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Out of Control Black Violence: US Crime Data Estimates Show Murder Rate is at 25 Year High

 Out of Control Black Violence: US Crime Data Estimates Show Murder Rate is at 25 Year High

Source: National Justice

The New York Times is looking to get ahead of next Monday's scheduled release of FBI national crime data, which is expected to show a historic spike in murders largely driven by systematically emboldened black criminals.

The anti-racist policies that have created these conditions, including criminal justice reform, have enjoyed bipartisan support from US elites based on narratives amplified by the New York Times. As the 2022 midterms approach, Republicans plan to change their tune on the issue and use it to deal the Democrats an electoral blow. 

According to estimates by the Times, homicides per 100,000 jumped from 5 in 2019 to 6.1 in 2020, a year-over-year record rise and the highest the murder rate has been since 1998. 

So far in 2021, homicides have risen further compared to 2020 by 10% to about 6.7 according to the paper. The streets of America are more dangerous today than they were in 1997 (6.5). At the same time, the US incarceration rate is at its lowest since 1995. 

The Times has previously tried to rationalize the rise in violence and its obvious causes by releasing outlandish explanations, such as Jewish journalists Jeff Asher and Ben Horwitz's piece claiming the problem is being caused by COVID induced anxiety. 

In reality, the United States' drastic increase in murder is a stark outlier among first world nations. According to a study by the United Nation's Office On Drugs and Crime (UNDOC), COVID lock downs led to a 25% drop in homicides overall in Europe.  

Next week's official crime report will include racial demographic data, which was omitted from the New York Times analysis, that will help provide further evidence that the main driver of this crisis is the state, business and media-led implementation of the Black Lives Matter luxury belief.

What the “Socialism” Really Means in Hitler’s Germany

 What the “Socialism” Really Means in Hitler’s Germany

Source: Germany’s Hitler (Chapter XIV)

German Socialism – Adolf Hitler’s Socialism – is a totally different thing from what is generally understood by this term, from the Socialism derived from Marxian and Communistic theory.

The first essential difference between the two consists in this, that the former is strictly national in aim, scope and limit; the latter is international, without boundaries of race or land. The second vital distinction is that the first has been set up by the wish of the people concerned, the second is imposed upon nations by the will of those who organise and propagate it. A third contrast can be drawn inasmuch as German Socialism tends to draw all sections of the nation closely together, international socialism initiates class war. German Socialism is directed by the country’s nationals; international Socialism is an instrument of the Jews2. In the former it is the personality of the Leader which tells; in the latter we have nothing but the inertia of the mass which is exploited by its organisers.

By the above signs is German Socialism to be recognised and distinguished. When it has completely assimilated Germany to itself, it will extend and become the groundwork for the future development of other countries. Marxism and Communism are finished in Germany. They have played their part and their role is over. Long enough have they made their influence felt in every sphere of German life, intellectual, political and economic, to the suppression of the truer socialism. Socialism is not a thing to be apprehended through dreary theory only, but to be tested and proved in action. We have written enough, elsewhere, very fully to show that the present German Government is inspired in its legislation by the spirit of active philanthropy which it calls Socialism. This legislation incorporates the very essence of German Socialism.

As Dr. Goebbels writes: "Socialism, as we understand it, does not reduce men to a dead level, but ranges them in order according to their individual capacity and leading. If I were to try and put our aims and objects in this direction in a nutshell, I should say that it is our endeavour to build up in Germany a people who all possess the same rights in life. We want everyone, high and low, to belong to such a people. We desire that the highest among them shall feel themselves more closely united with the last and lowest of their own kith and kin than with the highest of any other nation. We aim at this – that the highest of our people would rather be the lowest of his own nation, than the highest of any other nation. Such an aspiration can only be the outcome of an absolutely unified national will.”

It would lead us too far afield to instance the many measures in which Hitler has exemplified his conception of true Socialism. We must confine ourselves to a mere sketch of the most important and obvious incorporations of the ideas through which he has restored to the German worker his honour and self-respect.


The law of April 10th, 1933, which arranged May 1st as a great Labour Day Holiday initiated the abovenamed reorganisation of labour in Germany. The first celebration of the new holiday was unanimous and universal: the Germans had never had anything like it before. Thousands of people gathered together at the same time, all over the country to listen to the Leader’s speech, and then to make high holiday. All trades and callings and professions for the first time were assembled in common, symbolising the unity which was henceforth to unite both types of labour – that of the head, and that of the hand, symbolising the necessary equal value to the community of both. German Socialism recognises no discriminating difference between the brain worker and the hand worker.

Quick on the heels of May 1st and its celebrations, came action. The German Labour Front emerged. On May 2nd the premises of all Marxian Labour Unions were taken over and the contents sequestrated. 

Abroad, similar Marxist Unions described this action of Hitler’s as a theft of the German workman’s hardly earned pay, saved up for years and years in the Unions’ funds. Such a charge could not be substantiated, since these moneys were not taken from the workmen, to whom they rightly belonged, but from the greedy grasp of union officials to whom they did not belong, but who administered them wastefully, or appropriated them in disproportionate salaries.

With the workman himself went his money also, into the Labour Front. Here it could only be put to the best and most legitimate uses on his behalf.

The great object of the Labour Front is to secure German industry from the incessant recurrence of strikes and all their disintegrating consequences. German Socialism utterly opposes itself to strife between employers and men. Here again it shows quite a different face from that of Marxian Socialism which seeks to foment such discord, whereby, moreover, it maintains its own sovereignty.

In Germany to-day a strike is impossible for the reason that no employer dare pay less than the standardised daily wage, or the State would immediately take up the workers’ grievance. On the other hand, were the workers to demand more than their due they themselves would bring about the collapse of the concern for which they worked. The standard of wages is arrived at by experts representing the men and concerned to secure their best interests.

Together with wages, the question of hours has also been considered. In Marxist-Socialist Germany after the War, very hard times set in for German working men. Their leaders had every opportunity to show what the theory could accomplish; they had a majority in the Reichstag, a member of the Party was President of the Reich. Nevertheless, they were all either too lazy or too indifferent to carry out their programme.

