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Brighten Heights niggers Refuse To Do Their Job!!

 Brighten Heights niggers Refuse To Do Their Job!!

No surprise that a couple of koons who work on the cities trash pickup refused to pick up a WHITE FAMILIES trash tin in Brighten Heights. Now, your Pgh taxes pay for the trash pickups. It is obvious that the two lazy jiggaboos were being racist because the family is White. Needless to say, I shall be Fliering the area.

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Fun On A Friday!!



Chancellor Adenauer Complained of “Exceedingly Harsh” Treatment of Hess, Speer and Others

 Chancellor Adenauer Complained of “Exceedingly Harsh” Treatment of Hess, Speer and Others

National Socialist leaders held in the infamous Spandau prison after the second world were treated “exceedingly harshly”, and could not sleep because of constant security searchlights, according to Konrad Adenauer, West Germany’s first postwar chancellor, in a letter released by the National Archives.

(The Guardian)

Inmates at the Berlin jail – the running of which was shared on monthly rotation between the Allied powers of UK, US, France and Soviet Union – were also prohibited from conversing or reading, Adenauer complained to Allied officials in the letter, dated 21 June 1950.

Food, which “had always been bad during the Russian months”, had become “very bad and deficient” again, he said.

Adenauer’s intervention on behalf of the prisoners, which at that time included Albert Speer and Rudolf Hess, is among a cache of documents from the Allied administration of Berlin that have been declassified.

The West German chancellor also complained that clergymen were not permitted to visit inmates. “The pope some time ago had his blessings transmitted to one of the prisoners,” he wrote. “The prisoner was never informed of this but heard it only when his daughter visited him.

“For humanitarian reasons,” Adenauer added, “I feel moved to ask [that] the governments [the Allied occupying powers] to cause conditions in the military prison at Spandau to be investigated and to take steps to ensure that penal practice be adapted to the principles prevailing in civilised countries.”

British, French and US authorities who met the following day to assess the complaints partially blamed the Soviets for the conditions. The three western powers agreed to reduce the frequency with which the lights were turned on at night.

In July 1950, the secretariat of the Allied High Commission for Germany wrote back to Adenauer. “Contrary to the information which appears to have been given to you, it is neither prohibited for prisoners … to talk or read,” he said. “Their food is quite adequate during the months of management by the western powers and even during the Soviet month the regular amount of calories is provided.”

However, the chancellor was informed, lampshades would in future be provided for lights in the men’s cells and the frequency of night security searches would be “reduced to a minimum”.

Ireland: “Black Queer” Activist Group Raised €30,000 Then Vanished from the Face of the Earth

 Ireland: “Black Queer” Activist Group Raised €30,000 Then Vanished from the Face of the Earth

A self-described collective of "black queers" based in Ireland raised close to €30,000 for workshops and speaking engagements, then they disappeared. 

According to reporting by The Burkean, several Irish liberal "allies" showered money on the group in question, Black Pride Ireland (BPI), at the height of the George Floyd protests in America last year. 

After raising the cash, ostensibly to finance workshops, speaking tours and travel to protests, the group became inactive. BPI's homepage has been mostly offline since June of last year. The group's Instagram has occasionally updated with appeals for more money, while their Facebook account hasn't said anything since September 2020. 

The group's mysterious disappearance prompted questions from donors angry at the money having been potentially stolen.  Last March, a local anti-white non-governmental organization called Migrants and Ethnic Minorities For Reproductive Rights (MERJ) released a statement from BPI assuring that everyone's money was going to the fundraiser's stated purpose, but that members were merely taking a prolonged break. 

Ireland Targeted For Washington's Globalist Experiment 

Ireland's close cultural and economic relationship with the United States and membership in the European Union has turned it into a petri dish for NGOs seeking to replace its native population and loosen its social and national cohesion.

Earlier this month, the Irish national team was booed and made fun of by fans during a match with Hungary after making the bizarre and belated decision to kneel in honor of George Floyd. Team manager Stephen Kenny, who presumably instructed his players to engage in the ridiculous gesture, expressed dismay that Hungarians jeered instead of joining in with the fad. 

But not all or even most Irish people approve of the direction their country is going in. Recently, famed columnist John Waters was reported to the police after he said in an interview that Leo Varadker, who is a gay Indian neo-liberal, is an ethnic interloper that should be barred from the country's politics. “He is not Irish. He’s an Indian who has no love for Ireland whatsoever...”

Source: National Justice

Gun Rights Truth!!


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Yids Love Me!!

 Over the past 24 hours I've had 4 dozen hits from occupied Palestine. Mossad faggots, I am assuming? Plus a few from the JOGs' lackies: cia/nsa...... I love being a dick. lol - I can only hazard a guess that it's the 2 kikes who were supposedly assaulted in Pgh? Most of the time the jews cry wolf. I don't believe for one minute that two yids were attacked. Not unless the negroes did it? One can dream....

Tell ya the truth, I am actually suprised they would pay attention to my antics? I mean, I'm an outcast of outcasts!! Are you nitwits bored? You don't actually believe I'd advertise my strikes, do you? Hmmm....??????


Hail The New Aryan Reich!!


The Rodina is the Third Reich Reborn!!

Hail White Unity!!

Hail World War 3!!



Bomb Squad of Jaggoffs at Penn + 10th!!

 Pgh bomb squad is downtown because someone throughout a backpack.... I have often told Lone Wolves to use a similar trick to get local JOGs to waste money. See, whenever someone drops off a 'suspicious' bag the bomb squad has to be called. That wastes money. Whenever someone calls in, on a burner phone, a tip that a hostage crisis is unfolding, swat has to be called. Wasting more money. Call in fake fires, robberies, etc till your area municipality goes bankrupt!!

Oklahoma: Alexander Feaster’s Two Years of Torment

 DR. LLOYD'S NOTE: Are any of you Lone Wolves going to do something about this, or just jerk off??? FIGHT BACK!!!!

