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Staying True, Staying Strong!

 Staying True, Staying Strong!

By Reverend Dr. Hardy Lloyd

17 April, 48 AC (2021)

RAHOWA, my White Brothers and Sisters! Today I need to talk to you on a topic of absolute importance to our struggle. That is the NEED of us all to stay TRUE to the Holy Cause of White Racial Loyalty. Far too many of our people, regardless of their own personal ideology, end up either quitting the Cause, or lose hope and drift away…. These are trends we must stop now!

For us Creators we have the Sacred Jihad of RAHOWA. For the infidels there are a plethora of beliefs. And one would think that our Volk have more than enough incentive to WANT to fight. White genocide and white slavery being two of the biggest examples I can think of. But unfortunately it is not so simple. And that is truly sad. For the greatest race to have ever walked the Earth to just shrug their shoulders and say; 'Well, fuck it, mate! What can we do about it all?' is heartbreaking.

White Racial Loyalists, regardless of ideology, should never despair to the point of throwing in the towel. Instead we should see every setback as ammunition in our soul to continue the battle. Every loss is a gain, every failure to recruit a lesson, and every prison stint a war medal to be proudly shown to the world…. These things tell our enemies that IT IS A PRIVILEGE TO FIGHT!!

Now, I always hear from folks that money is a big issue. Being poor seems to dissuade. The threat of homelessness. Or it's the piggies. Jail seems to scare the shite out of many. And while I understand these concerns, I find that I have zero sympathy for those who face poverty or jail in Western Europe or the JOG/Canuckastan. Why? Simple. I'VE FACED THEM ALL AND COME OUT OF IT ALL STRONGER!!

I've lived on the street. I've lived in a shelter full of niggers in jigtown! And I've done 11 years or so in the JOGs gulags for my beliefs. Not because I broke any constitutional laws. But because I spoke my mind, because I believe I have the right to live, and because my religion isn't liked…. So don't read me a sob story that you had to spend a week in lock-up because of a bar fight! And being poor in Amerika is still better than being middle class in most of the rest of the world.

In fact, if you aren't willing to suffer 30 days in jail to defend your race, well than, FUCK OFF!! Who needs a pussy like you??? No one, that's who.

The point of my tirade is this, my Komrades. Suffering for that which you love is a gift. It means you actually LOVE that thing. And regardless of ideology that truth should be for all of us Whites. For us Creators it's even more so. For we were born in the fires of 1945. We are all children of a Europe betrayed and raped. And that is why we Creators are so fanatical. For we not only belief the above truth, but more importantly we LIVE IT!!

So, get out there and show the jews, show non-Creator Komrades that we who follow Klassen will NEVER compromise with evil! We shall always fight for our Holy Faith, our Holy Race, and the Sacred Jihad. For us Creators there are only two options: Either we destroy the jews or we destroy the planet so these yids inherit a corpse. Period!

Thanks for reading. I hope you become inspired to act? Whether as a missionary in Creativity, or as a Lone Wolf, or even just a Skinhead who defends fellow Whites, I hope you get and stay active. For this is Revolution, folks! And to suffer is a blessing to the faithful.


The Myth of Hitler’s “Jewish Grandfather”

 The Myth of Hitler’s “Jewish Grandfather”

The more enormous and preposterous a lie is, the quicker it captures the public’s imagination and is believed, and the harder it is to dispel.

By Martin Kerr

“[S]ince the great masses of people at the very bottom of their hearts tend to be corrupted rather than purposely evil, and that, therefore, in view of the primitive simplicity of their minds, they fall more easily victim to a big lie than to a little one — since they themselves lie in little things, but would be ashamed of lies that were too big. Such a falsehood will never enter their heads, and they will not be able to believe the possibility in others of such monstrous effrontery and infamous misrepresentation; yes, even when enlightened on the subject, they will long doubt and waver, and continue to accept at least one of the claims as true. Therefore, something of even the most insolent lie will always remain and stick.”

It is one of the cruel ironies of history, though perhaps not an unexpected one, that having exposed and denounced the technique of the Big Lie to the world, Adolf Hitler himself became the subject of a whole slew of falsehoods and calumnies.

It is not our purpose here to investigate all of the Big Lies which have been propagated about Adolf Hitler, National Socialism and the Third Reich, but rather to focus on one of the most long-lived and pernicious of these lies: that Hitler was of partially Jewish ancestry.

There are a number of variations of the “Hitler was part Jewish” myth, which generally have two things in common: Most are based on the accusation that Hitler’s paternal grandfather was a Jew, and all are thoroughly discredited by the available documentary evidence. That this charge is still repeated today is a testament to the enduring and burning hatred, which Adolf Hitler’s enemies still harbor for him, even now, decades after his death. At the same time, it is a classic example of the contempt for the truth which many anti-Hitler System historians display when discussing the National Socialist Era in Europe.

In point of fact, the Hitler family, including Adolf Hitler’s paternal grandfather, is one of unimpeachable Aryan lineage. Through the records of births, deaths and marriages kept by the Roman Catholic Church, it is possible to trace Hitler’s forebears back hundreds of years.

