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Thought Police Investigate “Nazi” Salutes at the Dachau Concentration Camp

 Thought Police Investigate “Nazi” Salutes at the Dachau Concentration Camp

Two Finnish men allegedly filmed themselves giving the salute at the camp.

Local police in Bavaria, Germany, say two men allegedly filmed themselves in Dachau giving the National Socialist salute in front of Jourhaus, the entrance to the concentration camp.

While there were allegedly three visitors with them, it was two who gave the salute.

The alleged perpetrators recorded themselves displaying the patriotic sign. A witness also apparently recorded the event. The men later said they were drunk, and they gave the salute "as a joke."

It was announced that the men did not know that raising the National Socialist salute is banned in Zionist Occupied Germany.

Each man has been been given a lifetime ban from Dachau, and a police investigation is underway.

The National Socialist salute, Hitler salute or Sieg Heil salute was a greeting used since the 1920s and performed by extending the right arm into the air with a straightened hand. It is illegal in Zionist Occupied Germany and considered an offence punishable by up to three years in prison.

Niggers Start School Riot against Whites:

8 negroes start fight against 2 White kids at nigger infested school. Hopefully some LWs do tgeir thing?!


Police are now investigating after a four fights broke out at Woodland Hills High School Wednesday.

In video obtained by Channel 11, it appeared that there were several different fights happening among students at the same time.

As a result of the incident, district leaders said they were moving to virtual instruction for the rest of the week:

“Due to credible threats at the Woodland Hills High School, as a result of multiple altercations today, the Woodland Hills High School will move to virtual instruction on Thursday, October 21st and Friday, October 22nd. Students WILL NOT report to the building until Monday, Oct. 25. However, students are expected to log in to their Google classrooms for synchronous instruction over the next 2 days.”

“After today’s event, we are reevaluating our safety and security protocols in regard to student discipline and communication. As such, we are doing everything to ensure that all Woodland Hills students are educated in a safe and nurturing environment.”

The fights lead to suspensions and citations. We asked the superintendent what’s causing the increased violence, and what the school is planning to do about it in the video above.

Russian SS (video of ww2)


Pro-amerika = ANTI-WHITE!!


This is a good example of how amerika is anti-White. The racist pejorative'white supremacists' is used to create prejudice against White people, especially Whites who engage in Civil Rights activism. I am tired of those who claim to be pro-White who also are pro amerikan and/or pro cop. Amerika has been an openly anti-White nation since 1917. To be pro-amerika means you are placing a 'country' ahead of your own race!! It means you support White genocide!! It means you support the terror bombings of Berlin, Dresden, Hamburg, Serbia, Italia, Germany, Yugoslavia, etc.... What about the one million White people of the Confederate States who were starved to death during reconstruction??? Or the 25 MILLION WHITE GERMANS WHO WERE MURDERED BETWEEN 1939-1945??? Or the 10 million White Italians??? Who cries for these people? Certainly not someone who is 'pro-amerika'!! And let's not forget that the racist piggies murder more White people than all other races combined!!!!



Communist alec baldwin Murders Woman!!

 Communist alec baldwin Murders Woman!!

alec baldwin, a know anti-White bigot, murdered a woman with a live round in a prop gun. I doubt he was trying to kill the kike director. Or maybe he was? But since he is a womanizer and rapist, it is obvious he killed that girl. Doubt the JOG will arrest their golden boy.

Thursday, October 21, 2021

Nigger Rapes Woman, No One Cares!!

 DR. LLOYD'S NOTE: This is the type of sick shit that takes place in a society full of niggers and nigger lovers. In an all White, Creativity society this type of vile garbage would NEVER EVER HAPPEN!! I pray some Lone Wolves pick 10 kaffirs to avenge the woman!! Oh, and I would be equally disgusted if the victim had been a mud. RAPE IS WRONG, PERIOD!!


Prosecutors pursuing the case against a man accused of raping a woman on a commuter train last week don’t anticipate charging fellow passengers for not intervening, a spokesperson for the suburban Philadelphia district attorney said.