Oklahoma: Alexander Feaster’s Two Years of Torment

by Chris Rossetti

His name is Alexander Feaster. Last June, he shot a hostile trespasser who ripped down and stole his flag after being egged on by an alcohol-fueled, anti-free-speech, likely politically-motivated mob across the street.

One of the crowd apparently had a gun at the ready, since it is now admitted it was trained on Mr. Feaster and his home during and immediately after the incident.

Now the 45-year-old Mr. Feaster is being — predictably, given the current political atmosphere — charged with crimes which could see him die in prison, while the woman who invaded and attacked his home and stole his property has not been charged with any crime. Those who egged her on in her invasion and theft (“dared her” “at a party” is the spin the controlled media are putting on it) have not been charged either — and likely have not even been investigated.

The trial is yet to begin, and a year later Mr. Feaster is beginning to speak out about his ordeal — though within limits set by his attorneys.

For a year or more, Alexander Feaster of the small town of Hunter, Oklahoma proudly displayed several National Socialist flags on his property. Atop his flagpole was a German NS battle flag, with the more familiar party and national flag beneath it. Another national flag flew from a slanted flagpole attached to his well-kept home. Other members of the community who lived nearby, even those who disagreed with Mr. Feaster’s political expressions, said they’d never had a moment of trouble or worry from him. He always had a smile for passers-by in the community, and even mowed lawns for some of his neighbors.

This doesn’t mean there hadn’t been threats against the outspoken 45-year-old Oklahoman, likely fueled by demonization of National Socialism by the churches, anti-White politicians, and especially by the controlled media, who falsely characterize National Socialism as uniquely “evil” and “violent.” This demonization has been especially strident in recent years, not only against National Socialism but against any expression of White racial consciousness or solidarity. This has led to massive rioting and violence in cities across America, and direct threats against Whites by haters emboldened by the Establishment’s not-so-subtle message that violence against Whites will be increasingly tolerated.

Mr. Feaster, who describes himself as a patriotic citizen and a loyal American, had experienced threats and harassment in the months leading up to the June 2020 incident from people enraged at his First Amendment-protected self-expression. His flags had been stolen — seven times. Drive-by shooters had fired shots onto his property.

Mr. Feaster posted “no trespassing” signs, and signs indicating the boundaries of his property. He made reports of the threats and shootings to local law enforcement authorities. But nothing was done.

Mr. Feaster has no criminal record whatsoever, and was honorably discharged from the United States Air Force, where he enlisted after Sept. 11, 2001, and served three tours overseas.

On June 28, 2020, a drunken mob (at least one of which apparently possessed a firearm) across the street from Feaster’s home (at what the media are describing as a “party”) allegedly “dared” a 26-year-old woman, Kyndal McVey, to steal one of Feaster’s flags, which she did, invading Feaster’s property despite the signs, running toward Feaster’s house, and seizing the flag attached to his home, only a very few feet from where he was apparently sitting at his window at her closest approach.

Until she actually grabbed the flag, Feaster could not have known what her intentions were. Indeed, he could not have know her further intentions, or the mob’s, even after the flag was stolen. Feaster responded with shots from his fully-legal AR-15 rifle, sending McVey to the hospital, where she recovered after surgery. Feaster states that McVey and the instigators caused him to believe he was in “imminent danger of death or great bodily harm.” Since the case has not yet come to trial, and Feaster has been advised by his attorneys not to elaborate at this time, we do not know what, if any, threats or other language from the mob or McVey may have taken place.

The police have charged Feaster with “assault and battery with a deadly weapon” and “assault with intent to kill,” which carry a maximum penalty of life in prison. Feaster says that McVey should have been charged with theft, trespassing, public intoxication, and a hate crime. He states that his rights to free speech have been violated repeatedly on the basis of his political viewpoints, with law enforcement refusing even to investigate threats and even firearms being fired at him at his home. He says that the fact that the flags he displayed are “associated in the public’s consciousness with the Third Reich and National Socialism” should not in any way be used to justify legal persecution, or lead to a refusal to charge persons who have committed crimes against him, both of which have occurred.

The police are making much of a few cigarette butts and a (perfectly legal) set of handcuffs being found near a chair at one of the home’s front windows, saying “There was a large ashtray containing several cigarette butts and a handcuff pouch containing handcuffs on a box next to the chair. It appeared that Mr Feaster was anticipating an incident to take place and had been watching from that spot.”

“Several” cigarette butts? Indicating he may have sat there for perhaps half an hour total since the last time the ashtray was emptied? Wow, such evidence! As if it’s unreasonable to “anticipate an incident” after what he has been through! The way Mr. Feaster is being treated by law enforcement is itself a crime. And handcuffs? If anything, they are proof that Mr. Feaster had no criminal intent whatsoever, and his plan if attacked again was to make a citizen’s arrest.

When McVey tried to get money and sympathy on a since-closed Facebook page, numerous commenters pushed back at her attempts at self-justification, saying, among other things, “Well, all this could have been prevented if that crazy girl didn’t intrude on the man’s property stealing what doesn’t belong to her. Stupid decisions come with severe consequences. Sorry, but she deserved every bit of it!”

Another said, “What’s crazy is, she didn’t have the right to grab anything from his porch, period. And I hope she learned her lesson — end of story.”

A third said, “This girl thought she was entitled to steal and trespass on another’s property! Unfortunately, her wounds are self-inflicted, and her drunken behavior reflects badly on her and her family.”

It’s no wonder that many controlled media sites have closed their comment sections. The Narrative doesn’t do well unless criticism of it is forbidden.

