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RUSSIA, The Great Protector Of The White Race!!

 RUSSIA, The Great Protector Of The White Race!!

Hail The Glorious RODINA!!

May She Annihilate The JOG!!


Birthday Wish for Hitler is a “Hate Crime” in Canada

DR. LLOYD'S NOTE: I go up to canuckastan about twice a year and put up fliers. Faggots haven't stopped me yet!! I say, if they tell you you can't speak your mind, then shot them and their families dead, just as George Washington said. Free Speech above ALL else!!

Birthday Wish for Hitler is a “Hate Crime” in Canada

Graffiti spray-painted at a Calgary, Canada playground on the day once celebrated as Adolf Hitler’s birthday is being investigated as a hate crime, according to police.

Investigators say someone painted the words “I love Hitler” and other things on the parking lot of the playground at 384 Woodvale Drive S.W.

Historically, Hitler’s birthday was marked on April 20, and the day was a national holiday in Germany under the National Socialist era.

“This incident is being investigated as a hate crime because it is a criminal offence to deface public property and the vandalism is of an offensive nature to the Jewish community," police said in a news release.

“Vandalism is more than a property offence, it often has a lasting emotional impact on people whose homes and properties are damaged, especially if the vandalism indicates that victims have been intentionally targeted due to a personal characteristic or trait.”

Police said evidence of "hate motivation" behind a crime is considered by the courts once a person is found guilty.

If, during sentencing, the judge decided "hate" was a motivating factor, it is considered an aggravating factor and can be added to the criminal’s sentence.

Just over a week ago, police issued a public plea looking for help investigating another possibly "hate-motivated" graffiti "attack", that saw "KKK" and "rat" spray-painted on a person’s home in the northwest.

Australian Auction House Draws Jewish Attacks for Selling Items Belonging to Adolf Hitler

 Australian Auction House Draws Jewish Attacks for Selling Items Belonging to Adolf Hitler

As many as eight items belonging to Adolf Hitler were sold under the hammer by JB Military Antiques at Morley, in Perth’s north-east in Australia.

Several items including a $29,000 cigar box and $19,000 hairbrush previously owned by the Führer were sold at the auction. A white metal hand mirror was sold for $15,000, a gravy boat was sold for $11,500 and a metal boot brush fetched $13,000 during the auction. Hitler’s tableware collection went for $25,000, a cast-iron wall plaque sold for $1,300 and a fork that belonged to Eva Braun, his mistress, was auctioned for $3,800.

The eight items that once belonged to Hitler were part of 500 military memorabilia sold by JB Military Antiques store during the auction. Interestingly, each item was emblazoned with the National Socialist coat of arms and Hitler’s initials ‘AH’.

JB Military Antiques drew heavy Jewish attacks for hosting the auction a week ahead of Anzac Day, which is celebrated every year on April 25. It is a national day of remembrance in Australia and New Zealand that broadly commemorates all Australians and New Zealanders who served and died in all wars, conflicts, and peacekeeping operations and the contribution and suffering of all those who have served.

The Jewish critics slammed the auction by terming it as a "cruel celebration" of Hitler’s regime and as "spitting on the grave" of brave diggers. They also called for the sale of "Nazi memorabilia" to be banned, a Daily Mail report said.

Condemning the sale of Hitler’s items and calling the auction as a "celebration of his cruel regime of mass murder and torture", Jewish supremacist Anti-Defamation Commission chairman Dvir Abramovich said, "If Hitler was alive today, he would be thanking JB Military Antiques and applauding their lurid trade, delighted that his legacy is being mainstreamed and promoted in Australia."

Responding to the criticism, Jamey Blewitt owner of JB Military Antiques said the sale was just business and that the store did not take a political stance.

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Skinhead on the Bus....

 I woke up today, COLD, and decided I would just ride the bus today. All day. All fucking cold day long.... Yesterday was freezing!! Anyway, rode 8 buses today. No shit. Just decided I would ride around TAWN and see the people. Ok, technically nine buses. But one didn't count. Passed out a few fliers. Just small cc sized piece's. Didn't eat anything all day. Hungry. On my last bus now. Had a little fun in doing this. Sometimes I just ride a bus. Sometimes I just walk around. Sometimes I bike. Just like to walk and think. Sometimes I listen to racial cassettes or CDs. Sometimes I debate. Anyway, on to supper!!

Austrian Cop Gets 10-month Sentence for Posting Photo of Hitler’s Favourite Meal

 G.W. HAYDUKE NOTE: The jew media claims that the Skinhead movement is rising in Germany. If true I hope to see you guys target the families of those responsible for this kidnapping by SKINNING their children alive!!

Austrian Cop Gets 10-month Sentence for Posting Photo of Hitler’s Favourite Meal

An Austrian police officer received a suspended prison sentence of ten months for posting the apparent favourite food of Adolf Hitler.

The man, who has not been identified, shared the photograph on Facebook last year, on April 20, Hitler’s birthdate, reports.

“Lunch today! Egg dumplings with green salad!” the man posted, together with a photo. “Blondi is missing,” one of the defendant’s friends wrote, allegedly in reference to Hitler’s dog, according to ORF, an Austrian public broadcaster.

Unless he breaks the conditions of his sentence, the suspended sentence means the man won’t actually have to spend time in prison.

