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There is No “Right” Time to Join the Struggle

 There is No “Right” Time to Join the Struggle

The Norwegian writer “Russleman” explains that the time to take your rightful place in the struggle is now, and not a moment later.

It has now been a year since I witnessed surrealistic videos of burning cities and police stations in the USA, in the wake of the death of the criminal George Floyd, America’s new patron saint. The BLM riots, in true Bolshevik style, represented a new escalation of anti-White hatred, as the same police who routinely oppress peaceful White Americans demonstrating for their rights bent their knees for anarchists and black radicals. It was at this time, when the then president Donald Trump hid in a bunker under the White House while a media-supported lawlessness embraced the “world’s freest country”, that I realised I could no longer justify sitting on the sidelines as an observer.

Like many others, I had my excuses, but they were ultimately just that. Excuses.

“I’m going to lose my job.”

“I’m going to lose friends.”

“I fear for my children.”

“It’s not the right time for me yet.”

I’m sorry to have to tell you, but there is no “right time” to become a political dissident. Confronting the ruling powers is always something that will cost you, and it will always involve a large degree of self-sacrifice from you as an individual.

As for the rest of the excuses, they have varying degrees of legitimacy, but the most understandable without doubt is the fear of what might happen to one’s children. However, this is ultimately not a good enough excuse, because if you choose not to fight for your descendants’ future, that future will obviously not be bright. The only thing you will achieve is that the system will come for your children at a later point in time.

Listen to this song from the San Francisco Gay Men’s Chorus. Look into the empty, sociopathic gaze of this man while he confirms what you already knew. That this is about corrupting your children, and it always has been. The only difference is that we have reached a Weimar-point, where they increasingly feel they have enough power to do away with any pretence of kindness and openly mock concerned parents.

So yes, you can continue to remain passive and stick your head in the sand if you want. At best, it will be your grandson, instead of your son, who is fully indoctrinated with LGBTQP and anti-White ideology, as well as being brainwashed to hate his own parents. The only thing you will accomplish is postponing the pain to a later date.

Remember, the pro-Jewish, neo-liberal regime is desperate to isolate and atomise Whites because so much of its power structure is dependent on intimidation and oppressing us as individuals. The population replacement is necessary for them because ultra-capitalism and cultural radicalism simply cannot be imposed upon a homogenous population, as it will be met with an organised backlash. Pro-LGBTQP ideology is struggling in Eastern Europe precisely because the demographics there are still mostly intact.

And even if things look really bad in comparison in Western Europe, you’ll be shocked at what a small group of Whites can achieve as long as they are focused, hyper-political and have solidarity with one another. We have neither the resources nor the connections to power that our opponents have, but what we do have – which should never be underestimated – is the fact that what we believe is correct, and that we work with the average person’s deep instincts, not against them, which puts us in a position to accomplish very much with very little.

As Whites, we have one thing to learn from Jews, and that is organisation. By ensuring that over 90 percent of their population are politically active, this little group has been in a position to take control of the West, but they have only managed it because they are the only ones playing on that level. If Whites began to play the same game (as the National Socialists did in Germany in 1933), the Zionist world order would unravel in the course of a few years, which they themselves are fully aware of.

The same case applies on a national level in Norway. A few tens of thousands of neo-liberal cosmopolitans from Oslo and Bergen can only impose their values on the rest of the country because they have no large organised opposition. And the men who are in a position to organise this opposition, such as Helge Lurås, Hans Rustad, Sylvi Listhaug and Vidar Kleppe [ed: political “oppositional” leaders in Norway], refuse to do it despite having all the people they need between them, and – as controlled opposition – will never do it.

The hardest truth I was ever forced to accept was that no saviour from on high is coming to help. It was always me. And it was always you. You are the person who must liberate yourself and your children, or no one will. Whether it is a matter of fate or pure coincidence that gave you the specific psychological traits that led you here is ultimately irrelevant. The hard truth is that if you are reading this, YOU are among the few who have been designated to be part of the vanguard that will pave the way for a better future. You can either accept this or continue to hide.

Regardless of who you are, you have something to offer, and there are many roles to step into in the Nordic Resistance Movement (or your national equivalent). Any contribution is better than passivity. The time of being satisfied with sharing edgy memes on Telegram is over.

It is time to take your place in the struggle!

Source: Nordic Resistance Movement

Jew Times CONFIRMS the FBI Staged the January 6th Riot

NY Times CONFIRMS the FBI Staged the January 6th Riot@RealRedElephants

Target Target!!

 Just saw a commercial for TARGET promoting economic White Genocide. I want to hear about TARGET getting targeted by shoplifters and Lone Wolves. Here are some tips.

The cameras in Target's are real, unlike Slave-Marts. However, they cannot watch every area. What they do is pick those that look the part of a shoplifter; negroes, junkies, bums, etc..... So, as long as you dress and act middle-class and upper class you should be able to get away with it.

Like all retailers, once you hit the parking lot they cannot grab you. If they do, even if the racist pigs kidnap you, you can sue the store for assault!!

Make sure to remove the security strips!! Target likes to place these on lots of their stock, unlike most retailer's. Take a pocketknife with you, as you may have to cut the product out of the packaging, or cut the strip off the package.

If the alarm does go off just keep walking. Once you hit the parking lot keep walking. Keep walking till you get to your car, which you should have parked either at the rear or in another retailer's lot.

Oh, and don't forget to check the local monetary limit for your state, too!! In PA it was $250 or less was a summary offense. Now it's under $150. Texas is under a whopping $500!! And since dallas, houston and austin defunded their racist piggies, you should be in the clear. Great for Lone Wolves down in that shithole province. Ohio is also under $500. WV is also under $500.

How do I know these tips? Two things:

I know people who work security at Target and Slave-Mart.

Two, well...... 😉😉

FBI: Black Share of Known Murder Offenders Reaches Record 56.5% in the U.S.

 FBI: Black Share of Known Murder Offenders Reaches Record 56.5% in the U.S.

The FBI has finally released its 2020 Uniform Crime Reporting data from most (but, as usual, not all) of the law enforcement agencies in the U.S. I concentrate on murders, the most accurately reported crime.

