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Germany: Convictions of National Socialist Underground Upheld on Appeal

 Germany: Convictions of National Socialist Underground Upheld on Appeal

Germany's Federal Court of Justice has dismissed the appeal of Beate Zschäpe, member of the high-profile National Socialist Underground terror crew. 

The court dismissed the appeal of famous NSU member Beate Zschäpe, and two others connected to the NS group, Deutshe Welle reported.

Zschäpe lived with her friends Uwe Mundlos and Uwe Bönhardt for nearly 14 years. Between 2000 and 2007, they killed seven men of Turkish and one man of Greek origin, and a policewoman.

In 2011, Mundlos and Böhnhardt took their own lives to escape imminent arrest following a botched robbery. Zschäpe set fire to a flat they all shared, recording a confession video before turning herself in.

Zschäpe had handled the cell's logistics and finances and set up safe houses for them.

While the court did overturn one of Zschäpe's sentences, her conviction was upheld. The court announced that "the overall life sentence and the particular severity of guilt established have remained unaffected by this."

In a written order, the court determined the sentences against two supporters of the cell, Ralf Wohlleben and Holger G., were also legally binding.

The trial over the crew's murders and attacks came to an end in July 2018 after more than five years and 400 trial days. The April 2020 verdict is more than 4,000 pages long.

Zschäpe was sentenced to life imprisonment as an accomplice in the murders. Though there was no evidence that she herself was present at the scene of the group's activism, the judges felt that the "particular severity of guilt" required for a life sentence in German law had been demonstrated.

Wohlleben had received 10 years for procuring weapons for the cell and Holger G. three years for providing false identity papers to Zschäpe and the two men she shared an underground life with.

Another co-accused, Andre E, received two and a half years for providing the National Socialist Underground with rail passes in his and his wife's name that bore images of Böhnhardt and Zschäpe instead. He also allegedly rented a mobile home which the cell drove to Cologne to carry out a bombing.

The verdict in his appeal is expected before the end of the year. Prosecutors in his case believe his sentence was too lenient.

Thursday, August 19, 2021

Gringos Are Bloody STUPID!!!!


So sad, yet not suprising....

Nitwit with a FAKE BOMB Seeks Attention at Building-That-Means-NOTHING-To-Reality:

 DR. LLOYD'S NOTE: This seems fake to me, folks. Or else he was seeking attention? Too bad it wasn't a real bomb. Would laugh my arse off if a Lone Wolf blew-up the fake capital of this sad, pathetic jew controlled country!! 😝😝😝 Besides, folks, those homo faggs who are elected every 4 years are FIGURE HEADS!!!! All that right/left box crap means NOTHING............!


A man, who drove onto the sidewalk Thursday morning outside the Library of Congress and claimed to have a bomb, has surrendered following an hours-long standoff with police, authorities said.

The man, identified by U.S. Capitol Police Chief Thomas Manger as 49-year-old Floyd Ray Roseberry, drove a black pickup truck onto the sidewalk near First Street Southeast and Independence Avenue Southeast around 9:15 a.m., police said.

“The driver of the truck told the responding officer on the scene that he had a bomb and (the officer saw) what ... appeared to be a detonator in the man’s hand,” he said. “We immediately evacuated the nearby buildings.”

At a news conference around 2:25 p.m. Thursday, Manger confirmed that Roseberry had been taken into custody.

“He gave up and did not resist, and our folks were able to take him into custody without incident,” the police chief said, adding that, “As far as we could tell, it was just his decision to surrender at that point.”

Manger said police had no indications that Roseberry was working with other people, although he said the incident remains under investigation. It was not immediately clear what charges Roseberry would face.

Authorities earlier told The Associated Press that they were working to determine whether the alleged explosive device that Roseberry claimed to have was operable. Manger said officers saw “some things that were concerning” in the back of the truck Roseberry drove, though by Thursday afternoon he said, “At this point, we think that’s safe.”

Earlier, Manger told reporters that authorities were unaware of Roseberry’s possible motive.

“We’re trying to get as much information as we can to try to peacefully resolve this,” he said.

The police chief acknowledged Thursday that Roseberry livestreamed a video at some point during the incident, although he declined to answer questions about it. A video posted on Facebook for a page belonging to a man named “Ray Roseberry” appeared to show the suspect sitting in a truck Thursday morning while holding a canister that he claimed to be a bomb. An unidentified law enforcement official told CNN the video was authentic.