Several outlets at the time reported that the commenter and the officer both resigned as members of the patriotic Freedom Party of Austria (FPO) after the posts were made.

The defence’s argument that the photo was a coincidence, and that “Blondi” was in reference to a blonde beer, failed to convince the jury.

The police officer was found guilty by a vote of five to three, although the conviction could change, the broadcaster reported. He was given a ten-month suspended prison sentence and fined €6,300 ($9,500) at a regional court in Eisenstadt, eastern Austria. It’s unclear whether he will exercise his option to appeal.

The man was charged under the orwellian Verbotsgesetz 1947, also known as the Prohibition Act 1947, which aims to put an end to patriotism and National Socialism.

The man was temporarily suspended as a police officer, but had subsequently resumed duty. A spokesperson for Burgenland State Police Command said they’re determining further disciplinary action.

Adolf Hitler: In the Thicket of the Forest at Artois, 1916 (poem)

 Adolf Hitler: In the Thicket of the Forest at Artois, 1916 (poem)

In the Thicket of the Forest at Artois

WWI Poem by Adolf Hitler

(Direct English Translation)

It was in the thicket of the Artois Wood.

Deep in the trees, on blood-soaked ground,

Lay stretched a wounded German warrior,

And his cries rang out in the night.

In vain ... no echo answered his plea ...

Will he bleed to death like a beast,

That shot in the gut dies alone?

Then suddenly ...

Heavy steps approach from the right

He hears how they stamp on the forest floor ...

And new hope springs from his soul.

And now from the left ...

And now from both sides …

Two men approach his miserable bed

A German it is, and a Frenchman.

And each watches the other with distrustful glance,

And threatening they aim their weapons.

The German warrior asks:

"What do you do here?"

"I was touched by the needy one's call for help."

"It's your enemy!"

"It is a man who suffers."

And both, wordless, lowered their weapons.

Then entwined their hands

And, with muscles tensed, carefully lifted

The wounded warrior, as if on a stretcher,

And carried him through the woods.

'Til they came to the German outposts.

"Now it is over. He will get good care."

And the Frenchman turns back toward the woods.

But the German grasps for his hand,

Looks, moved, into sorrow-dimmed eyes

And says to him with earnest foreboding:

"I know not what fate holds for us,

Which inscrutably rules in the stars.

Perhaps I shall fall, a victim of your bullet.

Maybe mine will fell you on the sand

For indifferent is the chance of battles.

Yet, however it may be and whatever may come:

We lived these sacred hours,

Where man found himself in man ...

And now, farewell! And God be with you!

Adolf Hitler, 1916

Wednesday, April 21, 2021

No Nation Can Stop Mother Russia!!

 Russia will eviscerate ALL enemies!!

Especially the JOG!!

Death to amerika!!


Commander Dildo Kidnapped then released:

 El Commandante of the NSM, the same schnook that called Hitler a christ-insaner, was kidnapped after his tiny rally of 16 or so people. Perhaps if he prays to jesus the taco vendor he will get off? Purhaps not.... Hey, bub, maybe next time don't bash Der Fuhrer with slander! Then just maybe I'd give a shit about you. Hard to call a guy a Komrade when he spits on Hitler's memory. So, ya, fuck him.

Radio Interview: 20th April

 Ghost Radio Interview With Rev. Lloyd

Tuesday, April 20, 2021

New POBox Contact!!

 We got our OFFICIAL pobox. Finally! This contact address is handled by Sister Ivanava in Austin, tx. Keep in mind that our Sister only goes to check mail once a week. So if you write exspect the responce to be a few days late. This is mostly for donated items, WRL orders, and prison outreach. I realize most people just text or email. But I am old school, and an occasional letter is always nice. Please forward this address to inmates of the JOG. WE ANSWER ALL LETTERS, INCLUDING PRISON MAIL!!!! I know what it's like to be inside and get mail. A joy no one outside of prison can ever understand. So we WILL answer you!!!! Anything important is photoed and emailed to me. General inquiries shall be handled out of Texas.

For texting and calls use our hotline # at:


You may address letters as such:

* Hardy Lloyd

* Reverend Lloyd

* Church of Ben Klassen

H. L.

PO Box 301792

Austin, TX 78703


 And a happy Fuhrertag to all!!

Hitler, P.B.U.H., gave ALL MANKIND hope and light in an age of darkening dispare. We give thanks on this day to our Holy Savior and his message of peace and justice. May we live up to his glory.


Russia, The Strong!!

 We will destroy you, JOG!!

Death to amerika!!


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Bethel Park woman paralyzed 12 hours after getting first dose of Pfizer vaccine

 Bethel Park woman paralyzed 12 hours after getting first dose of Pfizer vaccine, doctors searching for answers

April 19, 2021 at 6:44 pm EDT

By Jillian Hartmann, WPXI-TV

BETHEL PARK, Pa. — There have been some negative side effects reported worldwide from the Pfizer, Moderna and Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 vaccines, but a Bethel Park woman told Channel 11 she has been affected by something that hadn’t been seen at all yet: paralysis.

The 33-year-old woman, who asked to remain anonymous, said she felt fine in the hours after getting the first dose of the Pfizer vaccine last week. However, she said 12 hours later, she woke up in the middle of the night with no feeling in her arms or legs.