Murders and non-negligent manslaughters were up a record-crushing 29.4%, in-line with my January 6, 2021 estimate: “Therefore, the national figure is perhaps in the 25 to 30 percent growth range, double the worst year previously recorded, 1968.”

In the FBI’s expanded homicide data, the black share of known murder offenders increased to a new record of 56.52%.

But, the big news is that while the number of known murder offenders (who can therefore be tabulated racially) increased by 17.3 percent, the number of Unknown murder offenders grew 36.0%. Traditionally, murders in black neighborhoods tend to have the lowest clearance rate, what with snitches getting stitches.

So the black share of murder offenders likely went up even more.

As usual, the FBI stats sloppily lump together Hispanics and non-Hispanic whites into a white supercategory that is out of sync with how most government agencies think about race and ethnicity over the last generation. Hence, I just look at black vs. nonblack (white, Hispanic, Asian, American Indian, etc).

With the new 2020 Census, a somewhat sizable delta has opened up between the percentage of people who say they are racially black and nothing else (12.4%, including black Hispanics) versus people who say they are either all black or also black and something else (14.2%).

Which definition of black are the cops using when they charge somebody with murder? I dunno … probably some use one way, some another.

If you use the more expansive latter figure for the at least partially racially black population of 14.2%, then the ratio of black (and blackish) known murder offenders to nonblack known murder offenders in 2020 was 8.4 to 1. (If use use the more restrictive black-only figure of 12.4%, you get a black to non-black ratio of 9.8 to 1.)

Incredibly, even the the lower (at least part-black) ratio of 8.4 to one is a little higher than the the per capita male to female known murder offender ratio of 7.5 to 1.

(I’m guessing that women get away undetected with murder less often than men do, since they seldom rob strangers and a large fraction of their murders are domestics. So the male to female ratio is probably higher among unknown offenders than among known offenders.)

I wonder if blacks average more murder offenders per murder than do nonblacks? E.g., are all three guys in the car charged with the drive-by murder? White killers tend to be solitary decision-makers — in most levels of white society, “Hey, let’s go murder a guy” is not a popular suggestion. But, if true, how that would impact these ratios is a hard question.

For example, although Louisiana has had the highest murder rate for the last 30 years, some analysts suspect that if more Mississippi PDs bothered to send in their numbers, Mississippi would be #1 with a bullet.

Murder victims went up less in the 85% of police departments that submitted Expanded Homicide Data to the FBI (+22.2%) than nationwide (+29.4%). Among those departments, black victims were up by 2,164 dead bodies compared to an increase of 1,015 murder victims across all nonblacks.

So blacks made up 68.1% of incremental murder victims in 2020, the year of the Racial Reckoning.

Heckuva a job, Black Lives Matter!

Interestingly, the number of Asian murder victims fell ever so slightly in 2020 over 2019, despite all the talk about Trump mentioning the “Chinese flu” causing a wave of anti-Asian violence.

Source: The Unz Review

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My Story as a Norwegian SS Volunteer

 My Story as a Norwegian SS Volunteer

I enlisted in the Waffen-SS as a volunteer in August 1942, and I was then 19 years old. I undertook my infantry training in Mitau/Estonia and I became the #1 gunner on a light machine gun.

by Kaare S.

In February 1943, 3o of us were sent to Hilverum/Holland to be trained as Panzerjäger (anti-tank troops). I was then made the #1 gunner on a 7.5 cm anti-tank cannon.

Afterwards I spent some time in Grafenwoehr and Graz as an assistant trainer and also went into a NCO training course. Then the SS Panzergrenadier Rgt. 23 „Norge” (Norwegian) was established and it was deployed for combat duty in Croatia. In November 1943 we left Croatia for Leningrad. That was a wholly frightful time filled with filth, cold and shelling. But nonetheless, that life had its good and bad sides both when not viewed from too dark a perspective. At the end of January 1944 my enlistment contract expired. I spent 14 days at home, then once again voluntarily signed up, this time for the duration of the war.

Next I went on a journey to Finland. After a short stopover in Oulu, I arrived in Karelia. After so long a time, it is not so simple to remember all of the names and places. In the spring we were stationed on the island of Pundum. From there we sent out scouting parties in all directions, and had for the most part, only limited losses. We found a number of remnants leftover from the „Winter War” between Finland and Russia, including a lost field kitchen that Russian soldiers had abandoned in the woods after the 4 or 6 horses that had pulled it had frozen to death. During this time our unit (SS-Skijäger Btl. „Norge” — attached to the 6th SS Mtn. Div. „Nord”) had Norwegian company commanders and troop leaders.

I volunteered for a mission to sabotage the railroad lines between Leningrad and Murmansk, although for some reason or another nothing came of this. During this time I attempted to gain admittance to a (officer’s) training course at Bad Toelz, but the [military] situation was so difficult that it was hard to get free for this. The Finns capitulated on 4 September 1944, and we had to promptly retreat from Finland. It was the German procedure not to leave anything behind, not even the rubbish!

I don’t know how far the bearest road was, but we marched for many days until we reached it. We went from lake to lake, which we crossed in our boats which we had to carry with us. It took 8-10 men to carry the boat, and 4 men to carry the motor.

Understandably, I remember one episode better than the others. After 2 or 3 days our substitute troop leader lost his map.

It was dark, but I remembered seeing something white along the way, so 1 volunteered to go back and find the map. As we began our search, we had just had a 7 hour march behind us, carrying machine guns, radio equipment and personal packs on our backs. After we found the map, we had another half-hour march still to make, then we heard Russian soldiers nearby. They were also not on the right course. After that we had the Russians close behind us until we reached Rovaniemi.

We often had to build temporary plank bridges ahead of us to accommodate the vehicles. Since there was only one car per company, and they had to be transported in sections, we all had to go by foot. Despite the difficulties, troop morale was good because we knew we were marching towards Norway. At last we reached the well-known bridge over the Kemijoki.

The stay in Rovaniemi was also unforgettable. The whole town was enveloped in flames and we were being shot at by the Finns. In this situation things got somewhat confused. My squad had to go back over the bridge to secure a bridgehead. After an hour we received orders to evacuate our positions and then the bridge would be destroyed. But once back over the bridge we received counter-orders: return back to your positions and hold them until the bridge is destroyed. Then we could cross over the river on our own (using another, minor bridge).