The family, which lived since time immemorial in Upper Austria, was of solid German peasant stock, and Hitler’s immediate ancestors were all either small farmers or craftsmen. (The notable exception to this, of course, was Hitler’s father, Alois Hitler, who was a commissioned official in the Austrian customs service.) The spelling and pronunciation of the family name as “Hitler” is a fairly recent development. Older versions include “Huettler” and “Hiedler,” the former being the original family name from which the other forms were derived. [2]

The sole irregularity in Hitler’s ancestry was the illegitimacy of his father. Because he was born out of wedlock, Alois Hitler bore the maiden name of his mother, Maria Anna Schicklgruber, for a good portion of his life. Even after his mother finally married his father, Johann Georg Hiedler, Alois retained the name Schicklgruber. Not until he was 39 years old, did he reclaim his proper family name, which he spelled and pronounced in the manner which the world has come to know: Hitler. [3]

Yet this illegitimacy in itself is not significant or even unusual. As the anti-NS historian Bradley F. Smith notes in his well-researched and generally impartial book Adolf Hitler: His Family, Childhood and Youth [1967]:

“Although illegitimacy was frowned upon by the authorities, especially the Catholic Church, it was common in the Austrian countryside. In some districts, 40 percent of births were illegitimate. The figure for Lower Austria as late as 1903 was still 24 percent. An illegitimate child in a peasant household, therefore, was not an unusual phenomenon.” [4]

Unusual or not, the illegitimacy of Alois has served as a crucial factual base for those who seek to spread the falsehood that Hitler had a Jewish grandfather.

Early Smears

As anyone who has firsthand experience in the racialist movement knows, it is common practice for the Jews themselves to attempt on occasion to discredit up-and-coming anti-Jewish personalities by spreading spurious rumors that this or that leader is really a Jew, or a homosexual, or a communist, or a government agent. Indeed, with slanders of this sort even some individuals within the racialist movement will attempt to undercut their political rivals.

Adolf Hitler was the target of such underhanded, contemptible opposition from within the Movement at least as early as July of 1921. A clique of NSDAP members who evidently felt that Hitler was not suited to lead the Party began a whisper campaign that he was of Jewish ancestry.

As is always the case in stories concerning Hitler’s allegedly Jewish ancestors, these conspirators had absolutely no documentary evidence for their claims, and relied instead on false innuendo, unfounded suspicions, and ill will. Their efforts culminated in the circulation of a leaflet by NSDAP member Ernst Ehrensperger, which read in part:

“Hitler believes the time has come to introduce disunity and dissension into our ranks at the behest of his shady backers, and thus promote the interests of Jewry and its henchmen And how is he conducting this struggle? Like a real Jew.” [5]

Although this may have been the first effort to smear Hitler in this manner, it certainly was not the last. Throughout the 1920s and 1930s, those hostile to the Fuehrer propagated a number of variations of this tale, including versions that were often mutually contradictory. The London Daily Mirror futilely tried to add some substance to this lie in October 1933 by publishing a photograph of a tombstone of a Polish Jew who had borne the same name as Hitler’s. Two Jewish newspapers, Forward in the United States and Haynt in Poland, quickly took it upon themselves to spread this particular story further, the implication being that the deceased Jew was Hitler’s grandfather.

However, since this specific Jew was born in 1832, he was only five years older than Hitler’s father, which meant that he couldn’t have been the man who sired the illegitimate Alois — unless the Jew in Poland sired the Fuhrer’s father in Austria at age five.

Thus, the first “Jewish grandfather” story was laid to rest. [6]

The infamous anti-National Socialist propagandist Konrad Heiden, himself part-Jewish, also suggested in his venomous biographies of Hitler, published in 1932 and 1936, that Hitler was of Jewish descent. Although these books were highly regarded in circles hostile to the Movement, this one lie was correctly deemed too unlikely to be taken seriously and was generally dismissed. [7]

Hans Frank’s Big Lie Disproved

Strangely enough, the most persistent version of the myth was not widely publicized until 1956, long after the Fuehrer’s death, with the publication of Franz Jetzinger’s Hitler’s Jugend: Phantasien, Luegen und die Wahrheit [Hitler’s Youth: Fantasies, Lies and the Truth], Whereas previous attempts to stigmatize Hitler by accusing him of being part Jewish simply took the form of wild rumors which were as devoid of documentation as they were detached from reality, Jetzinger at least made some effort to back up his case.

Bradley Smith summarizes Jetzinger’s charges:

In the German edition of his book, Hitler’s Jugend (pp. 28-35), and especially in the later English abridgement, Hitler’s Youth (pp. 19-30), Jetzinger argues, with increasing enthusiasm, that Alois Hitler’s father was really a Jew from Graz by the name of Frankenberger.

Jetzinger’s only source for these surprising contentions is Im Angesicht des Galgens (In the Face of the Gallows), written by Hans Frank, former Nazi lawyer and Governor General of Poland, while awaiting execution at Nuremberg. In a narrative studded with demonstrable errors — in part exposed by Jetzinger’s own research –– Frank states that towards the end of 1930 he went to Austria on Hitler’s orders to investigate a threat of exposure of an alleged Jewish ancestor of the Fuehrer. In Graz, Frank claims that he learned Alois’ mother had been employed by the Jewish family Frankenberger, that she had become pregnant while in their employ, and that the family paid her support money in later years on the assumption that the child’s father was the young Frankenberger. Frank’s narrative is vague and lacks confirming evidence. He claims letters were extant to support his story, but neither he nor anyone else has ever been able to produce them.” [8]

Although it most assuredly was not his purpose in once again raising the “Jewish grandfather” allegation, Jetzinger performed in this way a valuable service to our Movement, for his accusation spurred other researchers on to determine once and for all the truth or falsity of the myth.What these researchers found, of course, was that Hans Frank was lying.

