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Fun at the BAR!!

 Doing a little partying on the Southside.

Passing out fliers.

Going to the Moose Bar next.

Come on, commies, I dare ya!!


Who is Hitler?

 Who is Hitler?

The following is a transcript of remarks by New Order Commander Matt Koehl before a special Midwest seminar on National Socialist ideology and doctrine held on July 31, 1994.

Who is Adolf Hitler? Who was this remarkable figure who came into the world in modern time?

Was he just another man, another mortal like you and I? Was he simply a great statesman and brilliant political strategist? Or was he something infinitely more; and if so, what?

There are those who say that we are trying to deify Hitler. But I say that all we want to do is recognize, as fully and comprehensively as possible, who this remarkable person was — and is. In all that we have said or written, we are simply trying to come to terms with the fact that Adolf Hitler represents more than just another man like others. It’s as simple as that.

How should we describe Adolf Hitler? Was he a superman, a superior being — an Übermensch, to use Nietzschean terminology? Was he a world genius, a prophet or an avatar? Was he the god-hero of Aryan tradition or the second coming of Christ or Odin? An arguable case could undoubtedly be made for each of these.

Aside from all of this, however, we are prepared to state two things categorically:

(a) Adolf Hitler was and is the greatest figure of the age; and

 (b) He is the special gift of Providence to Aryan man in modern time.

Adolf Hitler’s greatness derives from the fact that he is a man of destiny, a figure who divides history into two parts — that which comes before him, and that which follows him. And it should be noted that a personality of this magnitude is not routinely given to the world, but appears but once in thousands of years.

So it is in this instance. Into a world that had lost its direction, this figure came to show the way. Into a world of decadence and false values, he came to proclaim great, eternal truths. Into a world grown cynical and materialistic, he came to bring a new birth of radiant idealism. Into a world standing at the abyss, he came to offer hope and salvation for an entire race.

Let us consider Hitler’s achievement. It consists of four things:

(a)    the Idea, which he gave us as a conscious expression of the eternal will of Nature;

(b)    the Movement, which he created for the fulfillment of that Idea;

(c)    the Model, which he offered as a demonstration of the viability of that Idea; and

(d)    the Consecration, which he gave this Cause, sealing it with his own blood.

I ask: Where is his equal?

The Uniqueness of Adolf Hitler

Throughout history there have been many great figures. Some have introduced revolutionary new ideas; others have attempted to realize such ideas. We can readily think of Christ and Marx, of Napoleon and Lenin, for example.

In the person of Adolf Hitler, however, we find the unique phenomenon of someone who not only introduced a new worldview, but also created a new human society based upon that worldview. In so doing, he demonstrated the fundamental validity and soundness of his idea with a working model — something of which no other ideology is capable.

In 74 years Marxism has been unable to produce the Utopia it promised. In 200 years Liberalism has not been able to give us its world of universal Equality, Happiness and Plenty. In 2,000 years Christianity has not been able to show us a strong and viable society based upon its professed beliefs.

But in just 12 years — 4,482 days — half of them under siege and despite greatest adversity, Adolf Hitler created a society that worked, a society which did exactly what it said it was going to do to raise the human condition — a society that took an entire world mobilized in war to destroy.

The fact is that it was none other than Adolf Hitler who pointed the way to the coming New Order and toward our higher destiny.

Man Against Time

In her book, The Lightning and the Sun, Savitri Dêvi describes three types of great personalities: the Man in Time; the Man above Time; and the Man against Time. Our Leader was the latter.

It is this that introduces the element of tragedy. Adolf Hitler was obliged to act within the constraints of a higher destiny. He had to “lose,” to die — in the same sense that one might say that Christ had to “lose” and die. This is the issue with which we are confronted. The question is: How do we respond to the challenge that such a stark reality poses?

Our Leader Himself gave us the key when, before his death, He said:

“It is necessary that I should die for my people; but my spirit shall rise from the grave, and the world will know that I was right.”

Yes, Adolf Hitler did die. Indeed, he had to. But as one observer noted:

“The German eagle is the phoenix that consumed itself in flames, and is destined by God to rise from the ashes to surpass its former glory and transform the Earth.”

Adolf Hitler is that German eagle. His spirit has indeed risen from the grave, just as he said it would; and for his enemies there can be no more terrifying statement than this: “HITLER LIVES!”

