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Truth About 6th Jan:


Posting this because several commies who live in Western PA were at the JOG 'capital' on 6th Jan. pretending to be blind kosher CONservative Trump supporters. I in no way agree with zionist capitalists. And see them as the EXACT SAME THING as the faggot commy punks whom I beat up on the streets of Oakland.

Behold, The Skinhead Army of Today!!







Hardy Lloyd Radio: Everybody Wants to Rule the World (Tears for Fears - 1985)


Gay Activist US Army Staff Sergeant Fantasizes About Oppressing Right-Wing Americans in Viral Video

 Gay Activist US Army Staff Sergeant Fantasizes About Oppressing Right-Wing Americans in Viral Video

Many have criticized Department of Defense Lloyd Austin's campaign to purge the US military of nationalist or culturally conservative political beliefs.

The reasoning is that army service generally attracts those with more right-leaning beliefs, thus attacking them for their political views undermines their morale in conflicts abroad.

But what if the purpose of the ideological crackdown isn't to win wars outside of the United States? 

Cindy Bronson, a gay activist social media personality currently serving as a U.S. Army Staff Sergeant, may have the answer.

In a video published two days ago on TikTok, Bronson responded to a civilian's video calling on the military to join armed citizens in opposing the increasingly tyrannical government. 

In the clip, Bronson appears in full uniform, and states, "your little good ol' boy system is not going to fair well for you."

Bronson then continued, "understand that if active duty military actually get deployed within the United States, that weapon is not just going to be pointed at other people, other countries, it's pointed at you." 

"If you do not get in your house when I tell you to, you become the enemy. Martial law. You know, when your rights get curtailed?" 

On Twitter, Bronson claims she was only describing the insurrection act. The glee and joy with which she described the idea of using the US military to oppress her enemies suggests otherwise. 

Military regulations generally frown on soldiers making political videos on social media. Bronson's clip, which is a thinly veiled warning to critics of the government, goes beyond merely antagonizing a civilian and into the territory of undermining the military's prestige and credibility as a politically neutral institution.   

The armed forces are one of only a handful of institutions in America that enjoys widespread support (69%). Videos like Bronson should be grounds for discipline or even a court martial, but because she holds far left political beliefs, she may represent the views of the current military establishment much more accurately than ordinary Americans think. 

Source: National Justice

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Portland: Leftists Split after Anarchists Beat Down Liberal Journalist and Call Her a Slut

 DR. LLOYD'S NOTE: I have zero sympathy for anyone who doesn't pull a gun or knife and kills any commie that attacks them This is why ARA faggots cross the street when they see me coming. Because THEY KNOW that I'll KILL THEM if they so much as spit at me!!!! I will shoot you commie pussies in the left eye if you so much as shove me!!!! I've beat the rap 4 times now. All legally justified. Ain't the Castle Doctrine and Stand Your Ground great!?! 😜😜😜😜

Portland: Leftists Split after Anarchists Beat Down Liberal Journalist and Call Her a Slut

Veteran left-wing journalist Matt Taibbi is leading a charge against Portland's notoriously violent Antifa chapter and their supporters in the mainstream media following the assault of Taibbi's news correspondent Maranie Staab. 

Last Sunday, Staab began filming Antifa rioters after they tried and failed to shut down a Proud Boys demonstration. The anarchists snatched her equipment, and when she went to ask for it back, she was sprayed in the face with bear mace and knocked her down. During the unprovoked assault, Antifa members called her a "slut" and a "dog."

What is amazing about the incident is that Staab, like most people who work for the media, actively supports Antifa and has typically covered the group very favorably. 

Today, Taibbi released an enraged editorial expressing dismay at the mainstream media's refusal to condemn the attack. 

In the post, he affirmed the right of journalists to document public protests over the consensus of most "progressive" liberal and left-wing media figures who feel it's more important to cover for anarchists when they engage in criminal acts or provoke violence. The media by and large feels it is more important to portray the right-wing victims of Antifa negatively than accurately document political violence.  

Leighton Woodhouse, another left-wing journalist who was attacked by Antifa in 2017, has joined Taibbi in demanding that the left-liberal paramilitary group apologize for their treatment of even highly sympathetic press. 

Anarchists in the United States hold privileges similar to institutional activists in countries like Cuba or Turkey. When state actors and powerful interests in America perceive a rising political threat but do not want to get their hands dirty, they activate semi-autonomous Antifa and direct them to attack pro-white, populist or patriotic groups. 

In Portland, District Attorney Mike Schmidt outright refuses to prosecute anarchists in most cases. The FBI and federal prosecutors also keep a general hands off approach with anarchists, even in the relatively rare cases where they charge them with crimes. 

During the chaos on Sunday, a gunfight between an older man and an Antifa member erupted. It is not clear who started it, but the random citizen who pulled his pistol and crouched behind a garbage bin was arrested while the anarchist who shot many more rounds in his direction was allowed to get away.  

Though most Antifa cells around the country have been largely deactivated since the inauguration of Joe Biiden, anarchists in the Pacific Northwest remain as violent and brazen as ever. 

The attack on Maranie Staab, who unlike most victims of anarchist terror has connections to important people, may be a turning point in building political momentum to at least protect left-wing journalists from their violence.

Source: National Justice

PA Decides to Commit Suicide!!

 DR. LLOYD'S NOTE: Could you imagine some MP in Mexico or Russia doing this? He would be murdered!! I think I just may travel to Harrisburg to pass out some anti-kaffir stickers. Pittsburgh could use a respite from my fliering. Well, just a few days..... 😜 Ya know what, folks? The insanity of amerika never ceases to amaze me. This country is so hell bent on suicide. I think just before it collapses I'll move to Argentina.


Pennsylvania is working with the federal government and offering assistance to people fleeing Afghanistan, according to a news release from Governor Wolf.

Refugees are expected to arrive at the Philadelphia International Airport soon as part of the state’s intention to support them, and the federal government’s mission, in any way possible.