The German historian and biographer of Adolf Hitler, Werner Maser, who is somewhat less hysterical in his opposition to National Socialism and its founder than other anti-NS writers, discovered that:

“None of the Frankenbergers known to have lived in Graz could have been the  father of Alois Schicklgruber, nor does there appear to be any trace of a German Jew bearing this name or any variant thereof in the nineteenth century. Indeed, from the end of the fifteenth century until a decade after Maria Anna  Schicklgruber’s death, no Jews were residents of Graz. Under the terms of the  treaty concluded on March 19, 1496 between Emperor Maximilian I and the Styrian towns, all Jews were to be expelled from the province by January 6, 1497… Not until 1781, in the reign of Joseph II, were they allowed to re-enter the Duchy of Styria and then only for a few weeks at a time, when they were admitted to the annual fairs in Graz, Klagenfurt, Laibach and Linz against the payment of a fixed sum. But as early as September 9, 1783, the rights of the Jews were again curtailed, a measure that was reinforced by further discriminatory regulations in 1797, 1823 and 1828. This situation remained unchanged until the beginning of the 1860s.” [9]

In other words, it is simply impossible that in 1836, Adolf Hitler’s paternal grandmother, Maria Anna Schicklgruber, could have become pregnant by a Jew in Graz named Frankenberger, prior to giving birth to Alois Schicklgruber/Hitler, Adolf’s father, in 1837.

Of course, the truth has seldom acted as a constraint on the more rabid anti-Hitler writers, such as Jetzinger. When, in 1956, the German magazine Der Spiegel published the results of an investigation which were the same as Maser’s findings, Jetzinger was apparently unfazed. Smith notes:

“In the English abridgement of his work, Jetzinger dismissed the Spiegel story, not by presenting new evidence, but by restating with increased emphasis that he believed Adolf Hitler’s paternal grandfather was Jewish.” [10]

It is impossible to ascertain today why Hans Frank told this unfounded and outrageous falsehood. It is clear from the confused state of his biography [11] that he suffered a mental collapse from the strain of his imprisonment and the Nuremberg kangaroo-court proceedings. One can only assume that the “Jewish grandfather” story he related was the product of this psychological debility.

It is less clear why Jetzinger so uncritically accepted Frank’s story, especially after it was factually refuted by other anti-National Socialist historians. And it is absolutely astounding that still other historians continue to this day to parrot such nonsense in the face of a wealth of solid evidence disproving it.

Anti-Hitler Writers Ignore the Evidence

For example, the System historian Robert Waite, in a book published in 1977 (some 21 years after the Spiegel investigation), relates Hans Frank’s assertion that Hitler’s paternal grandfather was Jewish, saying:

“Despite Frank’s reputation as the ‘Butcher of Poland,’ there would seem to be reason for believing his story. He wrote his memoirs as a condemned man who had converted to Catholicism. He wrote, in part, to expiate his sins. He had no apparent reason to misrepresent Hitler or to invent the story.”

Waite’s work, by the way, is entitled The Psychopathic God Adolf Hitler, the title indicating the level of historical objectivity which the author maintains throughout the book.

Others, while repeating Frank’s long-disproved charges, have been less enthusiastic about an unqualified acceptance of them. Joachim Fest, in his biography of the Fuehrer, concedes that Frank’s story is “exceedingly dubious” and that “recent research has further shaken the credibility of his statement, so that the whole notion can scarcely stand investigation.” [13] Having said this, however, Fest proceeds to speculate that Hitler himself may have believed Frank’s tall tale and that “Frank’s findings [sic] forced Hitler to doubt his own descent.” [14] It should come as no surprise that Fest produces zero evidence to back up this peculiar notion.

Perhaps the most widely read recent biography of the Fuehrer is John Toland’s Adolf Hitler [1976]. Ignoring the investigations into Frank’s story by Der Spiegel, Bradley and Maser, all of which were available to him, and spurning any personal research into the matter, Toland says that Alois Hitler’s father was

probably a man from the neighborhood. There is a slight possibility that Hitler’s grandfather was a wealthy Jew named Frankenberger or Frankenreither; that Maria Anna had been a domestic in this Jewish household in Graz and the young son had gotten her pregnant. [15]

He goes on to cite Jetzinger as one source for this story, remarking that Jetzinger’s book is “generally accurate.” It should be noted that Toland may have a personal psychological motive for wishing to believe the discredited “Jewish grandfather” tale: He himself is a race-mixer with a Japanese wife and thus may be overly eager to project his own lack of racial integrity onto others.

Yet for all their scholarly dishonesty, Waite, Fest and Toland (each of whom is at least nominally Aryan) do not begin to approach the absurd claim made by the Jewish psychologist Walter Langer.

In The Mind of Adolf Hitler (1972), he presents what is perhaps the most brazen and insulting version of the “Jewish grandfather” lie. In this “psycho-historical” analysis of Hitler’s personality, Langer relates an account of Hitler’s ancestry which maintains that his paternal grandfather was actually a member of the Rothschild family living in Vienna. He does not offer a single piece of evidence or documentation to substantiate this remarkable claim, but instead lists “several factors which seem to favor its possibility,” including:

“The intelligence and behavior of Alois [Hitler’s father], as well as that of his two sons [Adolf and Alois, Jr.], is completely out of keeping with that usually found in Austrian peasant families. Such ambitiousness and extraordinary political intuition are more in keeping with the Rothschild tradition.” [16]

In other words, Hitler was too intelligent and capable to have been descended from humble Aryan peasant stock and therefore must have been part Jewish. What incredible arrogance!

We noted earlier that the very first people to spread the canard that the Fuehrer was Jewish were Hitler’s opponents within the Movement. Thus, it is sad but unsurprising that his present-day racialist critics have tried to breathe new life into this falsehood. “Direct Action,” a Canadian racialist newsletter with National Bolshevik leanings, repeated the Hans Frank accusation in December 1980. [17] It further charged that SS leader Reinhard Heydrich was also one-quarter Jewish, and declared that one of the real reasons that the traitor Gregor Strasser was executed at the time of the Rohm putsch was that he had “proof of all this.” [18] The newsletter does not explain why Hans Frank was not executed by the SS, too, if he was also in possession of this elusive “evidence.”