Mr. Feaster stated recently on the social media platform Gab:

Although I am not allowed, at this point, to comment freely about or upon the situation (per my legal counsel) and therefore cannot (as I would prefer) divulge the details of the case or anything not currently “public information,” in reply to your question: (per publicly available documentation) I have been charged with a crime or crimes, [have been] punished by two months of prison time (pre-trial detention), tens of thousands of dollars in the form of legal fees, bail/bond, loss of everything I’ve ever owned — for a crime I have not yet been convicted of committing. Charged with, yes… convicted… no. My defense (solicitors, your Folk call them I believe) and the state’s “prosecution,” are at the “pre-trial stage” of the process (after almost 13 months)…. Until the full trial is complete, and if and until a verdict of “guilty” is found, we cannot proceed to the sentencing stage of the process… though it seems, we can punish [with] the accusation of a “crime”, whether the target is convicted, or not.

In contrast, on the “other end of this beast,” those who committed crimes against me, resulting in my defense of my family, my own life, my home, and my property, have never been charged with a crime, at all….

Oh, and what about the gun that was aimed at Mr. Feaster? The media are now claiming it was held “by a witness” (no mention of the mob that egged on McVey) and aimed at Mr. Feaster “as a precaution.”

The “justice” system in America is politicized, broken, and has been seized by our deadly enemies. No White man, woman, or child is safe in America any more.

Today, they will refuse to protect you from violence and threats of violence if you display the “wrong” symbol or have ever said the “wrong” thing — and if you defend yourself, you will be prosecuted.

Tomorrow, the excuses will be even flimsier.

We are more than half of the way to completely legalized murder of Whites.

Source: Goy Rodef: The Sentinel and National Vanguard correspondents

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Critical Race Theory and its Evil Progeny Are All About Hatred of Whites

 Critical Race Theory and its Evil Progeny Are All About Hatred of Whites

by H. Millard

Don't be confused about Critical Race Theory (and some similar theories and beliefs), as some so-called conservatives seem to be.

Critical Race Theory (CRT) may have tinges of Marxism, Communism, Leftism, liberalism, and even Democratic Party thinking but, at its core, Critical Race Theory is a virulently anti-White philosophy that uses quasi-intellectual terms to promote anti-Whiteness towards anything that seems, no matter how slightly, pro-White. For example, you’ve probably read how “math is racist” toward non-Whites because students are taught (horrors!) that there are correct and incorrect answers.

To be clear, anything related to Whites or developed by Whites; be it something from history, or science, or literature, or art, or anything that can somehow be tied to Whites is hated. That is what Critical Race Theory is about.

So, please stop whimpering about it being “anti-Christian” or “anti-conservative,” or how it is Marxism, communism, etc. ad infinitum ad nauseum. It is about hating Whites and wanting all Whites dead. Period.

Come out from your mental fetal position in the corner where you are timidly hiding because of your fear of talking about race, and admit what you know.

If you were born White, be White, damn it! And be proud of it. Critical Race Theory is about hating you because you are White — and its proponents want you and all other Whites — from babies to the aged — dead. That’s it.

Just stop the pseudo-intellectual “Ahem, I believe Critical Race Theory is ah, anti-democratic (or Marxist, etc.) and I’m for democracy and mom and apple pie, and I don’t care who doesn’t like it because I’m a real tough talker and, ah, I’m not racist and I have Black friends.” Uh, no. That’s not tough. That’s the PC and cowardly thing to say, and far too many Whites go that way for fear of being called “racist.” It’s also very stupid. Hey, listen up: CRT is anti-White. Get it? It is part of a genocide against Whites. They want you, Whitey, dead!

Critical Race Theory is not even a generic “anti-racist” theory as some suggest, it is a kind of hyper-racism aimed only at one race: Whites. Critical Race Theory puts all POC (“People of Color”; their term) — Blacks, Browns, Reds, Yellows — on one side, and Whites and only Whites on the other side. Whites are seen as the devils and evil-doers throughout history, and in the present day as well. Get it? Critical Race Theory considers the entire White genome evil and something that must be wiped out. That means all White people must be killed off in one way or another so the wonderful POC can live without the harm that White devils do just by being alive.

Whites are considered the Covid-19 of humankind — a humanvirus pandemic that has plagued the planet ever since we came into existence, and Critical Race Theory wants to wipe us out to end the pandemic of Whiteness so the POC  can take off their masks and breathe freely. Whites are the carriers of Whiteness and are infecting the whole world with the disease of Whiteness, and to stop it Whites must be eradicated by any and all means. Give Whites birth control; give them easy-to-get abortions; tell them homosexuality is “cool”; trick them into mating with non-Whites; do whatever it takes to decrease their numbers and have them die off. And if all of that fails, just plain kill them with guns and knives.

Lately we’ve read reports of Asians, who are being attacked all over the country by Blacks, saying Blacks are doing that “because of White supremacy.” I kid you not. And of course such a statement from an Asian really means that Asian sides with Blacks against Whites and is okay with Critical Race Theory — the Hate Whites Theory.

In the news recently was case of an innocent little four-year-old White kid who was stabbed to death by a Black, and the cops say they “don’t know a motive.” How about the fact that the little kid was White? — could that have been the motive? He was killed because he was White and, remember, all Whites, no matter how young, must be wiped out if one believes Whites are evil and are like a virus plaguing the planet.

Such attacks on White people are usually hidden from us, getting no national news coverage. This hiding is pervasive in the controlled media, and police and politicians collaborate with the hiders. I’ve been writing about this for years yet still there are foolish Whites who don’t get it, just as there are foolish Whites who verbally attack other Whites who like being White and who don’t want to be killed or to go extinct.

Just the other day a Black at a meeting of armed and militant Blacks said, “There will come a time when we will kill everything White in sight.” Have you seen this in the “mainstream” (controlled) media? Of course not. The controlled media want to hide this from you.

Generally, it’s a good idea when someone says he wants to kill you to take him at his word.