“It was the scariest thing in the world to go to sleep completely fine (and walking), to wake up 1:30 in the morning and not be able to move at all,” the woman said. “I’m literally counting on my daughter to hand me my phone to call to get help.”

Paramedics came and rushed her to Jefferson Hospital. In the coming days, she was moved to Allegheny General Hospital in the Northside and then the Cleveland Clinic -- as doctors ran a multitude of tests to figure out how and why this happened. An MRI and spinal tap were clear, and her blood work all came came back negative, ruling out any rare diseases or disorders.

“There is just nothing they can find wrong with me. No underlying conditions, I have nothing in my history and they are basically telling me, ‘You’re healthy and we can’t figure out why this is going on,’” the woman told Channel 11.

Luckily, she has been able to regain feeling and strength in her arms, but she still has no function from her lower chest down besides very slight movement in a few toes.

“I’ sure there is more than one explanation, and it would be premature for me to judge if it’s one of the side effects of the vaccine or not,” Weber said. “I think it definitely needs to be looked into and be reported.”

Pfizer’s director of global media relations issued the following statement regarding this woman’s mysterious paralysis:

“We take adverse events that are potentially associated with our COVID-19 vaccine, BNT162b2, very seriously. We closely monitor all such events and collect relevant information to share with global regulatory authorities. At this time, our ongoing review has not identified any safety signals with paralysis and the Pfizer-BioNTech Covid-19 vaccine. To date, more than 2001 million people around the world have been vaccinated with our vaccine. It is important to note that serious adverse events that are unrelated to the vaccine are unfortunately likely to occur at a similar rate as they would in the general population.”

Meanwhile, the woman is concerned her condition points to the vaccine and fears it could be permanent. Her family confirmed with Channel 11 that her case was reported to Pfizer.

Radio Interview Tomorrow:

 I shall be calling into WOLF GHOST RADIO on RAHOWA.NET tomorrow around 17.00 est...

David Lane: Hess, Rockwell, Mathews and Others - You’re Not Forgotten

 David Lane: Hess, Rockwell, Mathews and Others - You’re Not Forgotten

The significance, importance and effects of martyrs on religious or secular power systems and on revolutionary movements has always been known and exploited by the tyrants of Church and State.

Indeed, when the tyrants had no true martyrs they created them. A Roman general on his way to crush a revolt in Palestine nearly 2,000 years ago remarked that it was strange, since Jews wrote the laws of Rome. As Bob Miles used to say, "Thieves have power struggles amongst themselves." In the end, however, the victims are made into martyrs for the greater conspiracy.

The Judeo-Christians, ever eager to emulate their Jewish masters, perfected the art of creative and false martyrdom. With the possible exception of America, the religion from Rome has been the greatest mass murder and torture machine ever inflicted on the White Aryan race. The numbers killed, tortured and enslaved in religious wars, inquisitions and power struggles boggles the mind. Bodies torn apart on the rack, tongues torn out, molten lead poured down throats, eyes gouged out, boys castrated in Vatican choirs, and on and on. The Protestant offspring of the Roman whore, with their burning at the stake of witches, heretics and non-conformists, were no better. Yet in monstrous hypocrisy the Christians sing the praises of their fictitious martyrs.

Robert Jay Mathews, of whom we shall speak more, was a real, flesh and blood man who sacrificed his life in the pain of being burned alive in Federal flames, because he loved his people. Even if the motive force of the universe had turned itself into a mortal man(Jesus) in order to have himself killed by mortal men, in order to keep himself from turning men into hot dogs at a divine and eternal weenie roast(hell), the sacrifice would not exceed that of Bob Mathews's. And to equate allegory with reality is suicidal. But the point I am making is that wise men understand the power of martyrdom. It is the blood of martyrs that stirs an oppressed people. We must honor above all things those who have given their lives or freedom for the preservation of the folk. If we fail to honor the memory of our heroes, then we are miserable ingrates who rightfully perish in the Zionist New World Order.

It is, of course, impossible to know the names of even a small percentage of our honorable ancestors. The 4,500 unarmed Wotanists murdered on the banks of the Elbe by Charlemagne's insane Christian army, for example, the millions who died on the Eastern Front, the million starved to death in Eisenhower's POW death camps, the children fighting to the last in the rubble of Berlin, the soldiers of the Southern States in Confederate Grey, the women and children burned alive in Dresden and Hamburg are among the unnamed. They must not be forgotten. Still the folk are moved by the exploits of individuals with whom they can identify or whose deeds were exceptionally heroic. So here we shall pay homage to a few we all know.

First and foremost in America, in my opinion, we must remember Commander George Lincoln Rockwell and Bruders Schweigen leader Robert Jay Mathews. Overseas, no man ever symbolized better the qualities of loyalty, honor and eternal courage than the martyr for peace, Rudolf Hess.

Among billions of mortals who have inhabited the earth the last few thousand years, providence has seen fit to send among us only a very few of those divinely inspired and selfless individuals who stand resolutely against the tide of decay, decadence and death. Such men are identified by their courage, by uncompromising integrity, by ability, by willingness to sacrifice and by perseverance.