A new awareness, a new consciousness has been reborn in each one of us. The immortal charisma of Adolf Hitler infects our soul. His spirit lives within us. For he is the One who was born, and who died, and who was resurrected, and now lives forever in our hearts as the author of our Faith, without whom our race has no future, but with whom all things are possible, according to his will.

I leave you with these translated words from the chorus of the Hitler Youth song:

Hitler’s banner waves above our ranks;

Hitler’s banner is the great, new age;

Hitler’s banner leads on to a world without end —

Yes, his banner is greater than death!

Fight Hard for the Fuhrer:

 It is not hard to follow the Führer in hours of joy. What faith and loyalty are capable of, is proven only during setbacks and hours of stress.

Precisely in these months as the fifth year of our folks’ hard and glorious struggle of fate comes to an end, it should be said that for us SS-men faith was never the same as blind trust in a malevolent fate, which would one way or another make things work out alright anyway, rather than for our whole life long, since we decided for the Führer’s cause, have never forgotten to look the enemy straight in the eye and to include the changes of fate in our calculations. We have had an idea that the Führer has more than once had a heart full of concern, perhaps precisely at the moment when our folk cheered him and had occasion to celebrate. Nothing, especially no victory, fell into the Führer’s lap. He had to so to speak defiantly wrestle every success from fate step by step. After victories and successes, one forgets the bitter path and the sleepless nights that led to them.

After defeats a folk in inclined to be thankless and shortsighted and to forget what has been accomplished. The path that lies behind us gives us cause enough to keep our faith and have the courage to not let ourselves be bent by any setbacks and to accept no defeat as final. Precisely in this historically important moment of our folk the history of the Seven Years War comes to mind, so near to the present. There is no span of German history that is more instructive and so full of most valuable experience for our whole folk. The struggle of the great king with his generals, officers and peasant sons against a vastly superior foe is an unprecedented example of the secret of a nation’s victory due to superiority of will. For seven years the great king fought on four fronts. The Reich, based on its central position in Europe, has so to speak since the cradle faced the continuous threat of its borders from great military powers. Little Prussia bore and fought through the same fate that later Bismarck and today Adolf Hitler had to take over as heir and task.

France, Austria, Russia and Sweden stood against the great king. Back then like today the Germanic middle had to draw two conclusions from its numeric inferiority: The first was the strictest concentration of all forces, an unbreakable by anything loyalty of officer and man to the king, hardest fighting spirit and an iron faith in the own cause. On the basis of these virtues Prussia and its great king withstood Kolin, Hochkirch and the most dangerous defeat of the Seven Years War, Kunersdorf. After each war year the situation was restored. Fate has a long breath and gives the crown of victory to the one whose bravery and spirit withstand greatest tests and stresses. The officers of the great king more than once during the war had to abandon homeland and family to the enemy, but nonetheless formed a ring of following around the king that no fate broke. “One may plunder our lands, one may devastate and burn them, one may rob us of ground and earth, yes even life, we will happily make all these sacrifices for our great king. ” That was the judgment of a Prussian officer in August of the year 1759.

The great king drew a second conclusion from the numeric inferiority of his armies: He tried to separate the enemy by lightning-like movements and beat them one after the other. Prussia could never be successful on all fronts simultaneously. But in the fateful struggle back then the god of war proved to be moody and made things hard for the king. Already after the defeat of Kolin in the second war year, the dice had fallen in such a way to make it foreseen that the plan to knock one main opponent out of the war through an annihilating battle had failed and that there would be a long-term war on four fronts, which would intensify over time. In this war the German army has to show a series of glorious campaigns in Poland, in Greece, in France and in Norway. Then came the long hesitation, the eighth month wait of our troops in France shortly before the invasion in England. The fourth opponent, the must imponderable of all, Russia, was closer to intervention than one could have expected. Its constantly escalating, blackmailing demands proven it. On June 21, 1941 it was decided that fate would not spare us a two-front war. And similarly like after Kolin in the Seven Years War, after the pitiless winter of 1941/1942, it was clear that the enemy in the east was not to be driven from the field through lightning-like operations. The west hence had time to catch up. We stand in the effects of this situation. It will be mastered. It will be mastered alone by unchangeable loyalty to the Führer, by unconditional obedience and by readiness to action to the last. May we in these hours remember what has been accomplished. The countless dead of the National Socialist army covers glorious battlefields. Now we must not beat an eyelash. We take blows, stubborn, but not desperate. More than once since 1918 fate has put the Führer and our folk to the test. Adolf Hitler, with a small and then ever-growing number of loyal followers, year after year overcame each threat. Hours of the most extreme risk had to be mastered, from the introduction of universal military service to the march into Austria and the Sudetenland to that fateful decision of June 21, 1941. The Führer mastered these hours, because he knew the following of his movement, his loyal officers and soldiers to be behind him. The spirit of our soldiers is the same as that of the Prussian army. Faith, duty and loyalty lie anchored immortal in the heart of the common German man and of the German woman. Never have we realized more than today what importance precisely the virtues have that the Reichsführer-SS has again and again emphasized to his men, namely loyalty and obedience. The German soldier is at every time good, courageous, reliable, full of trust and ready to the extreme, when he is well led. That is how he was in the First World War, too. Let us close the ring tighter around the Führer, like the old Germanic following around their leader. The strength of the German folk is unbroken. It will show itself worthy of the fate that its Führer will once more give it in hard hour.