Meanwhile, and in spite of the all the anti-White hatred and open threats, the FBI and the Departments of Justice and Defense are busy doing proctological exams of Whites to see if they have any pro-White views. And if any Whites soldiers do harbor any pro-White views they are apparently being booted out of the military. “Ve suspect you might like being White. Is zat right?”

Have we no better than beaten-down dogs? I saw a mewling comment recently from a  White guy who wrote against what he called “White racism” in the US because, he said, although the country was settled by Whites, “our future is now with Blacks, Browns and Asians.” No, dummy. The future of Whites is not with Blacks, Browns, and Asians. Whites are not part of that future.

The future of a genetically unique people (that means a race) — and Whites are a genetically unique people — is only possible if their genome continues to exist. We are our genes. Whites should not surrender and slink away into non-existence and say, “Gee, my people have all been dispossessed or killed off and now I’m one of the few White people left here and none of my ways as a White person that existed when my town was mostly White — my values of hard work, my crime free area, and the other things that are just nice and White and a product of White genes, don’t exist and no one around me looks or acts like me anymore, and I now have Black grandchildren. Golly, I’m sure happy about this.”

It’s been an incremental creep toward Critical Race Theory and the openly calling for the destruction of Whiteness and Whites generally.

Too many Whites are like frogs being cooked in a pot of water and not realizing it because the heat is being turned up a little at a time, incrementally boiling the frogs to death before they catch on and jump out.

It started in the US with forced busing, forced integration of everything, the 1965 Immigration Act, “Affirmative Action,” the criminalization of living freely among one’s own kind and only one’s own kind, all amidst talk of a “color-blind society.” Yeah, right.

Some of us saw this coming. I’ve been writing about it for many years, and I’ve seen how far too many Whites, seemingly afraid of their own shadows, try to deny it.

Let me emphasize the above. Racial integration and then Affirmative Action and then talk of a “color-blind society” and all the rest were all precursors to Critical Race Theory. I saw that from the start and have said it for many, many years, as have some others. But we are too few in number and constantly come up against those who are in denial or who think they can oppose this while not stating it directly — who hide behind wimpy euphemisms instead of saying,”Look, this is just about hating and harming Whites. Period. Full stop.” Instead they whine about “socialism” or some other thing that is tangential to the real core of it all, which is hatred of Whites.

Wake up, Whitey. There’s a target on your back and your uniform in the eternal race wars is your skin. You may be confused about your identity, but those who hate you aren’t. They see your White skin and know you are their enemy just by you being alive, even if you kowtow and genuflect to them and say you hate Whiteness and other Whites. No matter what they say, they want you dead and forgotten.

For now, they’re destroying your history. They’re tearing down statues of Whites. They’re renaming schools and streets to remove the names of White people. They’re teaching your White children to hate themselves for being White. They call you “racist,” “White supremacist,” and other names if you refuse to surrender and give up being who and what you are by birth. They want you to deny your Whiteness even as you  live (for the time being) in your White skin. But that’s just part of the incrementalism leading up to you being killed off in one way or another. You’re being boiled alive and you don’t know it. You are the frogs in the pot.

And still you don’t get it? Still, you mumble about how you are “against Marxism and Communism” and completely miss the point? It’s not essentially about those things. It’s essentially about race. And always has been. It’s about hating the White race and wanting us to die off or be killed off. It’s not about rich against poor or class against class. It’s about race.

Source: National Vanguard

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Recent antisemitic attacks spur warning from Pittsburgh Jewish organization

 DR. LLOYD'S NOTE: Who could be doing such things???


Recent antisemitic attacks spur warning from Pittsburgh Jewish organization

 Pittsburgh Post-Gazette logo 


Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

 JUN 22, 2021 4:13 PM

A Squirrel Hill resident was hospitalized with broken bones after being attacked in what the Jewish Federation of Greater Pittsburgh says is one of recent antisemitic attacks against the Jewish community.

The attacks have prompted the federation to warn its members to “be vigilant” but to continue going about their daily activities. 

So far during the month of June, four members of the Orthodox Jewish community in Pittsburgh’s Squirrel Hill neighborhood have been assaulted and subjected to antisemitic slurs after leaving Sunday evening services.


“We have seen over the past month or so a rise in antisemitism that was largely spurred by the conflict between Israel and Hamas,” said Shawn Brokos, the director of Jewish community security for the federation.

 Jewish congregation in Tree of Life massacre asks Attorney General Merrick Garland to forgo Bowers death penalty

“We have seen it across the nation; we’ve seen it globally, and up until two weeks ago we hadn’t seen it impact us in Pittsburgh.”

On June 6, three members of the Jewish community were walking home from a synagogue in Squirrel Hill when someone yelled out antisemitic slurs.

The speech used toward the three, Ms. Brokos said, was “clearly antisemitic and hateful.”

A week later, on June 13, one man was assaulted while walking home from another synagogue in Squirrel Hill. The victim was thrown to the ground during the assault, Ms. Brokos said.

He had broken bones and was taken to the hospital and later had to undergo hip replacement surgery, according to Ms. Brokos.

Police are investigating whether it was a hate crime.

The assailants in both attacks were men, but it is unclear if it was the same person, Ms. Brokos said.


suburban-Philadelphia congregation when several guests with suspicious usernames began posting pornographic images and antisemitic messages like "Hitler should have finished the job." One of them posted Rabbi Cherry's home address.

Peter Smith

Antisemitic acts in Pa., U.S. remain at high levels, ADL says

The organization’s security team is advising people to “immediately report any incidents to 911 and then to the federation.” 

“What may seem possibly insignificant might be a larger part of a very important piece of a puzzle,” Ms. Brokos said. “I think with increased reporting it helps investigators and also the community at large.”

Pittsburgh Public Safety spokesman Maurice Matthews said the police and the Jewish community are “always in constant communication with each other.

“Police advise the public if they are assaulted to notify them and file a report,” he added.