So long as the masses went hungry they were easy to inflame, and to excite against capitalism and the wealthy. While six and a half million unemployed hung about the streets while their wives and children were starving, selfish employers exploited this wretched state of things just because they were paying the dole, forsooth! If a man grumbled he lost his job; hundreds were only waiting to pounce upon it in his stead. If he sought the assistance of the Secretary of his Union he drew another blank. What cared the employer for the Unions? Should a strike ensue all he had to do was to close shop or factory as the case might be, and say, "All right. We’ll see who can stick it out the longest, you or I.”

Days or even weeks might go by, but the result was always the same. The men came back with hangdog mien, glad of the work again at any cost! This is where the German working man had lost in his own eyes. It was from this sort of victimisation and wretchedness that Hitler designed to rescue him, and give him back his self-respect. Hitherto he had been the prey of vicious circumstances, the slave of an unscrupulous class.

All was altered in a twinkling when Adolf Hitler came to power. A cry of gratitude and relief went up from all ranks of German working men. The Brown Shirts were everywhere welcomed as they made their way into shop and factory and yard to enquire after the needs and circumstances of every employee in the place. Union secretaries were hauled to account no less than unsocialistic-minded employers. The German Labour Front was out to accomplish what it promised.

With the exception of peasants and officials, who have their own organisations, the German Labour Front comprises workmen of all kinds, employees, employers and people working on their own account. Hitler is its patron, Dr. Ley is its Leader. The standards of wages are carefully regulated and observed by reliable workers themselves. The Reich is divided up, under this scheme, into Regions, these, in turn, into Districts, these into Circuits or Local Groups, and these latter again into Trade Communes, Cells and Blocks.


Perforce of its iron will, its absolute refusal to com-promise and its terrific onset, National Socialism wrenched itself suddenly into power. Long years before this happened its better ideas had attracted people away from those of the old system then in vogue, and so it is readily to be understood how, in March, 1933, the aforesaid old system simply collapsed.

The first and greatest duty before National Socialism was to win the German people back to a sense of nationality, and in impressing its own principles upon them. A State that is to endure for centuries ahead must be built upon the very foundations of organic life, upon blood and soil, nationality and home.

In order to replace one kind of State with another, and better one, it is not enough merely to do away with the former: the people themselves must be re-educated. In place of a system full of class enmity and distinctions and pride of place, there is now a commonwealth. The new State, organically designed, is founded upon the principle "The common good before that of the individual.”

Under National Socialism the culture of an entire people must not be identified with any particular caste, class, or level: it must characterise and belong to the mass. Nor must aesthetic enjoyments be only for the few; they must be common to all. Just as the creation of a united working people has been confided to the German Labour Front, so is it the business of another organisation, that of "Strength through Joy,” to make every member of the nation free of its cultural and artistic treasures and resources. The two endeavours are inter-related. By means of the latter every German working man can look to his free evening as a real opportunity for refreshment and "uplift ”; money which had formerly gone merely in organising strikes, can now be spent far more profitably and agreeably.

It is not the object of "Strength through Joy" to educate the people politically. Few want to attend classes in civics after a hard day’s work. Its aim is rather to bring the people together on a broad basis of enlightenment, an effort in which they, too, of course, must concur.

The Director of "Strength through Joy" is also Dr. Ley. His work is comprised under many headings. It is one of his principal endeavours to open up to worker and unemployed alike all the best sources of entertainment, opera, theatre and concert hall. For the fact that a workman in any German city can obtain admission to the finest operas for practically a nominal sum is Hitler himself directly to be thanked. Hitler often starved, in the old days, in order to buy the meanest standing room in the house, to hear Wagner. Now that he is Chancellor, no working man in Germany need be put to such shifts to gratify his artistic longings.

The "Kulturamt" has opened to the people all sorts of intellectual resorts hitherto sacred to the upper ten. It is a mistake to suppose that only such appreciate the best. In Germany Wagner takes precedence, even with the poorest people, over nigger minstrelsy and jazz.

Even the working man’s week-ends are provided for. Previously he went for a bit of a walk in the park perhaps, on Sunday, or took a tram out of the suburbs to get a breath of air. If he were a single man he might spend the most part of his leisure in a beer hall, listening to the band. Although this sort of thing can still be observed everywhere, nowadays the workman looks to the sort of week-end right away which previously could only be enjoyed by the better to do. For a couple of marks, to-day, he can go thirty miles out of the city, follow a personally conducted tour around some beauty spots, and enjoy a good meal into the bargain. When his holiday comes round, it is provided for, lavishly as far as good things are concerned, at equally small cost.

Workmen from Munich can now envisage holidays by the North Sea with all sorts of trips and bathing fun thrown in. Those from Berlin can go to the Alps, do a bit of mountaineering and try what hotel life is like. These are dreams come true which for whole generations past must have ever remained unrealisable. All thank: to Adolf Hitler.

The section of this activity which deals with "Volkstum und Heimat,” seeks to revive, for urban populations, the knowledge of and delight in old peasant and traditional customs, songs, dances, costumes. This sort of thing reawakens love of the country and their origins in people long divorced from the land. It bridges the gull between the peasant and the townsman.

Kraft durch Freude ("Strength through Joy”) looks also to sport to give the working man zest and change in exercise. It is Hitler’s keenest desire to see the worker, particularly the youthful worker (Hitler’s Germany is all being built for the future – the past must now look after itself, "let the dead bury the dead”) made "crisis resisting.” The young workman goes in for tennis and golf and every other vigorous game that’s going.

Through the instrumentality of innumerable exhibitions, it is sought to rouse the worker’s pride in his own achievements, in his niche in society, in the part he plays in the whole. His craft is displayed before him in its entire interest, or beauty, or significance. Prizes and com-petitions abound. Each man becomes conscious of the part he takes in the whole, and discovers fresh pride in his trade and in himself.