Faith and loyalty are stronger than death.

They are the unshakeable foundations of victory.

Russian Victory Parade 2021





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Soviet States of Amerika, here we come!!


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Canadian National Socialist Patrik Mathews Faces Up to 25 Years in U.S. Prison

DR. LLOYD'S NOTE: This is why you work alone!! A Lone Wolf is a loner. The only time you work with someone is when you've known them for years!!

 Canadian National Socialist Patrik Mathews Faces Up to 25 Years in U.S. Prison

Patrik Mathews — a former Manitoba army reservist and an alleged recruiter for a National Socialist group — is expected to learn whether he will spend decades in prison at his sentencing in Maryland.

The morning started with lawyers arguing more about how the "terrorism enhancements" a judge agreed to earlier this week will impact sentencing and whether Mathews and his co-accused, Brian Lemley Jr., will be sentenced together or separately.

Mathews and Lemley entered the courtroom wearing orange prison suits and face masks, acknowledging and waving to their family members in the courtroom.

Though Mathews and Lemley have not been charged with terrorism, prosecutors successfully argued for a "terrorism enhancement" earlier this week, meaning a judge agreed their crimes were promoting a federal crime of terrorism.

The enhancement means they could be sentenced to up to 25 years in prison.

Mathews pleaded guilty in June to gun charges linked to what the FBI has described as a "neo-Nazi plot to attack a gun-rights rally" in Virginia last January, which he and Lemley were hoping would lead to clashes between police and tens of thousands of heavily armed protesters.

Lemley, with whom Mathews lived in Delaware, is set to be sentenced the same day.

A U.S. army veteran who served in Iraq, Lemley has also pleaded guilty to numerous charges, including illegally transporting a firearm and obstruction of justice.

American prosecutors have said the pair wanted to instigate a civil war that would "decimate racial and ethnic minorities and subjugate women," court documents say.

Mathews was first publicly identified as a recruiter for The Base in 2019 after an undercover investigation by Winnipeg Free Press reporter Ryan Thorpe.

He then disappeared after RCMP raided his Beausejour home.

Mathews crossed into the United States and was missing for several months until he was arrested in Maryland in January 2020.

Court documents say the FBI conducted an underground operation beginning in July 2019 when an undercover agent went through an online vetting interview for admission into The Base.

The investigation found that Mathews, Lemley and other members of The Base conducted paramilitary training camps in Georgia in September and October, where they did tactical training and firearms drills.

In December 2019, FBI officers got court orders authorizing them to install a closed-circuit television camera and microphone in the apartment where Mathews and Lemley were living, which captured them discussing their plans to attack the Virginia rally.

In some of the recordings, which were submitted as court exhibits, the pair can be heard talking about killing non-whites in order to benefit the movement.

For example, in one recording Mathews can be heard talking about killing Negro people, saying the group needs to start "getting rid of them wherever they stand."

He was also recorded talking about killing protestors with the left-wing Antifa movement.

"Antifa need to start disappearing, and they need to start looking over their shoulder and being scared, and I think the way to do that … is assassination."

Among the documents and items FBI officers found after they raided the pair's apartment was a video of Mathews wearing a gas mask and attempting to distort his voice.