“Pennsylvania was founded on the ideals of peace, tolerance, and safety for all people. It is incumbent on us to model the ideals on which Pennsylvania was founded and be a welcoming home for any who seek safe refuge in the United States. Therefore, Pennsylvania stands ready to continue serving as a resource and a safe, welcoming home for those who seek refuge in the United States,” Gov. Wolf said. “We are pleased to join in the Biden Administration’s efforts to safely relocate and resettle individuals and families fleeing humanitarian crises.”

The Pennsylvania Department of Human Services (DHS) will work with the federal government and local refugee resettlement agencies to connect refugees resettled in Pennsylvania with benefit programs and supportive services, the release said.

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Whites Cheering Because the White Population Is Shrinking

 Whites Cheering Because the White Population Is Shrinking

by H. Millard

By now you’ve probably heard about Jimmy Fallon telling his audience that Whites are in decline, and how the audience — composed mostly of White people — cheered this fact.

So, what is one to make of this? What was wrong with these putative White people who cheered about the decline of White people — their own people?

There are several possibilities as to what is wrong with them. The first is that they’ve bought the Big Lie that Whites, including themselves, are the “great evil” on this planet and it would be better if Whites and their “disease of Whiteness” just didn’t exist and died off completely as soon as possible before more get infected with it.

The second possibility is that they don’t find their most essential identity in being part of a particular race. They consider themselves to be generic human individuals first and foremost who are just incidentally “painted” White.

And, once one considers skin colors to be as meaningless as paint colors, the subconscious mind fills in the blanks and holds that underneath the skin color/paint color identical objects, such as cars and humans, are all the same. These are the ones who will often mouth the really stupid cliché: “There is only one race, the human race.” So these people identify as “humans,” not as Whites, and they are usually into a cancerous form of individualism.

However, if those in this second group are asked about their identity in a casual setting, they’ll more than likely tell you that they’re Irish and/or German or Italian, or whatever, indicating the nations that their ancestors came from in Europe or they might tell you they’re a mix of various European nationalities or some will just say that they’re American (but of course there’s no such thing as an American gene).

Few will say that they are White. Now, part of this is because they are obviously White to the eye, so they needn’t tell you that — but it is still true that some really don’t identify as White, even though they are.

When the US was overwhelmingly White, it made sense to identify as belonging to one of these European national sub-categories based on where one’s ancestors came from in Europe. However, the US is no longer overwhelmingly White and is, unfortunately, getting darker.

Furthermore, it is generally not considered “racist” to identify with a particular European nationality (however with foul CRT and BLM nonsense ascendant, this is changing), so in addition to being plain-wrapper generic human individuals, those Whites with this mindset may “safely” also show pride in being descended from people from one or more European nations.

Whites in the above categories are often the same ones who call their fellow Whites who do identify as White names intended to be insulting and degrading — such as “nazis,” “racists,” “White supremacists,” “White nationalists,” Ku Kluxers, “anti-Semites,” et cetera, in order to scare these other Whites who actually like being White into shutting up and not uniting with other Whites with similar beliefs.

So in the twisted minds of Whites who cheer the decline of Whites, those Whites who do primarily identify as White are “evil” people full of “racial hatred” — and/or are lower class and uneducated. But these same cheering Whites will at the same time praise Blacks who show Black pride, and Jews and their Jewish racial state.

Add in a destructive level of “rugged” individualism — an American ideal for many centuries — instead of a healthy level of genetic collectivism and solidarity, and you end up with soul-dead Whites acting and thinking they have no real present connection with their ancestors, and that they (the cheering generation) sprang complete and whole as generic raceless humans, just the same as they imagine all other humans of all “colors” did.

This opens the door to Whites miscegenating — since, if all races are the same and are all part of “the one human race,” then it doesn’t matter if Whites mate with non-Whites and it doesn’t matter if their White seeds and eggs produce non-White children instead of White children. The result is more and more non-Whites are born using White seeds and White eggs — much as a virus uses the cells in our bodies to make more like itself.

And these non-Whites with some White genes are often more attractive than those who are purely non-White — and this makes it more likely that some Whites will mate with them, and this causes more and more pollution, devolution, and degradation of the collective White genome. It may be a “slow” genocide of Whites, but genocide it is.

Whites need to wake up and realize that they are part of a White collective genome and it needs to be protected and expanded along completely White lines. This is how Nature wants it to be; and this is the purpose of us being born — to replicate ourselves so that we can evolve along a fully White path, ever higher. This law of Nature, Replicate yourself; make more like yourself, is the most important instinct right after the instinct to survive — and is actually the reason we have an instinct to survive — we have to survive if we are to replicate. Dead people don’t make more like themselves.

Whites will not survive if we mate with non-Whites — who are the majority on this planet — because Whites are the minority and it is usually the largest that absorbs the smallest, not the other way around.

Our primary identity must be White, and we must practice Whiteness, and we must ask of everything: “Is this good for White people?”

Some of us who consider ourselves awakened Whites believe so completely in Whiteness and the collective White genome that our belief is more than a mere intellectual exercise. We are our belief; it is one with us. They are inseparable.

Our faith and our spiritual and religious feelings are as much a part of us as our White skin color and genes. Our religion is our Whiteness — and some of us further believe that this is the way the Divine, no matter how we conceive of Him or It, wants it to be. We are living, breathing part of a sacred DNA code written by the Divine for His purpose; and it is one with us and cannot be discarded or changed as though we are changing a political party or a shirt. We are our religion and it is us. We are White through and through, and this will never change — nor do we want it to ever change. And we are one with the Divine who wants us to survive, thrive, expand and evolve along a completely White path.

But — and this is extremely important — we have to do what we must do to make it so.

As awakened Whites, we are less about cancerous-level individualism, and more about the White collective.

We are as leaves on a great White tree. We will eventually pass away, but the tree must remain and get ever stronger and we must help it grow more leaves just like us. We are all for one and one for all when it comes to Whites.

Source: National Vanguard

Over a Dozen DEAD JOGITES!!