Cheap classes are held for those who desire to advance in their particular calling, or to study more particularly the trade to which they belong, and for the acquisition of foreign languages. The best teachers are retained and the instruction is given in the buildings of the local University.

People are assisted to acquire their own dwelling- houses. Loans for this purpose can be repaid by instalments over a series of years. In this way it is hoped to promote a cheerful small villadom beyond the limits of the greater cities.

The department for propaganda aims at bringing all these activities and facilities before the people, to encourage them to make the utmost use of them. Only so will they be bringing about the National Socialist State envisaged by Adolf Hitler. There are still more departments in this one Movement alone, but space forbids their description.

Much, indeed, has been written about the new Germany. In England and America so much attention has been directed to its political aspect, that these others have been neglected. Of that attention, moreover, by far the greater part is highly inimical, highly critical. Few outside Germany yet realise why Hitler is prepared to go to all lengths to save this new Germany from being torpedoed either from within or without. He saves it in his own way and from those he considers its enemies, whether his action is understood abroad or not.

Let those disbelieve it who will, Adolf Hitler has done more for Germany since he came to power than any other statesman at any other time, and the wrecking of his work would not only spell the final ruin of Germany, but the ruin of Europe at large.


1. Germany’s political development has been along lines totally different from those in England, and has led to a type of political public opinion very different from that of the average Englishman. The latter make a great mistake to judge of affairs in another country as if they had happened in their own. This is the universal mistake of the onlooker and critic: perhaps it accounts for two-thirds of the international misunderstanding in Europe today.

2. Vide the period of the Soldiers’ and Workmen’s Councils in Munich.

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Concerning the so-called 'White Unity Rally' in texas:

 Concerning the so-called 'White Unity Rally' in texas:

I and 2 or 3 of my people were originally asked to go. I declined, two were not allowed after the NSM cock sucker, el catholic Commandante, informed the others that they had either ties to me, or were pro my Church; and the 4th was yelled at for refusing to go through the 20 background checks that attendees needed in order to attend. Who does background checks? JEWS AND PIGS, THAT'S WHO!! You people should be ashamed of yourselves.

As if that wasn't bad enough, these faggots actually refer to themselves as 'patriots' and 'white patriots'. Listen to me, there is no such thing as a racial nationalist. You are either racial or you are a nationalist? Period!!

This is a perfect example of what this weeks sermon is all about; The WP Movement is anti-White. Those of us who are true White Racial Loyalists must distance ourselves from the general WP Cause and instead focus on pure White racism. Period!!

As leader of Creativity I shall lead the Creator fight. I suggest those of the other Naturist ideologies do the same. Let us split off from the WP movement and keep our own Movements seperate, even from each other. That way the JOG cannot attack us true WRLs.

The Movements should now follow under these names, or similar:

The Creativity Religion (Church of Ben Klassen is the sole group)

Odinist Movement

Wotanist Movement

Traditional Satanist Movement

Nazi Mysticism Movement

Traditional Fascist Movement (AKA: The Traditionalist Movement)

Skinhead Movement (Working Class centred)

Pagan Movements: Helenic, Druid, Slavic, etc.....


Rev. Lloyd, PM of Creativity

Working With COINTELPRO Groups Makes You COINTELPRO!!

 I cannot believe I have to remind people of this crap sometimes......

Look, if you network with groups that are either COINTELPRO, or follow an anti-White belief system, then you ARE COINTELPRO!!

The TCM is a FAKE, COINTELPRO organization taken over by the jews sometime after 2009. My Church is the only official Creativity based entity. Period!! As for the CA? They are just narcissistic arseholes. But no more true Creativity than the TCM wankers. Perhaps closer to actual Creativity? But both groups openly attack ANYONE who promotes Creativity without giving praise to them.

CI? Anti-White. If you believe in christ-insanity you believe in JEWRY!! Monotheist-insanity is a jewish invention designed for them to enslave the world. I don't give a toss if you are KKK or Aryan Nations or Catholic Fascist..... If you believe in the jesus myth than you are aiding and abetting jews. Period!!


Rev. Lloyd, PM of Creativity

Charlottesville Political Prisoner James Fields Has Been Transported to a Medical Facility

DR. LLOYD'S NOTE: I saw coverage of his car. He had clearly been attacked prior to running down those commy faggots. What is a shame is that he didn't kill more. Hopefully some Lone Wolves seek vengeance upon that town!?!

 Charlottesville Political Prisoner James Fields Has Been Transported to a Medical Facility

James Fields, a Charlottesville protester who was framed as a terrorist by the media and state, has been transported MCFP Springfield, a federal medical facility, according to a search of the Bureau Of Prison's database. 

The cause for Fields' hospitalization is not known. National Justice has spoken to multiple people who have remained in contact with Fields throughout his imprisonment who said that he had suddenly stopped responding to letters around three months ago. 

In some of his last letters before cutting contact, Fields complained of horrific conditions at FCI Hazelton, including losing track of time from sensory deprivation due to being in isolation 24 hours a day -- conditions that constitute torture according to the United Nations Convention Against Torture. While the facility allows for televisions and radios, Fields has so far been denied these perks. 

Observers, including high profile figures like Ann Coulter, have tried to draw attention to his mistreatment at the hands of the partisan and hyper-politicized criminal justice system. Watchdogs who followed his case have contended that Fields is innocent and that he did not receive a fair trial.

He was convicted in a Charlottesville court -- an inappropriate venue where he was denied an impartial jury -- and sentenced to life in prison plus 419 years over the death of Heather Heyer, who was hit by Fields' car after a mob of Antifa rioters she was a part of attacked his automobile. 

Fields was charged a second time for the same incident by federal prosecutors, who intimidated him into pleading guilty in exchange for taking the death penalty off the table. 

In late 2019, Fields' attorneys filed an appeal of his conviction with Virginia's 4th Circuit Court over numerous improprieties at the hands of prosecutors and the judge that sealed his fate during his trial. His hospitalization appears to coincide with recent movement in the case, which had been stagnant due to COVID.  