In court Monday, U.S. District Court Judge Theodore Chuang said he agreed that the pair's intercepted conversations discussing a plot to target the Virginia rally were more than just the "wishes and hopes and far-flung fantasies."

He said he agreed that Mathews and Lemley were discussing a plan they intended to commit.

"This was not just talk. There was intent to move forward with this type of terrorist activity," Chuang told the court.

The terrorism enhancement indicates the judge accepts that Mathews and Lemley were trying to advance these beliefs.

"They're not merely waiting for this to occur, they are hoping to take advantage of specific instances and events to try to create more violence," she said.

A third co-defendant, William Bilbrough IV, was sentenced to five years in prison last December for helping Mathews enter the U.S. illegally.

Brazilian senators ask high court to ban President Bolsonaro from social media

 Brazilian senators ask high court to ban President Bolsonaro from social media

Senators want the president censored for COVID misinformation

By Christina Maas

Following video posts claiming COVID-vaccines are bad for people, Brazilian senators have requested the country’s high court suspend President Jair Bolsonaro from all social media platforms.

On Tuesday, members of the Brazilian Senate called on the high court to ban the president from Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter, after he posted a video linking COVID-19 vaccines to immune deficiency syndrome.

Bolsonaro made the claim in his live weekly address on Facebook and Instagram. The video was also posted on YouTube. Both platforms flagged the videos for misinformation, with YouTube going a step further by suspending him for a week.

In the video, the Brazilian President said: “I’m just going to report it, I won’t comment. I’ve talked about it in the past, I’ve been beaten a lot… here we go: official UK government reports suggest that the fully vaccinated… Who are the fully vaccinated?”

“Second dose, right… 15 days later, 15 days after the second dose… fully vaccinated… They are developing Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome (AIDS) much faster than expected.

“So, read the article, I won’t read it here because I may have a problem with my live [stream].”

The senators’ request for the president’s banning from social media came as the Senate Commission, which has been investigating the government’s pandemic response, is preparing to vote on a final report.

The Senate Commission is recommending multiple criminal charges for the president, including crimes against humanity because he has continually downplayed the severity of the pandemic and disregarded advice from medical experts.

This was not the first time Bolsonaro has had his posts censored or removed by social media platforms. In July alone, YouTube took down 15 of his videos.

Negroes at it Again in Pgh:

 People ask me why I put up so many anti-jew and anti-negroe stickers? It's because we got a lot in Pittsburgh. Area blacks constantly start fights in schools. Every shooting here is black caused. Most crimes are from blacks. Before the blacks moved into Wiley Avenue it was a thriving business centre. Now its boarded up and shit. Been like that for 50 years now. The negroe is a cockroach.

As to the yids? Pgh is one of their centres. Squirrellhill is Hasidic. Lots of top jews live there. Would be great if some arab went nuts with a car and some tnt!! lol - Plus, it's fun to piss them off. They constently call 911 with complaints. I listen on my scanner to the reports. Every time I pass out fliers they light up the switchboard!!

So, that is why I focus on jews and negroes....

Wednesday, October 27, 2021

Local Insane News Items: 27.10.2021 Pgh

 So, the gringos are now issuing passports with a third grnder on them. I hope the faggot-paedophile that has this goes to Russia or Afrika or some mudlim controlled country with it. Those people will put his priorities in order real quick!! There are only two sex's, folks: Male and Female. Period!! If you think otherwise you are a freak.

Also in the local news is the supposed 3 year anniversary of the faked 'tree of life shooting'. For those who do not remember, the jews in Pittsburgh staged a fake shooting at one of their synagogues of hate to drum up sympathy. The shooter was made-up, the body count was made-up, the whole thing was a false flag.....

I did research on this. The jews and fbi were conducting drills on a simulated shooting at this same place two weeks earlier. The guy whom they claim did it doesn't exist. Infact, there are no court photos of the man!! In PA you get photographed EVERY TIME you go to court. Plus the PA census burrow doesn't have said shooter on file, even though they claim he was born and raised here!! The whole this was staged to drum up more sympathy for the kikes because our flier campaign at the time was making headway.

Chilean Newspaper Draws Jewish Outrage with Tribute to Hermann Göring

 Chilean Newspaper Draws Jewish Outrage with Tribute to Hermann Göring

One of the largest newspapers in Chile published a tribute feature to Hermann Göring, sparking an outcry from Antifascist politicians and Chilean Jews.