 At least 12 JOGITES are dead in an explosion in Afghanistan!! This is a glorious day, Komrades. Let the yids, yanks and mudlims kill each other. Let us pray that the libtards and zionists impale themselves upon their own insanities.... Then we come out of the woodwork when they are at their weekest.


Education in the Third Reich

 Education in the Third Reich

The nineteenth century witnessed so much educational progress in the domain of intellectual refinement that it may be justly described as the century of education.

Germany took a leading part in this development, and her educational system was universally acknowledged to be particularly efficient. Many foreigners therefore availed themselves of the educational facilities Germany had to offer. If we now see that, despite these splendid achievements, the Third Reich has seen fit to make a radical change in the system of education, we may feel sure that it has been done for very good reasons.

There is, indeed, twofold evidence to show that something was wrong with education. In the first place, the high level of popular enlightenment had failed to protect the German people against the poisonous effects of Marxist teaching and other false doctrines. Large masses of people had fallen victims to them, whilst other sections - more especially those of higher education - had been unable to take up an effective stand against the spread of the poison. If they had, the events of 1918 and the succeeding period of national disintegration and deterioration would have been prevented.

In the second place, a careful study of the situation shows that the German people are sound to the core and are gifted with just as much national sentiment as any other. Hence, the temporary lowering of their previous high standards could not have been the result of any innate inferiority, but the reason must be sought in a faulty system of education, which - notwithstanding its high intellectual achievements - tended to impair the healthy spirit of the nation, men's energies and their soundness of judgment, and to produce selfishness and a deficient sense of national solidarity. Besides, it was obvious that certain elements intending to secure private advantages for themselves by injuring the healthy forces of the nation had succeeded in achieving undue prominence in public life.

National Socialism was therefore compelled to ascertain and remove the causes that had brought about so unsatisfactory a condition, and to open up new resources capable of being used for a regeneration, the Führer, in his book Mein Kampf, having clearly indicated the road that had to be followed.

Two main causes had contributed towards the unsatisfactory results.

Although the intellectual capacities of young persons had been excellently trained and although they were thoroughly qualified for their vocations in after-life, the importance of knowledge for knowledge's sake had been over-estimated, whilst physical education and the training of the character and the will had been neglected. Metaphorically speaking, youth had been offered crystal-clear water to drink, but the health-giving mineral constituents contained in it had first been carefully removed. This interference was bound to do much harm to popular health.

Excessive importance had been attached to the individual as such, whilst it was almost forgotten that each individual is at the same time a member of a racial community, that it is only in that capacity that he can perfect his powers to their fullest extent, and that it is his duty to work for the good of that community. Such natural forms of the racial community as the family, the clan, the tribe, and the nation (natural because they are based on the ties of blood) either failed to receive the attention to which they are entitled, or they were disintegrated by an exaggerated individualism or superseded by artificial and super-national sham communities. Such a mental attitude enabled Jews and others animated by selfish motives or by international and anti-racial ideas to obtain a prominent influence upon all spheres of national life and access to high offices of State and to poison the healthy feelings of the nation by means of their educational policy.

It is the purpose of all education to prepare the rising generation for its functions in after-life as the true representatives of the nation and the State, both in a political and a cultural sense. Their training, therefore, must proceed along the lines just indicated. In conformity with the teaching of history and the laws of biological and racial science, it is necessary to train the faculties of the body, the character and the will just as much as the intellectual ones. The lost equilibrium must be restored; or rather, the harmonious co-existence of all these faculties must be maintained and developed instead of being destroyed. To be and to remain strong and healthy, has become the fundamental law governing Germany's youth, and it is the first and foremost duty of educationists to give effect to it. Such strength and health, however, is unthinkable without racial purity and the striving after a perfect racial type.

The attainment of high intellectual standards will certainly continue to be urged upon the young people; but they will be taught at the same time that their achievements must be of benefit to the national community to which they belong. As a consequence of the demand thus clearly formulated by the Nuremberg Laws, Jewish teachers and Jewish pupils have had to quit German schools, and schools of their own have been provided by and for them as far as possible. In this way, the natural race instincts of German boys and girls are preserved; and the young people are made aware of their duty to maintain their racial purity and to bequeath it to succeeding generations. As the mere teaching of these principles is not enough, it is constantly supplemented, in the National Socialist State, by opportunities for what may be called" community life." By this term we mean school journeys, school camps, school" homes" in rural neighbourhoods, and similar applications of the corporate principle to the life of schools and scholars.

History insists that every biological race deterioration coincides with the growth of big towns, that these latter exercise a paralysing effect upon community life, and that a nation's strength is rooted in its rural elements. Our National Socialist system of education pays due regard to these important considerations, and makes every effort to take the young people from the towns to the country, whilst impressing upon them the inseparable connection between racial strength and a healthy open-air life.

The systematic reform of Germany's educational system was started immediately after the coming-into-power of National Socialism, and received a great stimulus when, on May 1st, 1934, a National Department of Education was established.

The steps that had to be taken comprised the internal reorganisation of school teaching in accordance with the above principles, new methods for the training of teachers, and a re-modelling of the existing types of schools.

If these far-reaching changes were to materialise, teachers had first to be made capable of introducing them. This task has since been taken in hand by the Department in conjunction with the National Socialist Association of Teachers (N.S. Deutscher Lehrerbund). Numerous courses, camps and working communities have been arranged to provide the necessary instruction, which includes the teaching of the philosophy of National Socialism in addition to the strictly educational subjects. The uniform carrying-out of this work has been entrusted by the Department to the Central Institute for Education and Instruction (Zentralinstitut für Erziehung und Unterricht). In the two training camps maintained by the Institute, prominent educationists - both men and women - are given such instruction for several weeks at a time; and on leaving the camps, they are commissioned to disseminate the newly-acquired knowledge among their colleagues through the medium of working communities. In addition, the various educational authorities frequently arrange for conferences for the same purpose, whilst special camps organised by the N.S. Lehrerbund provide instruction in the political aspects of National Socialism.