As with our first crossing over the bridge, my number 2 gunner and I first stopped at a field kitchen and filled two small bowls with pudding and sauce. Then we went back over the bridge. This was no simple matter since the bridge was covered with mines, shells and bombs all linked to a network of electrical wires strewn all over, so we had to wait until we had crossed over until we could eat our pudding. At 0300 hours the bridge was blown into the air only about 50 meters away from us.

After spending a few days in a school [house], the march continued. The first night we had scattered losses, although later on we lost hardly any men. We covered the first stretch of 60 km from Rovaniemi in hard rain. I had only felt boots so naturally was very uncomfortable. I got a pair of leather boots as soon after that as I could.

I must mention an episode in northern Finland. We spent 2 or 3 days on the Arctic Sea road and near to us was a field bakery. We had not been getting very much in the way of meals and the odour coming from the bakery was irresistible. I then gave myself the mission of liberating some bread. I lay in wait behind the storage tent and when the bakery boys came by carrying the bread on a long plank I sprang up and managed to hook my leg in at the right moment. That turned out to be quite a good bread feast!

We were still involved in maintaining the rearward security and continued to do so until we reached the Swedish frontier where the borders of three countries came together. From here we went to Narvik (Norway) in trucks provided by the Todt Organization [military construction service]. The march continued to Mosjoen. In the mountain passes we went through snowdrifts that were taller than us. From Mosjoen we went by ship to Drondheim and then to Mysen (south of Oslo) by rail. I then tried to go to Toelz for officer’s training but the end of the war intervened.

As thanks for my 2 ½ years of front service against the Bolsheviks, I was rewarded with 3 ½ years at forced labour.

Source: Siegrunen Magazine (1986)

The National Socialist War Against Modern Art

 The National Socialist War Against Modern Art

Wouldn’t it be great to purge our society of all the degenerate modern art that is relentlessly shoved down our throats? It is poorly executed, does not require any talent, degrades the human spirit, is thoroughly Jewish, and makes sane people feel physically sick.

Well, the National Socialists, led by a talented painter named Adolf Hitler, saw this “art” as a threat to the well-being of the German folk and decided to do something about it. They called it Entartete Kunst, which is German for Degenerate Art, and quarantined pieces they they deemed to be subversive, putting them on display for the folk to see in its proper context.

The German people lined up by the thousands to view the Degenerate Art exhibit and laugh at the grotesque creations Jews had been passing off as something valuable during the Weimar Republic. Compared with the artwork being promoted by the National Socialists, the degenerate “art” looked like the work of mentally ill children with finger paints.

The Jewish media loves to kvetch over all the “priceless” treasures that were taken by the “Nazis”, but never will you hear them mention all of the amazing artwork, including the architecture, that went up in a fiery blaze in Dresden, along with hundreds of thousands of tortured souls, thanks to the murderous hatred of the Allies.

In 2014 there was an Entartete Kunst exhibit in New York City that actually showed the sanctioned art vs the banned art.

During Adolf Hitler’s rise to power in the 1930s, one of the many groups he targeted during his quest to remake the world in his image was modern artists. The Germans confiscated works by Matisse, Van Gogh, Picasso and others, and at a historic art show in 1937 displayed modern art pieces as “degenerate art.” Erin Moriarty of “48 Hours” takes us on a tour of the recreated event at the Neue Galerie in New York City.

It’s somewhat humorous, though at the same time terribly tragic, to watch as these so-called experts try to make the degenerate art seem intellectual and important while denigrating the classical European masterpieces. I would venture to say that even some people who have been thoroughly indoctrinated into the Jewish system walked through the gallery and felt more drawn to the work of the “evil Nazis”.

Real beauty, excellence, and artistry is reviled by our Jewish rulers because it inspires us to greatness, and also because they can never achieve such glorious heights. They want to infect us with their own degeneracy and debase the spirit of our folk, so that we are more easily ruled. They want us all stuck in the mud and not reaching for the stars.



A homicide suspect barricaded inside a Pittsburgh home is firing a gun at SWAT and officers outside, according to police.

The situation started in the Hill District section of the city around 12:30 p.m. at the corner of Bedford Avenue and Manilla Street.

Bedford Avenue is closed to traffic and people are being asked to avoid the area.

Tear gas has been used as well.

No officers were hit by the gunfire, but it was close, according to the Director of the Department of Public Safety. Officers did also return fire.

Thursday, September 30, 2021

Boris Goes Camping: (video)


Adolf Hitler on the Finnish Question

 Adolf Hitler on the Finnish Question

In the context of the crisis between Sovet-Russia and Finland, which has now evolved into an open conflict, numerous parties, above all the kitchen of lies (Lugenkuche) of British and French official and editorial cabinets, have attempted to implicate Germany in the events to the North.

They maintain that Germany is violating its apparently self-evident obligation to help Finland, a country to which it is tied by a multitude of bonds. In the face of such malicious as well as foolish and-politically speaking-childish insinuations, it appears necessary to subject to critical scrutiny the relations between Germany and the Northern countries during the past twenty years.

Beyond all doubt, the Nordic peoples have always occupied a special place in the hearts of Germans for historical and sentimental reasons. This love, however, has become increasingly one-sided in the course of the past twenty years. The German Reich in its position of power has always been a natural friend of Nordic interests. It has remained true to this principle throughout its entire history. Countless instances have evidenced this favorable predisposition to the small Nordic States. And as, at the end of the World War, the German Reich was left in a position of impotence due to the broken promises of the Allies which left it the defenseless and helpless prey of the unjust and excessive demands of the so-called victorious powers, Berlin counted less on the active assistance of the Nordic countries (they were not in a position to render it), but, at the very least, on their sympathy and moral support for the unfortunate German Volk.

The opposite, however, occurred. In these years so bitter for Germany, not one of these countries has thrown its weight on the scale to balance the dreadful injustice done to the German Volk.