In his appeal documents, Fields' attorneys state that it was inappropriate for the judge overseeing the case to insist on holding the trial in Charlottesville in light of all the publicity tainting his trial garnered as well as promises of a prejudiced result from local city leaders. One Charlottesville city council member, a left-wing activist named Kristin Szako, openly stated that it was “Interesting how all the white supremacists and [N]azis want to move their trials away from Charlottesville, they know they will get no sympathy here. We are not their people.”

The judge also allowed random pieces of evidence, such as a picture of Hitler he sent to his mother prior to the rally, to be admissible as evidence in his criminal case. Small instances like this, in conjunction with a barrage of inaccurrate media reporting surrounding his case, made it impossible to seat a fair jury in Charlottesville, according to his lawyers.

Ultimately, even if Fields succeeds in clearing his name in his state case, his plea agreement with the federal government does not allow for an appeal, meaning that release from his life sentence -- save extraordinary circumstances -- will be extremely difficult.

Hardy Lloyd TV: Norm Part 3; The Clintons!!


Used to watch him on SNL,

 before they went all uber

 libtard. Norm was good.

Hardy Lloyd TV: Norm Part 2; OJ is GUILTY!!

I remember these!! 😜😜😅😝😝😅

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A Note on Articles:

 I will NOT post ANY articles or essays that slander anti-capitalist Racialists!! Our Cause is of the White Race; a race of Workers. I have yet to meet a Skinhead who was anti-Working Class. We oppose capitalism with the same force we attack communism.

Keep your CI crap to yourself. Christ-insanity is a jewish invention. No different from communism. Period!!

And one last thing. We are anti-right-wing. I know nearly all of us hate those kosher CONservative jew suckers. But on occasion I will see some schnook who is pro-Trump. Or some in-depth article on amerikan nationalism WE ARE RACISTS, NOT NATIONALISTS!! Stop that pro-gringo shite now!!

In Memoriam John Amery

 In Memoriam John Amery

December 19, 1945, a 33-year old British born Spanish national was illegally hanged at London’s grim Victorian Wandsworth Prison. It was the end of a life but the beginning of a legend.

Had Amery, the son of a British government minister, served a prison sentence few would have heard of him. Posterity decided otherwise; here was the making of a British martyr whose name would one day surely grace boulevards and parks named in his honour.

Born March 14, 1912, John Amery was baptised in the crypt of the House of Commons and educated at Harrow. Like Eton the public school was favoured by the English elite. To keep their place in the class system’s pecking order England’s political and aristocratic cabal collaborated with Jewish oligarchs.

John Amery was having none of that. Turning his back on the hedonistic lifestyle of his class John Amery first went to France and then in 1936 onward to Spain. There the Englishman fought on the side of the Nationalists against Moscow-backed Republicans. Amery fought on the front-lines with distinction.

In 1943, despairing of Britain’s war against the Democratic Reich, John Amery opted for service with Hitler’s Germany. One has to remember that in 1943 Britain had not experienced an elected government for eleven-years. Unlike Adolf Hitler, Britain’s Prime Minister Winston Churchill was never elected to serve the country in that capacity.

From Germany John Amery broadcast regularly as did many Europeans. There was a common theme in all such broadcasts; the desperate need for peace between Germany and necessity to form an alliance against Bolshevik Occupied Russia. Whilst in Germany John Amery was pivotal in setting up the League of St. George. The League, after the Englishman’s departure for Italy, became the British Free Corps.

King Edward VIII reviewing an SS formation

By the outbreak of Britain’s alliance with the USSR it is estimated that at least 30 million Russians and Central European Orthodox Christians had been slaughtered, starved or worked to their death by the Jewish Bolsheviks. New York’s bowler-hatted Bolshevik bankers in 1917 had invested in the overthrow of Tsar Nicholas II and government of Imperial Russia. The Bolshevik megacaust proceeded from the so-called ‘Russian Revolution’ now known as American-inspired regime change.

From 1922 America and Britain’s industrial corporations threw their industrial clout into the opportunities offered by the world’s largest slave population. Amery and his associates decided that they had no wish to live under race-traitors or to endure a hand-to-mouth existence in a Jewish-controlled world.

Following the defeat of the Axis powers John Amery was taken into custody. Transferred in irons to London the Englishman would have realised that his ‘trial’ was to be no different from the notorious Soviet show trials.

The martyr’s fate was sealed; all that was necessary before his ritual hanging was a little court theatre for the duped peoples of England. Standing in the dock and facing his accusers John Amery proudly accepted all eight charges levelled at him; his ‘trial’ lasted just eight-minutes.

Shortly after 9 a.m. on December 19, 1945, the condemned man took his final steps to the prison’s execution chamber. There the young man was pinioned, hooded and placed on the trapdoor. Albert Pierrepoint, Britain’s notorious executioner, pulled the apparatus lever.

When Pierrepoint retired he had taken the lives of 680 condemned prisoners, more than many of Stalin’s henchmen. Of those hanged Albert Pierrepoint executed over 200 German prisoners-of-war. The hangman described Amery as ‘the bravest man I ever met.’

Any hope that in doing so John Amery’s memory was sent to oblivion was a fond hope. John Amery is today far better recognised and honoured, certainly better remembered than any who betrayed him and sent him to the gallows.

Clearly, Leo Amery, John’s father, was in no doubt as to his son’s nobility. It must have occurred to him that his son was far more deserving of the nobleman accolade than any of the parasites perched along the seating of England’s second chamber. Afterwards, his father wrote the condemned martyr’s epitaph.


At end of wayward days he found a cause,

‘Twas not his country’s ~ only time can tell,

If that defiance of our ancient laws,

Was treason or foreknowledge. He sleeps well.

By Mike Walsh

Hardy Lloyd Radio: Russian Heavy/Aryan/Folk Metal


Hardy Lloyd Radio: Mexico (Alestorm)


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Happy Autumnal Equinox!!

  Happy Autumnal Equinox!!