These arrangements are intended to enable the older generation of teachers to apply to their work the principles of National Socialism. The Government, of course, has also introduced fundamental alterations in the methods of training the younger teachers. Elementary teachers are required to attend one of the training colleges (Hochschulen für Lehrerbildung), where they receive instruction in scientific and educational subjects and where life is based on the principles of comradeship. Attendance at these colleges - most of which are established outside the big towns - is also compulsory for teachers in intermediate and higher schools as a preliminary to their studies at other institutions where they receive the kind of special training they need. This arrangement ensures that a certain uniformity governs the training of teachers of all kinds. It goes without saying that the courses of study and the regulations for the examination of teachers, more particularly those in the higher schools, have been revised on similar lines.

The internal reorganisation of the educational system was introduced by several decrees dealing with fundamentals. As early as 1933, it was announced that all education had to be founded on the principles of biological and racial science, with which - in compliance with the Führer's wish - all schoolchildren were to be made familiar. Detailed regulations were issued for giving practical effect to this announcement.

Much information on the educational policy of National Socialism may be gathered from a perusal of the so-called selection Decree (Ausleseerlass), which was issued by the Department in close collaboration with the Racial Policy Board (Rassenpolitisches Amt) of the National Socialist party. The decree names the conditions that have to be satisfied by the pupils of the higher schools at the time of their admission and in connection with their achievements. A strict control is to be exercised to ensure that all those who, after completing their studies, are likely to rise to leading positions in life, are racially sound, valuable and efficient. Attention is paid to the physical, ethical, intellectual and racial aspects, and is not confined - as hitherto - to the intellectual aspect only. The demands now made on young persons are: increased intellectual achievements; good physical health; a capacity for endurance; high ethical standards; a sense of community, and descent from pure German stock. A nation desiring to see these ideals realised must have for its guides persons that can be held up as models in all these respects. It does not follow that young persons not possessing good physical health are to be left outside or to be prevented from rising in life. On the contrary, the National Socialist State looks well after their interests; and it must also be remembered that, whenever a question of physical unfitness arises, the medical practitioner has an important say in the matter.

Physical fitness is to be assured by the extended cultivation of gymnastic exercises and sports in accordance with the Regulations for Physical Culture in Boys' Schools (Richtlinien für die Leibeserziehung in Jungenschulen). This matter has had the attention of the Government for several years past, a special section of the Department giving systematic instruction to teachers - especially head teachers - of all kinds of schools. The regular cultivation in the training camps already mentioned of early sports, bodily work, and marching exercise serves the same purpose.

A far-reaching change has also been introduced in the domain of intellectual education. In the past, there had been a tendency towards cramming into pupils' heads every new addition to learning, but restrictions are now to be imposed upon that tendency. It is not necessary to teach everything that is interesting or otherwise worth knowing. The selection of subjects will be guided by the answer to the question : What must boys and girls be taught so that they may become useful members of the national community and of the vocation or profession they may take up? It stands to reason that they must be made familiar with the civilisation of their country and with its origins, or - in other words - they must be taught subjects that have a direct bearing upon the life and history of the German people and that are of real use to them when they have grown up. To these must be added a knowledge of the benefits German civilisation has received from contact with other nations, the extent of this teaching being dependent upon the needs of the schools concerned in each instance.

The courses of study drawn up for all categories of schools are therefore founded on the principle that the fullest possible recognition must be accorded to the national aspect of education and to the practical requirements of life. Thus, the decree governing the teaching work done in the Grundschule (i.e., the lowest four grades of the Elementary School or Volksschule) provides that such work must start from and centre on a knowledge of the children's home district, that the pupils must acquire a solid knowledge of the rudiments of correct speaking, writing and arithmetic, and that due attention must be paid to the teaching of physical exercises, music, and manual training. Similar rules have been laid down for other schools, each according to its own type. The rural vocational schools, for instance, must concentrate upon the life and labour of the rural population, and the urban ones upon local handicrafts and industries, whilst the higher schools must group all their teaching around the so-called deutschkundliche Fächer (i.e., German, history, geography, the fine arts, and music). As regards elementary schools, the application of the above-mentioned principle has resulted in the compiling of a National Reader (Reichslesebuch) consisting of a nucleus compulsory for the whole country, which is supplemented by sections representative of the local literature of the different districts.

The introduction of National Socialist ideas into all schools has greatly stimulated their activities; and the uniform National Socialist outlook of the teachers sees to it that the German schools will not for a second time become the victims of that spirit of disunion which prevailed during a period when party strife and a lack of creative principles had their counterparts in education. The concentrated determination of the teaching profession and the systematic selection of the subjects taught ensure that German intellectual education will not only maintain, but even transcend its present high level. In the past, decisions regarding the internal affairs of each school were made by the whole teaching staff assembled in conference and were therefore subject to fluctuating majorities; but now that the National Socialist principle of leadership has been introduced, the conference has merely consultative functions, whilst the power to make decisions is restricted to the school leader who knows that his superiors, and the whole community, expect him to make his school a model of a German educational institution conducted on National Socialist principles.

It is also the duty of the school leader to maintain regular contact between his school and the progress of events, so that all questions of topical importance that affect our nation can receive attention as part of the teaching work. All the steps taken by the German people as represented by their vigorous National Socialist leaders, in order to preserve and strengthen its national existence and status, concern the schools too. This applies, for example, to aviation, air-raid protection, the self-sufficiency policy, the Four-Year Plan, etc. School children are to take an active interest in everything done by the nation and its rulers, so that they may realise that their own destinies are identical with those of the nation. This will enable them in after-life to render active assistance in moulding the nation's future.

The external structure of German education is as concentrated and systematic as its internal organisation. This explains, inter alia, why public schools are accorded preference to private ones. Although it is quite true that the National Socialist State attaches great importance to the vigorous initiative of the individual, it nevertheless demands that the special desires of the individual must adjust themselves to the requirements of the community. This applies more particularly to all matters capable of vitally affecting the life of the nation. The State must therefore claim that its own institutions are entitled to receive unconditional preference over those established by individuals or by organisations, more especially so whenever there is a danger that the latter kind cannot be unconditionally relied upon to follow the lead given by the State. In view of the importance of education, the State must therefore maintain that private schools and private teaching are justified only in those localities whose educational needs cannot be satisfied by public schools. Moreover, the denominational aspect being looked upon as a matter of secondary importance that must no longer be allowed to divide all Germans in their early youth and ever afterwards into two different camps, it has been the practice to impose restrictions upon private denominational schools wherever it is seen that efficient provision has been made for publicly conducted schools. This does not affect the continued existence of such private institutions as, for example, those of the Lietz Landschulheim type and others.