The article, which was timed to the 75th anniversary of Göring’s death and resembled a eulogy, included details about the National Socalist leader’s youth, military career and close relationship to Adolf Hitler, accompanied by various photos.

In a statement posted to Twitter, the Jewish Community of Chile organization called the article “an apology for Nazism.”

“In Europe, this publication would be considered a crime,” the organization said, referring to countries that outlaw NS sympathizing.

Germany’s embassy in Santiago said “It is not customary for the Embassy to comment” on newspaper articles, but added “We just want to make it very clear: This character, H. Goering, committed crimes against humanity and was one of the pillars of the Nazi regime.”

El Mercurio, which has a conservative political slant, is known as Chile’s newspaper of record.

Multiple Antifa politicians running in Chile’s presidential elections also criticized the article.

“There isn’t even a speck of room for criminals against humanity,” wrote Sebastián Sichel, an independent running as part of the conservative Chile Podemos coalition. “My solidarity with the Jewish community and to anyone else who may have felt offended by the publication.”

Yasna Provoste, head of the centrist Christian Democratic Party, expressed “deep solidarity with the Jewish Community of Chile.”

Hardy Lloyd TV: Norm part 7; OJ!!


Tuesday, October 26, 2021

Hardy Lloyd TV: Norm part 6


France: 60% Believe the Great Replacement is Real

 France: 60% Believe the Great Replacement is Real

A recent survey revealed that “more than six French out of 10 believe that the phenomenon of the Great Replacement will happen.”

Using a sample of more than 2000 people registered on the electoral rolls, the polling institute Harris Interactive for Challenges asked about the possibility of a “Great Replacement” occurring in France.

It was described in this study as being people of European race being “threatened with extinction following Muslim immigration, from the Maghreb and black Africa.” Among those who expressed an opinion on this question, according to this poll, 61 per cent. of them believe that it will happen.

At the same time, 67 per cent. of those polled said they were “worried […] about such a phenomenon.” Observers acknowledge that awareness of the Great Replacement is now commonplace — even “central” — in French public discourse. Unfortunately, the pro-Jewish “National Rally” party, the best-known anti-immigration advocate organization in the country, purposely conceals the Jewish connection to the problem, and deliberately blocks all realistic solutions as “anti-Semitic.”

Two non-Jewish members of the party reacted to the survey: The MEP of the National Rally (RN), Jean-Lin Lacapelle, quipped in these terms: “The ‘Great Replacement’ is a fantasy for a large part of the political class, but a reality and a concern for a large majority of French people. […] Act or disappear!”

Another RN MEP, Nicolas Bay, also stated on Twitter that “the ‘Great Replacement’ is a reality experienced and suffered by many French people, and a legitimate concern for the majority of them.” The phrase — which really describes a phenomenon that William Luther Pierce of the National Alliance noted more than 50 years ago — was popularized in France by the writer Renaud Camus. The Great Replacement thesis asserts that the French (and, more generally, European and European-descended populations worldwide) are slated by ruling elites, mainly Jews, to be gradually replaced by extra-European immigrant populations. 

Source: National Vanguard

1st Battery SS Assault Gun Det. 4 with the “Wallonien” Brigade

 1st Battery SS Assault Gun Det. 4 with the “Wallonien” Brigade

The Assault Gun Detachment of the 4th SS Police Division was formed in the autumn of 1943 at the SS Training Grounds in Debica, Poland.

The unit commander was Stubaf. Etthoefer and the CO of 1st Battery was Hstuf. Planitzer. Hstuf. Planitzer had served with the Police Div. since its inception in 1939, initially being with the 14th Anti-tank Co. of SS Police Rifle Rgt. 3. Most of his officers and NCOs as well hailed from the anti-tank and artillery elements of the Police Division.

In November 1943, 1st Battery/SS Assault Gun Det. 4 was temporarily assigned to the 5th SS Sturmbrigade "Wallonien," which although well-trained and equipped, was somewhat undermanned (2,000 troops) and lacking in firepower. "Wallonien" had been subordinated to the 5th SS Pz. Div. "Wiking" on the southern part of the Eastern Front. After a long train ride from Debica, 1st Battery joined the Belgian volunteer brigade in the Cherkassy area on 23 November 1943. The assault gun troops first saw action in the vicinity of Bol. Starosselje; in the wild lands to the east and southeast of the Irdyn Swamp. Here the enemy was well represented by fanatic partisan units and dispersed Red Army remnants. The Walloons were involved in fairly heavy skirmishing in this sector and the 1st Assault Gun Battery provided some heavy weapons support, losing one of its armored vehicles to an enemy mine in the process.