Members can report any incident to the federation through an incident report form on its website. All reports are tracked within the federation and shared with the FBI and the Anti-Defamation League to monitor any potential trends or increases in violence.

The Pittsburgh federation is among the many Jewish groups and political leaders who have been sounding the alarm about a rise in verbal, physical and online attacks against the Jewish community in multiple countries as they warn the ongoing conflict between Israel and Gaza is fueling antisemitism.

Over the past few months, antisemitic attacks have been reported globally, as far as Germany, and in the United States in Los Angeles, New York and as close as Cleveland, Ms. Brokos said. 

She noted that a list of safety tips was sent out to community members that encouraged people to be “situationally aware” and to have conversations with children and teens about violence and how to report suspicious behavior and other threats.

“Instead of people living in fear, I encourage them to go about their daily business but just be aware of their surroundings and rely on one another for safety and security,” Ms. Brokos said. “If we stop going to service, or walking to synagogue or amending our daily routines, then fear has won, and we can’t let that happen to us here in Pittsburgh.”

Squirrel Hill was the site of America’s worst antisemitic attack on the morning of Oct. 27, 2018, when a gunman killed 11 worshippers at the Tree of Life synagogue. Several others were injured.

First Published June 22, 2021, 4:02pm

Police Investigating 2 Attacks Against Members Of Jewish Community In Pittsburgh

 DR. LLOYD'S NOTE: Take that, you bitches!!!!


Police Investigating 2 Attacks Against Members Of Jewish Community In Pittsburgh

Author: Chris Hoffman

June 23, 2021 at 7:41 pm

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — Jewish leaders say anti-Semitism is on the rise across the country.

In the last month, there have been two attacks against four Orthodox Jewish people in Squirrel Hill. Both attacks were in the evening.

According to Shawn Brokos, director of community security for the Greater Pittsburgh Jewish Federation, one was a verbal assault and the other a beating.

The verbal assault was on June 4, when three people were screamed at near Beechwood Boulevard and Denniston Avenue. A man allegedly yelled anti-Semitic comments at them.

“It was very hateful in what was said, very derogatory,” Brokos said.

Then on June 13, a man was attacked while leaving a service near Murray Avenue and Bartlett Street. The victim went to the hospital and had his hip replaced.

At this point, the federation can’t concretely attribute that attack to anti-Semitism. Pittsburgh police are investigating.

“Whether it’s an attack on the Jewish community or the community in Pittsburgh, it’s an attack against one of us in the community. That’s an attack against all of us,” Brokos said.

“We can’t tolerate that. That’s just unacceptable,” state Representative Dan Frankel said.

Rep. Frankel represents the neighborhood and is working on a package of bills to address hate crimes.

“The legislation alone doesn’t do it but I think it’s a start,” Rep. Frankel said.

He’s hoping to introduce the bills after work on the state budget is done.

“We’re hoping that we can get the Republicans, who control the agenda in the House and Senate, to help us move this legislation,” Rep. Frankel said.

As the local Jewish community deals with more hateful acts, they say their faith will not falter.

“These types of verbal or physical assaults are not going to stop them from worshipping or going to services and going about their daily lives,” Brokos said.

Leaders are asking the community to protect each other. They want to remind you: If you see something, say something.

Part's 1 + 2 of radio show Episode 9!!

 Positivity In Creativity - Part 1

Positivity in Creativity - Part 2

Celebration of the Thanksgiving Day in Bückeberge, Germany (1937)

 Nazi Celebration of Thanksgiving:

Celebration of the Thanksgiving Day in Bückeberge, Germany (1937)

The Reich Harvest Thanksgiving Festival (German: Das Reichserntedankfest) was a monumental National Socialist celebration of the peasantry and the German farmers.

The festivals ran from 1933 to 1937 on the Bückeberg, a hill near the town of Hamelin. Most festivals occurred every October, with the 1934 festival commencing 30 September. The official purpose of the festival was the recognition of the achievements of the German farmers, whom the National Socialists called the Reichsnährstand (the Reich’s Food Estate). The celebration was also used by the National Socialists to demonstrate the connection between Adolf Hitler and the German people. The festival was part of a cycle of National Socialist celebrations which included the annual party rally at Nuremberg, Adolf Hitler’s birthday celebrations and other important events on the National Socialist calendar.

In 1937, the festival was attended by about 1.2 million people, culminating with Adolf Hitler walking through the Führerweg (Führer’s way) to the harvest monument, in the form of an altar, to receive the harvest crown from the Farmers’ Estate on behalf of the German people. The festival was attended by more people than any other National Socialist ceremony or ritual activity, including the party rally at Nuremberg.

In addition to its agricultural theme, the festival was used by the National Socialists to increase the contact of the Führer with the masses and to demonstrate the Reich’s military prowess. From 1935, Wehrmacht staged mock battles at the festival with the participation of up to 10,000 soldiers, airplanes and panzers. In 1933, during his inaugural speech at the festival, Hitler announced the passage of a new law, the Reichserbhofgesetz, the State Hereditary Farm Law, which provided safeguards for the integrity of ownership of some family farms.


The location of the hill near Hamelin was chosen for political, historical and infrastructure reasons. Hamelin, a town in Lower Saxony, was an urban centre which had the infrastructure to support mass gatherings of such size. In addition, National Socialist support in the region was high. The National Socialists also made frequent mentions of the historic struggles of the Germanic tribes which had settled the area. The nearby Weser River was referred to as the „most German of all rivers“. The Weser region was also significant for the National Socialists, and appealed to their mysticism, because it was believed that it was there that Arminius had defeated the Romans and Saxon leader Widukin had defeated Charlemagne’s army.