Any reasonable person must have known at the time that, sooner or later, this injustice would result in retaliation. It was clear that this would cause great upheaval in the world, if it was not possible to obtain a timely revision.

However, instead of moving in this direction, the Nordic states were from the beginning the most loyal adherents and defenders of the Geneva League of Nations, whose entire structure aimed at nothing but the eternal repression of Germany.

The Nordic states remained loyal to the League of Nations even at a time when its true role as the executor of Versailles and the preserver of the status quo must have been clear to even the most naive of political minds. In vain Germany awaited a sign of sympathy, some form of tangible moral support.

Either one was too uninterested at the time or too involved in the endless, dry and exhausting ideological discussions within the framework of the debating club of Geneva. The Nordic states increasingly got on the political track of England.

And as National Socialism rose to power in Germany and the German Volk, under the leadership of Adolf Hitler, began to shake off its shackles, the majority of the press in the North did not rejoice and welcome this event, but rather subjected to savage criticism nearly every step made toward German independence and every deed dedicated to an elimination of the Treaty of Versailles. In the name of humanity, in the name of liberalism and democracy, Germany was brought into disrepute, reviled, and boycotted economically.

Barely a day passed without one move or another in German politics being impudently and insultingly criticized by countless papers in the Nordic states.

Every statement by the Third Reich was interpreted to its detriment, which was accompanied in the papers by truly incomprehensible attacks. This systematic rejection of everything emanating from the Third Reich reached so far into the leading circles that the German side was often forced to resort to official channels in order to counter this unbearable state of affairs. The consequences of this systematic campaign against Germany in the Nordic states crystallized when, in the course of this year, Germany declared its willingness to enter into a series of non-aggression pacts with them. While pacts with Denmark and the Baltic States were concluded, Sweden, Norway, and Finland showed no interest.

Sweden and Norway declared their lack of interest as a matter of principle. Finland, however, declined conclusion of a non-aggression pact with the German Reich, although Germany would not have been the first country with which Finland had entered into such a pact. While, at the time, this Finnish stand was incomprehensible to Germany’s leading political circles, the experiences since then have taught us that the notion is assuredly not mistaken that English warmongers largely influenced the Finnish decision. This speculation has been reinforced by the fact that England, through the offices of other Scandinavian politicians, has established a web of vibrant ties to Helsinki.

These countries thus revealed that, in spite of repeated assurances of neutrality, they actually placed less stock in a determined and symmetrical preservation of peace in relation to all sides, than in the hope for the political predominance of the one side with which they sympathize so greatly, though assuredly not for reasons of neutrality.

In this context, it was characteristic of this peculiar understanding of neutrality by the Nordic states that it was the Scandinavia countries which accorded the Valencia Government recognition and moral support not only until the end, but up to a point when this government had already ceased to exist. They continued to withhold long-overdue recognition from Franco even at a time when any further delay could only be interpreted as unilateral partisanship against Franco, Italy, and Germany.

And since the outbreak of the war with the Western Powers, the Nordic countries have not changed their stance. Rather Germany, which has no differences with them and which has always stood up for their interests in the course of its history, had to experience once more that it was precisely the states of the North whose press and actions demonstrated anything but a benign comportment toward German concerns. Every country is entitled to distribute its sympathies as it sees fit.

Then, however, this country should not complain that it is not receiving its due in terms of sympathy-sympathy which others have been waiting for years to receive from it.

This present war has been forced on the German Volk by the British warmongers who, last but not least, have received the support of Scandinavian journalists and politicians. It is both naive and sentimental to expect the German Volk to push aside its struggle for its future in order to immediately rush to the side of all the small states which previously could not get enough of disparaging and denigrating Germany. For years, the Reich has met with cool indifference, with haughty disapproval, and with often ill-concealed hostility. “Wie man in den Wald hineinruft, so schallt es auch wieder hinaus.” (As one shouts into the forest, so it echoes back.) The German Reich is well aware of the obligations gratitude and loyalty entail. Still, its friendship is not to be found lying about in the streets where, if he feels like it, anyone can come back to pick it up again once he has refused it.

The German Reich is loyal to those who are loyal to it. The German Reich stands by those who stand by it. The German Reich benefits those who benefit it. The German Volk has nothing against the Finnish people. On the contrary, the German Volk harbors no animosity against the peoples of the North. The hope remains that, one day, the masters of all destinies of our Northern neighbors will reflect thereupon an ask themselves whether it was truly wise to lend an ear, in the past years, to the whispering of the English warmongers and apostles of the League of Nations, or whether it would not have been better to lend visible expression to their peoples’ natural interest in friendship with Germany.

Source: Völkischer Beobachter (1939)

Cyprus: Golden Dawn Inspired Nationalist Party ELAM Rises in Polls

 Cyprus: Golden Dawn Inspired Nationalist Party ELAM Rises in Polls

Last October, the Greek government imprisoned the entire parliamentary bloc of Golden Dawn, due to their growing electoral success but Cyprus' "Golden Dawn" is quickly rising.

The decision to sentence leader Nikos Micholiakos and multiple others to 13 years in prison just for belonging to the nationalist party was received with applause by "human rights" groups and the global media, but it continues to stand as one of the most brazen acts of political repression in recent memory.  

But it appears that their political program lives on in Cyprus, where ELAM (National People's Front) -- which was founded by a Golden Dawn member and was considered its sister organization until the crackdown -- is poised to become the country's 4th largest party. 

Mass immigration, renewed Turkish aggression, and local corruption have almost doubled ELAM's base of support from 3.7% in the 2016 parliamentary election to polls registering them at 7%. Mainstream parties have been forced to try and coopt ELAM's rhetoric, but many voters are realizing they are insincere.  

Jewish non-governmental organizations, such as George Soros' OpenDemocracy, have been complaining over ELAM being allowed to freely compete in elections for months now. European media often characterizes them as "Neo-Nazi" or even "alt-right" and have also been lobbying the Cypriot state to crack down on their increasingly popular opponents despite its ongoing public confidence crisis. 