Just wishing all a happy Autumn. No broadcast today. Just a day to relax after an accident. lol

PA Man Kidnapped By Racist Pigs Over A Soda:

 DR. LLOYD'S NOTE: This is the kind of shite that makes me promote cop killing. And SHAME ON YOU PIGGIES for giving such a lame excuse!! Of course you have the ability to NOT KIDNAP SOMEONE. No one is forcing you at gunpoint to uphold tyranny. No one is threatening to rape your kids if you don't violate the Constitution in order to make your quota's. And if they were? SO WHAT!?! Morality is more important than life. For without morals, without freedom, we live in slavery!! So, next time the jews and race-traitors tell you to kidnap for a quota, or to uphold an immoral law, REFUSE!!!! Or else the People will one day come for YOUR CHILDREN!! Hasten that day…...

A Pennsylvania man was jailed after he was accused of underpaying for a bottle of Mountain Dew.

Police said Joseph Sobolewski stopped at a convenience store in east-central Pennsylvania last month.

The store had a promotion where two, 20-oz. Mountain Dew bottles cost $3. He grabbed one bottle, put $2 on the counter of the store and left.

But a single bottle cost $2.29 plus tax, not the expected $1.50, so he actually didn’t overpay as he may have assumed. Police and store workers said he underpaid by 29 cents plus tax for a total of 43 cents, Penn Live reported.

Store employees called police who found Sobolewski and charged him with a felony. He was sent to jail on a $50,000 cash-only bond, facing up to seven years in prison.

The bond was changed seven days later to a $50,000 unsecured bond, according to court documents. State law says an unsecured bond is granted when the defendant signs an “agreement to be liable for a fixed sum of money if he or she fails to appear as required or fails to comply with the conditions of the bail bond. No money or other form of security is deposited.”

Why such a high penalty for shorting a store less than 50 cents?

Sobolewski was being charged under the state’s “three strikes law” for retail theft, Penn Live reported.

He was convicted more than a decade ago for pumping gas without paying.

He also was arrested and sentenced for stealing shoes from a K-Mart. The shoes cost $39.99. He paid $866 in fines and fees and was sentenced to three months in jail for a probation violation.

He and his wife were arrested for putting craft supplies in their backpack at a Hobby Lobby. His bond, in that case, was $2,000 and he’s applying for a state-run diversion program.

Underpaying for the soda is Sobolewski’s fourth charge.

But not all agree with the blanket “three strikes law” since it doesn’t take into account the context of an alleged crime.

“For me, I would get the deterrent factor if someone’s thefts were getting worse or higher in value,” Brandon Flood, director of Pennsylvania’s Board of Parole, told Penn Live. “But the lack of discretion is what bothers me. It’s problematic because it doesn’t factor in the amount.”

There is also an increasing penalty if someone commits retail theft repeatedly.

Pennsylvania law says the first charge — if the item stolen is less than $150 value — is a summary offense. A second is bumped up to a misdemeanor. A third, no matter the value of the item taken, is a third-degree felony. Other third-degree felonies in the state include involuntary manslaughter.

State police spokesperson Megan Ammerman told Penn Live that the troopers did their job. Troopers “cannot decide to not charge someone for a criminal case. Only victims of certain crimes can decline charges. If we are called to an incident involving a crime we follow and enforce the PA Crimes Code.”

You can read the state’s retail theft law,, here.

In 2018, another man was accused of stealing about $30 worth of items at another convenience store, The Sentinel reported. He too faced a three strikes retail theft charge and was sentenced to a year behind bars. He also had to pay $1,300 in fines and costs because the theft — being his third charge — became a felony, despite the low value of the items taken, the newspaper reported.

Two lawmakers then had introduced a bill that would have done away with the felony charge unless the items taken were worth more than $1,000 or involved theft of a motor vehicle or firearm, the Sentinel reported.

The bill, PA House Bill 2098 from the 2017-2018 legislative session, had been referred to the Judiciary Committee where it appears to have stalled. There were no committee votes or floor votes on the bill, according to the legislative record.

Prosecutors will have to show that Sobolewski didn’t pay the full price for the drink intentionally.

Police said the clerk said she followed Sobolewski outside to tell him that he didn’t pay the full price. He told her he did before driving away, Penn Live reported.

Gringos Are Fucking Nuts!! Part 4,553,762

Monday, September 20, 2021

Senate Democrats Deal “Black Lives Matter” Massive Betrayal in Late Night Vote

DR. LLOYD'S NOTE: I told everyone in January that the jews would use the niggers to beef up the JOGs troops. The jews organized the negro supremacists to attack tge cops, then turn a 180 to seem like their savior's. Now tge pigs will support tge communist/zionist agenda, because in tgeir minds tge jews are now seen as pro cop. All the while White People are left pissing in the wind. Remember that ALL COPS ARE BASTARDS!!

 Senate Democrats Deal “Black Lives Matter” Massive Betrayal in Late Night Vote

After a prolonged campaign supporting, colluding and rationalizing the carnage unleashed by race rioters in the summer of 2020, Democrats in Congress have suddenly tossed Black Lives Matter and Antifa into the garbage bin. 

In two separate late night votes, Democrats overwhelmingly supported pro-police amendments by Republican Senator Josh Hawley and Tommy Tuberville that will be included in the $1 trillion dollar infrastructure bill. 

Earlier in the night, Hawley took to the floor to present an amendment that would provide federal funding for local departments to hire 100,000 new police officers.

Hawley, who was likely expecting the "defund the police" Democrats to vote against him, was astonished when Democratic whip Dick Durbin not only enthusiastically agreed to support the program, but even credited Joe Biden with coming up with the idea during his time in Congress. 

Durbin is referring to the COPS program that Biden wrote into the '94 crime bill , which both Trump and the Democrats derided as racist during the 2020 election. Hawley's amendment was passed with a landslide vote of 99 - 3, the three opponents being Utah Republican Mike Lee, Pennsylvania Republican Pat Toomey, and Bernie Sanders.  