Dr. Joseph Goebbels chose Albert Speer as the designer of the grounds. The initial design of the place opted for simplicity to better reflect the rural roots of the celebration. Two stages were erected which were connected by a long corridor. A circular area featuring thousands of flagpoles was also constructed. The inaugural celebrations in 1933 were met with success and this led Dr. Goebbels to the idea of converting the grounds to a „Germanic cult place“ (Reichsthingstätte). Additions included a monument which was to last for eternity, construction of new roads, renovations of existing train stations and the construction of a new Führerbahnhof which was Adolf Hitler’s own train station purpose-built for his arrival during the celebrations. The new design was also created by Speer.


As part of the celebrations, choirs consisting of thousands of singers sang nationalist anthems while pictures of distinguished farmers were distributed to the crowds. The most anticipated moment of the celebration was the arrival of the Führer at noon, followed by Adolf Hitler walking on the Führerweg (Führer’s way) toward the monument where a peasant woman at the altar awarded him the harvest crown. The 600-metre procession took the Führer 45 minutes to complete due to frequent stops to meet and greet the crowd.

In 1938, most of the preparations for the festival were finalised when the plans were abruptly cancelled due to logistical problems caused by the pending returning of the Sudetenland aria to Germany which necessitated the use of trains to move military materiel to the border rather than transporting peasants to Bückeberg to attend the celebrations.

More National Socialist Groups Added to Canada’s Terrorist List

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More National Socialist Groups Added to Canada’s Terrorist List

Banks can now freeze assets and police can charge anyone who financially supports them.

Another National Socialist group, Aryan Strikeforce, was added to the Criminal Code list of terrorist groups.

"The UK-founded NS group, which has contacts in Canada, aims to carry out activities to overthrow governments, start a race war and eradicate ethnic minorities", said officials.

Canada also has added to the list the American patriot James Mason. The government describes him as longtime National Socialist who has providing ideological and tactical instruction on how to operate "terrorist groups".

The federal government created the terrorist list after the 9/11 attacks. The government says a group is added to the list when Canada's security and intelligence agencies, following an "extremely rigorous" probe, find "reasonable grounds to believe that an entity has knowingly participated in or facilitated a terrorist activity."

Public Safety Minister Bill Blair has also added to the federal government's list of terrorist entities the Three Percenters movement — an anti-government group with a known presence in Canada that was linked to an alleged bomb plot in the U.S.

It's one of four organizations added today to the Criminal Code's list of terrorist entities in an attempt to prevent them from accessing financial support.

The Three Percenters — named after historical fact that only three per cent of Americans took up arms and served in George Washington's Colonial Army in the American Revolution against the British — say their main goals are to protect the right to bear arms, defend against an overreaching government and push back against tyranny.

Canadian officials speaking on background said they've "gathered enough evidence" to add the group to the list.

In materials provided to journalists, the government cited the role played by two of the group's leaders in a 2020 plot to kidnap Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer — a plan which allegedly involved detonating explosives and executing public officials by hanging them on live television.

Canadian officials also cited a case of a Three Percenters member shooting and wounding five negroes at a Black Lives Matter demonstration in Minnesota in 2015.

Three Percenters are known to have chapters in Canada.

It is not necessarily a crime to be a member of these groups, but designating an organization as a terrorist entity can have serious criminal and financial consequences.

Banks can freeze the assets of listed terror groups and police can charge anyone who financially or materially supports such groups.

Gerhard Lauck: Joachim Peiper’s Final Struggle against Communism

 Gerhard Lauck: Joachim Peiper’s Final Struggle against Communism

Joachim Peiper was born on January 30th, 1915 as the son of an officer’s family in Berlin.

He belonged to the Leibstandarte SS Adolf Hitler. In 1938, he became the adjutant of Reichsführer SS Heinrich Himmler. But as the war started, he wanted to serve at the front line. He commanded the 10th SS Leibstandarte A.H. company in Poland, Holland, Belgium and in France.

In 1941 he fought in Russia with the 3rd Panzergrenadier battalion of the SS Panzergrenadier regiment 2. He replaces the 320th infantry division of General Postel, encircled in Kharkov.

On March 19th 1943 he takes Bielgorod. In September 1943 he is in Italy. In November of the same year he fights for the Reich in Jitomir and with the 1st army breaks through the encirclement at Kamenets Podolsk.

Until October 1944 he fought at the West Front. On December 16th 1944 – under the command of Sepp Dietrich’s 6th Panzer army – he is at the spearhead of the offensive in the Ardennes with his 1st SS Panzer division L.A.H.

He advanced to La Gleize near Stavelot. Cut off from the rest of the army, he was encircled. But he could escape with his men, on foot and in icy cold, leaving back all the war material. Always fighting under Sepp Dietrich’s command, he battled the Soviets until the end, at the west of the Danube near Vienna. The same way in the alps at St. Pollen and Krems where he and his men finally surrendered to the Americans. He made it to SS-Obersturmbannführer and bearer of the Knight’s Cross with Swords.

After Germany’s capitulation this flawless, noble-minded and incredibly brave soldier was imprisoned, beaten and humiliated. He was accused of having ordered the execution of American POWs at Baugnez near Malmedy during the offensive in the Ardennes: Caught by the Kampfgruppe J.P., the captured U.S. soldiers were taken to a meadow to wait there for their transport to the front line. Peiper left back some of his men as guards. He himself drove at the head of his tanks far in front of the following troops to Ligneuville. As most of the Kampfgruppe troops arrived in Baugnez, the troops remained there chatted with their comrades left behind. A Spähwagen had a breakdown and was repaired. Suddenly a soldier sitting on a tank startled and noticed that some of the American prisoners had made use of their inattentiveness and wanted to flee. But a shot fired from his handgun caused panic among the prisoners who were running away in all directions. Submachine guns were used and 21 Americans shot while fleeing.