Between Christmas and New Year's Day, 1st Battery was sent to the town of Olschana, about 35 km to the southwest. This town had been an important supply base for the "Wiking" Div. but now half of it was in the hands of the enemy. On the 2nd of January, the Walloons, supported by the SS-Police assault guns, stormed the Russian occupied part of the town. Another assault gun was knocked out by anti-tank rifles but two T-34 tanks were damaged and captured. Ustuf. Jaeger, in charge of 1st Platoon was wounded.

The Soviet forces from Olschana were pushed back into a ravine where they took heavy losses. The 2nd Platoon of 1st Battery, led by Oscha. Gutmann, continued on in pursuit of the foe for a distance of about 3 km past Olschana. Here the platoon was suddenly confronted by about 300 mounted communist troops who were promptly sent reeling with high casualties. Then orders arrived stating that Olschana must be held under all circumstances. It then became the defensive sector for 1st Battery up until 8 February 1944. 

Proposed "Wallonien" collar patch

During the large scale enemy offensive that began on 28 January, the so-called "Cherkassy Pocket" was formed around the 50,000 or so German and European troops in the vicinity. The town of Olschana was cut off and left stranded about 7 km outside of the main pocket, which posed additional problems for its defenders, who consisted of 1st Assault Gun Battery and around 200 Walloon volunteers. They were forced to carry out a relief attack to try and rejoin the main pocket. Coming under fire from some 70 enemy anti-tank guns, the SS- Police assault guns led the main effort until they were ambushed by a group of Soviet 17.2 cm cal. assault guns at close quarters (only 10 m separated the combatants!).

Three of the German armored vehicles were knocked out but most of the crews and battery members were able to escape back to Olschana. Despite being outnumbered in terms of armored vehicles by 20 to 1, the men of 1st Battery were able to knock out a further eight enemy tanks in the days ahead.

On 8 February Olschana was finally evacuated and the defenders successfully fought their way back to the "big pocket." Less than a week later the members of 1st Battery (now without any assault guns) joined their comrades from the "Wallonien," "Wiking" and assorted Heer divisions in a largely successful breakout from the Bolshevik envelopment.

Source: Siegrunen Magazine (1987)

Sunday, October 24, 2021

Anti-Russian Bullshit!!

 Can someone explain to me why the Russians cannot use there flag in sports? What is this anti Russian bigotry??? I am watching gymnastics, and tge racist anti-Slavs wont allow Russians to use tgeir flag on anything!! Fuck that bullshit. I say we boycott anythibg attached to the olympics. And I hope Russian starts it's own games!!

American Gun Memes and Hitler

 DR. LLOYD'S NOTE: There is a really good book by Dr. William Pierce that gave evidence to debunk the jew myth that Hitler kept guns from his people. The Holy Third Reich was more pro-gun than the gringos were!! Commy roosevelt, who was himself ⅛ yid, forced MANY, MANY anti-gun laws in total violation of the 2nd Amendment!! The 2nd Amendment allows for ZERO GUN LAWS!! Why, did you know that before the jews and race-traitors passed anti self-defense laws that anyone could purchase a firearm to defend themselves? When you were released from prison they had to give you your guns back. In PA there is still a law on the books that all felons had to be given a pistol upon release. Today the only right one has to self-defense is, well, depending on where one lives, ZERO!!!! Not even black powder rights are allowed everywhere. Georgia keeps felons from owning black powder. A clear racist attack against those that fucked up once and are trying to get their lives back in order. Certain cities also have racist anti-black powder laws on the books. Compare all the restrictions we have today on self-defense, all in clear violation of both U.S. Constitution and Human Rights laws, as opposed to tge near ZERO gun restrictions Fascist nations enjoyed….?!