Then, in an even more overt rejection of Black Lives Matter, Tuberville's amendment to cut federal funding to cities like Minneapolis and Portland which are experimenting with defunding the police was passed 99-0, with every Democrat -- led by Corey Booker -- voting to support it. 

Both Tuberville and Hawley were expecting their performance on the floor to be publicity stunts. The GOP is planning to campaign against the alarming rise in violent crime in the midterms, but the Democrats are now engaging in an aggressive campaign to suppress the extremists in their base in order to take the Republican's only potentially strong issue away from them. 

While pragmatic on the surface, establishment liberal media is rushing to contain the looming backlash from black groups and anarchists. When the GOP betrays its voters, conservative media likes to present it as "owning the libs." At Raw Story, a rapidly published piece sought to paint a similar idiotic narrative by painting the pro-police votes as "owning the cons." 

The official Twitter account of Black Lives Matter isn't buying it. In an enraged tweet storm, the group called the Senate votes "an attempt to put our movement in check." They ended their statement by writing that "this is the time to sound the damn alarm. We must show these folks that WE hold the power." 

The brief lapse of sanity, however, is for now non-binding and could be dismantled in the House. Nevertheless, the gesture is symbolic and could lead to a serious conflict between Democratic politicians and the fanatics they have helped unleash on America. 

Source: National Justice

William Pierce: The Importance of Courage

 William Pierce: The Importance of Courage

by Dr. William L. Pierce (1997)

boxing fan, and so normally I wouldn’t feel qualified to say anything about the sport. However, I have been amused by all of the public commentary by media spokesmen, politicians, and boxing officials about the fact that one boxer of the African persuasion saw fit to bite a sizable chunk out of the ear of another boxer of the same persuasion during a recent match.

Rather, I have been amused by the fact that the one thing none of these people has mentioned in the discussions of the ear-biting incident is the racial dimension. They all have carefully avoided saying anything at all about the fact that Mike Tyson is a Negro, lest anyone think that they are suggesting that his race had anything to do with his behavior. Heaven forbid!

The refusal of the media to say anything about race in the Tyson affair doesn’t mean they aren’t aware of it. For the next six months they’ll be scraping up every affirmative-action Black rocket scientist, every affirmative-action Black brain surgeon, every affirmative-action Black university president, and every affirmative-action Black Air Force general they can sign up to interview on TV for one thing or another, in an effort to neutralize the damage Tyson has done to their carefully promoted illusion of racial “equality.”

All of this is eerily reminiscent of George Orwell’s novel 1984, in which people are able to ignore the evidence of their eyes and ears, are able to shut down their reasoning processes, and are able to interpret everything around them in a Politically Correct manner.

The force which makes Orwell’s characters subordinate reason to Political Correctness is fear: fear of the Thought Police.

In America today we do not have Thought Police — not yet. We do have thought crimes and thought criminals. They are called “hate crimes” and “hate criminals” and are defined in terms of what the perpetrator was thinking at the time he committed an act. Our beloved Big Brother — Bill Clinton, that is — is campaigning hard for more laws against thought crimes, and so are the Jewish media and the other minions of Political Correctness. I suppose it won’t be long before we do have a new secret-police agency to catch thought criminals. Perhaps they will be called the “Hate Police” or the “Equality Police” or something of the sort. Or perhaps thought criminals will continue to be hunted down by the FBI, as at present.

However, it is not fear of being caught by the Thought Police and tortured, à la Orwell’s 1984, which keeps all of the boxing commentators from suggesting that Mike Tyson’s race has something to do with his behavior. It is fear of being condemned by all of the other commentators, fear of being ostracized from the ranks of the Politically Correct, fear of not being invited to Washington, New York, and Hollywood cocktail parties. And ostracism can have very real economic consequences. In certain fields, it can result in the loss of employment, for example. To be Politically Correct, one must not only have the Correct thoughts at all times oneself; one also must condemn and shun anyone who manifests Incorrect thoughts. One must drum the Politically Incorrect person out of Correct society. 

This fear of being Politically Incorrect has reached ridiculous dimensions. Take the widespread phenomenon of “White flight,” for example. Millions of White people are fleeing areas which have a high percentage of Blacks, Mexicans, and other non-Whites and are relocating to predominantly White areas. Sometimes this just means a move from city to suburb, or from one suburb to another; sometimes it means moving to another state or another region of the country with fewer non-Whites. But if you ask one of these flee-ers why he is fleeing, you will hear every sort of answer except the true answer. Hardly anyone will admit that he is moving to get away from non-Whites. He is terrified of being thought a “racist.” I am sure that many of these flee-ers don’t even admit their racial motive to themselves. I am sure that many of them feel pangs of guilt whenever they do think about their motives.

This is a deplorable situation, and it is an impressive proof of the enormous power of the mass media to brainwash the population. What George Orwell’s “Ministry of Truth” did in the author’s imagination, Time-Warner-CNN, Disney-ABC, and the other Jewish media conglomerates are doing in fact.

The more I see things like the reaction to Mike Tyson’s cannibalism, the more I am convinced that the reason White Americans have let themselves be backed into the corner they’re in now is not because they’re stupid: It’s because they’re lacking in the courage to say what they really believe, if they may be criticized for saying it.

I’m sorry to say that I’ve seen the same sort of timidity in myself. When interviewers have asked me whether or not I’m a racist, I have responded by asking, “Well, what do you mean by the word ‘racist’?” I’ve tried to wriggle out of giving a direct answer to the question, because the Jewish media have made such an enormous investment in demonizing the label “racist” that one has to screw up one’s courage a bit to come right out and say, “Yes, of course, I’m a racist.”

One can quibble over the details of the definition of the word, but it’s pretty clear what the interviewers have in mind when they ask me whether or not I’m a racist. These days anyone is a racist who refuses to deny the abundantly clear evidence that there are inherited racial differences in behavior, intelligence, and attitudes. A racist is a person who will not pretend that he sees no differences — which is why all of the boxing commentators pretend that race is irrelevant and won’t mention Tyson’s Blackness in connection with his attempt to eat his opponent in the ring. A racist is any White person who prefers to live among other Whites instead of among non-Whites and prefers to send his children to White schools.