In the roughly 30-minute clip, Roseberry made several anti-government statements, The New York Times reported. Citing a law enforcement official, the newspaper reported the suspect was a resident of North Carolina.

Facebook has since removed the video and the man’s Facebook page.

Officers ordered people to evacuate the Cannon House Office Building amid the investigation, according to Aaron Fritschner, the communications director for Rep. Don Beyer, D-Va. Police warned of a suspicious vehicle and ordered people to relocate to the Longworth House Office Building, he said.

Other nearby buildings, including the Thomas Jefferson Building, the James Madison Memorial Building and the Supreme Court, were also evacuated, according to Fritschner, CNN and The Washington Post. Most lawmakers were not in their offices Thursday, as Congress is not currently in session.

Other agencies, including the FBI, D.C Metropolitan Police and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, said they were helping Capitol Police as the investigation continues.

FAA Violates Free Speech!!

 DR. LLOYD'S NOTE: This is a clear violation of civil rights. Free Speech comes BEFORE safety!! I hope I see aeroplanes falling out of the sky over these bollocks!! Just not on me. 😝😝😝


Two people on a February flight from Orlando, Florida to Pittsburgh are facing more than $20,000 in fines from the Federal Aviation Administration.

As part of its Zero Tolerance campaign against unruly passenger behavior, the father and son were fined, in addition to 32 other passengers on various flights nationwide, for alleged unruly behavior.

On the Allegiant Airlines flight on February 7, a male was allegedly vaping in the aircraft cabin during the boarding process. The passenger and his father yelled at flight attendants about his refusal to stop vaping. Upon being escorted off the aircraft, the passenger said “I hope this plane [expletive] crashes.” He will be fined $10,315.

That male’s father was allegedly disruptively arguing with his wife during the boarding process; arguing with flight attendants who told his son to stop vaping; and yelling at the flight attendant “imagine all of you in body bags” as he was being escorted off the aircraft. The FAA fined him $9,000.

Since Jan. 1, 2021, the FAA has received more than 3,800 reports of unruly behavior by passengers, the majority of which are passengers refusing to comply with the federal facemask mandate.

Federal law prohibits interfering with aircraft crew or physically assaulting or threatening to physically assault aircraft crew or anyone else on an aircraft. Passengers are subject to civil penalties for such misconduct, which can threaten the safety of the flight by disrupting or distracting cabin crew from their safety duties. Additionally, federal law provides for criminal fines and imprisonment of passengers who interfere with the performance of a crewmember’s duties by assaulting or intimidating that crewmember.

Hardy Lloyd TV: The Diceman!!


I saw him live in 2009!!!!

Greensburg, the Palice, bitch!!

Wednesday, August 18, 2021

Hardy Lloyd TV: Triumph Part 3


This says a lot about the right/left box, don't it, folks?!? Glad we Nazis and Skinheads aren't like these moraless fucktards!!

Hardy Lloyd TV: Third Reich Fights in Colour!!


Authorities to Remove SS Memorial in Austrian Town

Authorities to Remove SS Memorial in Austrian Town

Austrian media report that a town in the west of the country is planning to remove a memorial to three soldiers who were members of the Waffen SS during World War II.

Public broadcaster ORF reported that the mayor of Imst, Stefan Weirather, confirmed that the municipal workers will dismantle the site.

The memorial was built in the 1970s for three men who were portrayed as having been executed by American troops on May 19, 1945 — more than a week after Germany had capitulated to the Allies.

Local Jews and Liberals concerned about the frequent visits by patriotic supporters later researched the men’s military records and found they had in fact been members of the glorious Waffen SS. 

Town officials now want to conduct further research into the circumstances of the men’s deaths and the history of "Nazi activity and their victims in the region".

ADL Joins 48 Jewish Organizations to Demand Biden Administration Sneak Blanket Immigration Amnesty into Infrastructure Bill

 ADL Joins 48 Jewish Organizations to Demand Biden Administration Sneak Blanket Immigration Amnesty into Infrastructure Bill

American Jewry is demanding the legalization of America's large illegal alien population. 

49 national and state-level Jewish racial advocacy groups sent a letter addressed to Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer yesterday instructing them to include a "pathway to citizenship" for virtually all illegal immigrants currently living in the United States. 

The letter, signed by organizations like the Anti-Defamation League and Bend The Arc, calls on Democrats to include an amnesty for "immigrant youth, Temporary Protected Status (TPS) holders, essential workers, and their families" in "any future economic recovery or infrastructure legislation that moves forward via budget reconciliation." 