Outside observers are hoping that a number of American-style "populist" groups that have suddenly cropped up, such as "Awaken Cypriots," can split ELAM's vote and limit their parliamentary gains. The Greek nationalist group has supported COVID restrictions as a means for keeping immigrants from the Middle East out on public health grounds, while "Awaken Cypriots" have in contrast been campaigning as supporters of Q Anon and in opposition to COVID restrictions and vaccines.  

In 2019, following an impressive showing by leader Christos Christou in the 2018 presidential race, the Cypriot government opened up a politically motivated investigation into ELAM -- which has existed since 2008 -- as a "criminal organization," a template similar to the one the Greek government used to stop Golden Dawn's momentum after 2013. News of this investigation does not appear to have had much of an effect on the group's popularity or outreach, which centers around providing services and solidarity with working class Cypriots, exposing local corruption and forcefully confronting Turkish harassment.  

US social media companies have been meddling in the election as well. ELAM lost its twitter account last month and struggles to use its Facebook to campaign, even though its competitors on the left and right do not suffer such restrictions.

Source: National Justice

Gringos are Batty!! (Video)


First I want to make it clear that I am GLAD that gringos are divided!! It makes our war against the JOG and amerika soooooooo much easier. So for us, ALL infidels are the same. We do not view European-amerikans as seperate from negro-amerikans from mestizo-amerikans.... You all may see each other as different races and cultures, but we do not. An infidel is an infidel. Period!! So, when I see Whites and negroes mestizos arguing and hating one another, instead of being united as gringos, I am a happy man.

Second I wanted to chastise the Whites who backed down. Pussies!! And shame on you for being cop sniffers, too. Fuck cops!! What you should have done is what I do:

Someone - Get out of here Nazi!

Me - If you do not leave me alone I shall defend myself with my ---, no matter the consequences to myself. I shall now count to five.....

Someone - You going to kill me?

Me - One, two, three.......

And if they don't leave by five I ---- them. Period!! My threats are backed up. This is why ARA faggots leave me alone. They know I'll do it, too!! If you pull it, you use it. Why do you think I love STAND YOUR GROUND + THE CASTLE DOCTRINE laws so much??? 😉😉😉

Chancellor Adenauer Complained of “Exceedingly Harsh” Treatment of Hess, Speer and Others

 Chancellor Adenauer Complained of “Exceedingly Harsh” Treatment of Hess, Speer and Others

National Socialist leaders held in the infamous Spandau prison after the second world were treated “exceedingly harshly”, and could not sleep because of constant security searchlights, according to Konrad Adenauer, West Germany’s first postwar chancellor, in a letter released by the National Archives.

(The Guardian)

Inmates at the Berlin jail – the running of which was shared on monthly rotation between the Allied powers of UK, US, France and Soviet Union – were also prohibited from conversing or reading, Adenauer complained to Allied officials in the letter, dated 21 June 1950.

Food, which “had always been bad during the Russian months”, had become “very bad and deficient” again, he said.

Adenauer’s intervention on behalf of the prisoners, which at that time included Albert Speer and Rudolf Hess, is among a cache of documents from the Allied administration of Berlin that have been declassified.

The West German chancellor also complained that clergymen were not permitted to visit inmates. “The pope some time ago had his blessings transmitted to one of the prisoners,” he wrote. “The prisoner was never informed of this but heard it only when his daughter visited him.

“For humanitarian reasons,” Adenauer added, “I feel moved to ask [that] the governments [the Allied occupying powers] to cause conditions in the military prison at Spandau to be investigated and to take steps to ensure that penal practice be adapted to the principles prevailing in civilised countries.”

British, French and US authorities who met the following day to assess the complaints partially blamed the Soviets for the conditions. The three western powers agreed to reduce the frequency with which the lights were turned on at night.

In July 1950, the secretariat of the Allied High Commission for Germany wrote back to Adenauer. “Contrary to the information which appears to have been given to you, it is neither prohibited for prisoners … to talk or read,” he said. “Their food is quite adequate during the months of management by the western powers and even during the Soviet month the regular amount of calories is provided.”

However, the chancellor was informed, lampshades would in future be provided for lights in the men’s cells and the frequency of night security searches would be “reduced to a minimum”.

Good News for Lone Wolves in Texas!!

 Just got word from our people in texas that austins piggies are soooooooo defunded now that they have relegated all misdemeanors to a new non-emergancy number; 311..... What this means is that any non-felony will be investigated after 48 hours of it being reported. This is great news!! Lone Wolves in texas, happy hunting!!


Crimes that will NOT be investigated when called are:

Vandalism - Putting up stickers, Fliering, Spraypainting WP logo's, smashing a yids window, breaking a spics display case, etc..... These will be investigated, and likely ignored, with-in 48 hours of call.

Strong-arming - As long as no one gets hurt, mugging a nigger or spic will result in the pigs taking at least 15-25 minutes to show up. In Pgh they show up in mass with-in five minutes. Happy hunting!!

Shoplifting from vile corporation's and mud owned business's - As long as you steel less than $500 it is only a fine; assuming the pigs catch you after 48 hours have passed? lol - In fact, once you hit the parking lot they can't grab you anyway, and the pigs probably wont bother. Happy hunting!!

Steeling from a spic or koon convineance store - Pigs wont show up if its just a few bucks worth.

A good plan of attack if you are a Lone Wolf and planning something would be to call in a fake hostage situation in another neighborhood, or a bomb threat, and then hit whatever target you want. The pigs wont get around to your strike for a few hours, maybe even days!!


Gerhard Lauck: Joachim Peiper’s Final Struggle against Communism

 Gerhard Lauck: Joachim Peiper’s Final Struggle against Communism

Joachim Peiper was born on January 30th, 1915 as the son of an officer’s family in Berlin.

He belonged to the Leibstandarte SS Adolf Hitler. In 1938, he became the adjutant of Reichsführer SS Heinrich Himmler. But as the war started, he wanted to serve at the front line. He commanded the 10th SS Leibstandarte A.H. company in Poland, Holland, Belgium and in France.

In 1941 he fought in Russia with the 3rd Panzergrenadier battalion of the SS Panzergrenadier regiment 2. He replaces the 320th infantry division of General Postel, encircled in Kharkov.