“It’s still an open investigation, but there is no expectation at this time that we will charge passengers,” said Margie McAboy, spokeswoman for the Delaware County District Attorney’s office.

In an emailed statement, District Attorney Jack Stollsteimer said prosecutors want witnesses to come forward, rather than fearing prosecution, and said, “Pennsylvania law does not allow for the prosecution of a passenger who may have witnessed a crime.”

Authorities continue to investigate the Oct. 13 attack, where a woman was repeatedly touched and groped over the course of a 40-minute ride despite trying to push 35-year-old Fiston Ngoy away, according to an arrest affidavit that detailed the surveillance footage from the train.

Investigators say Ngoy ripped the woman’s pants off and proceeded to rape her for somewhere between six and eight minutes before officers boarded the train and detained him.

Police declined to say how many passengers may have witnessed the assault, but have said it appeared that some held their phones up in the direction of the assault seemingly to film the attack. Police have also declined to say whether investigators have found any photos or videos of the attack posted online.

>>STORY: Train riders held up phones as woman was raped in Philadelphia, police say

Requests by The Associated Press for surveillance video from the Oct. 13 attack on the Market-Frankford line have been denied, citing the ongoing criminal investigation. It remains unclear whether passengers actually witnessed or recorded what happened on the Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority train.

SEPTA spokesman Andrew Busch said Wednesday that at points during the rape, there were passengers standing or sitting nearby, though he couldn’t guess whether any understood the serious nature of the situation.

“Chief (Thomas) Nestel made his best estimate that 10 people were walking through, sitting or standing near where the attack was occurring at points throughout the assault,” Busch said. “Our hope is that people will realize when they see this type of activity, whether they fully understand it or not, that they will push the emergency call button or call the police. There really was no way to not see it even if they didn’t fully understand.”

Legal experts said unrelated passengers don’t have a legal duty to intervene under Pennsylvania law.

“Unless they have a legal duty to intervene, like a parent for their child, a person cannot be prosecuted for sitting back and doing nothing,” said Jules Epstein, a law professor and director of advocacy programs at Temple University Beasley School of Law.

“Doing nothing may be morally wrong, but in Pennsylvania, without that special duty relationship, it is not legally wrong,” Epstein said.


Pumpkin thrown at woman’s head after she parked in front of man’s Pittsburgh home

Dog recovering at Monroeville animal hospital after eyes glued shut

Multi-million dollar home listed in Venetia

VIDEO: Uber dash cam captures man shot in South Side over pizza dispute

DOWNLOAD the Channel 11 News app for breaking news alerts

Busch said the employee who called the police, entered the train car after the assault had begun, but his call meant police had an opportunity to arrest Ngoy.

“Without that call, the suspect might have been able to just walk off the train and we would still be looking for him,” Busch said.

SEPTA’s police chief, Nestel has said Philadelphia 911 did not receive any calls about the attack. He said Monday operators at Delaware County 911 were still researching whether it received calls.

Ngoy is charged with rape and related sexual assault offenses. He was being held on $180,000 bail, awaiting an initial appearance scheduled for Oct. 25. Attorney Mary Elizabeth Welch confirmed the Delaware County Public Defender’s office is representing Ngoy, but said she could not comment on the case Wednesday.

Court records show Ngoy has a history of arrests and convictions under at least three names in Washington D.C., Philadelphia and suburban Southeastern Pennsylvania counties including public intoxication, defecating or urinating in public, public disturbance and other charges.

In D.C., Ngoy pleaded guilty to misdemeanor sexual abuse in November 2017 under the name Jack Falcon, after police said he groped two women on the street near a homeless shelter where he was staying.

We Just Keep Getting Rain + Tornados!!

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Ireland Must Be Free!!




All english Are Fucking Bastards!!





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JOG Base Shot At in Maryland!! 👍

 Maryland naval facility sent into lockdown after reports of active shooter & bomb threat prompt site-wide search


Published: 20 Oct 2021

From Russia Today

A naval base in Bethesda, Maryland went into lockdown for hours on Wednesday after authorities received a phone tip-off that there was a bomb in one of its buildings.