A racist is any White person who feels a sense of identity with, a sense of belonging to, his own tribe, his own people, his own race, and who shows an interest in his race’s history, heroes, culture, and folkways — which is why Western civilization, European history, and other traditional, race-oriented curricula are being phased out at American universities and are being replaced with various “multicultural” offerings designed specifically not to stimulate racial feelings in the students.

A White racist is a person who finds the members of his own race more attractive physically than members of other races and who is instinctively repulsed by the idea of racial intermarriage or by the sight of a White person intimately involved with a non-White — which is why the Jews in Hollywood are turning out so many films which promote racial mixing, films which portray interracial romance as glamorous and fashionable.

A racist is a White person who is disgusted with the multiracial cesspool that America is becoming under the present government and media policies. A racist is so alarmed about the threat to the future of his people that he is willing to derail these policies — which is why the media and Mr. Clinton have become so shrill recently about the need to combat “hate criminals.”

Courage: That is the key to our survival. Courage is more important than money, more important than intelligence, more important than friends or political and business connections. Unless we have the courage of our convictions, neither we nor our convictions will survive.

I don’t believe that a coward can change his nature and become a hero, but I do believe that many of us who have let ourselves be intimidated and bullied because we didn’t want to give offense, didn’t want to be rude, didn’t want to seem ungentlemanly, didn’t want to be unpopular — I do believe that we can begin reasserting ourselves. We can begin finding a little bit of courage in ourselves, we can resolve that we will no longer be bullied into going along with the crowd when we know that the crowd is wrong.

In my case, I have resolved not to refrain from speaking out whenever speaking out is the proper thing to do. I’ve resolved not to try to wriggle away from saying exactly what I believe when someone asks me whether or not I’m a racist. I believe that it would do many other people a lot of good to make a similar resolution. I believe that it would be good for their souls.

This doesn’t mean that we have to be deliberately rude or offensive. It means that when an interviewer asks me what I think about Mike Tyson’s snacking on his opponent in the ring, I’m not going to waste my time talking about Mike Tyson. I’m going to say that we should not judge the behavior of other races by our standards. I’m going to say that spectator sports in the United States have become a disaster, and that they will remain a disaster until we have swept the whole theory and practice of multiracialism into the trashbin of history, where it belongs.

Professional sports in the United States today have the spirit of the contests staged in the Roman Coliseum during the last phase of the Roman Empire, when slaves from every part of the Empire fought against other slaves for the gratification of a degenerate mob of onlookers. We need to return instead to the spirit of the Greek Olympics, in which only Greeks participated. In the Olympics, as opposed to the contests in the Coliseum — in the original Olympics — all of the contestants and the onlookers were of the same race and shared the same values. The Olympics were an expression of the Greeks’ striving for excellence. They were a racial expression as well as a spiritual expression. Compare that with what we have in the United States today, where degenerates like O.J. Simpson and Mike Tyson, the recent descendants of our African slaves, put on contests for the amusement of a debased citizenry.

Yes, I am a racist, and I believe that we should not make a fuss about the behavior of Black athletes. I believe that their behavior should be none of our business. I also believe that they should not be viewed on our television screens and held up by the Jewish masters of the media as role models for our youth, nor should they be involved in any of our athletic contests. I believe that we should get them out of our country and out of our lives. I believe that we should do away with the system which in this century has changed athletics in America from something at least remotely similar to the Olympics into something very much like what took place in the Coliseum. I also believe that we should get rid of the people behind that system, the people who deliberately conspired to make professional athletics in America what it is.

And as I said, there’s no need to be rude about this, no need to use the “n word” or engage in name-calling. But we do need to be completely honest for a change, both with ourselves and with others. We need to have the courage to face the whole truth regarding our situation and what we need to do about it. That doesn’t mean that every time I speak with an interviewer I have to tell him that we can’t restore America to spiritual health until we restore her to racial health, and that means total, geographical racial separation. I don’t have to mention all that, unless he specifically asks for it. But it does mean that I should not equivocate when asked whether or not I’m a racist. I should be as straightforward and direct and clear and honest as I can be.

I’ll say just one more thing on the importance of having the courage to tell others what we believe. It’s not just a matter of personal pride. It’s not just a matter of being able to feel good, of being able to pat ourselves on the back because we weren’t afraid to stand up to the media bosses. If we had shown more courage from the beginning, if we had spoken out the first time and every time the Jews and their collaborators had tried to implement their policies for changing America from a White republic into a multiracial garbage dump for the New World Order, I think the Jews would have found themselves some other country to subvert. I think they would have decided to try their poison on the Turks or the Mexicans or the Indonesians instead of on us. If we hadn’t let ourselves be bulldozed and manipulated and backed into a corner, but had said what we believed from the start, I don’t think we’d be in the mess we’re in today. Courage is catching; it’s contagious. If a nation’s leaders show courage, so will the ordinary citizens. But when the leaders are afraid to be honest, then you can’t expect the ordinary citizens to be very courageous.

A concrete example of this is the ongoing scandal of the rape and sexual harassment of White women in our Army by Black officers and Black noncoms. The Jewish media have had very little to say about this scandal. They have preferred to focus on non-racial stories, such as Lt. Kelly Flynn’s resignation from the Air Force after being charged with adultery. But the more the Army’s investigators dig into the sexual harassment scandal, the bigger it becomes and the clearer the racial dimensions are. The highest profile case the Army’s investigators have turned up so far is that of Sergeant Major Gene McKinney, a Black noncom who was appointed to the Army’s highest post for enlisted personnel at the prodding of the Clinton administration. This top Black noncom used his position systematically to extort sex from White women in the Army.

The first case came to light in February, when a White female sergeant major went public with the story of what McKinney had done to her. Before her case became public the Army had ignored her complaints. Since then case after case of McKinney’s use of his office to force himself on White female soldiers has come to light. A 25-year-old married White sergeant described under oath to Army investigators how McKinney had raped her last October, when she was nearly eight months pregnant. She is the fourth White female soldier assaulted by McKinney to give evidence in the investigation so far. And the case of Sergeant Major McKinney is only the most prominent of hundreds of cases in the Army in which Blacks used their positions of authority over White women to rape or sexually harass them.