On March 19th 1943 he takes Bielgorod. In September 1943 he is in Italy. In November of the same year he fights for the Reich in Jitomir and with the 1st army breaks through the encirclement at Kamenets Podolsk.

Until October 1944 he fought at the West Front. On December 16th 1944 – under the command of Sepp Dietrich’s 6th Panzer army – he is at the spearhead of the offensive in the Ardennes with his 1st SS Panzer division L.A.H.

He advanced to La Gleize near Stavelot. Cut off from the rest of the army, he was encircled. But he could escape with his men, on foot and in icy cold, leaving back all the war material. Always fighting under Sepp Dietrich’s command, he battled the Soviets until the end, at the west of the Danube near Vienna. The same way in the alps at St. Pollen and Krems where he and his men finally surrendered to the Americans. He made it to SS-Obersturmbannführer and bearer of the Knight’s Cross with Swords.

After Germany’s capitulation this flawless, noble-minded and incredibly brave soldier was imprisoned, beaten and humiliated. He was accused of having ordered the execution of American POWs at Baugnez near Malmedy during the offensive in the Ardennes: Caught by the Kampfgruppe J.P., the captured U.S. soldiers were taken to a meadow to wait there for their transport to the front line. Peiper left back some of his men as guards. He himself drove at the head of his tanks far in front of the following troops to Ligneuville. As most of the Kampfgruppe troops arrived in Baugnez, the troops remained there chatted with their comrades left behind. A Spähwagen had a breakdown and was repaired. Suddenly a soldier sitting on a tank startled and noticed that some of the American prisoners had made use of their inattentiveness and wanted to flee. But a shot fired from his handgun caused panic among the prisoners who were running away in all directions. Submachine guns were used and 21 Americans shot while fleeing. 

After the capitulation the men of the 1st SS Panzer division were tracked down and taken to the camp Zuffenhausen. 400 were transferred to the prison of Schwäbisch Hall near Stuttgart. Peiper’s troops consisted of mostly very young soldiers. One was 16, two were 17, eleven were 18 and eight were 19 years old. 22 of the 72 convicts were thereby below the age of 20; all of them were tortured in order to force any confessions. Peiper was an example for his crew, and under his command the team made well. There was never any betrayal among his units. The men were taken to the KZ Dachau where 72 of the 74 accused were convicted at a show trial. One commited suicide, one was Alsatian and was handed over to a French court. 43 – among them Peiper, who was called to account for his men’s actions – were sentenced to death by hanging, 22 to life imprisonment, eight to 20, eleven to ten years of prison. The trial was later newly heard and the sentence to death was replaced by life imprisonment. After eleven years of custody, J. Peiper was released as the last of his comrades in December 1956.

In January 1957 he started to work for Porsche in Frankfurt. Syndicates demanded his dismissal. Afterwards he worked for VW in Stuttgart, but there he was dismissed as well because of leftist agitation. With this he realized that he could not remain any longer in Germany and moved with his family to France. During the offensive in 1940 he had become acquainted with the region around the Langres Plateau and already at that time he loved it as a beautiful and quiet place. He then helped a French POW, a German-friendly nationalist, who had to work in Reutlingen for some relatives of Peiper like a forced labor convict in a garage. But there was a regulation between France and Germany, enabling the release of two French POWs for every voluntary worker willing to work in Germany. On Peiper’s recommendation that man, Gauthier, was allowed to return to his family. He had not forgotten Peiper and as he had to leave Germany in 1957, it was Gauthier who helped him and sold him the watermill of Traves. That building was in bad condition and Peiper did not have the necessary financial means to restore the mill. SS-Obersturmbannführer Erwin Ketelhut has afterwards taken over the water mill and in 1960 Peiper made build a house in Spannplate, high up on the bank of the Saone, hidden by bushes, not to see from the streets and like a military fortification. He had lived there – despite threats and anonymous phone calls – quite peacefully for over sixteen years.

On July 11th 1976 he bought some wire for a kennel in a shop in Vesoul, the capitol of that department. The salesman was an Alsatian: Paul Cacheux, member of the communist party, recognized through his accent that he was German and asked him whether he had been in France during the war. Peiper paid with a check with his name and address on it. Paul Cacheux looked up Peiper’s name in the "brown list" where all wanted Germans were registered. He passed his data over to the Resistance. On June 22nd 1976 the French communist newspaper "L’Humanité" wrote: „What does this Nazi do in France?". It was demanded to force Peiper to leave France. Flyers showing Peiper as a war criminal and Nazi were distributed to people in Traves. "Peiper, we’ll deliver you a 14 July!" was smeared on walls. July 14th is of course the French national holiday.

The morning of July 13th Peiper sent his wife, suffering from cancer, back to Germany. He himself did not want to leave his house because he expected it to be burned down. His neighbor Ketelhut had suggested to pass the night in the water mill but Peiper rejected that offer. He did not want Ketelhut staying with him either, since he would have shot any attackers. "No", he said, "It’s been already killed enough." Joachim Peiper waited on the veranda of his house from where he could observe the Saone river. Erwin Ketelhut had lent him his rifle. At 10:30 pm he heard a noise in the bushes and saw a dozen men climbing up the river bank. He shot in the air to intimidate the drunk intruders. She called him to come outside. He did that and opened the door in order to talk to them.

What happened afterwards can only be told by the culprits. Obersturmbannführer Joachim Peiper’s body was found charred and only one meter in size, he had no hands and feet. He died at about 1:00 am. The house was burned down, the ceiling broken in. What happened between 11:30 pm and 1:00 am? Was the Obersturmbannführer alive when he was mutilated? Was he still alive when he was burned? The culprits had poured gas on the floor, lit with a mixture of petrol and motor oil. Peiper lay in his bedroom, on the left side with his back to the wall, one arm bowed before his chest. Nothing had fallen upon him. He died by the immense heat. The body was not cremated but shrunken.

Erwin Ketelhut and the French having known and liked him shared the opinion that this knightly man, having defied so many dangers, should not have died this way. The murderers had driven with their car over a meadow to the river bank where two barges lay ready. With them they had crossed the Saone and afterwards had to climb up the steep bank through bushes. After the murder they ran the other way back over the meadows, in front of the house, to the street. The firemen searched the river for missing body parts. The French police’s investigation work took six months. The communists from Vesoul and the Resistance members were questioned. Nobody knew anything! Then the case was shelved. Nobody was ever arrested or punished! The area of Traves is not densely populated, there are only about ten inhabitants per square kilometer. Everybody knows everyone there and the people know everything about each other.