Staff at US Naval Support Activity Bethesda (NSAB), home to Walter Reed National Military Medical Center, were told to “shelter in place” on Wednesday morning as emergency teams investigated the threats. 

Shortly before 9am local time (12pm GMT), officials received a tip-off by phone that Building 10 was the subject of a bomb threat. The facility wrote on its Twitter feed that it was also investigating reports of an active shooter on the site.

“The base is on lockdown. All personnel should shelter in place. All gates are closed to non-emergency traffic. The public is asked to avoid the area,” a tweet from NSAB read.

In a series of posts shortly before midday, the facility said the base remained on lockdown and that K-9 units were clearing buildings. They also confirmed that there was no sign of an active shooter at the base. 

In later updates, officials at the base said the shelter-in-place order would be "lifted building by building" by the commanding officer, with the restriction subsequently removed "for all locations" at around 1.15pm local time.

Military base in Washington, DC on lockdown after reports of 'potential armed individual' on site.

NSAB is home to the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center, as well as other military medical divisions and a radiology research center.

It is not uncommon for US military bases to go into lockdown. In September, the Wright-Patterson Air Force base near Dayton, Ohio remained shuttered for several hours after a single gunshot was reportedly heard inside. A month prior, the Joint Base Anacostia-Bolling – which is operated by the navy and air force in Washington, DC – went into emergency lockdown after an armed suspect on the run was spotted on the premises. Back in June, Joint Base San Antonio-Lackland in Texas went into a lockdown following reports of shots being fired at it.

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Hardy Lloyd Radio: Heavy Metal


Updated Link for Radio Show:


Pittsburgh a 'hub' for white supremacy, FBI analysts say

 DR. LLOYD'S NOTE: I find it odd that this article from last year doesn't mention myself, nor the White Pittsburgh Front, the Order of National-Socialism nor the Church of Ben Klassen. I founded the ONS in 1993, co-founded the WPF in 2003, founded the CoBK (AKA: the CoC) in 2003, and have been the defacto WP leader for the tri-state since 1999.... In fact, from 1993-2021 I have been THE ONLY consistent WP presence in the tri-state!! Are the yids that scared of me that they refuse to mention my actions in their backyard??? Must be. Why else would they totally ignore the one guy who has run circles around their hooked noses for over 30 years?! Getting away with tonnes of acts, mind you. Instead they mention NON-RACIALISTS such as nationalistic fruitcake militias and christ-insane proud nigger boys and JOGITE veteran boogaloo homos...! Those goofballs have zero to do with our Cause. Will have to target jewhill with extra stickers now!!!! 😜😜😜😜

Pittsburgh a 'hub' for white supremacy, FBI analysts say

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

 NOV 12, 2020

Pittsburgh is a focal point for white supremacy and extremists, an FBI analyst said Thursday at a symposium on domestic terrorism.

"Our area has become a hub. It's important to understand that it is here," said John Pulcastro, a supervisory analyst at the Pittsburgh FBI.

In fact, he said the movement is as strong here as at any other place in the country he has studied in 20 years, including the Pacific Northwest, a hotbed for supremacists.

Extremist groups are active here in holding events and recruiting.

As an example, he said 100 members of a neo-Nazi group called the Patriot Front marched down the Boulevard of the Allies on a recent weekend. Their motto, "Conquer or Die," makes their ideology clear, he said. Another catch-phrase, "Blood and Soil," is aimed at making America a white country only, with refugees seen as invaders, Mr. Pulcastro said.

"They believe they are being invaded," he said. "They are training for an invasion."

If a civil war begins, he said, the Patriot Front plan on being ready.

Mr. Pulcastro and another analyst, Matt Trosan, spoke Thursday at a two-day Duquesne University event on Zoom called "When Hate Hits Home" presented by the Cyril H. Wecht Institute.

Their focus was on how violent extremism is evolving in America and what to do about it.