Why was this horrendous situation allowed to develop? It certainly wasn’t because the Army’s leaders wanted it to develop. It may gratify some of the nutcase racial egalitarians in the Clinton White House to read about White women being raped by Blacks, but the Army’s leaders definitely are not gratified. They didn’t want this situation, but they didn’t have the courage to prevent it. They were afraid to take steps to protect White females from Black males. In nearly every case which has come to light so far, the women victims have testified that when they reported what had happened to them to their White superiors they were ignored. The White officers were afraid to get involved. They were afraid that they would be charged with “racism” if they took action against the Black rapists.

And let’s face it, they would have been. That’s the standard Black excuse for everything: “racism.” And it’s the excuse of their Jewish promoters in the media too. But that’s no excuse for the cowardice of the Army’s leaders. The horrendous situation we have in our Army today is the result of the failure of courage on the part of the Army’s leaders to deal forthrightly with the racial issue.

And the racial mess we have in American society today is a consequence of the failure of courage on the part of our society’s leaders. When the courage of our leaders fails, our whole society fails, and then we become the victims of the Jewish predators who control our media.

The one thing that all of us can do about this now is to resolve that our own courage will not fail, that we will not be intimidated, but that we will stand up and speak out forthrightly.

Source: American Dissident Voices broadcast of 12 July, 1997 via National Vanguard

Amerikan Futurist Library

 Amerikan Futurist Library

Britain Intended War before Hitler Invaded Poland

 Britain Intended War before Hitler Invaded Poland

Adolf Hitler sent the armed forces of Great Germany into Poland on 1 September 1939. Thereupon Britain and France declared war on Germany.

Simplistic history says that it was Hitler’s fault that Britain and France declared war on Germany, since it was he who made the decision to violate Polish territory.

The people who say this show little knowledge of the circumstances that impelled Hitler to make this decision.

The fact is that Britain was trying to start a war with Germany. From the German perspective, Britain was engaged in saber-rattling against Germany throughout 1939, with a belligerent Poland, encouraged by Britain, posing the threat of a two-front war. The invasion of Poland by Germany in 1939 was a response to a menace deliberately created by Britain. The fact that Hitler had not wanted war with Britain and France is evident in his peace-offer following the conquest of Poland, which included the proposal to restore a reduced Polish state. Britain and France undertook that war expecting that Germany could easily be contained on land and starved with a naval blockade. Because they did not expect to have to wage a real war, the decision was made lightly. There was even talk of how the war would help with unemployment in Britain.

Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain said to U.S. ambassador Joseph Kennedy that the reason why he had made war against Germany was that “America and the World Jews” had pressured him. Kennedy later told this to Secretary of the Navy James Forrestal, who recorded it in his diary; “neither the French nor the British would have made Poland a cause of war if it had not been for the constant needling from Washington,” is how Forrestal summarized Kennedy’s recollection (The Forrestal Diaries, entry of 27 December 1945).

Here is a piece of documentation that Britain (under American and Jewish pressure) had chosen war against Germany. This British declaration of war was composed one week before the invasion of Poland. 

Already on this first page of King George’s draft for a declaration of war we see the two main points of Anglo-American war-propaganda: (1) you cannot negotiate with Hitler (because he is an uncivilized moral nihilist who won’t keep his word); (2) you cannot ignore Hitler (because he wants to conquer the entire world). It is the general practice of governments that depend heavily on popular support to try to represent any decision to go to war as forced by the other side, and these two points constitute an effective argument to that end, if the public is simple-minded enough to believe it.

The same form of propaganda with slight adaptations has been used to motivate Americans to support Middle-East wars. Dealing peacefully with Saddam Hussein was also pointless, we were told; he was “so-damned insane,” and bent on, perhaps not conquering the entire world (which was far from credible), but it was suggested to us that we could not ignore Saddam Hussein for other reasons: that he was poised to overrun Saudi Arabia in 1990 (which was a hoax arranged by the CIA), or, a decade later, that he might attack the United States with a nuclear weapon.

Source: National Vanguard

Brazilians Bash commies in London!!


Sunday, September 19, 2021

Creativity Power Hour 21 - Creator Services

 Creativity Power Hour 21 - Creator Services

Social network Gab could be blocked in Germany for supporting free speech?!

 Social network Gab could be blocked in Germany for supporting free speech?!

Germany can't shake its pro-censorship Communist/DIEmocracy legacy.

By Rick Findlay

If you're tired of censorship, cancel culture, and the erosion of civil liberties subscribe to Reclaim The Net.

Gab, one of the few censorship-free alternatives to Big Tech platforms, could be banned in Germany because of the government’s insistence that it should censor its users, and undermine the point of the product.

Germany was one of the first governments to pressure tech platforms to moderate content and, as a country, famously has a poor history of free speech.

In a post on the platform, Gab’s founder Andrew Torba explained that the platform was facing threats of fines and legal action because of its refusal to censor users. The post claimed that the platform was left with three options: comply with the government’s rules, refuse to comply and enter into a costly war with the German government, or remove itself from the country.

“Recently the German government has been coming at Gab hard to try and force us to comply with their draconian online censorship laws,” Torba wrote in the post.

“We have obviously refused to do so and now they are coming after us with fines of tens of thousands of dollars and other legal action. Our lawyers informed us that we have three options:

“1) Obey German censorship laws and start censoring content that the German Govt doesn’t like (not going to happen)

“2) Disobey German censorship laws and pick a fight with the nation-state of Germany (I wouldn’t ever be able to leave the US again, they would come at us from every possible angle through state-sponsored deplatforming, and Lord knows what else.)

“3) Cease providing this service in Germany by blocking German IPs.

“So obviously a very difficult decision, but one that must be made very soon. I wanted to share with you all to be fully transparent with what is going on.”