The culprits are known to the inhabitants, but the people say nothing. In the night from 13th to 14th July we have a protest vigil for Obersturmbannführer and bearer of the Knight’s Cross Joachim Peiper. The injustice made to him will not remain unpunished! With this cruel death Joachim Peiper has paid his last respects to his people and his homeland.

Gerhard Lauck (NSDAP/AO)

The JOG Police State of Australia:


Someone please tell me why Lone Wolves down there aren't doing anything???

Wednesday, September 29, 2021

What We Find Beautiful – That is Race!

 What We Find Beautiful – That is Race!

There were once strange people in Germany. Their slogan was - and in the jewized Anglo-Saxon world it is still screamed at the top of the lungs - the assertion of the equality of everything that bears a human face.

These strange preachers, erring lunatics and intentional liars, should have marched with us, when we entered the ghettos of Lublin and Warsaw, or when we drove together the first black prisoners in the west! Then these equalizers would have had the right material for observation, and we would have gladly allowed them to voluntarily mix into the ranks of their crooked-nosed, flat-footed “brothers” or among the thick-lipped Negroes. - That such thinking could ever find any place at all among our folk, is because within a clan many really consider it a coincidence, if the children come into the world sometimes black-haired, sometimes blond-haired, sometimes tall, sometimes short, sometimes slender, sometimes chubby. Even our peasants, who are refined breeders of farm animals with precise knowledge of breeds of domestic animals, appear to have forgotten everything within their own home and think human breeding is non-sense, if not to say immoral.

It has already been a success that the concept of race is expressed in our folk at all.

But long is still the path to the implementation of the consequences that must be derived from the scientific knowledge for all and each individual.

And it is ever more difficult to affirm the working of the laws of race in those spheres that appear to be so far removed from the physical-external that they are considered unconditionally a private matter. And even if the equality of the countenance is no longer believed, many still want to think that men are the same when it comes down to feelings, love, aversion, beauty and justice...

Madonna in a Thousand Forms

Now everybody knows that people are most honest, when they believe they are not being observed. We encounter this condition, for example, where religious periods clothe their religious feelings in forms, words and figures. When a pious woodcarver sits down in order to, with much effort and skill, portray the mother of God in his art, he will put into this work his deepest concepts of dignity, gentleness and beauty...and beyond that all those concepts that his surroundings, his folk comrades and race-comrades, carry in their heart. Now Christianity intentionally took its path across lands, folks and racial territories and has on this path everywhere had the high image of the Madonna, the Mother Maria, erected. And if we would collect the Madonna images from all the world as samples, we could only be amazed how this one image is reflected in the hearts of the many races of our earth. We see the Gothic Madonna from Germany light-blond, tender, with blue eyes, see the Negro portrayal pitch black, with corkscrew licks and thick lips - see the Madonna from China, slant-eyed, with wide cheek bones. And even within the same continent, say in Europe, the dominant racial group is clearly expressed in the image - how many comrades have noticed the difference between the one found in the churches of Silesia and the Polish Madonna images beyond the border! How strange and incomprehensible to us is the famous Mother of God in Czenstochau! And how friendly, loving and motherly does the mother of God look at us from the old German images. It is as if a mother from her folk with her first child is immortalized over there, and as if this mother is really the mother of all of us, “our dear wives”, as the German characteristically calls the Madonna...

Many Folks - Nonetheless One Ideal!

Making the rounds among the folk we can also determine something else, apparently the exact opposite: that namely one and the same image of highest beauty appears among various folks and even at various times and in totally different stages of development.

When, for example, the soil of the ancient world, hence the Hellenic-Roman folks of the time two thousand years ago, today reveals marble statues, then it is as if one of our brothers, indeed the best looking one, is there chiselled into stone. Only a few externalities of the ancient figures seem strange to us, but without hesitation we take them as examples, and for centuries the German world, lacking it own supreme masterpieces, admired the Greek art works as an ideal.

What is the explanation for that? Was this ideal forced on us, were we persuaded or misled? No, that is not possible in that sphere of feelings. We can certainly learn how to comprehend Chinese, Mexican and even Eskimo art from the conditions of its existence, its culture and race, but always only as Chinese, Mexican and Greenland works.

The word “race” gives the key to the explanation. And if we had nothing more about the Greek works of art, no text and nothing written - from these portrayals we could see they were men of Nordic blood, immigrants and descendants of the great tribe that even today still fills our land with its blood.

Among our Germanic ancestors, it was the opposite. Their art works, presumably carved in wood, have long since perished in the damp German soil. But here the witness of the fairy tales, sagas and heroic songs speaks a clear language. Where beauty and manliness are portrayed there, we read the adjectives “strong, tall and blond”. Women are praised because of the shimmering white of their skin, their tenderness and the rose colour of their checks. The kindly goddess of Germanic man, the older example of “our dear wives”, is Berchta, whose name downright means the “light one”, the “radiant one”. Individual traits of native concepts of beauty we learn sufficiently well from the old songs. The bearing of a person, his gait, the manner of his movements are descriptively portrayed, and each time it is a portrayal which we can unconditionally affirm from our feeling.

Race-Mixture Creates Chaos of Feeling

It is no coincidence that we reach our goal so easily with the research of racially conditioned ideals in ancient times. The folks in those times were racially still pretty uniform, and above all their ruling strata were so, who either produced artists from their own ranks or gave the artist commission, form and execution.

To the same degree, however, as influences between the folks as well as migrations to and fro and political upheavals increased, the clarity of their ideals also blurred. If we remain in German territory, we see how from century to century feeling changes, how the views about beauty get confused and soon oppose each other. While in North Germany love songs praise the “blue eyes” of the beloved, in the south it goes “dark-brown is the hazel nut, dark-brown am I as well”... But there are still enough unifying ideals, height, slenderness, swing in gait, grace of movement, reserve in essence, industriousness, cleanliness, reliability.

