine, lock me up. Better that the ammunition is there and we have won, than one would say: It has all been cleared away very nicely, but unfortunately, at the last moment, it no longer sufficed.

And I can now assure you: With us, it will more than suffice! I was so careful, I have had so many weapons and I have had so much ammunition in all areas produced that every German can rest assured. When it comes to the final decision, then we will hit them over the head with so much that they will lose desire.

And tonight you experienced a little air raid alarm here in Berlin. In one regard, it is perhaps very good that you see how difficult it is for our workers here as well, or especially in the west, where they must stand at the machine by day and cannot sleep at night and, to make things worse, must also make sacrifices, even if they are moderate. But it is still not even 3%, not 2% of what I throw on the heads on the English gentlemen.

I did not want that, here as well, I warned them. I looked on for three months, did nothing at all. Then I warned them, they should stop with this war, this idiotic war of destruction. They did not want to. Now I will teach them, who destroys. We will not win this struggle, we have won it, under one condition, that the German folk, united in full insight, grasps the hour of its historical test and challenge, and that each, on the spot he stands, performs the maximum, the peasant on his field, the worker in his factory and the soldier at the front.

And if I further reinforce this hoping with the conviction that, furthermore, this time Germany is somewhat better led, politically and otherwise, than in the year 1914, then I see no possibility at all that we can lose the war. In addition to this comes my deep faith, which tells me that the Lord always helps the one who helps himself, who is industrious and brave, who himself takes up the struggle with fate, he then also receives the blessing of Providence. The Lord never lets the one fall, who also does not let himself fall. Only if one believes than he can count on Providence, that he himself can be lazy, then he achieves nothing, or if he believes that he can count on Providence and may himself be cowardly, then nobody will also still be able to save him. That is my conviction.

And so, from this conviction, I wish to thank especially you, as representatives - who today stand before me - of the German rural populace for all the work and for the great industriousness and for the devotion. I just want to assure you than from all this will one day emerge a German Reich - this is our sacred decision - a German Reich in which precisely the peasant should form the corner-stone. What we now, for example, do on the largest scale, a settlement policy such as, after all, has never yet in German history been the case, happens, after all, from this realization of the strengthening of the ultimate and securest foundation of our whole nationality, of the German peasantry. In that the German peasant today works under perhaps the most difficult conditions, he also eases his lot for the future, and indeed, as we believe, then definitively for centuries. For from this war another one will not come again in ten years, rather the war will decide whether the German nation lives or whether it simply does not live. And it will live!


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VK Address for our Back-Up:

Slovenian Prime Minister: Antifa is International Terrorist Organisation

 Slovenian Prime Minister: Antifa is International Terrorist Organisation

Janez Janša, prime minister of of Slovenia, has labelled the far-left extremist group Antifa an international terrorist organisation following violence in France.

Prime Minister Janša made his comments on social media network Twitter, saying: “Antifa is a global terrorist organization. Supported by the capital of financial speculators forging profits at the expense of the chaos caused by the operation.”

The Slovenian leader was reacting to a post by American journalist Andy Ngo which highlighted Antifa violence in the French city of Nantes which saw the far-left extremists attempt to disrupt a meeting of the conservative writer and French presidential hopeful Eric Zemmour.

According to a report from the newspaper Le Figaro, around 600 far-left extremists gathered in Nantes to oppose Zemmour and some chanted for his death and clashed with police.

“We know who Joseph Stalin was, we know the hundreds of thousands of deaths he caused, these people are only his distant descendants,” Zemmour said in reaction to the far-left extremists.

Footage of the violence, as well as graffiti calling for Zemmour to be murdered, was reported by French journalist Clément Lanot.

Prime Minister Janez Janša is not the first world leader to label Antifa as a terrorist group. Former U.S. President Donald J. Trump urged former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo to designate Antifa as a terrorist group earlier this year before leaving office.

The year prior, former U.S. Attorney General William Barr stated that Antifa members were involved in violence that amounted to domestic terrorism.

“The violence instigated and carried out by Antifa and other similar groups in connection with the rioting is domestic terrorism and will be treated accordingly,” Barr said.

In 2019, when President Trump first discussed declaring Antifa a terrorist group, left-wing figures across Europe, particularly in Zionist Occupied Germany, reacted by declaring their support for the extremist antifascist group.

Angry Emails from Pittsburghers!! 😅

 Some chick in Shadyside sent me an angry email after finding our fliers on her street. Chick told me to 'stay out of Shadyside'.... My responce email?

Guess what, bitch, I live in Shadyside!!


Welcome to the website of the National Organization of Circumcision Information Resource Centers:

  REV. LLOYD'S NOTE: Our standing Fatwa is that ANYONE who promotes male baby genital mutilation, or who performs it, MUST BE MURDERED!! Anyone who knowingly does not commit Jihad on a doctor and/or nurse who performs or promotes said circumcision will be themselves targeted!! Circumcising boys is a vile, evil, perverted act of  PAEDOPHILES!!!!