Lies Die Hard

Lies die hard — especially, when they are deliberately propagated by scoundrels disguised as scholars or by those who have a political axe to grind. And yet, sometimes real events lend an aura of credibility to that which is false.

The unfortunate attraction that National Socialism exerts over certain unstable, self-hating Jews and part-Jews is well known throughout the Movement. This is particularly true of the grotesque, distorted parody of true National Socialism which has been labeled “Hollywood Nazism.” Since the revival of the Movement in the early 1960s, there have been a number of Jews who have so strongly identified with the Movement that they have concealed their racial ancestry and joined our ranks. In at least three cases [19], these sick individuals have risen to positions of media prominence before having their backgrounds exposed.

In the most notable of these instances, Frank Collin/Cohn, founder of the splinter group which calls itself the National Socialist Party of America, was widely presented to the public by the media as the classic example of a “Nazi” leader who was secretly a Jew. [20]

This and similar cases only serve to reinforce the popular misconception that Hitler himself was of Jewish descent.

Insult or Compliment?

These tales are spread, of course, in the hope that they will somehow discredit Adolf Hitler, his Idea, and his Movement. National Socialists take such accusations as an insult, and rightly so.

Still, in a way, they are an unintended compliment. In the case of great men, it is quite common for Jews and others to besmirch their Aryan pedigree or reputation, or claim Aryan accomplishments as their own. Christopher Columbus was also Jewish, they would have us believe, and likewise Shakespeare was a homosexual, Beethoven a Negro and Thomas Jefferson a race-mixer. When the Jews and their lackeys raise such preposterous allegations against Adolf Hitler, we may wax indignant outwardly, but inwardly we should smile.

We should smile because we know that such accusations are totally false, and can be so proven. But we should also smile because we know, as National Socialists, that the Fuehrer’s memory belong not only to his few faithful disciples today but ultimately to the entire Aryan race. Despite the lies which are being fed to our people today, someday the truth will prevail and they will join with us in affirming that Hitler was right.


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Upcoming Travels:

 I shall be meeting with Komrades in Utah and Texas May + June, and then in New England June + July. Services with these Primary Groups shall be private. No public speeking. Actual days not to be listed for security reasons. Duh!!

UK: Political Judge Sentences Woman to Jail for Calling Holocaust a “Cash Cow”

 UK: Political Judge Sentences Woman to Jail for Calling Holocaust a “Cash Cow”

'I'm not sentencing you on the basis that you are anti-Semitic, I'm not sentencing you on the basis that you are a Holocaust denier," said Westminster District judge Michael Snow, after doing exactly that. 

This was Snow's confusing message to 56-year-old Alison Chabloz, a political commentator who was dragged to court for stating that the Holocaust is an "eternal cash cow" on a podcast. She will be serving four and a half months in jail. 

While Judge Snow has no legal basis for jailing a person specifically for comments critical of the Holocaust, he was able to exploit an open-ended and subjective "gross offense" law to punish Chabloz for comments questioning the Auschwitz gas chamber narrative and how the Jewish community uses the Holocaust story for political and financial gain.

The vaguely defined "gross offense" law is often exploited by political actors to suppress critics of privileged groups and powerful interests. A police officer is currently being tried in British court for the "gross offense" of sending a George Floyd joke in a private WhatsApp chat. Free speech in the United Kingdom is not a guaranteed right. 

Snow's treatment of Chabloz fits a pattern. Many believe the district judge is primarily concerned with being a thuggish proxy for the powerful rather than enforcing the law and protecting people's rights. 

One high profile example is judge Snow's behavior while overseeing the Julian Assange case in 2019. In order to please the US Department of Justice, Snow ruled that the Australian journalist be held in custody to be tortured in solitary confinement at a high security prison.

During the trial -- ostensibly over Assange jumping bail in 2012 -- Snow taunted and berated the prisoner of conscience, referring to him as "laughable" and a "narcissist." During one hearing, he demanded Assange "get over to the US" and "get on with your life." Former ambassador to Uzbekistan Craig Murray has referred to judge Snow as a corrupt, politically motivated "disgrace."

The climate for open discussion and social criticism in Britain is virtually indistinguishable from third world totalitarian nations. Judge Snow and other high ranking figures in the UK know the public stigma of running kangaroo courts that imprison people based on what wealthy Jews say offends them, but in 2021, these "liberals" no longer care what the people think.

20 States Reject JOG Gun Laws!!

 Now, I don't follow gun laws. I have never followed gun laws. No one has a right to tell me that I don't have a human right to defend my own life. My religion tells me to own guns! The US Constitution tells me to own guns! Human rights groups tell me I have a right to self-defense! And the pursuit of life and liberty tells me that guns allow justice! Now, I've been kidnapped 9 or 10 times for standing up for my rights. Guess what, folks? I love going to the range every few weeks to watch.


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Local Nigger, Varnell Hill, Want's To 'Fight'!

 Check out this bitch, who claims it wants to fight. Ass wipe called me a 'wetback', and said he 'know where you be workin'.... 😂😝 I don't work, koon boy. But if you want to meet up and fight, I'm game.... Meet me in Oakland at the Forbes Field, pussy!!

Ernst Wilhelm Bohle: National Socialist Germans Abroad

 Ernst Wilhelm Bohle: National Socialist Germans Abroad

Ernst Wilhelm Bohle (28 July 1903 – 9 November 1960) was the leader of the Foreign Organization of the National Socialist German Workers' Party (NSDAP) from 1933 until 1945.