Speaking on behalf of the Jewish population, they further state that "Immigrant justice is especially personal to the American Jewish community" and that "welcoming outsiders" (except in Israel) is a quintessential part of their tradition. 

The Democratic party's Jewish and corporate sponsored pro-immigration stance has become an electoral liability. Earlier this week, the overwhelmingly Mexican-descended and former Democratic stronghold Texas border city of McAllen elected its first Republican mayor in 24 years, citing the desire to crackdown on immigration as the reason. 

During a recent trip to Guatemala, Vice President Kamala Harris reacted to public opinion at home by going on Central American television and telling people to stop immigrating to the US, which drew a rebuke from Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and the radical liberal wing of the Democrats. 

The intended impact of the ADL's immigration ultimatum is not clear, but it is obviously at least in part a peace offering to liberals and the left, who have been condemning Israel's recent actions in Gaza. Grassroots progressives have turned support for Israel into a political third rail, and with this letter, Jews remind them that they can obtain less popular items on their agenda like open borders if they turn a blind eye on Zionism instead. 

The ADL's CEO, Jonathan Greenblatt, has been consciously working behind the scenes to prevent the "woke left" from getting in the way of Israel's geopolitical and racial goals. Greenblatt and the wider Jewish community support and even fund most anti-white and globalist policies, but they are afraid that the non-Jews in their coalition may start to apply these principles to the Zionist project. 


Jewish billionaires are the largest donors to both parties. If this is serious and not a mere publicity stunt, Biden and the Democrats could put congressional Republicans in a no-win situation where they must choose between voters and donors as the 2022 midterms approach.

Sunday, August 15, 2021

Creativity Power Hour 16 - Our Morales Part 1:

 Creativity Power Hour Episode 16 - Our Morales Part 1

Adolf Hitler on the Destruction of Art and Culture

 Adolf Hitler on the Destruction of Art and Culture

Source: Mein Kampf

If we study the course of our cultural life during the last twenty-five years we shall be astonished to note how far we have already gone in this process of retrogression.

Everywhere we find the presence of those germs which give rise to protuberant growths that must sooner or later bring about the ruin of our culture. Here we find undoubted symptoms of slow corruption; and woe to the nations that are no longer able to bring that morbid process to a halt.

In almost all the various fields of German art and culture those morbid phenomena may be observed. Here everything seems to have passed the culminating point of its excellence and to have entered the curve of a hasty decline. At the beginning of the century the theatres seemed already degenerating and ceasing to be cultural factors, except the Court theatres, which opposed this prostitution of the national art. With these exceptions, and also a few other decent institutions, the plays produced on the stage were of such a nature that the people would have benefited by not visiting them at all. A sad symptom of decline was manifested by the fact that in the case of many ‘art centres’ the sign was posted on the entrance doors: FOR ADULTS ONLY.

Let it be borne in mind that these precautions had to be taken in regard to institutions whose main purpose should have been to promote the education of the youth and not merely to provide amusement for sophisticated adults. What would the great dramatists of other times have said of such measures and, above all, of the conditions which made these measures necessary? How exasperated Schiller would have been, and how Goethe would have turned away in disgust!

But what are Schiller, Goethe and Shakespeare when confronted with the heroes of our modern German literature? Old and frowsy and outmoded and finished. For it was typical of this epoch that not only were its own products bad but that the authors of such products and their backers reviled everything that had really been great in the past. This is a phenomenon that is very characteristic of such epochs. The more vile and miserable are the men and products of an epoch, the more they will hate and denigrate the ideal achievements of former generations. What these people would like best would be completely to destroy every vestige of the past, in order to do away with that sole standard of comparison which prevents their own daubs from being looked upon as art. Therefore the more lamentable and wretched are the products of each new era, the more it will try to obliterate all the memorials of the past. But any real innovation that is for the benefit of mankind can always face comparison with the best of what has gone before; and frequently it happens that those monuments of the past guarantee the acceptance of those modern productions. There is no fear that modern productions of real worth will look pale and worthless beside the monuments of the past. What is contributed to the general treasury of human culture often fulfils a part that is necessary in order to keep the memory of old achievements alive, because this memory alone is the standard whereby our own works are properly appreciated. Only those who have nothing of value to give to the world will oppose everything that already exists and would have it destroyed at all costs.