All these qualities we see in Commander Rockwell. Although blessed with talents as an artist, writer and speaker who could have prospered mightily within the system, he sacrificed all for integrity and the preservation of his people. He came to us at one of those junctures in history when a last chance was evidenced, the last small chance that a man of tremendous charisma, determination and talent might establish a political movement for the preservation of the White Aryan race. Commander Rockwell's dreams and his life were snuffed out by a vile and treasonous assassin named John Patler in August of 1967. May the name Rockwell be reverenced as long as the Aryan race lives!

Some 16 years after the murder of Commander Rockwell another true hero of the folk rose up to keep the flame of resistance to genocide burning. His name was Robert Jay Mathews. By this time in America and in most of the once White nations it was self evident to all White men of integrity that there were no possible peaceful solutions available to stop the Judeo-American, Judeo-Christian murder of the White race. A guerrilla army in conjunction with migration, plunder and destruction of the Zionist Occupation Government's various organs of power were the only remaining options in the struggle for our racial survival. Of course, that is even more true today, although the cowards of the C.R.A.P.(Christian Rightwing American Patriots) continue to deny reality and to honor the institutions of our executioners. Robert Mathews was the absolute epitome of purity of purpose, integrity, courage and determination. When he formed the Bruders Schweigen on the Pagan holiday of the Autumnal Equinox in 1983, he estimated he would live a year before dying in battle with Zionist Federal murderers of his race. Yet he marched to his fate with unwavering courage. On December 8, 1984 Bob was murdered, burned alive by Federal cowards and traitors. May the name Mathews be reverenced as long as the Aryan race lives!

Rudolf Hess must rightfully be honored as a martyr among martyrs. He was a greater influence in the Third Reich than most know. Some say he was even the major writer of Mein Kampf, although graciously allowing all credit to go to Adolf Hitler. Over nearly a half century of unjustified imprisonment, much of it in solitary confinement, Hess never betrayed his race, or his leader or his comrades. His attempt to bring peace between the then Aryan countries of Germany and Britain ran counter to the Zionist aim of genocide through fratricidal war. So, he was hated with passion by the world's talmudic rulers. Finally, as an old man he was severely beaten and hanged in his solitary prison, as a final act of cruelty. May the name Hess be reverenced as long as the Aryan race lives!

Certainly those of us who have long been active in resistance to the Zionist murder of the White race cannot forget the saga of Gordon Kahl and his family. Gordon was a World War 2 veteran who, like so many others, once thought he served a noble cause. When he later became aware that America was a Zionist conspiracy to destroy the White race he began to teach against the income tax, evidently realizing that we are ruled and destroyed by the tax money extorted from our folk. One thing led to another and eventually there was an armed confrontation, as several Feds shot and wounded Gordon's son Yorie, Gordon shot back, killing two of the treacherous ambushers. Yorie, for the crime of being a Federal assassination target and surviving, spends his life in prison, while Gordon was hunted down and murdered by the Federals. Ever since, Gordon's courageous widow, Joan, has been attempting to secure justice and the release of her son. The Kahl saga is one that should sadden and infuriate us all. May the name Kahl be reverenced as long as the Aryan race lives!

The best known, and deservedly so, woman martyr in America is Vicki Weaver. Even the FBI psychological profile reportedly stated that she was the pillar of strength in the Weaver family. Recent events would seem to indicate the profile was correct, since her widower has not avenged her death. Even worse, he appears to have adopted the defeatist and suicidal party line of the C.R.A.P., that there are peaceful solutions. At any rate, the Weavers were White separatists who wished to live in the wilderness of North Idaho, as far as possible from the Federal race mixing programs, so they were picked as easy targets by the Federal integration police. The Federal assassins first murdered Vicki's 14 year old son by shooting him in the back. Then, they blew Vicki's head off while she held her infant daughter in her arms. In case any of you still think there is mercy or justice in the hearts of Federals, this should be the final step necessary to disabuse you; it is a foolish notion. Police are mercenaries and they serve for paychecks. They are always the enemy of freedom-lovers under oppressive governments.

Regrettably it is impossible to list all the martyrs of recent years, but there are a few names more which must not gounmentioned. Joe Tommassi, founder of the National Socialist Liberation Front, was assassinated in 1975. Joe was among the first to face the reality that there was no peaceful solution. Kathy Ainsworth, a pregnant, White activist was assassinated by the FBI. John Singer, Arthur Kirk, Joe Rowan and Eric Hanson must not be forgotten.

Remember always, these are not fictitious or artificially created martyrs. These were real people, true heroes of your race, who gave their all for a future for your children. They should be held in reverence and awe. Their names should be on the lips and in the minds of our children. They provide strength in death, just as they did in life. They valued freedom and Nature's highest law, the preservation of one's own kind, more than life itself. We must collectively follow their example or our race, not unlike the dinosaur, will find extinction an inescapable reality.

Updated Contact Info:

  We shall be getting two POBox's for our Church. The main one will be run by our Church Secretary in Austin, TX. All mail, packages and prison outreach will go through her. The other box will be in Pgh and controlled by myself. For secret stuff. 😉

For more info on Church contacts go to:

Russian Army: FIRE!!

 We are ready for you, amerika.

The JOG will fall.