Mr. Trosan said there are limits on what the FBI can investigate because of the First Amendment protecting free speech. But he said the goal of his squad is to prevent violence, not react to it after it happens, the traditional FBI role. To that end, he said, the bureau needs people to come forward with information.

"This is a 'we' problem," he said. "We rely on public support."

The analysts said the idea is view gathering intelligence on extremists as a jigsaw puzzle, with tips from the public providing pieces of the puzzle to form a larger picture of extremist activity. Sometimes tips expose true threats. But there are also a lot of false leads.

Mr. Trosan cited one example in which agents were alerted to a report of a noose hanging from a gate at a local business. "We rolled out there immediately," he said.

But what they discovered was that the noose was just a loop of rope the owner used to hold the broken gate closed.

The bureau investigated another incident in which someone had painted the word "queer" on a vehicle in Lawrenceville. That — vandalism — is unquestionably a crime, Mr. Trosan said, but agents were unable to gain any traction on who did it.

"We were unable to track this down," he said.

Still, he said, the bureau will investigate all the hate crimes tips it receives.

"We need the public's help," he said. "We need to know about this."

Mr. Pulcastro emphasized the fact that the FBI relies on information from the public because the bureau "cannot proactively data-mine social media for hate activity."

The bar is high for an investigation, too. To even open a case the FBI needs three elements: A threat of violence, furtherance of an ideology by the perpetrator and a federal crime under which to bring a possible prosecution. But even with all those pieces in place, Mr. Pulcastro said, "it's not going to be us investigating and prosecuting our way out" of the problem of preventing violence by extremists in America.

Mr. Pulcastro said the white supremacist movement is increasing nationwide, largely triggered by the "Unite the Right" rally in Charlottesville, Va., in 2017. The Patriot Front, in fact, broke off from another white-supremacist group, Vanguard America, in the aftermath of that rally.

Other radical groups include the militia-rooted, anti-government extremists who make up the Boogaloo Bois movement preparing for a second civil war.

"These guys are heavily armed, well-trained," Mr. Pulcastro said.

He said the Boogaloo Bois are waiting for a "racial holy war," which they call the "Big Luau," during which they will "take out" leftists and law enforcement and become the new government.

Mr. Pulcastro pointed to many additional groups active here and elsewhere, including the Proud Boys, the Ku Klux Klan and the National Alliance. He said the groups are active on social media and put up fliers in various neighborhoods to mark their territory and attract recruits.

The analysts also said that COVID-19 appears to have had an impact on the extremist movement. The FBI is not seeing as many mass shootings since the pandemic began. Instead of perpetrating mass casualty attacks, extremists appear to be more involved in rioting and engaging in civil unrest to "leverage chaos."

Regardless of their techniques, the key to stopping potential attacks is community outreach, the analysts said, not arrests and prosecutions.

"Dialogue is the best tool to stop violence," said Mr. Pulcastro.

The city declined to comment on the FBI's conclusions. Allegheny County Police Superintendent Coleman McDonough said in an email that he had not seen an increase in white supremacist activity.

"But our mission and that of the the FBI differ substantially," he said, "and we don't always have access to the same information."

First Published November 12, 2020

Monday, October 18, 2021

French Mayor Condemned for Comment on Ethnic Cleansing of Native French

 French Mayor Condemned for Comment on Ethnic Cleansing of Native French

French conservative politician Gilles Platret has been condemned by some in his own party after claiming that some neighbourhoods see native French being ethnically cleansed by non-white migrants.

A vice-president of the centre-right Les Républicains (LR) and Mayor of Chalon-sur-Saône, Platret spoke out earlier this week on French television saying, “What we see today in some neighbourhoods — and I will use a word that will necessarily make reactions around this table — I feel a kind of ethnic cleansing.”

According to a report from broadcaster LCI, he added that “people of foreign origin… gradually drive out what is called in demography natives, that is to say, people from the country, to make room,” adding that people from a “Muslim bloc” were pushing native French out.