After the capitulation the men of the 1st SS Panzer division were tracked down and taken to the camp Zuffenhausen. 400 were transferred to the prison of Schwäbisch Hall near Stuttgart. Peiper’s troops consisted of mostly very young soldiers. One was 16, two were 17, eleven were 18 and eight were 19 years old. 22 of the 72 convicts were thereby below the age of 20; all of them were tortured in order to force any confessions. Peiper was an example for his crew, and under his command the team made well. There was never any betrayal among his units. The men were taken to the KZ Dachau where 72 of the 74 accused were convicted at a show trial. One commited suicide, one was Alsatian and was handed over to a French court. 43 – among them Peiper, who was called to account for his men’s actions – were sentenced to death by hanging, 22 to life imprisonment, eight to 20, eleven to ten years of prison. The trial was later newly heard and the sentence to death was replaced by life imprisonment. After eleven years of custody, J. Peiper was released as the last of his comrades in December 1956.

In January 1957 he started to work for Porsche in Frankfurt. Syndicates demanded his dismissal. Afterwards he worked for VW in Stuttgart, but there he was dismissed as well because of leftist agitation. With this he realized that he could not remain any longer in Germany and moved with his family to France. During the offensive in 1940 he had become acquainted with the region around the Langres Plateau and already at that time he loved it as a beautiful and quiet place. He then helped a French POW, a German-friendly nationalist, who had to work in Reutlingen for some relatives of Peiper like a forced labor convict in a garage. But there was a regulation between France and Germany, enabling the release of two French POWs for every voluntary worker willing to work in Germany. On Peiper’s recommendation that man, Gauthier, was allowed to return to his family. He had not forgotten Peiper and as he had to leave Germany in 1957, it was Gauthier who helped him and sold him the watermill of Traves. That building was in bad condition and Peiper did not have the necessary financial means to restore the mill. SS-Obersturmbannführer Erwin Ketelhut has afterwards taken over the water mill and in 1960 Peiper made build a house in Spannplate, high up on the bank of the Saone, hidden by bushes, not to see from the streets and like a military fortification. He had lived there – despite threats and anonymous phone calls – quite peacefully for over sixteen years.

On July 11th 1976 he bought some wire for a kennel in a shop in Vesoul, the capitol of that department. The salesman was an Alsatian: Paul Cacheux, member of the communist party, recognized through his accent that he was German and asked him whether he had been in France during the war. Peiper paid with a check with his name and address on it. Paul Cacheux looked up Peiper’s name in the "brown list" where all wanted Germans were registered. He passed his data over to the Resistance. On June 22nd 1976 the French communist newspaper "L’Humanité" wrote: „What does this Nazi do in France?". It was demanded to force Peiper to leave France. Flyers showing Peiper as a war criminal and Nazi were distributed to people in Traves. "Peiper, we’ll deliver you a 14 July!" was smeared on walls. July 14th is of course the French national holiday.

The morning of July 13th Peiper sent his wife, suffering from cancer, back to Germany. He himself did not want to leave his house because he expected it to be burned down. His neighbor Ketelhut had suggested to pass the night in the water mill but Peiper rejected that offer. He did not want Ketelhut staying with him either, since he would have shot any attackers. "No", he said, "It’s been already killed enough." Joachim Peiper waited on the veranda of his house from where he could observe the Saone river. Erwin Ketelhut had lent him his rifle. At 10:30 pm he heard a noise in the bushes and saw a dozen men climbing up the river bank. He shot in the air to intimidate the drunk intruders. She called him to come outside. He did that and opened the door in order to talk to them.

What happened afterwards can only be told by the culprits. Obersturmbannführer Joachim Peiper’s body was found charred and only one meter in size, he had no hands and feet. He died at about 1:00 am. The house was burned down, the ceiling broken in. What happened between 11:30 pm and 1:00 am? Was the Obersturmbannführer alive when he was mutilated? Was he still alive when he was burned? The culprits had poured gas on the floor, lit with a mixture of petrol and motor oil. Peiper lay in his bedroom, on the left side with his back to the wall, one arm bowed before his chest. Nothing had fallen upon him. He died by the immense heat. The body was not cremated but shrunken.

Erwin Ketelhut and the French having known and liked him shared the opinion that this knightly man, having defied so many dangers, should not have died this way. The murderers had driven with their car over a meadow to the river bank where two barges lay ready. With them they had crossed the Saone and afterwards had to climb up the steep bank through bushes. After the murder they ran the other way back over the meadows, in front of the house, to the street. The firemen searched the river for missing body parts. The French police’s investigation work took six months. The communists from Vesoul and the Resistance members were questioned. Nobody knew anything! Then the case was shelved. Nobody was ever arrested or punished! The area of Traves is not densely populated, there are only about ten inhabitants per square kilometer. Everybody knows everyone there and the people know everything about each other.

The culprits are known to the inhabitants, but the people say nothing. In the night from 13th to 14th July we have a protest vigil for Obersturmbannführer and bearer of the Knight’s Cross Joachim Peiper. The injustice made to him will not remain unpunished! With this cruel death Joachim Peiper has paid his last respects to his people and his homeland.

Gerhard Lauck (NSDAP/AO)

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The British Who Fought with the Germans

 The British Who Fought with the Germans

The first recruits to the Corps came from a group of prisoners of war (POWs) at a "holiday camp" set up by the Germans in Genshagen, a suburb of Berlin, in August 1943.

(Europeans WorldWide)

During World War II numerous Waffen SS volunteer units were formed from the Nordic countries. This strategy was encouraged by the Reichsführer Heinrich Himmler who stated, “We must attract all the Nordic blood in the world to us, and so deprive our enemies of it so that never again will Nordic or Germanic blood fight against us.” Over half the Waffen SS was made up of non-German nationality. Waffen SS volunteers came from Denmark, Norway, Switzerland, Finland, Croatia, Ukraine, Latvia, Hungary, Spain, and Sweden and from Russians and Cossacks. One force was formed into Der Britisches Freikorps otherwise known as The British Free Corps (BFC).