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The Reason I Am Such A Jerk:

 Because the average person can relate to someone like me. Your average working class man can relate to the verbiage I use. Your average rebel can dig my humour. My assholeness opens doors to those who are more willing to fight than a suite and tie wearing businessman like dick, who everybody assumes is full of hot air and lies. And THAT is why I am such a jerk. I'm your highly educated, working class joe.... And you know you can trust me. Because I'd just tell ya no straight up.


No One Ever Shows Up!! 😝

 Just to update yinz on that local koon and the ARAer punks who either challenge me, or who claim to have fought me. They never show up. I waited in Oakland for those jiggaboos who talked all that shite on hebebook. Nope.... And whenever I am walking around town the commy punks cross the street. Why? Because they know that my policy is to kill anyone who comes at me. Period!! Every homocide investigation I've beaten!! And these locals know this. I don't give a toss if I end up in jail for defending my life. I have the right!! And these scum know I'll exercise that right, too.

The Revolutionary Nature of National Socialism

 The Revolutionary Nature of National Socialism

This treatise by New Order Commander Matt Koehl first appeared in the Summer 1980 issue of The National Socialist, an earlier journal of the World Union of National Socialists.

Written before the collapse of the Soviet Union, it was reprinted in March 1981 in booklet form. A German translation was published in 1986 under the title Die revolutionäre Charakter des Nationalsozialismus. In 1999 it was banned by the current German regime and placed on its official Index of Prohibited Publications as “dangerous to young people,” because of its militant anti-Zionism and because it “appears to glorify National Socialism to the highest degree.”

by Matt Koehl

The true significance of National Socialism as a revolutionary idea, as well as an historical phenomenon of fundamental importance, has too often been overlooked or forgotten by its adherents. On occasion, its outlook and objectives have been confused with those of the reactionary right, while at other times they have been mistaken for those of the Marxist left.

To dispel such erroneous misconceptions, it is useful not only to re-examine the role of National Socialism against a backdrop of historical conditions, but also to re-evaluate its unique underlying values. Only when the implications of that role and those values are more clearly understood and appreciated can each individual adherent achieve that level of commitment necessary to enable the National Socialist movement to fulfill its historic mission.

The Decline

When Oswald Spengler spoke of the “decline of the West,” he was describing an awesome historical process which today has reached its final stages. And even at this late date, there are very few who possess the moral and intellectual fortitude to recognize the full extent of that decline. What we are confronted with is not simply a political structure which has become decadent and corrupt. Every facet of civilization as we know it today – an entire cultural system – has degenerated. Decay has infected every institution of society: social, economic, religious, moral and cultural, as well as political.

Not since the declining days of Rome has the Earth been witness to a similar phenomenon. Here we find the businessman, who’s god is Profit; the politician, who prostitutes himself in parliamentary brothels; the preacher, who admonishes his flock to worship Jews, while proclaiming the evils of Race; the teacher, who advocates feminism and homosexuality as an “alternative” lifestyle; the military officer, who is more concerned about his promotions and retirement benefits than his honor as a soldier – as well as the ordinary citizen who, sated with beer and TV, accepts it all with hardly a peep of protest. All of these are symptomatic of a disease, a cancer, a terminal illness, which has condemned existing civilization to death.

The condition is terminal. According to the great cyclic law governing the progression of cultures, Western civilization, as an organic entity, is finished. No recovery is possible. There is no hope of saving it – nor should one attempt to do so. What has become decadent should not be preserved artificially; it should be eliminated.

Modern Western civilization constitutes a grotesque parody of true culture. It represents an Old Order, whose values are false, alien, anti-natural, anti-Life and anti-Race. What we are now witnessing is the final phase of an organic deterioration, which will run its course, culminating in death and chaos. Nothing can halt this process.

Confronted with this somber prospect, how does one respond? How should one face the impending death of a civilization, of an entire culture of which one has been an integral part? How is one to cope with the trauma of that experience? Does one turn to self-indulgence and hedonistic excess or to self-destructive nihilism? Does one surrender one’s rationality and embrace the otherworldly assurances of whatever shaman or religious cult? Or does one simply ignore reality altogether and nostalgically insist upon the restoration of that which is irretrievably lost?

But we must pose an overriding question: Does the death of a culture mean the end of everything? Does it mean that there is no longer a purpose for existence?

For National Socialists, there can be but one course: action based upon a clear-cut perception of reality – bold, resolute action, to bring order once more out of chaos.

And here, the first important consideration is that the National Socialist worldview has never seen culture as determinative. Rather, it upholds the primacy of Race, and recognizes in the racial principle the potential for all higher culture. The immediate corollary of this outlook, of course, is that the death of a civilization is not of the same order as the death of a race.

In his book, Adolf Hitler once declared:

“Every defeat can become the father of a subsequent victory, every lost war the cause of a later resurgence, every hardship the fertilization of human energy, and from every oppression the forces for a new spiritual rebirth can come – as long as the blood is kept pure.”

What applies to lesser tragedies is of greatest significance in this instance. Here, the question of the preservation of a racial nucleus assumes paramount importance. Who will survive the coming collapse? What will emerge in place of Western culture? These are fundamental questions. They are not posed lightly.

A disengagement of our race from the general decadence of Western civilization is fraught with danger. For over a millennium, the destiny of Aryan man has been linked inseparably with the history of the West. Whether he can survive the shock of cultural disengagement is problematical. Yet, the great undertaking must be attempted, for there is no other way.