Damien Abad, a member of the Republicans in the French parliament, condemned the words of his party colleague, saying he was in total disagreement and the words were “not acceptable.”

“I tell my political family that it is not by making winks or foot calls to Eric Zemmour or Mrs Le Pen that we will attract voters to us,” he said.

Populist National Rally (RN) Marine Le Pen has proposed a referendum on immigration if she becomes president next year, while conservative writer Eric Zemmour has also taken a hard-line stance on mass migration and has spoken out about changing demographics in France.

Both Le Pen and Zemmour are currently the top candidates challenging President Emmanuel Macron in presidential polling. 

Despite the condemnation from his fellow party member, Gilles Platret defended his statement, saying the LR were a party of many factions and not one of total unanimity. “I do not aspire to unanimity!” he said Thursday.

Aurélien Taché, an MP for Val-d’Oise, stated that he believes the comments from the MP were “incitement to hatred” and allegedly reported the comments to the Paris public prosecutor.

So far no official investigation has been launched.

We Must Become Ever Harder (1943)

 We Must Become Ever Harder (1943)

At certain points on the eastern front there is fighting not mentioned in the armed forces report. The bridgehead P. is one of the countless, nameless places where German soldiers stand iron firm against the vast superiority of the enemy.

For the few thousand SS panzer grenadiers who, as an insurmountable defensive wall, have for days opposed the furious assault of Soviet tanks and red army soldiers, who have experienced how the companies got smaller day by day, for this small band of Waffen-SS men who, hard and pitiless, strafed the ranks of the attacking Soviets with their machine-gun bursts, bridgehead P. is an unforgettable battleground and has become the symbol of defense against a vastly superior force. One infantry and one panzer regiment faced four Bolshevik rifle guard divisions, three tank brigades and a motorized Soviet rifle brigade.

Five days of combat were already behind us when we first heard the name P. Five days long the troop had beaten down one position after the other, smashed it, and pushed through heavily fortified Soviet defensive works. Then we stood in front of P. The night we took positions it was pitch black. A rain storm had suddenly set in and it took effort to move forward. Stubborn as glue, the clay stuck to our vehicles’ wheels. The path through the gorge was so narrow that only one vehicle could fit. So if a vehicle got stuck in the slippery mud, it turned on its own axis and slid from the path down into the swampy meadow or the whole column behind it came to a standstill. Food could not be brought up, munitions trucks remained stuck along the way and gas supply columns got lost in the dark. Even the tractors could not always reliably overcome every obstacle. Only hours after the messengers had been sent out into the dark night could the battalion commander assemble with his officers in a hut and under the sparse light of a candle present the attack plan. The new morning did not bring an improvement in the weather. It rained. Mist clouds floated over the gorge and the sun did not want to break through. There was nothing else to do but attack in the rain; for P. had to be taken, the bridgehead had to be established there, if all the further operations were not to be jeopardized.

The attack took place. The SS-grenadiers of the Death‘s Head division, who had not really slept in six days, swung their machine-guns across their backs, stuck hand-grenades in their belts, as many as they could, and dragged ammunition crates. They waded through mud and swamp and had to again and again push aside the branches of bushes. They were wet and their energy had already noticeably diminished after the past difficult days.

But they were not tired because of that. At the edge of the village they received the order to halt. The fire from Soviet artillery became ever more fierce, and finally a thick curtain of fire was in front of them, which could only be penetrated with heavy losses. The men took cover in a ravine. The rain still splashed down on them. They ripped grain stalks from the fields and grass from the swamp in order to cover themselves, but that didn’t help much and they were soon soaked to the skin.

What would happen now? When would they attack again? They looked at the first village huts, almost close enough to grasp, the bushes and hedges along the river. They saw a few tall trees and knew the bridge had to be there, between the two villages. They saw the church’s onion dome that jutted up strangely huge from the straw roofs. On the steep slope across the river muzzle bursts flashed, shells howled over them, and they pressed themselves even closer to the earth and breathed a sigh of relief when after the detonations none of their comrades had to shout for the medic.