I was born at Bradford in Yorkshire, and spent the whole of my youth within the British Empire, partly in England and partly in South Africa. It is generally agreed that the impressions we receive during the first sixteen or seventeen years of our lives are particularly lasting in their effects upon our subsequent development. It is but natural, therefore, that my knowledge of Great Britain and the British should be more intimate and deeper than it would be had I acquired it in later life. In like manner, a British boy born and educated in Germany is certain to have a far better understanding of that country, and the national traits of the German people, than one born and bred in England, even though he may have made a profound study of our country and people when grown up.

My reason for thus prefacing the following is that as Head of the Foreign Organisation I have been subjected to a great deal of criticism and my critics have entirely failed to appreciate the significance of the facts indicated.

I would like, therefore, to give a clear and straight forward account of the work done by that Organisation and to put right a few mistaken ideas about it, not by way of parrying the attacks made upon us - for our conscience is quite clear - but rather to explain the profound change that has come over the minds of Germans resident abroad with the transformation that has been effected in the Reich itself.

That transformation has attracted the attention of the whole world for the past five years with the result that - broadly speaking-people are now beginning to understand the new order of things in Germany. It stands to reason that so far-reaching a change in the mother country could not but greatly affect all Germans living beyond its borders and the responsible body guiding the changing trend in the right direction is the Foreign Organisation of the National Socialist Party, of which I am the Head.

On January 30th, 1933, Herr Hitler took over the government of Germany. Everybody knows that this step was much more than a mere change of government. It was the definite assumption of supreme political power.

Anyone who failed to realise that difference at the time has had ample opportunity since then to convince himself that the Leader of the National Socialist Party has not only changed the whole form of government but has entirely transformed every other aspect of public life in Germany. What could be more natural than that the Germans abroad should watch these tremendous developments with an interest unprecedented in its intensity? And, having grasped what has been done at home, they have become as fervent National Socialists as the people in the Reich.

That is nothing surprising; it is, in fact, a natural and logical development. For Germans living abroad are no different from those at home; they belong to each other, and they must know of the happenings in the Reich. After five years of effort in maintaining this contact I am proud to be able to state that perfect harmony between the Reich and its nationals abroad has been established - a harmony that will never be shattered.

Anyone who witnessed the enthusiasm of the 10,000 Germans who came from all parts of the world to attend the Fifth Congress held at Stuttgart in 1937 will endorse this statement.

If it be argued that there are Germans resident in other countries who are still opposed to the Third Reich, the answer is that they are a negligible factor. Their existence is no more important than the fact that in the Reich, too, there are still some people who object to National Socialism.

What is of importance, however, is that the National Socialist views on the values of life and citizenship have now been accepted by the vast majority of Germans within and without the Reich. This fact cannot be questioned by any fair-minded person. The inference is that the German element abroad is, as a matter of course, completely National Socialist minded, and that to be a German is the same thing as being a National Socialist.

Once people realise that the terms "Nazi" and "German" are synonymous the former will no longer be used to designate some exceptional type of German. To ensure this must be one of our principal aims if an honest attempt at a friendly understanding is to be made on both sides.

By way of explanation: if a London paper announces "A German speaks in London," this may be of interest or it may not, but there is nothing sensational in it. If, on the other hand, the heading reads "A Nazi speaks in London," it would probably cause quite a flutter, many English people committing the mistake of thinking of a "Nazi" as something out of the ordinary, mysterious, although a Nazi is ipso facto a German and a German a Nazi.

When an Englishman addresses a Berlin audience, he does so as an Englishman and not as a Conservative, Liberal, Socialist or Independent. The fact that we have only one party in Germany is a characteristic peculiar to ourselves.

And another eloquent illustration: supposing a Reich German goes abroad and says he is not a Nazi; similarly an Italian on his travels says he is not a Fascist, nobody would seriously take them to be representatives of their country.

If these things were properly understood in England as the home of common sense, we might cheerfully look forward to the disappearance of many obstacles tending to keep apart two great nations that have so much in common. And if people would only grasp the fact that Germans in the Reich are National Socialists by conviction, they would realise that Germans abroad must likewise be regarded as National Socialists.

This brings me to the object of the Party's Foreign Organisation in Berlin, which is to unite these National Socialist Germans resident abroad by setting up local and divisional groups to foster and strengthen their love of the homeland, that is their National Socialist homeland, and their feeling of national solidarity.

These National Socialist groups in foreign countries are nothing more than voluntary associations of German citizens who believe in National Socialism as the instrument of their country's salvation and who, by joining these groups, want to show their readiness to contribute their share towards building up the new Germany. They are not members of various political parties, but of the only political movement that exists in present-day Germany, and one that has taken a sure hold of the whole nation.

It is no part of their task to propagate National Socialist ideas among the citizens of other countries. Their only function is to encourage their members to conform to these ideas and ideals as closely as their fellow-citizens in the Reich have done and are doing.

It is downright nonsense, therefore, to talk of the members of our Party abroad as "Nazi agitators" or "agents of the German Secret Police" (to mention only two of the many misleading terms that have been used), whose aim it is to infect foreign nations with what is "Nazi poison."

The truth is that National Socialists abroad are expressly forbidden to interfere in any way with the domestic politics of other countries, and the much maligned Party discipline is perhaps the surest guarantee that this injunction is strictly obeyed. When other countries organise their nationals abroad in clubs, societies, associations and the like, nobody takes exception to it, and no country would consider its security thereby menaced.

The same is claimed for the organisations of German residents abroad being similarly a menace to nobody. Not one instance to the contrary has ever been brought to my notice.