As regards children below school age (six years), provision has been made wherever necessary by the establishment of crèches (for younger infants) and kindergartens (for the older ones). They are conducted by Government-trained teachers and are partly of a public and partly of a private character. Attendance at them is optional.

At the age of six, children enter the elementary schools (Volksschulen), which - generally speaking - are not organised on the co-educational principle. There they are taught, apart from general racial education, those theoretical and practical subjects which are required for all vocations. Special schools (Hilfsschulen) are provided for children whose mental faculties are below the normal. Another type of special schools (Sonderschulen) are provided for normally developed children suffering from serious physical disabilities (e.g., deaf-mutes, blind children, etc.). Specially-trained teachers are in charge of them while there. Attendance at the elementary schools is compulsory for eight years. Whenever the number of pupils is too small to justify a separate grade for each year, several grades may be combined, or boys and girls may be taught together.

Recognition of the fact that many boys and girls of healthy racial stock are rather out of place in the artificial and unhealthy atmosphere of our big towns, so that their valuable faculties cannot or but imperfectly develop there, has led me to introduce in 1934 a scheme I had long contemplated. I refer to what is called the Landjahr. The children spend nine months of the year in one of the Landjahr camps where specially suitable men and women teachers of youthful age are in charge of them. There, their physical health is to be promoted; they are to become familiar with every aspect of country life; their will-power is to be strengthened; they are to be politically educated, and to experience the blessings derived from an unselfish corporate life. Upon completing the Landjahr course, the children start upon their vocational training, or - if they prove especially gifted - they may be admitted to an Aufbauschule.

The four lower grades of the elementary schools are sometimes called the Grundschule, because they form the foundation for most of the higher schools. Children who are not going to join one of the latter, leave the elementary school at the age of 14. They are required to spend the next three years at a vocational school of the Berufsschule or Fachschule type. This part of the educational system is now also looked after by the Department of Education, having previously (up to 1934) been the domain of several other departments. The same as at the elementary schools, no fees are charged to pupils attending the Berufsschulen. These schools are not intended, as a rule, to furnish a general education, although their courses of studies include some subjects dealing with national politics. Their principal function is to supplement the work of training the young persons for some definite vocation. They are of many different types, according to the trades or industries domiciled in the localities concerned. Such schools have also been established for juvenile workers not apprenticed to an employer. The teaching work of the Berufsschulen not only acquaints pupils with the practical needs of their vocation, but also with its national political aspects. This is of particular importance to the agricultural type of Berufsschulen, because National Socialism has always stressed the great value of a healthy farming community. Thus, the former continuation schools (Fortbildungssehulen) have been superseded, except for a few special kinds, by the agricultural schools for boys and the rural economy schools for girls.

Attendance at a Fachschule is optional and implies exemption from attendance at a Berufsschule. The Fachschule supply a more extensive knowledge of the subjects taught than the Berufssehulen, and fees are payable by their pupils. Like the Berufsschulen, there are a great many different types of them, but all are supervised by the State. Their pupils, on leaving, may continue their studies at some höhere Fachschule, at which they may qualify themselves for a university career or for some leading position or appointment.

Attendance at the Berufsschulen and Fachschulen, therefore, coincides with the practical vocational work of the young people. The intermediate schools (mittlere Schulen) and higher schools (höhere Schulen), however, continue the education of their pupils for a few more years prior to their choice of a profession, and are therefore called schools of general education (allgemeinbildende Schulen). Those which admit candidates after they have attended the Grundschule for the customary four years are known as the grundständige Form, and those whose pupils join them after spending six years at the elementary schools, are called the Aufbauform. Attendance at the Mittelschulen lasts six, or four years, according as they are of the grundständige Form or of the Aufbauform. They are intended for boys and girls with a pronounced gift for practical work, and are differentiated to some extent on vocational or professional lines. The compulsory subjects taught by them are: the deutschkundige Fächer, physical exercises, natural science, mathematics, and English. Besides these, French - but not Latin - is an optional language. Their leaving examination used to be described as the mittlere Reife. Pupils desirous of continuing their studies at a höhere Schule, must first pass an entrance examination for the latter. So far, Mittelschulen only exist in Prussia and a few other parts of Germany.

The höhere Schulen have had a varied development since the foundation of the first humanistisches Gymnasium about a century ago. There have always been two principal types of them: (I) the humanistische Schulen or Gymnasien, with Latin and Greek as the two chief foreign languages, and (2) the Realanstalten, where attention was specially concentrated upon modern languages, mathematics, and natural science. As a result of the competition between them, a large number of intermediate types were also established, so that the desired unity of final purpose became more and more hypothetical. This drawback was particularly manifest in connection with the order of teaching foreign languages, so that pupils .whose parents had moved from one town to another were frequently unable to attend a school of the type they were accustomed to, which involved much loss of time and effort.

For these reasons the Department, after a careful study of the problem, decided to introduce a fundamental reorganisation of higher education at the Easter 1937 term, affecting boys' as well as girls' schools, both of the grundständige Form and the Aufbauform. At the grundständige höhere Schule attendance has been reduced from nine to eight years, by combining its lower and intermediary sections and dropping one of the six years formerly spent in them, whilst leaving the upper section's three years unchanged. This reduction of school time was necessary for reasons of population policy. There need be no apprehension lest the quality of the work done by the schools should suffer, because the uniform National Socialist attitude of the teachers and the compactness of the courses of study renders it possible to make the teaching far more intensive and to accelerate progress.