Unless our race – or at least a viable segment of it – can manage, through conscious effort, to separate itself from the disintegrating cultural mass, it will be hopelessly swamped; because only in the creation of a New Order, with its own distinctive values and ideas, and arising defiantly out of the ruins of the Old, can there be any future worthy of the name for Aryan man.

What is crucial is not whether a decadent civilization survives, but rather a race capable of culture. For what is at stake is not the life of a culture or a civilization as such, but the eternal life of a race capable of the highest culture. That is the real issue of our time.

As long as Aryan man exists, he will bear within him the Promethean spark, which cataclysmic tragedy can only serve to fan into a bright new flame of creative expression. And just as Western culture freely adapted elements of the preceding Classical period into its historic fabric, so will it be with the post-Western culture of the New Order, as it appropriates as a timeless legacy those features of the West which have remained worthy and undefiled.

True Revolution

A proper appreciation of National Socialism as a revolutionary phenomenon presupposes an accurate definition of terms, as well as an understanding of its role within a larger historical context. To regard revolution as synonymous with nihilism or bolshevism is puerile. True revolution is hardly the same as nihilism, which involves nothing more than destruction for destruction’s sake, without an accompanying set of values. It is not bolshevism; in an age of degeneracy, upholding decency becomes a revolutionary act. It is more than rhetoric; any confidence man or opportunist can utter words. It is more than violent action, although such a development may attend the revolutionary process. It is more than a mere change of political regime by unconstitutional means. All of this is superficial.

By the term “revolutionary” we understand a commitment to radical change involving the introduction of a fundamentally different set of values.

During the course of Western history, there have been several notable events which have been described as revolutions. England experienced a violent change of regimes in 1649, when Cromwell and his Roundheads succeeded in toppling Charles I and establishing a Puritan Commonwealth, the primary legacy of which has been a tradition of moralistic hypocrisy in Anglo-Saxon political affairs.

The next great European upheaval occurred in France in 1789 under the Jacobin banner of Liberté, Égalité, Fraternité – an event which signaled the triumph of the mob and mediocrity.

In many ways similar to the so-called French Revolution was the Bolshevik outbreak in Russia in 1917 – the monstrous culmination of a leveling process already manifested in the two earlier upheavals.

Apart from a common pattern of regicide and general savagery, all of these European “revolutions” were similar to one another in that they sprang from the same spiritual subsoil and partook of the same material values already present to some degree in the ongoing Western devolution: concern for numbers, mass and material wealth, creature comfort, happiness, anomic freedom, privileges and rights – all of it a pandering to human selfishness! One might say, in fact, that each succeeding revolution was but a more pronounced manifestation of a progressive deterioration.

The American Revolution of 1776, while assuming some of the features of a genuine national rising, was unfortunately infected with the materialistic rationalism of the 18th century. After the Civil War had destroyed whatever possibility existed for the United States to develop into true nationhood, what remained were nothing but the seeds of the most poisonous egalitarianism and spiritual bolshevism, the full flower of which we are witnessing today. Whatever it may have meant originally, the American Dream of “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness” has become a cheap pretext for the most vulgar aggrandizement and selfishness, just as what is known as “Americanism” has become a universal symbol for the most appalling decadence and lack of culture.

In contrast to the previous “revolutions,” the German Revolution of 1933 represents a totally new phenomenon. Not only was it virtually bloodless but, more importantly, it involved a mighty spiritual transformation. Growing out of a distinctive Teutonic-Prussian tradition of duty, service and discipline and inspired by the singular leadership of Adolf Hitler, it reflected the political maturity of the German people as the first Aryan nation to rise consciously against the decadence of the West. It brought into play a whole new value system fundamentally opposed to that of the Old Order.

It is perhaps not entirely without significance that it was precisely those other nations, whose historical experience involved a commitment to human decadence, which found themselves in mortal opposition to National Socialist Germany during the Second World War. And although this unique creation was tragically short-lived in a narrower sense, in a wider sense it must be seen not only as the first real rising of Aryan man as a conscious racial entity, but also as the first true revolution in two thousand years. Whereas all previous upheavals were to a greater or lesser extent part of a process of dissolution under an existing system, the National Socialist revolution in Germany represented a radical revolt against that system itself, resulting in the introduction of an entirely new set of values.

What is remarkable about the National Socialist value system is that in contrast to the anti-naturalism of the Old Order, it consciously sought to apply the immutable laws of Nature to human affairs. Proceeding from an open recognition of the principle of universal inequality, it posited the values of Blood and Race as the cornerstone of its ideology and all its application. For it, the concept of equality could never be an end in itself, but always simply a means to permit the enhancement of human genius. Against the malignant sickness of our time, it stood for health. Against decadence, it proposed regeneration. Against weakness, strength. Against falsehood, truth. Against death, life.

It is in this sense that the German Revolution must be understood as the one true revolution of the past two millennia, a singular event of transcendent importance for Aryan man. And so it is to this mighty source of inspiration that we National Socialists now turn, and it is by its values that we proceed to stake our claim as true revolutionaries of this age.

Dichotomy of Values

Ever since Marxist propaganda invented the notion that National Socialism (as some ill-defined form of “fascism”) represents nothing but the “last, dying gasp of the Capitalist system,” there has existed a certain amount of confusion concerning our creed and its proper position among world ideologies. Not only has this patent absurdity been generally accepted by the political left, but it has also been believed by some marginal elements on the right.