It is more than ridiculous when certain persons and certain newspapers persist in raising the bogy of such a menace. The only result of insinuations of this kind is to disturb the relations between Germany and the country involved. And those disturbances are bound to occur if, for instance, young German women employed in foreign households are denounced as "spies," and if every National Socialist is referred to as a "political agent." The point that matters here is not whether the editors of those papers are pleased or displeased at the thought that German citizens abroad are National Socialists, but that they are National Socialists.

In Germany we do not trouble ourselves about the political views of British subjects residing in our midst. There are thousands and thousands of them, and I assume that they are good Democrats. But it has never occurred to us that they might be a source of danger to the existence of the Third Reich. Nor have we the slightest objection to their gathering together as often as they like in appreciation of the benefits of Democracy. We should be justly entitled, however, to put a stop to their activities if they attempted to impose their Democratic ideas upon us on the ground that they were suitable for our country. And with the same right the British people would be justified in prohibiting the propagation of National Socialist ideas in their own country.

But as nothing of the kind has ever happened, the attempts recently made in certain quarters to arouse feelings of hostility against National Socialists living abroad can only be regarded as acts of interference with the internal affairs of Germany. The ideology of Germans living abroad is nobody's concern but their own, just as the ideology of British residents abroad is exclusively their own affair. To take up any other stand on this question would imply a denial of Germany's equality of status; and we all know that the time for such a denial is definitely past.

It is one of the foremost duties of every government to look after its nationals abroad, to help them and to protect them whenever protection is needed. The British Government has always been a model to all as regards the fulfilment of this duty. That truth is so universally recognised that a passing reference to it is all that is needed here. In like manner, the solidarity shown by the British all over the world has always been exemplary.

The official representatives of the British Government have at all times protected the interests of their fellow nationals abroad in the most admirable fashion. They take every care (and rightly so) that His Majesty's subjects abroad shall remain loyal to their King and Country wherever they are. Every other country conscious of its national responsibilities takes the same view as a matter of course.

Some time ago, a Congress of French residents abroad was held in Paris under the chairmanship of the President of the Republic. It was attended by a large number of Frenchmen from the colonies, mandated territories and foreign countries; and several Cabinet Ministers were among the speakers.

Similarly a Congress of Swiss residents abroad was held at Berne. It was organised by the New Helvetian Society, and its importance was underlined by the fact that M. Motta, the Federal President, delivered one of the addresses on that occasion. Many of those attending the Congress used that opportunity of suggesting that the Secretariat of the Swiss foreign groups should be transformed into a Department of State. The Federal President himself is a member of the Committee of Patrons under whom the Secretariat conducts its activities. In Germany alone the Society has at present 37 principal groups and 31 sub-groups.

It is well known that Fascist Italy has had its Foreign Organisation for the past sixteen years. Poland, too, has a World League of Polish residents abroad, with branches all over the globe. It concerns itself in great detail with all questions that may affect its members in any way. It is presided over by a Cabinet Minister. Congresses attended by Poles from all parts of the world are held at regular intervals, and this League has undoubtedly achieved a great deal in keeping the national spirit alive among Poles in foreign countries.

We Germans do not look upon this as a matter for surprise, and we see nothing sensational in it. And strange to say, all other countries feel the same way. It is regarded as the natural thing to do. But as soon as Germany creates a similar organisation for her nationals abroad, limitless sensational charges are made against her and all sorts of ulterior motives attributed to her.

Thus, in outlining the work of our Foreign Organisation it must be understood that there is nothing out of the ordinary about it. As its Head my position was very clearly defined by the Führer when appointing me. Within the scope of the Foreign Office I am responsible for all questions that concern citizens of the Reich living abroad. The fact that I have nothing whatever to do with non-German nationals - either in my capacity as a member of the National Socialist Party or owing to my connection with the Foreign Office - has been emphasised so often as to require no further reference. All statements to the effect, for instance, that I make it my business to organise the German minorities in foreign countries are pure inventions; and nobody knows this better than the governments of the countries concerned. I am here referring, of course, to those of German origin abroad who are citizens of the countries in which they live.

I should like to state categorically that we neither desire nor expect any special privileges from foreign governments for those of our leading men abroad who are not connected with the diplomatic or consular service. This gives the lie to the rumours which would have it that the Foreign Organisation is thinking of appointing so-called cultural attaches abroad.

Great Britain, too, takes a lively interest in all matters affecting British residents abroad, than which nothing could be more justified. In 1920 a very interesting official report entitled, "Report of the Foreign Office Committee on British Communities Abroad," was presented to Parliament by command of His Majesty. The purpose for which the Committee was appointed was to discuss ways and means whereby His Majesty's Government can:

(1) foster a greater spirit of solidarity among British communities abroad, and

(2) make British ideals more generally known and appreciated by foreign nations.

Anyone who has read this Report, and who is in any way acquainted with the work done by our own Foreign Organisation, can see at a glance that we pursue exactly the same aims. And it should be noted that the Report was drawn up by a Committee appointed by the Foreign Office.

We consider it extremely important [the Report says] that His Majesty's Government should make it known without delay that they take a sympathetic interest in the activities of British communities in foreign countries, and that they are prepared in certain cases to afford practical support.

It is also suggested that British nationals abroad should be induced to register their names with the consular offices competent for their district. It is emphasised that every British child living abroad should be given the opportunity of receiving an English education. The Government is urged to support all associations and societies of British residents abroad that serve to promote British ideals. Stress is also laid on the desirability of establishing British Chambers of Commerce abroad, of organising trade propaganda, of providing English libraries, and of maintaining English schools.

Can the above go by the name of agitation, political or economic espionage? The British Government, and the special associations concerned with British communities abroad, have a perfect right to interest themselves in the affairs of their nationals, provided - of course - that they do not come into conflict with the laws of the countries in question.