The sole thought moving them in these hours was this: we must get across the river, establish the bridgehead and then throw the Bolsheviks out of their positions. 

Meanwhile, behind them the exact war machinery had been set into motion. The radios hummed and the telegraphs clicked. Assault guns advanced through the gorge, reconnaissance and fighter planes flew in, circled the river and spotted new targets. Light and heavy guns from the ready area moved forward into firing positions. All the weapons that could be brought up were used in order to enable the leap across the river.

That was the signal for a new effort, a new attack. The use of artillery and air power could only last a limited time. The decisive thrust must always be made by the grenadier, by the individual fighter. Technology can make his fight easier, it can open the way for him, but he and he alone must pass through that opening.

It was as if the whole fury of our grenadiers suddenly exploded, their fury at the Bolsheviks who had believed they could stop our advance by firing from the barrels of their guns everything they could fire. Our companies soon stood in the middle of the village. Flares shot up between the curve of the high birch trees. Our men fought their way through the bushes on the bank and waded through cloudy rain water. Soaking wet to the waist they worked their way along the other swamp bank and attacked the slopes. Close-range fighting of the most bitter intensity unfolded as they entered the Soviet positions on the steep slopes. The Soviets had to be driven from their foxholes man by man. Our armored battle vehicles already climbed up through the little forest and gorge onto the steep slopes. Our grenadiers followed them and drove the Bolsheviks back more and more, far past the peak, through cornfields, until the planned bridgehead border was reached.

The river crossing had succeeded; our bridgehead had been established.

Hardly had we advanced over the little river when our guns followed across makeshift bridges; hardly had the first foxholes been dug when the Soviet counterattacks started already.

They came in battalion and regiment strength. They even came with whole brigades and divisions. They brought up whole batteries of guns and hurled salvo after salvo at the river bank and the heights held by us. Tanks raced against our lines in a number we had never before experienced in such a small area on the eastern front. They were shot up by our panzer canons and anti-tank guns at distances of 1500 meters and more. But sometimes they also advanced against our lines and came within 40 or 50 meters and had to be repulsed and destroyed in intense fire duels at that range. Here and there they broke through our lines, but the men of the SS-men fortunately survived the tank terror of those days. They knew exactly that even a tank is vulnerable, and not just at one place. They calmly let the tanks roll past, snatched mines, waited for the right moment with determination and ran across com fields in order to be set for the final dash, which usually brought the mortal blow to the tank.

But it was not just the tanks against which the defenders of the bridgehead had to defend. The enemy had in all haste brought up infantry forces and these rested troops pushed against our lines. It often came to bitter close combat, where our SS-grenadiers, only due to their exemplary calm and bravery, could win against the numerical superiority of the Bolsheviks.

A panzer rolled back. The hatch opened and the driver and loader carefully raised their dead commander from the panzer, then the radioman, who had lost both legs from a hit. Soon afterward they again raced back through the gorge to report to a new commander, because their panzer must not fall out. The lightly wounded incessantly asked the doctors not to send them to the rear; they wanted to remain with their comrades. When rain had again made the ground muddy and the tracked vehicles could no longer climb the slopes, there was not a single SS- man who would not have ran to the munition vehicles in order to carry shells and munition forward to the positions. In the bridgehead the foxholes got deeper each day. But with every centimeter our grenadiers dug in deeper, with each comrade they lost, grew their fighting spirit and will to resistance. Measured against the strength of enemy men and weapons that had been employed on all sides on Stalin’s personal order in order to force the division to give up the bridgehead, the SS-men accomplished the inconceivable here, above all their commander, who was always in the foremost lines in his panzer and intervened wherever the situation appeared most dangerous. The calm and superiority that emanated from him embraced the whole troop, and with it the fighting spirit that was born from the mission of the political soldier. Leader and men merged there into a block of resistance.

Military history would hardly note the name of the bridgehead P.. It had been held against the enemy’s overwhelming effort. The realization that only a hardness and ruthlessness toward one’s own person shaken by nothing solves a military task, this realization is the principle of this war. We must become ever harder!