The BFC was the brainchild of John Amery, eldest son of Secretary for India of the British Government, the Rt. Hon. Leopold Stennett Amery, MP. His son, John Amery, had fought against Communism in the Spanish Civil War where he gained Spanish citizenship. In 1939 Amery moved to France and subsequently to Germany in 1942. From Germany, he broadcast radio messages to Britain calling for peace between Britain and Germany.

Amery founded The League of St. George. The unit was intended to be a non-combat unit made up of British prisoners of war prepared to spread the National Socialist message to fellow prisoners of war. The Wehrmacht High Command insisted on the Legion being a combat unit. On January 1, 1944, the BFC was officially formed. Volunteers signed a pledge, which read:

“I, (name of the volunteer) being a British subject, consider it my duty to offer my services in the common European struggle against Communism, and hereby apply to enlist in the British Free Corps.”

Interestingly, before the BFC came into being, a number of British volunteers had fought in some Totenkopf units. In May 1940, a Waffen SS manpower report mentions British volunteers serving in the SS Totenkopf Division and Standarten units.

Amery soon resigned from the Corps as he wanted the volunteers to wear British uniforms. However, the SS insisted on the wearing of the SS uniforms with British insignia (Union Flag arm shields and the Three Lions collar patches). Amery moved to Italy where he became an advisor to Italian leader Benito Mussolini.

SS Hauptsturmfuhrer Hans Roebke then took command of the British Free Corps. The Hauptsturmfuhrer was replaced in November 1944 by Obersturmfuhrer Dr. Kuehlich. By 1945 Captain Webster, a British Army Officer was also involved in the leadership of the British Free Corps.

By spring 1945 the British Free Corps was sent to Steinhoefel where the III SS Panzer Corps (Germanic) Headquarters was situated under the leadership of Ogrusturmfuhrer Felix Steiner. The British volunteers were assigned to the Nordland Division. It was within this Division that many of them saw action in the defence of Berlin although many Britons otherwise saw service with the Leibstandarte SS.

Palace writers hostile to the BFC claim its members never saw active service; this is not the case. Reproduced is a letter from Anthony Byers of Effingham, Surrey that was printed in the Daily Express.

Antony Beevor (Inside Hitler’s Concrete Tomb, last week) mentions the foreign SS troops who helped to defend Berlin. Among them were soldiers of the British Free Corps, who were released from a prisoner of war camps in return for donning German SS uniforms, with the understanding that they would not be asked to fight their own countrymen. As a National Serviceman stationed in Berlin, I met a Russian Red Army officer who was impressed by the fighting spirit of eight misguided British soldiers.

“They (British troops) held up an entire Russian regiment for almost two days until they ran out of ammunition. Only two survived to surrender and were promptly shot by the understandably irritated Russians, who had lost almost 100 men and three tanks.”

“The Russian officer said that had SS Unterscharfuher Cornfield and a soldier identified as Pleed been fighting the Germans; they would have deserved the Victoria Cross (VC). He told me: “I hope the British invented a good story for their families, for a brave soldier is still a brave soldier even when a traitor to his country.”

Siegrunen 63 has this to say of Reginald Leslie Cornfield. “Reginald Cornfield is thought to be the only British Free Corps member to be killed in action. On 27 April 1945, during the battle for Berlin, Cornfield disabled a Soviet tank with a Panzerfaust. The tank crew then tracked him down and shot him. Due to his unusual BFC uniform, his Soldbuch (Identity Book) was taken and kept by the Russian officer. Nothing is recorded of Pleed.

John Amery’s book England and Europe were distributed to British prisoners of war from April 21, 1943, in the hope that they would join the Legion of St. George. The book is vehemently anti-Communist. The unique work details such things as what happens to the general population of countries when Communism (Bolshevism) takes over; who instigated the war and who was likely to profit from such a war. England and Europe also warn that Britain would lose her empire to the benefit of both Russia and the USA.

One of the first to volunteer was ‘Frank Wood’ (many members used pseudonyms) who drafted a recruitment leaflet for the BFC, which was dropped by the Luftwaffe to British front-line troops fighting in Italy.

Fellow Countrymen! We of the BRITISH FREE CORPS are fighting for you. We are fighting with the best of Europe’s youth to preserve our European civilisation and our common cultural heritage from the menace of Jewish Communism. MAKE NO MISTAKE ABOUT IT! Europe includes England. Should Soviet Russia overcome Germany and other European countries fighting with her, nothing on this earth would save the Continent from Communism, and our own country sooner or later would eventually succumb. We are British. We love England and all it stands for. Most of us have fought on the battlefields of France, of Libya, Greece, and Italy, and many of our best comrades-in-arms are lying there ~ sacrificed in this war of Jewish revenge. We felt then that we were being lied to and betrayed. Now we know it for certain. This conflict between England and Germany is racial SUICIDE. We must UNITE and take up arms against the common enemy. We ask you to join us in our struggle. We ask you to come into our ranks and fight shoulder to shoulder with us for Europe and for England. ~ Published by the British Free Corp.

John Amery was arrested in Italy. Despite having taken Spanish citizenship prior to World War Two the martyr for a free Europe was hanged at Wandsworth Prison on December 9, 1945.

A similar fate also befell Irish-American William Joyce. He had implored British prisoners of war to enlist in the British Free Corps. Despite being born in New York in 1906 and being of Irish parentage Joyce was controversially found guilty of treason.

The problem British Free Corp volunteers was that, unlike the other European volunteers, Britain was still at war with Germany. Other European countries had surrendered to Germany or were allies of Germany. The legality of the British Free Corp was something that concerned the German High Command right.

That these volunteers were found guilty of treason despite never having taken up arms against their fellow countrymen is surely a travesty of justice.

As early as 1941, after Japan entered the war, the Fuhrer told Walter Hewel, one of his staff members,

“Strange, that we are destroying the positions of the White Race in East Asia with the help of Japan, while Britain has joined the Bolshevik swine in the fight against Europe.”