Moreover, British residents abroad are perfectly entitled to promote the commercial interests of their country whenever they have a chance of doing so. Similarly, no one can possibly object to our claims to exercise exactly the same rights on behalf of our German communities in foreign countries. This is a birthright, as it were, which we do not wish to relinquish any more than the British people would think of relinquishing theirs.

Cosmopolitan sentiments will never take the place of national sentiment so long as there are different nations. There will always be a British, French and an Italian national sentiment - and there will always be a German national sentiment. Incidentally, the time has passed when people could count on a weaker national sentiment among Germans than among the members of other nations. We Germans of to-day, who are National Socialists, demand the same rights for ourselves as do other nations. We do not ask for special privileges, but we feel equally disinclined to put up with discrimination against us.

No fair-minded person can deny that many countries have derived untold benefits, more especially in the cultural sphere, from the German communities that have existed in their midst for a number of decades. Besides, it cannot be questioned that these Germans are peaceful and respectable citizens who have always abided by the law and for whose presence no country has been the worse.

For this reason, surely, the unfortunate practice of suspecting and reviling Germans in other countries, that has lately been indulged in, should definitely cease.

When the Führer appointed me Head of the Foreign Organisation, numerous foreign papers seized the opportunity of designating me as the head of a widespread system of espionage; and no one was more surprised at the absurd charges levelled against me by a clique of irresponsible journalists than I was myself. These outbursts came to a climax when they called me the" Chief of the Nazintern, "an imaginary organisation whose existence, I suppose, is confined to their own fertile brains. That such wild accusations could be raised is all the more remarkable as the work done by the numerous groups controlled by our Foreign Organisation must have made it plain to everybody that we Germans look upon National Socialism as something which we jealously treasure as our own property.

These false accusations make it extremely difficult for me to achieve an object which I am most anxious to see realised with the aid of our Foreign Organisation, namely to make the German communities the most popular among the foreign residents of each country in which they are domiciled.

We believe, and every reasonable critic will agree with our views, that the well-disciplined German nationals residing abroad constitute a special element of security for the country in which they live because their own country expects them to conduct themselves in a particularly decent and loyal manner whilst abroad, and because the National Socialist Government will hold each of them answerable for any attempt they may make to interfere in the domestic affairs of other nations, and thus impair Germany's chances of living in harmony with them. Moreover, those of our nationals abroad who may become destitute can never become as heavy a charge upon the country's revenue as the citizens of many another country, as we have a well-organised Relief Scheme for such cases, and resort to self-help as much as possible. We never tire of reminding our compatriots abroad that they must have the highest regard for the nationals of other countries. The very reason why we understand and respect other peoples' ways and traditions is that we love our own.

German residents abroad can surely be trusted when they say that they are staunch upholders of the cause of peace, as it is they who stand to lose most - if not everything - in the event of a war breaking out between their home country and their country of residence. It is therefore particularly infamous to represent them as warmongers.

Ever since the dawn of civilisation people have at times left their homeland to settle among strangers. Indeed, this is likely to continue so long as there is peaceful intercourse among nations. Instead of treating these foreign communities with suspicion and distrust, they ought to be regarded - in my opinion - as the best possible emissaries in the cause of international peace. They know the country from which they come and they get to know the country of their adoption. Who could be better qualified than they to create mutual understanding?

British residents in Germany are the welcome guests of the Third Reich, and not one of them-I am sure can honestly say that there is such a thing as anti-British propaganda in our country. It is not usual for German newspapers to slander them or to accuse them of being spies. Nobody molests them, either privately or officially, because of their Democratic principles or because of their faith in the parliamentary system; and I think I may say that we treat our foreign guests with exemplary courtesy.

And even if we should have to arrest one or two on occasion because they happen to be spies, we should never think of generalising from such isolated cases and accusing all British residents in Germany of being spies. We should regard such an attitude as exceedingly unfair and, besides, we have no reason to entertain any apprehension for the security of our National Socialist regime.

There is an English word that has found its way into numerous languages in its original form and that is more appropriate than any other to serve as a basis for approaching all questions connected with our Foreign Organisation and the German communities. That word is "fairness."

It is not fair to reproach German residents abroad for being loyal to the Reich and for being National Socialists.

Nor is it fair to hold them responsible for the establishment of the National Socialist régime in Germany, because that is the regime desired by the German people and they want no other. This is known to every Englishman, however slight his knowledge of German affairs may be.

The form of government that exists in Great Britain is a matter of complete indifference to us; and we should never think of giving advice on this subject to any British nationals, whether living at home or among us. That is their own affair, just as it is exclusively ours to select a regime we consider best suited to ourselves.

Some time ago an article appeared in a London paper entitled, "Germany To-day." That article appealed to me and I would like to cite a few passages in support of my contentions.

Germany's system of government is Germany's affair; Britain's is Britain's. And there is no sound reason why these two Countries, each governed in the manner that its people prefer, should not live side by side in a spirit of friendly co-operation and human understanding. Such a change in their relationships would be immensely beneficial to themselves, and an incalculable contribution to the peace of the world.

That, of course, has always been Germany's view of the problem. It is the only suitable basis for all attempts at removing the endless series of misunderstandings that have unfortunately grown up in the relations between the two countries.

We Germans in foreign countries have declared over and over again that we desire nothing better than permission to assist in bringing about a fair and decent understanding among nations. The groups affiliated to our Foreign Organisation are representatives of the new Germany in the truest sense of the term, and are, therefore, admirably qualified to render most useful work in that domain.

But this can only be done if a stop is put to the practice of discriminating against them merely because they have completely identified themselves with the National Socialist Party.