The teaching of boys and girls, though of identical value, proceeds along different roads, which is necessary for the reason that the respective spheres of men and women in after-life are likewise different. Henceforth, there will be practically two types of höhere Schulen for boys as well as for girls. For boys, there is the Oberschule and alongside with it the Gymnasium, and for girls there is also an Oberschule, which is split up (during the last three years of attendance) into a section for domestic economy and another for languages. Both categories are supplemented by an Oberschule in Aufbauform, which - in the case of girls - gives prominence to domestic economy. The Oberschule for boys has to be regarded as the principal type, as it is the one that must be provided in a district if there is one higher school only. Thus, the difficulties above referred to when parents change from one town to another can now be obviated much more easily. Apart from some exceptional cases, only one Gymnasium can be established in towns where more higher schools than one are needed.

With a view to meeting the various preferences and capacities of pupils, the upper section of the Oberschule is divided into two branches. In the language branch provision is made for a second modern language, whilst comparatively limited attention is given to natural science and mathematics. In the science and mathematics branch no second language is included, whilst the chief interest centres around natural science and mathematics. In the Gymnasium there is no analogous division.

The reduced number of Gymnasien is due to the fact that a knowledge of both ancient languages is not considered necessary for the majority of German boys and girls. This is borne out by the constant decline in the number of pupils attending the former Gymnasien.

The subjects common to all höhere Schulen and to the Mittelschulen are: the deutschkundliche Fächer, physical exercises, natural science, and mathematics. The höhere Schulen, of course, provide more far-reaching instruction in them than the others; and no regard is paid to the pupil's future profession.

Foreign languages are taught on the following plan:

(a) Oberschule - English (1st grade), Latin (3rd grade), French or some other modern language ( 6th grade).

(b) Gymnasium - Latin (1st grade), Greek (3rd grade), English (6th grade).

The Oberschulen for girls give instruction in the same subjects as those for boys, except that they add some that are of special importance to women, whilst curtailing the teaching of foreign languages. Thus, in those specialising in languages, English is begun in the 1st grade, and French and Latin in the 6th, whilst in those where domestic economy is taught in the upper section, the only foreign language taught is English.

Apart from these grundständige Schulen there are the Aufbauschulen for boys and girls. In those for boys, foreign language teaching is started in the 1st, 3rd and 4th grades respectively (corresponding to the 3rd, 5th and 6th grades of the grundständige Oberschule).

The Aufbauschulen - which were first introduced by the reform scheme for the schools of Prussia in 1925 - have to fulfil a special purpose in connection with our population policy. In many parts of Germany there are few (if any) fairly large towns possessing grundständige höhere Schulen. These parts are inhabited by a particularly robust type of population closely associated with the soil they cultivate. National Socialists look upon it as an important item to counteract the tendency among country people of migrating to the towns, but want them nevertheless to secure leading positions. For that reason extended facilities must be given them for acquiring a sound education.

The Aufbauschulen are intended to assist in this task. Accordingly, they are largely domiciled in rural districts, and Schülerheime are connected with them. The children in rural districts can now attend their local Volksschule for six years and have then an opportunity of continuing their studies for another six years until they possess the qualifications for university study. During the whole of that time they remain in direct connection with rural life.

The Schülerheim is no longer a place where school children are merely housed and fed, but an educational institution. Whilst there, the children's corporate instincts can be encouraged by their close association with their comrades, thus laying the foundations for their sense of racial community.

Similar purposes are to be achieved by the National Political Courses of Instruction (Nationalpolitische Lehrgänge) for the pupils of the higher schools and by the children's stay in the Landheime. In view of the increased demands on pupils due to the reorganisation of higher education, the Courses named have had to be temporarily discontinued notwithstanding the benefits already derived from them. All the more important, therefore, is the children's stay in the Landheime and Youth Hostels (Jugendherbergen). These facilities are open to pupils from all types of schools. They are an essential part of our educational system, because without them it would be impossible to master the great tasks that have still to be carried out if the young people are to take their proper share in shaping the country's future.

The leaving examination of all higher schools is called the Reifepräfung. After passing it, the young people are qualified for admission to any German university or other institution of university rank, and for entering a number of professions, including that of officers in the army.

The categories of higher schools have been increased in number since 1933 by the so-called Nationalpolitische Erziehungsanstalten. There are fifteen of them in Prussia and in some other parts of the country. Their educational purposes and their courses of study are the same as those of the other higher schools. They are, however, of the boarding-school type and work in close collaboration with the Hitler Youth. Their special aim is to give a good all-round training to boys who have already distinguished themselves for their intellectual capacities, their physical prowess and bodily skill, their strength of mind, and their loyalty towards their comrades. These institutions are also under the administration of the Department of Education. Early in 1937, the Reich Youth Leader - acting in co-operation with the Reich Organisation Leader - founded seven Adolf Hitler Schulen, whose specific purpose it is to train boys for the position of leaders in the National Socialist party. It is too early to state details regarding their work and their organisation, as they have only been in existence for a short time.

The third educational factor, in addition to the home and the school, is the Hitler Youth. It has been commissioned by the Führer to train German boys - in close collaboration with the home and the school - for their great tasks in the future. The schools have to devote the major part of their time to intellectual education; and although, by that means and by other special arrangements, they do exercise an important influence in the direction named, they have but few opportunities for enabling their pupils to cultivate the corporate spirit beyond their own limits. This drawback is to be overcome by the Hitler Youth. The youth of all classes and all vocations is initiated by it in the practical working of a national community and is to be prepared for that achievement by physical, ethical and political training. Even though a certain overlapping was unavoidable during the early stages, it is evident by now that the collaboration of the three factors is becoming closer and closer.

Germany's former school system has done much. The new National Socialist school system will do more still and will make the young people racially sound, efficient and ready for sacrifices. They will regard their nation, their national existence and their national freedom as their greatest assets. They will be taught - in conformity with the wish of the Führer - that the vital rights of other nations must be equally respected and that co-operation between all nations is both necessary and desirable. These aims are consciously fostered by the schools themselves and by special arrangements for the international exchange of students. The central organisation for such exchange is the Akademischer Austauschdienst, which works in close collaboration with the Department of Education, and whose activities receive a valuable stimulus from the successful efforts of the National Socialist party for international co-operation. Thus, the call addressed to German youth is: Love your German nation above everything, and be a good neighbour to all those nations that desire to live in peace with your own.