Welcome to the website of the National Organization of Circumcision Information Resource Centers, founded by healthcare professionals to provide information to expectant parents, healthcare professionals, educators, lawyers, ethicists, and concerned individuals about circumcision and genital cutting of male, female, and intersex infants and children, genital integrity, and human rights.

In January 2016, the National Organization of Circumcision Information Resource Centers (NOCIRC) retired its name and adopted the name Genital Autonomy - America (GA-America). Autonomy means self-governing and self-determination. We believe all people have that right with regard to their own bodies. To read more about this change, please click on NOCIRC Publications (above) and read my Letter from the Editor in the 2016 NOCIRC Annual Newsletter. This website will remain on line because the NOCIRC publications continue to be valuable, they are not copyrighted so that the information will be disseminated, and our video is still useful for the purpose of protecting the rights of infants and children.

Since NOCIRC is no longer sponsoring NOCIRC Centers, Jen Williams has invited hosts of NOCIRC Centers to join her organization, Your Whole Baby, so folks can continue to have educational booths locally. Please visit her website to see the work she is doing. And, don't forget to check out Intact America's website, Facebook page, and blog to stay current with what Intact America is doing to bring an end to genital cutting in America. And remember, these are the basics of the issue:

What you need to know...

  • No national or international medical association recommends routine circumcision.
  • Only the USA circumcises the majority of newborn boys without medical or religious reason.
  • Medicalized circumcision began during the 1800s to prevent masturbation, which was believed to cause disease.
  • Today's parents are learning that the foreskin is a normal, protective, functioning organ.
  • Today's parents realize circumcision harms and has unnecessary risks.
  • Circumcision denies a male's right to genital integrity and choice for his own body.
  • CPH 28 - White Persecution

     CPH 28 - White Persecution

    Sunday, November 07, 2021

    Late Autumn Flier Drive Starts Tomorrow!!

    6000 TR Stickers!!
    1000 anti-vaxxe Stickers!!
    All stamped with our website.

    2000 Fliers from our people in the Northwest!!

    7000 Fliers from our people on the East Cost!!

    Dozens of new Creativity button's + patches!!
    3000 Creativity Stickers!!

    50 copies of NER!!
    50 of WMB!!
    50 SL!!
    50 EC!!
    50 RAHOWA!!
    And 200 LWB!!!!

    Thousands of stickers and thousands of fliers....
    All ready to hit the streets + schools starting tomorrow...


    Wrote 9 New Fliers!!


    Thanks to the computer skills of our Brother on the East Cost, I wrote 9 new mini fliers. That's 4 per sheet, folks. Economical!! Anyway, I am very pleased with the last 3. Real topical, and not too radical. Should be very effective with the anti-vaxxe and anti paedophile crowds!! If you are interested contact me and I shall send you the files. Just DO NOT EDIT!! The website is on them.

    Rev. Lloyd

    New York State Bans Swastikas, Other “Hate Symbols” on Public Property

     New York State Bans Swastikas, Other “Hate Symbols” on Public Property

    New York Gov. Kathy Hochul signed legislation that bans the selling or displaying of "hate symbols" on public property and taxpayer-funded equipment.

    State Sen. Anna M. Kaplan and Assemblymember Michaelle Solages, both of Long Island, introduced the legislation after an "incident" last year in which a Confederate flag was displayed on a fire truck in Long Island, and another in which a Confederate flag was hung from a fire department window.

    The bill defines "symbols of hate" as including, but not limited to, "symbols of white supremacy, neo-Nazi ideology or the Battle Flag of the Confederacy". Excluded are symbols that serve an "educational or historical purpose," such as in a museum or book.

    "Public property belongs to all of us, and this measure is critical to ensure that our public property isn’t being used to promote hatred," said Kaplan in a press release. "You would think it was common sense that taxpayer-owned property couldn’t be used as a platform for hate, but shockingly there was no law on the books saying so — until now."

    Public property is defined as a school district, a fire district, volunteer fire company or police department and the taxpayer-funded equipment they use.

    According to the NYC Office for the Prevention of Hate Crimes, swastikas are among the most common so-called "hate symbols" displayed in the United States today. The office has partnered with the Jewish supremacist Anti-Defamation League to provide resources on and histories of "common hate symbols" in the U.S.

    The NYPD Hate Crimes dashboard has reported that nearly 35% of "hate crimes" this year have been antisemitic, the highest portion against any group. Antisemitic "hate crimes" in New York City have risen 50% compared to the same period in 2020. 

    "The recent and disgusting rise in racist, homophobic, and hateful behavior will never be tolerated in New York," Hochul said in a press release. "There is no reason for a symbol of hate to ever be on display, let alone by a police or fire department charged with protecting their community."

    There is an existing New York State law banning "hate symbols" on state property. That law raised free speech issues in 2020 among civil libertarians, who noted that the expression of even "hateful speech" is protected under the Constitution even on state-owned land. However, the Supreme Court has in the past upheld laws limiting the rights of state and municipal employees to make political speeches on work time.

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