Source: SS Leitheft, November 1943

UK: Conservative MP Stabbed to Death by Somali was a Strong Supporter of Black Lives Matter

 DR. LLOYD'S NOTE: I wasn't going to post this, since I don't actually care about minour politics. But it's funny every time these race-traitors get killed by their own bullshit. lol

UK: Conservative MP Stabbed to Death by Somali was a Strong Supporter of Black Lives Matter

The brazen daytime murder of 69-year-old Tory MP David Amess in Essex has brought worldwide attention to the epidemic of black knife crime.

The accused killer, a 25-year-old Somali, patiently waited in line as Amess met with constituents then unleashed his savage attack, stabbing Amess at least a dozen times. 

In a twist of morbid irony, Amess was an outspoken conservative supporter of violent anti-white group, Black Lives Matter. 

In June of 2020, Amess released a statement on the death of George Floyd where he declared his uncritical support for Black Lives Matter. 

The influential parliament member even went so far as to sign a letter in support of the anarchists and black looters ravaging the United States that sought to block British exports of riot gear. 

Though Amess was quick to judge the actions of officer Derek Chauvin, he fielded controversy in 2017 for comments defending Hollywood Jewish serial rapist Harvey Weinstein. 

Amess later retracted his comments under intense pressure, blaming a mix up at his press office for the statement. Weinstein was found guilty of rape in February 2020 and is currently serving a 23 year sentence for his actions. He is also on trial in Los Angeles, facing additional rape charges. 

Some are speculating that Amess' death will be quickly forgotten compared to MP Jo Cox -- who was killed by a white man -- as is customary when attackers are membered of privileged racial groups like blacks.

This pattern may be broken in Amess' case if MI5 discovers that his fealty to the UK's Jewish community and the state of Israel played any role in motivating his Muslim attacker. A glowing tribute published in The Times Of Israel describes MP Amess' role as Honorary Secretary of the Conservative Friends of Israel and a "longtime friend of the UK Jewish community."

For the Zionist power structure in Britain, which has been looking to criminalize criticism of Jewish power and Britain's support for Israel after Jeremy Corbyn, the attack on a high profile political figure could easily be used by cynical political actors who have no interest in the real underlying social factors that led to Amess' death. 

Source: National Justice

Russians Shoot Down JEW MURDER ATTACKS:

 Russian-made air defense systems shot down ALL Israeli missiles targeting Syria’s Homs – military

From Russia Today

All four missiles fired by Israeli warplanes at Syria’s Homs province early on Thursday were shot down by the Syrian Army using Russian-made ‘Buk’ air defense systems, the Russian military has revealed.

Two Israeli F-16 jets fired the guided missiles from Lebanese airspace, around 01:11 local time on Thursday.

“All four missiles were destroyed by on-duty Syrian air defense units, using Russian-made Buk-M2E systems,” the Russian Reconciliation Center for Syria said in a statement. 

Videos and photos of the intercepts have been making rounds on social media.

It was the second Israeli strike against Syria this week, coinciding with the Muslim high holiday of Eid al-Adha that began Monday.

On Tuesday, four Israeli jets fired eight missiles into Aleppo province, striking a scientific research facility in the town of Safira. Seven out of the eight were shot down, however, by Syrian air defense units using Buk-M2 and Pantsir-S weapons systems, the head of the Reconciliation Center, Rear Admiral Vadim Kulit, said. 

For Tuesday’s strike, the Israeli jets had penetrated Syrian airspace through the area of At-Tanf on the Jordanian border, controlled by the US military, the Reconciliation Center said.

The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) have launched airstrikes into Syrian territory for years, with Tel Aviv saying they were a self-defense measure aimed at “Iranian” targets in the country. 

Damascus has protested the attacks, calling them acts of aggression. Earlier this month, Russia, Turkey and Iran jointly condemned the “continuous” Israeli attacks as violations of “international law, international humanitarian law, the sovereignty of Syria, and neighboring countries.”