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Wednesday, August 25, 2021

Henry Hafenmayer, Champion of German Freedom, Dies at 48

 Henry Hafenmayer, Champion of German Freedom, Dies at 48

One of the foremost champions of free historical research and discussion — Henry Hafenmayer — died last Wednesday (11th August) in southern Germany, aged 48.

A former train driver who was dismissed for his political opinions, Henry became a prominent public champion of German historical revisionists, in a country where one can be jailed for questioning the official version of ‘Holocaust’ history. He was best known for his website Ende der Lüge (‘End of the Lie’) and associated social media accounts.

In this task he was especially closely associated with four jailed revisionists: former leftist lawyer and philosopher Horst Mahler (85); publisher and ecologist Ursula Haverbeck (92); lawyer Sylvia Stolz, first jailed for defending the late Ernst Zündel; and filmmaker / video blogger Alfred Schaefer. All four have served long prison sentences, and Mr. Schaefer is still in jail.

Henry himself faced several criminal charges, and until his untimely death was very much in the sights of occupied Germany’s political and judicial system.

He was a regular and convivial guest at political and social gatherings in Germany with comrades including H&D‘s assistant editor Peter Rushton. We are shocked and saddened at losing this greatly valued friend, but are confident in the knowledge that Henry’s courage, honour and loyalty will not be in vain. Henry Hafenmayer’s name will live on in the annals of a future, better Europe.

During several months of serious illness this year, Henry was treated at clinics in Germany and Switzerland. As reported by our friends at Recht und Wahrheit, a close comrade had to pick up the entire bill for this treatment and for Henry’s funeral costs, so H&D encourages readers worldwide to donate if they possibly can to help defray these costs.

The German account for such donations is as follows:

Account name: S. U.

IBAN: DE13 8405 5050 1250 0169 63


Payment reference: 1108201

Horst Mahler has given Lady Renouf permission to send us this English translation of his tribute. Horst writes:

It is an honorary title they give us when they call us “Nazis”. That was what Henry Hafenmayer had understood. He lived his life so that he might earn this title through action. He did not fear death, and when he made up his mind to call the recognized enemy of the peoples by its name, he knew what to expect. Under the banner “End of the lie!” he finally moved from defence to attack and thus became a role model for those German youth who still want to be German. He held out when his well-paid job as a train driver was terminated. His answer was to multiply his efforts to make the invisible enemy visible. He laboriously scanned the Talmud (in twelve bulky volumes published in German by the official Jewish publishing house Jüdische Verlag) and placed it in the global electronic network. [Three sentences deleted and part of postscript deleted due to UK race laws.] With his web blog “The End of the Lie” lobbing intellectual grenades at the emplacements of the anti-German front in his own country, he has branded the Big Lie as an attempted genocide. He was one of the first to give the New National Socialism (NNS) a face. That makes him unforgettable. Hail Henry Hafenmayer!

Source: Heritage and Destiny magazine

The FBI Paid Leader of Satanic Pedophile Death Cult $82,000 to Take Over Atomwaffen Division in Order to Brainwash, Drug and Entrap Its Young Members

 The FBI Paid Leader of Satanic Pedophile Death Cult $82,000 to Take Over Atomwaffen Division in Order to Brainwash, Drug and Entrap Its Young Members

Prior to 2018, special interest groups demanding the dismantling of the rapidly growing nationalist movement in the name of stopping "white supremacist domestic terrorism" struggled to name a group that could justify a crackdown. 

In response to this, the FBI, in conjunction with intelligence services around the world, invented one. 

Documents filed in the case of Kaleb Cole, who is accused by the feds of being part of an Atomwaffen Division (AWD) conspiracy to terrorize journalists and minorities, have finally confirmed National Justice reporting from January that exposed Joshua Caleb Sutter (pictured above), the leader of a Satanic pedophile murder cult who took over Atomwaffen in 2018, as a long-time professional FBI operative. 

Sutter has been employed by the FBI since 2003. Starting in February 2018, he was paid over $82,000 to take over Atomwaffen and transform it from a mostly online based art group into a household name for "white supremacist" terrorism and moral depravity. 

The works of the Tempel ov Blood, an American chapter of the Order of Nine Angles (O9A) run by Sutter and his partner fellow FBI informant named Jillian Hoy, has helped inspire a recent rash of ritual murders in Canada and Russia.

The FBI has been financing Sutter's publishing house, Martinet Press, which produces some of the most obscene written materials -- featuring graphic depictions of child rape and mass murder -- ever authored. Unlike most Satanic groups, Tempel ov Blood and Martinet Press endorse ritual murder, ISIS-style terrorism, rape, and every other abominable act that could occur to a human mind.   

The federal government has lied about Sutter's role in Atomwaffen through omission. Lawyers for Kaleb Cole are seeking to suppress evidence against their client that was produced by Sutter due to the FBI's glaring dishonesty on this matter.  

National Justice has interviewed at least ten people who witnessed the behavior of Sutter and undercover FBI agents he introduced during his take over of Atomwaffen.

Government operatives utilized the media, illegal psychedelic drugs, and brainwashing techniques to take a small group of friends, ranging from teenagers to early 20s, and transform them into boogeymen in what can only be described as a psychological warfare operation.   

Atomwaffen Division Bursts Into The Mainstream Media 

Just weeks after Sutter (pictured above in the black pants) began officially working the Atomwaffen operation in February 2018, A.C. Thompson, Jake Hanrahan and Ali Winston published the group's internal chat logs and the identity of various members. This, along with a PBS Frontline documentary jointly produced with Pro Publica, was a turning point that helped build the group's notoriety overnight.  