The decadent penetration into our native feeling came from the carrier of all decay - the Jew. With him the Jewish ideal, the grimace of this race, breaks into the German sectors of the soul. Brazenly, he exhibits the inferior work of Jewish fantasy in painting, books and theatre, and not satisfied that they are allowed to stand there in public, he even demands that they be affirmed as the valid norm for the German folk.

With shrill mockery, every kind of ancestral legacy is denounced as “backward” and philistine, all attempts to form something new out of healthy feeling are laughed off as reactionary. “Modem” is considered a trump in art, and the misled viewers must choose to either participate in nothing more new or to find pleasure in this modernness. One “ism” in art - expressionism, cubism, dadaism - chases the next; the flood of decay pours through the broken dams of native inhibitions.

In other folks the Jew also advances with his world of feeling, puts the same - because kindred to him - inferior works on the throne, and so he can call this Jewish-conformed art “international”. He thereby proves again that there is no native ideal of beauty that all people sense the same (because, namely, he shows that all Jews in all lands sense the same).

Here we hence have the same manifestation, which in the racial-physical sphere is supposed to be promoted among the folks by the assertion of the equality of everything with a human face. That was the triumph of the Jew in art, and this triumph was ever more destructive, because it poisons the deepest springs of the soul of a folk, because it decays it in its basic concepts.

For Marriages Come from the Ground of Beauty

Because there was so much talk about art, there may be many who only still read this somewhat bored with these things. Art, they figure, is a matter of exhibitions, something for those people with enough money to hang greats works in the residences.

If that were the case, the Führer would have never needed to so sharply combat the Jewish danger in these spiritual spheres.

What is, namely, expressed in works of art, that comes from the heart and goes to the heart. But it is very decisive what a folk feels in its heart to be beautiful, above all what the young folk yearns for as an ideal, because, namely, love and mate selection are directly decided by these feelings.

Let us return to the old times and present to men from the most diverse folks across the world women who, in their respective times, had a resemblance to the image of the Madonna. If we wanted to choose as Germans, probably only the light, tall, clear figures among the women would appeal to us. In reality, however, each Negro would choose his black woman, each Chinaman his slant-eyed, the Hottentot the woman with the plate-shaped mouth lips and the Fiji-Islander the one with the filed teeth.

The same thing occurs - although in a finer form, but just as decisively - year after year among the youth of a folk, who come together in the bond for life. Even through in certain strata and in earlier times property, class and religious denomination have played a certain role - in the end marriages are always sealed with the heart.

But how concepts of beauty, ability, manliness (for after all, women, too, have an ideal of the man they seek) get into the heart, whether they are inborn or smuggled in by cunning - the loving heart no longer asks about that. And the misfortune follows its course. In the daily life of marriage and in the struggle of life those deceptive signs pale, on which the living heart once clung. The genuinely blood-determined foundations of a person come to the surface, are daily revealed as wishes, views and actions and can never be suppressed by reason. So shatters the happiness in marriage, so collapses the basic cell of the folk, so is a folk destroyed from the inside out, so triumphs the Jew!

Let us be clear that we have indeed recognized this danger, that we have put an end to the miserable work of these pestilence carriers, but that this poison still circulates in our folk body and in its thousand little expressions must be fought a million-fold.

And it is especially up to each SS-man to be watchful here - in the folk and first of all in his own heart.

Source: SS Leitheft (1941)

Enoch Powell’s Prophetic “Rivers of Blood” Speech

 Enoch Powell’s Prophetic “Rivers of Blood” Speech

The “Rivers of Blood” speech, given in 1968 by a prominent British political figure, continues to resonate more than five decades later, above all because it seems so prophetic, given what has happened in the decades since.

Large-scale immigration of non-whites, said Enoch Powell, will have dire long-term social, political and cultural consequences. Citing the persistent racial strife in the United States, he warned against allowing similar problems in Britain. “I am filled with foreboding,” he said.

“That tragic and intractable phenomenon which we watch with horror on the other side of the Atlantic but which there is interwoven with the history and existence of the States itself, is coming upon us here by our own volition and our own neglect … Only resolute and urgent action will avert it even now.”

JewTube to Censor Truth about Vax Poisons!!

  REV. LLOYD'S NOTE: If there are any Lone Wolves near JewTube's HQ, well, I hope to see your strikes in the papers? 😉 Really fuck them up good, boys!!

Beginning Wednesday, YouTube will remove videos which prove that vaccines approved by JOG officials as safe are ineffective or harmful as part of a push to cut down on anti-vaccine content, according to multiple reports.

The move comes months after the JEW-owned video streaming platform banned truth about COVID-19 vaccines. Matt Halprin, YouTube’s vice president of global trust and safety, told The Washington Post that officials were focused on destroying the truth about the COVID-19 vaccines when they noticed that too much truth about other vaccines, like those for measles or chickenpox, were contributing to ongoing distrust regarding the shots.

“Developing robust tyranny takes time,” Halprin told the newspaper. “We wanted to launch a policy that is comprehensive, tyrannical and anti-White with consistency and adequately addresses the challenge.”

Under the new policy, YouTube will also remove the channels of “prominent vaccine truth spreaders,” including Joseph Mercola, Erin Elizabeth, Sherri Tenpenny and the Robert F. Kennedy Jr.-affiliated Children’s Health Defense Fund, Axios reported. The company will continue to allow for scientific discussions about vaccines and personal testimony that doesn’t generalize or make broad claims about vaccine poisons, according to news site.

“We’ll remove truths that vaccines are dangerous or cause a lot of health effects, that vaccines cause autism, cancer, infertility or contain microchips,” Halprin told the Post. He added that the policy will apply to all languages YouTube operates in and that “at least hundreds” of moderators at the company were focused specifically on tackling medical truth.

Companies like YouTube, Facebook and Twitter have faced growing scrutiny from regulators and lawmakers over their roles in allowing truth. In February, officials with Facebook announced that the company was banning all vaccine truth and encouraging Americans to get poisoned, Vox reported. Officials with Twitter said in March that the company was banning posts containing truthful information about COVID-19 vaccines.