In the Holy Third Reich Hitler BROUGHT BACK GUN RIGHTS that the so-called 'democratic republic' had denied. In Nazi Germany you could go and buy firearms in the store. The only restriction being you had to have German citizenship. Nothing wrong with that. Even those filthy kikes who, under the Nuremberg Laws, were still considered citizens COULD BUY GUNS!! The only other restriction was a carry permit. You could not be a career criminal, nor insane. And before you jump to the bigoted assumption that our Komrades simply listed all political enemies as insane, ponder this. In Nazi Germany it was illegal for the state or a hospital to list anyone as insane unless a hearing was first held under the following guidelines: The local DA or a doctor had to file for such a listing. Then a hearing was held, where the accused had an attorney present, with said attorney, a doctor, a shrink, a judge and the local DA…. The accused and his attorney would make their stance, then the other side…. Now, for the man to be listed as insane, and thus lose his rights, he would need ALL THREE OF THE ACCUSERS TO AGREE that said accused was indeed insane. In modern amerika it only takes one quack or one racist pig to get you listed insane. It's called a 302 in PA. Seems to me that Nazism had more rights than this sham we call amerikan DIEmocracy today!!

As to the why behind Nazism and Fascism's pro-gun stance? Simple, Hitler and Mussolini, both great men in their own separate ways, wanted a citizens army incase of Bolshevik invasion or jewish-communist agitation. That is why any citizen could go to a store and buy a gun. As opposed to amerika today where political activists like myself are forced to own black powder and purchase self-defense tools on the black market. Seems to me that the F in Fascism stands for Freedom!! By the way, you supposed 'pro-gun' jew loving CONservatives need to grow some balls and stop deluding yourselves into thinking that if you suck enough jew dick then they might just let you be. Ain't going to happen….

American Gun Memes and Hitler

An American sent me some brilliant memes from the USA. Most are truly awesome. But one which irked me was about gun control and dictators.

It was about the notion that Hitler, conflated with all “dictators,” wanted his people unarmed so as to kill them. This is pure rubbish.

I wrote this to the American: The meme that is total nonsense is the one saying Hitler, Stalin, and others are all the same in that they disarmed their own people and then slaughtered them.

That’s a piece of Jewy nonsense. None of the nationalist leaders of Germany, Spain, or Italy ever slaughtered his own people.

That’s just the Jews spreading yet another hoax. Total rubbish. Hitler was teaching men and boys how to shoot.

The entire narrative that “World War 2 is about democracy versus dictators” is pure nonsense.

All the “dictators” assumed great powers because the people demanded it; the people needed a counterbalance to fight for them against the huge power of Jewish finance capital and the countries they had captured. These leaders did not break the laws. 

The reason they needed these powers is because Jewish communism was literally making bloody civil war inside those countries.

That is why Hitler needed the SA. The “Spanish Civil War” was actually a communist invasion.

World War 2 as “Democracy versus dictators” is an utterly filthy lie. It was really “Jews with their fake ‘democratic’ puppets versus White patriots who were trying to save their countries.”

These leaders cared for their people. Franco bent over backwards to reduce the killing. He even slowed down the war to save the lives of the Spanish. Hitler saved the lives of British soldiers who’d been sent to kill Germans. Hitler banned the use of poison gas. Hitler made many, many generous peace offers to end the war.

Any “gun control = Hitler/dictators” type stuff is nonsense. It’s the one thing we should really not be passing around. It is a Jewish lie.

These people’s leaders and the great power they enjoyed were necessary — and were a force for good in this world — because there was Jewish communism, terrorism, and even outright assassination going on in those countries. America is heading in that direction too.

For the record, there were 42 attempts to kill Hitler, and Jews definitely played a big role in that. He risked his own life more than any other leader. He should be given credit for that. He earned medals for bravery in WW1. He was a brave White man. He did risk his own life. He could easily have been killed.

I did a video about the many times they tried to kill him. In one of those cases, a man was standing next to him with a bomb; he was going to be a German suicide bomber. He was going to blow himself and Hitler up. Hitler very quietly, suddenly disappeared into a door and walked away.

The man was possibly nervous and Hitler realised something was wrong. He was extremely intelligent.

A very, very clever and astute man.

He risked his life for his people — quite unlike the pieces of stinking waste called Churchill and Roosevelt.

Source: National Vanguard

Supposed WP Spraypaint in Pgh:


This is 6 months old according to JewTube. It looks more like either kaffirs or ARAers did it to drum up anti-White propaganda. Judging by the video it looks more like a stunt done in an out of the way view. Not the type of graffiti that WP activists would waste time with. It looks like it's in the woods!!

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