According to three individuals who were in Atomwaffen at the time, the materials (chat logs, photographs, etc) in Pro Publica's reporting, which the FBI relied on heavily in its criminal charges against the men, was provided to the journalists by the FBI's Sutter himself. 

In the photos released by Pro Publica, Sutter, who is a felon convicted of a gun crime, is shown handling firearms during Atomwaffen's paramilitary training sessions. 

The FBI's use of the media to launder information is common knowledge. Earlier this month, the Office of the Inspector General wrote a report condemning the FBI's pervasive and illegal use of national media to prejudice the public in cases against defendants. 

At the time of the Pro Publica leak, Atomwaffen members suspected Sutter as the source and a potential infiltrator. Sutter and other agents were able to avoid blowing their cover by framing Brian Patrick Baynes, who was later arrested on specious gun charges, as the one who released the information. They were able to assuage fears of heat being brought their way by telling what was left of the group -- as many quit when Sutter and others transformed it into a satanic organization -- that all press is good press. 

Both Winston and Hanrahan appear to be genuinely shocked by the revelation that Sutter was working for the feds the whole time.

Thompson, Winston and Hanrahan have been used for investigative prerequisites by the FBI in other cases. Pro Publica's materials on the Rise Above Movement (RAM) allowed the FBI to frame and prosecute a martial arts club that engaged in textbook self-defense at Charlottesville as a criminal gang. 

Whether the journalists were dupes or willing collaborators is unclear. PBS, which amplified their work on both Atomwaffen and RAM, is a state-run outlet, and Thompson was given an Emmy for his work on these issues.  

Richard Tobin: The FBI Drugs and Brainwashes A Teenage Boy 

In the summer of 2019, Atomwaffen hosted its "Nuclear Congress" in Las Vegas, Nevada. 

Sutter was the lead organizer for the event, while the FBI provided funds to bring young members out and pay for lodging. 

According to two attendees, Sutter had been paying special attention to an emotionally vulnerable and suicidal teenager named Richard J. Tobin. 

The same sources told National Justice that Tobin, who was recruited into Sutter's cult at the age of 18, was given powerful psychedelic drugs by an undercover FBI agent who went by the nickname "Gibson." The hallucinogenic drugs and induction in the cult exacerbated Tobin's emotional problems and his mental health began to slip. 

Sutter, who also brought Tobin into CIA and FBI linked group The Base, used his influence over Tobin to pressure him into an alleged plot to vandalize Synagogues; behavior that later got him arrested by federal agents. During his arrest, a rambling Tobin allegedly told agents during an interview about wanting to become a suicide bomber and his yearning to kill blacks. 

According to court documents obtained by National Justice, Tobin -- who was originally held in pre-trial detention by a New Jersey federal judge --  was released to home confinement in order to receive psychiatric care. He pled guilty to his charges and currently awaits sentencing. 

As we have previously reported, Tempel ov Blood writings by Sutter describe his methods for brainwashing people into committing immoral and illegal acts, which includes subjecting them to sadistic rituals, providing them mind-altering drugs, and deliberately causing them to lose their mind.

Tobin's trajectory lines up perfectly with this strategy, which appears to have been aided not just by informant Sutter, but also allegedly by a bonafide FBI agent acting in a criminal capacity. Many of the legal documents in his case related to how he arrived at his broken mental state are sealed. 


Four members who witnessed Atomwaffen's transformation from an online white nationalist art group of edgy black metal enthusiasts to a satanic ISIS supporting paramilitary organization have made mention of a phenomenon they dubbed "Fedwaffen." 

Members used the term to describe a series of highly polished, ISIS style paramilitary training videos released in 2018 and 2019 (here is one example, not safe for work), that were produced in the name of Atomwaffen but did not include anyone they knew. 

Throughout the FBI's penetration of the group, they held amongst themselves that these videos were being produced by the FBI. In one particularly creepy anecdote, one source said that the actors were wearing attire, such as specific types of sunglasses, intended to look like genuine individuals in the group. 

While scores of Atomwaffen members have been charged with relatively benign offenses, such as vandalism, sending the Anti-Defamation League fliers with Swastikas on them or various gun technicalities, they have not been charged with anything approaching real acts of terrorism. 

The aforementioned videos appear intended to make the group far more militant and violent than it actually was. 

Atomwaffen Goes Global 

Atomwaffen and O9A linked arrests have not only contributed to "white supremacist terrorism" hysteria in the United States, but also abroad. 

Three sources told National Justice that, under the control of the FBI, Sutter allegedly led the Feuerkrieg Division (which had chapters all over Europe) and played an influential role in Sonnenkrieg Division. 

Sutter's writings and philosophy were used to brainwash a 13-year-old boy in Estonia who the BBC reported as a top member of FKD.  

Andrew Dymock, a mentally disturbed homosexual who allegedly led Sonnenkrieg Division, was an adherent and promoter of O9A and ToB's ideology. Another member, Jacek Tchorzewski, was jailed for his possession of child pornography. 

British members of the aforementioned Atomwaffen linked groups have published writings through Sutter's Martinet Press. 

Media Will Not Touch This Scandal

Both Ali Winston and Jack Hanrahan have publicly acknowledged this scandal, but their narrative is a ridiculous one: the FBI supports "white supremacy." 

In truth, the federal government's work is a nefarious COINTELPRO project that intends to associate legitimate political dissent with acts of terrorism and other morally repugnant behaviors.

A source with knowledge of the federal government's inner workings told National Justice that an intelligence operation of this magnitude could not have been launched without the full knowledge and special permission of FBI Director Christopher Wray. He added that former Department of Justice head William Barr and his Deputy Rod Rosenstein were likely being regularly briefed on this "investigation."  

Due to the political nature of the case, figures known for criticizing the FBI's counter-terrorism strategies deployed against Muslims since 2001, such as Mike German, have refused to engage with this bombshell. 

Most of the defendants in Atomwaffen Division related cases have taken plea bargains as a way to escape pre-trial detention and solitary confinement. These young men range from people with histories of being sexually abused, homelessness, and mental illness and were forced to take mostly unhelpful public defenders due to being indigent.

Source: National Justice