The truth is that National Socialism is neither Capitalist nor Communist. It is neither of the right nor of the left. It is not a part of the interplay of forces under the existing order. The National Socialist perception of political and social reality rejects as meaningless any such dichotomy, which it sees as merely an artificial outgrowth of those class contradictions which have arisen out of the Industrial Revolution during the past two centuries. It is of no relevance to modern racial requirements.

Despite superficial differences, Capitalism and Communism – right and left – represent nothing more than the two secular aspects of the Old Order. They are generically similar, with a common worldview based on economic materialism, according to which they both view the world in terms of money and mass. Like rival gangs, their quarrel is not over basic values, but over the application of those values, viz., the distribution wealth and attendant political considerations. That life on this Earth might involve a higher purpose is a concept alien to both.

In contrast to the materialistic ideologies of the Old Order, National Socialist postulates a philosophy of racial idealism, involving individual sacrifice and service on behalf of the organic whole, which it sees as not only the premise for all true culture, but also the basis for a meaningful existence for the individual, as well.

Adolf Hitler described the idealistic attitude in this manner:

“But, since true idealism is nothing but the subordination of the interests and life of the individual to the community, and this in turn is the precondition for the creation of organizational forms of all kinds, it corresponds in its innermost depths to the ultimate will of Nature. It alone leads men to a voluntary recognition of the privilege of force and strength, and thus makes them particles of that order which shapes and forms the whole universe.”

Explaining the significance of such idealism, he continued:

“How necessary it is to keep realizing that idealism does not represent a superfluous expression of emotion, but that in truth it has been, is, and always will be, the premise for what we designate as human culture, yes, that it alone created the concept of ‘man’! It is to this inner attitude that the Aryan owes his position in the world, and to it the world owes man; for it alone formed from pure spirit the creative force which, by a unique pairing of the brutal fist and intellectual genius, created the monuments of human culture.”

In light of this materialistic/idealistic contrast, it becomes apparent that the real alignment of systems is not between National Socialism and a reactionary right on the one hand and a so-called revolutionary left on the other, but rather between both the right and left wings of the Old Order against a nascent New Order, politically represented by National Socialism.

The basic dichotomy of value systems was dramatically demonstrated during the Second World War, when the supposedly contradictory forces of international finance Capitalism and international Communism joined together in an unconditional struggle against the one force which was perceived as a mortal threat by both. As National Socialist legions were besieging the citadel of Marxism, the world was witness for all time to the spectacle of Communists eagerly embracing their Capitalist counterparts in a desperate crusade to defeat a common enemy and to preserve the Old Order.


Having examined the historical condition of the West and considered a resolution of the crisis posed by decline through a revolution based upon the radical values of National Socialism, we turn now to the relationship of the individual National Socialist to this historical process – to those moral responsibilities concomitant with his practical participation, as well as to certain objective realities, whose implications must govern his inner attitude and personal allegiances.

The first obligation of a revolutionary is to establish his position upon a solid foundation of philosophical and moral integrity. This means, above all, that he must be willing to accept and uphold the truth – radical truth, unpopular truth, difficult truth – according to the timeless adage of Adolf Hitler: “The prerequisite for action is the will and courage to be truthful.”

For the political activist, it is always easier to conform to current public preferences and prejudices than to take an unpopular stand. The Leader recognized this tendency when he cautioned the National Socialist movement as follows:

“We National Socialists know that with this conception we stand as revolutionaries in the world today and are also branded as such. But our thoughts and actions must in no way be determined by the approval or disapproval of our time, but by the binding obligation to a truth which we have recognized.”

A true revolutionary can never compromise his ultimate goals. Otherwise, he ceases to be a revolutionary but becomes instead just another political opportunist. In these words, the uncompromising attitude of Adolf Hitler towards such opportunism is clearly expressed, just as it is in the following passage from his work: “… A movement that wants to renew the world must serve not the moment, but the future.”

Once his moral premise is firmly established, the next obligation of a revolutionary is to achieve inner segregation from the decadence of the present order, and to re-examine his basic loyalties with respect to the various institutions of society as well as to the state structure, as such. For there can be no such thing as National Socialist allegiance to any state formation which seeks to undermine or destroy the racial integrity of a people. Such monstrosities exist only to be overthrown.

“If, by the instrument of governmental power, a people is being led toward its destruction, then rebellion is not only the right of every member of such a people – it is his duty.”

So spoke Adolf Hitler concerning the legitimacy of state authority, noting that:

“The State is a means to an end. Its end lies in the preservation and advancement of a community of physically and spiritually homogeneous creatures.”

Perhaps nowhere is the general disintegration of Western civilization more apparent than in North America, where the special problem of unformed nationhood presents itself. Whereas in Europe the respective state configurations have, for the most part, tended – at least until quite recently – to conform to distinct ethnic types, in America there exists no true Volk. Here, so-called nationality represents nothing more than a convenient label for all those who happen to share the common fate of living on the same piece of Equal Opportunity real estate – hardly a proper basis for genuine nationhood. Perhaps as a result, one encounters the peculiar American penchant for equating country with government in a pathetic parody of real patriotism.