And to this end I would direct an appeal to the British, and I do so not as an absolute outsider. After all, my whole childhood was spent among British boys and girls, and I was educated with them. During the terrible war years I attended an English grammar school and was the only German boy at the school. These facts, I think, enable me to see both sides of the question.

Anyone who knows Great Britain, the British people, and more especially British history, cannot but admire this great nation with its grit and foresight. Similarly, I think that every Britisher who has had the chance of studying German character and the epic history of Germany will be equally impressed with the imposing spectacle presented by the heroic struggle towards national unity which our people have waged for a thousand years, a struggle made all the more difficult by our geographical position. No power in the world has ever been able permanently to dismember our country, though there has certainly been no lack of effort to do so.

Surely, the time has come for these two great and proud nations to grasp each other's hands in friendship and to try to arrive at a sincere understanding even on matters concerning which their views must necessarily differ. They have so many things in common that these differences-which are part of their national characteristics-ought not to stand in the way of a rapprochement.

The Führer has often expressed a desire for such an understanding; and we Germans have noted with much gratification that his suggestions have been received with an increasing measure of approval on the part of the British people. Our Foreign Organisation will do everything in its power to support any such attempt, because we cherish the hope that German residents in Great Britain will be regarded by our British friends as what they really are - the Messengers of German Goodwill.

These National Socialists do not disseminate hatred and discord, but are anxious to deliver the messages of goodwill emanating from a country whose Leader loves peace because he loves his people and wants to make them happy.

The man who raised one of the world's great nations from the depths of misery and despair and made it great and united again, did not do so as a prelude to another war that would throw sixty-five million people back into the abyss from which he had rescued them.

He stands for the cause of peace - peace for Germany and peace for the world.

We National Socialists from foreign countries do the work that the Führer wants us to do. We are his loyal and devoted followers because we know that by carrying out his instructions we shall ensure the peace and happiness of our own country, and assist in healing the wounds inflicted upon a distracted world that knows no peace.

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Concerning the Toronto Sun Interview:

 I was contacted by the Toronto Sun about doing an interview. I agreed, and then all hell broke loose. Well, not at first. But the jews of canuckastan have raised such a stink that I am unsure what will happen? This is actually a bit odd, as the two who want to do the interview are both jews themselves. The reason for the request is because i sneak up north about twice a year to give bar speeches. One of my closest allies lives in Toronto, and the paper thought it a neat tie-in to politics post Trump. Even though I did not vote for Trump. And in fact don't even bother with gringo or canuck elections. But they are fighting for the interview. I am told as of this week that she will interview me, but the transcript might never see print. If this happens I shall post my own copy!!

All Things Racial and Lloyd:

 This site is for ALL THINGS racial. Creativity only items are on the CoBK site. This is for all OTHER racial and news piece's.... Dr. Lloyd's rants of course. 😉

Rumour Control: Hardy Lloyd

 People need to take two things into consideration when reading my websites and essays. First off, I have a morbid sense of humour. So, bring a pale of salt. Second, while I am a Reverend in Creativity and a leader in the Movement, I shall always promote the Lone Wolf. That doesn't mean I don't want people to join my Church, or that I am pleading with guys to get arrested. What it means is that I believe in terrorism as a general tactic. Not ment for everyone. I have always given the advice of YOUR TALENT'S DICTATE YOUR INVOLVEMENT!! But terror can only be defeated with counter-terror. Period!

As to the White Pittsburgh Front.... I am NOT a member. I co-founded it, but am just a friend now. My main focus is on Creativity. Period! The WPF is simply a social gathering of WRLs in the Western PA area. It was founded to counter the local faggot punks and niggers. There was that big fight at the Moose Bar, where we kicked their commy butts!! 😝 But it's just a social network, NOT a membership group.

I formed the Church of Creativity in 2003 and renamed it as the Church of Ben Klassen in 2015. We are NOT affiliated with either GROUPS who pose as church's!! The CoBK is run as an old school church. EI: Like Mormonism or the Amish or a small town church. We do NOT have membership cards, nor do we hold rallies. We LIVE CREATIVITY. Period! We do hold weekly services and annual picnics. Just as your local town church would. We just happen to be very extreme!! lol

The Order of National-Socialism I founded in 1993 to spread Nazism and Third Position to ALL RACES OF PEOPLE. It has since become a decentralized Order with followers in many countries. Mostly in South Amerika, Suid Afrika, Eastern Europe, Turkey, India and Japan. It is simply a spiritual form of Nazism, designed to keep philosophy alive in a darkening world. I am now and will always be affiliated with the Order.

I put Creativity first because I believe two things: 1) That Klassen finished what Hitler started. 2) I also believe that if the White Race dies out than ALL RACES and ALL OF CIVILIZATION will first be enslaved by the jews, and then the world will die. THAT is why I am first and formost a Creator and not a Nazi or a Fascist. If European Man goes so to goes the planet!!

Reverend Hardy Lloyd


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  We have a weekly sermon, which starts this week on the CoBK site, and my typical rant essays on the HARDY LLOYD site. We may bring back my monthly newsletter? I want to, however if no one wants to pay for it then it ain't worth spending money. But, i might bring my old digital ONS NEWSLETTER back? That was free and only online. I started that in 1999, and it ran till 2004.... The physical newsletter ran from 2007 to 2009....

I will be holding services in Wheeling, Pgh, Cleveland, maybe Boston, Manchester + Concord, Johnstown, Austin and maybe Salt Lake this Summer.... I shall be spending quite a lot of time in Utah, NH, Boston, Texas and another place this Summer. So, look for items relating to that soon....

And i am looking in to doing either a video show or a radio show??? Hope i do!! lol

Stay frosty, my friends....

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