And this holds good not only for new phenomena in the cultural domain but also in politics. The more inferior new revolutionary movements are, the more will they try to denigrate the old forms. Here again the desire to pawn off their shoddy products as great and original achievements leads them into a blind hatred against everything which belongs to the past and which is superior to their own work. As long as the historical memory of Frederick the Great, for instance, still lives, Frederic Ebert can arouse only a problematic admiration. The relation of the hero of Sans Souci to the former republican of Bremen may be compared to that of the sun to the moon; for the moon can shine only after the direct rays of the sun have left the earth. Thus we can readily understand why it is that all the new moons in human history have hated the fixed stars. In the field of politics, if Fate should happen temporarily to place the ruling power in the hands of those nonentities they are not only eager to defile and revile the past but at the same time they will use all means to evade criticism of their own acts. The Law for the Protection of the Republic, which the new German State enacted, may be taken as one example of this truth.

One has good grounds to be suspicious in regard to any new idea, or any doctrine or philosophy, any political or economical movement, which tries to deny everything that the past has produced or to present it as inferior and worthless. Any renovation which is really beneficial to human progress will always have to begin its constructive work at the level where the last stones of the structure have been laid. It need not blush to utilize those truths which have already been established; for all human culture, as well as man himself, is only the result of one long line of development, where each generation has contributed but one stone to the building of the whole structure. The meaning and purpose of revolutions cannot be to tear down the whole building but to take away what has not been well fitted into it or is unsuitable, and to rebuild the free space thus caused, after which the main construction of the building will be carried on.

Thus alone will it be possible to talk of human progress; for otherwise the world would never be free of chaos, since each generation would feel entitled to reject the past and to destroy all the work of the past, as the necessary preliminary to any new work of its own.

The saddest feature of the condition in which our whole civilization found itself before the War was the fact that it was not only barren of any creative force to produce its own works of art and civilization but that it hated, defiled and tried to efface the memory of the superior works produced in the past. About the end of the last century people were less interested in producing new significant works of their own–particularly in the fields of dramatic art and literature–than in defaming the best works of the past and in presenting them as inferior and antiquated. As if this period of disgraceful decadence had the slightest capacity to produce anything of superior quality! The efforts made to conceal the past from the eyes of the present afforded clear evidence of the fact that these apostles of the future acted from anevil intent. These symptoms should have made it clear to all that it was not a question of new, though wrong, cultural ideas but of a process which was undermining the very foundations of civilization. It threw the artistic feeling which had hitherto been quite sane into utter confusion, thus spiritually preparing the way for political Bolshevism. If the creative spirit of the Periclean age be manifested in the Parthenon, then the Bolshevist era is manifested through its cubist grimace.

In this connection attention must be drawn once again to the want of courage displayed by one section of our people, namely, by those who, in virtue of their education and position, ought to have felt themselves obliged to take up a firm stand against this outrage on our culture. But they refrained from offering serious resistance and surrendered to what they considered the inevitable. This abdication of theirs was due, however, to sheer funk lest the apostles of Bolshevist art might raise a rumpus; for those apostles always violently attacked everyone who was not ready to recognize them as the choice spirits of artistic creation, and they tried to strangle all opposition by saying that it was the product of philistine and backwater minds. People trembled in fear lest they might be accused by these yahoos and swindlers of lacking artistic appreciation, as if it would have been a disgrace not to be able to understand and appreciate the effusions of those mental degenerates or arrant rogues. Those cultural disciples, however, had a very simple way of presenting their own effusions as works of the highest quality. They offered incomprehensible and manifestly crazy productions to their amazed contemporaries as what they called ‘an inner experience’. Thus they forestalled all adverse criticism at very little cost indeed. Of course, nobody ever doubted that there could have been inner experiences like that, but some doubt ought to have arisen as to whether or not there was any justification for exposing these hallucinations of psychopaths or criminals to the sane portion of human society. The works produced by a Moritz von Schwind or a Bocklin were also externalizations of an inner experience, but these were the experiences of divinely gifted artists and not of buffoons.

This situation afforded a good opportunity of studying the miserable cowardliness of our so-called intellectuals who shirked the duty of offering serious resistance to the poisoning of the sound instincts of our people. They left it to the people themselves to formulate their own attitude towards his impudent nonsense. Lest they might be considered as understanding nothing of art, they accepted every caricature of art, until they finally lost the power of judging what is really good or bad.

Taken all in all, there were superabundant symptoms to show that a diseased epoch had begun.