Whatever the United States may have been at one time, today it represents nothing more than a rootless, multiracial hodgepodge without any real character or common purpose. As such, it can only be held together in the long run by the prevalence of universal prosperity and/or by force. In the absence of these two factors, the entire structure can only become very tenuous, as the various centrifugal forces – social, regional, ethnic but especially racial – are set in motion, something which must inevitably occur under the stress of modern conditions.

Under such circumstances, not only is it absurd, but it becomes downright disastrous for National Socialists to identify themselves with traditional appeals to patriotism. “My country, right or wrong.” But what if one no longer has a country? Can it honestly be said that the Aryan of North America possesses a land over which he exercises sovereign control and jurisdiction? Or might it not be more accurate to say that the American White man lives in a colony, whose administrative center lies in Washington, but whose real capital is Jerusalem?

And when millions of non-Whites are permitted to pour – legally or illegally – into the United States, where they can become instant and equal members of a great big Konsumgesellschaft, then it is no longer possible to regard its borders as something sacred or the status of being an American as possessing any special quality worth mentioning. Then, all talk about having a constitution, a government or a free society becomes positively ludicrous and obscene, because these are then nothing more than mere catchwords for our enslavement and extinction. Then, the existing regime must be viewed not as something to which one owes loyalty and allegiance, but as an instrument of tyranny and oppression – an enemy – to be completely and totally destroyed. Then, “law and order” must be seen as the worst possible catastrophe for our race, and the centrifugal action of internal contradictions as the greatest blessing in dissolving the bonds of an unnatural and unholy union. For National Socialists to attempt a necessary liberation struggle with any other attitude would be tantamount to forfeiting in advance all chance of success.

It was precisely this hard-line, revolutionary attitude which Adolf Hitler took, when he refused to pledge his allegiance to the old, moribund Habsburg state, whose demise he clearly foresaw, due to its lack of ethnic cohesion. The remarkable parallel between that obsolescent structure before its collapse and the condition of the present multiracial state in North America is something for every National Socialist to ponder. Above all, one would do well to remember the admonition from Mein Kampf: “We National Socialists must never, under any circumstances, join in the usual hurrah patriotism of our present bourgeois world.”

It is typical of bourgeois reactionaries to prefer tilting at targets a safe distance from their borders, rather than embarking on the more difficult and hazardous enterprise of overthrowing an enemy closer to home. It is no accident that U.S. conservatives, for example, have always been in the forefront of those urging military adventures abroad – from Pearl Harbor and Suez to Vietnam and – Iran – all the while remaining conspicuously unconcerned about Zionist control of the United States itself.

One can only smile at the hypothetical spectacle of a V.I. Lenin behaving in a similar, reactionary, bourgeois manner. Suppose, for instance, that after the outbreak of hostilities in 1914, he had announced that although he did have certain differences with the Tsar, he nevertheless recognized that his patriotic duty lay in coming to the defense of Mother Russia in her moment of crisis, while at the same time suspending opposition to “his” government for the duration of the conflict.

Any rational person, Communist or non-Communist, would have to regard such behavior as stupid and naïve in the extreme, if not positively insane. In any event, never would Lenin have achieved political success, nor would his cause now pose the world threat that it does. Yet there are comrades who fail to understand the real reasons for Marxist success and who have yet to resolve the question of state loyalty as unambiguously as did William Joyce in 1939 when, as a National Socialist, he made the conscious decision to leave a Jewish-dominated England, in order to fight in defense of the Aryan revolution in Germany – because he recognized that the citizenship of blood was more important than mere state citizenship.

Today there are two equally dangerous ideological forces rampant in the world. One is represented by the leveling doctrine of Marxism-Leninism, or Communism. The other is international Zionism, the insidious doctrine of Jewish supremacy over all non-Jews. Whereas in the East, Communism is the dominant reality, in the West it is Zionism – aligned with monopoly capital and politically represented by liberalism/conservatism – which exercises effective control and dominance. Consequently, the destabilization and demolition of the Zionist power structure must be the primary concern of National Socialists in the Western countries. Only after that abomination has been eliminated can the Movement begin to turn its attention effectively to other tasks.

As National Socialists and revolutionaries, our first task, therefore, is to challenge the immediate status quo. If we are unable or unwilling to recognize the enemy in our midst as the first enemy to be fought and overcome, then we are no revolutionaries or true National Socialists, and never will we be able to defeat any other enemies.

Under no circumstances should National Socialists allow themselves to be placed in a position of defending the existing System or helping to resolve any of its dilemmas, whether in the field of domestic or foreign policy. Any such act runs counter to the revolutionary process and can only serve to perpetuate the present condition. Instead, we must be prepared to welcome every situation, every event, and every action which tends to destabilize and dissolve the existing order.

At this late date, nothing can be restored. Therefore, our task does not consist in going back to anything or in bringing back another age. It does not lie in resuscitating a decadent and dying civilization, or preserving a corrupt system, or in changing or modifying it. All of that is irrelevant now.

Our historic task as National Socialists is, quite simply to start all over again – tabula rasa – with a new vision and a new outlook and a new will, to create upon this Earth a new order and a new culture, as a wonderful, new testament to immortal Aryan genius. That is our mission, and nothing else.

Source: New Order; republished by National Vanguard