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Thank You, Brazil!!

 I am so greatful to my supporters in Brazil for sticking with me for all these years, through all these tears.... And a special thanks to my cousin;

Eu te amo, primo! Você é realmente um estudioso e um cavalheiro.


 DR. LLOYD'S NOTE: Next time I pray to see a few Lone Wolves pulling off a better job. PLAN IT RIGHT, DAMNIT!!!


Suspect and one Capitol Police officer DEAD after checkpoint ramming incident in Washington, DC

Published: 2 Apr 2021 | 18:47 GMT

Russia Today

The driver of the car that rammed a barricade outside the US Capitol has died in hospital, along with one of the Capitol Police officers injured in the incident, officials have confirmed.

A car smashed into the barricade on Constitution Avenue, on the northeast side of the Capitol complex, on Friday afternoon and injured two officers. The driver emerged armed with a knife and was shot by Capitol Police.

All three were taken to hospital, but the suspect has since died, police officials confirmed in a press conference.

One of the injured Capitol Police officers is reportedly in a critical condition.

The Capitol went into lockdown over the incident. Journalists at the complex filmed both the scene of the crash and a US Park Police helicopter touching down on the lawn outside the east entrance.

National Guard troops equipped with riot gear were quickly dispatched to the area. Congress is currently on Easter recess and the legislators are not expected back in Washington until April 12.

Friday’s incident is the first serious security threat to the Capitol since the January 6 riot, when a crowd of supporters of President Donald Trump interrupted the joint session of Congress meeting to certify the election of Democrat Joe Biden as president. 

Some 25,000 National Guard troops were deployed to safeguard Biden’s inauguration and the Capitol from “threats” that never materialized. Several thousand remain in Washington, DC to this day. An outer perimeter fence topped by razor wire was only recently removed from around the Capitol.

Virginia: 13-year-old Girl Shot Dead by ‘Juvenile’ Negroid

 Virginia: 13-year-old Girl Shot Dead by ‘Juvenile’ Negroid

Lucia Whalen Bremer, a 13-year-old girl described by those who knew her as “brave, hardworking, and kind to everyone,” was shot dead while walking in a Virginia suburb by a Black suspect.

The negro may get off easy and have his identity hidden forever, because he’s a “juvenile” — and also for an additional and more relevant reason (see below). 

From The Daily Mail, “Teenage boy is charged with murder of eighth-grade girl who was shot multiple times in Virginia”:

A boy has been arrested in connection with a shooting that killed an eighth grade girl in Virginia after a day-long manhunt. 

Loved ones identified the victim as Lucia Whalen Bremer, a student at the Quioccasin Middle School in Richmond. 

She was shot multiple times on Friday afternoon at the Gayton Forest West subdivision and died at an area hospital soon after.

Police said the suspected shooter fled the scene immediately after opening fire and was arrested on Saturday afternoon about a half mile away. 

His name has not been released due to his age but he is said to be facing charges including second-degree homicide, possession of a firearm by juvenile, and use of a firearm in the commission of a felony, according to the Henrico Citizen. 

Bremer’s family, who run a local produce business called Liberty Tree Farm, announced her death in a Facebook statement on Saturday. (Notice that the Jewish media programming affects them even in their time of grief: They call it “gun violence” instead of “Black violence.”)

Quioccasin Middle School Principal Melanie Phipps released a heartfelt statement remembering Bremer. 

‘Lucia was funny. She loved to tell jokes and made people laugh. She was an amazing public speaker, and you would just listen in awe as she spoke. Lucia was wise beyond her years. Talking to her didn’t feel like talking to a middle schooler,’ Phipps wrote. 

‘Lucia was exceptional; truly one-of-a-kind. She was brave, hardworking, and kind to everyone. Her smile would light up the entire room. 

‘In fact, her mother told me that Lucia’s name means “light”, which is just the perfect way to describe her. She radiated happiness, and she loved our school.’

“Witnesses reported seeing two girls walking along a path, followed by the suspect, then hearing at least five shots,” The Henrico Citizen reported. “The suspect ran from the scene, while one of the girls fell after being struck. She later died at a local hospital.”

The overwhelming majority of media reports on the shooting neglected to give a description of the suspect but the Henrico Citizen reported that “police described the suspect as a young Black male with bushy hair shaved on the sides, about 5 foot 8 in height with a slight build (about 125 pounds).”

“His identity is being withheld because of his age,” Henrico Police said.

And the Jew-run national media — typified by CNN in the screenshot just taken and shown below — are, as usual, giving this Black-on-White murder the complete silent treatment; another in a long list of millions of such Hush Crimes over the last several decades.

There’s a great chance we will never know the Black shooter’s identity and he will be released in a few years (if even incarcerated at all) due to his being a “juvenile” — and, of course, due to the real reason: He is a White-hating Black and is doing the Establishment’s bidding by killing Lucia.

In neighboring Maryland, two Congoids viciously beat 59-year-old John Marvin Weed to death at a county fair and spit on his body because he declined to give them $1. One killer was placed in a “behavior modification program” and the other got off with probation after a judge ruled they must be tried as juveniles.

Local television coverage showed residents of the heavily White and upscale Richmond suburb planting flowers and arranging a candlelight memorial for Lucia. They should be joining the National Alliance and fighting for their people in memory of Lucia and the millions like her we have lost on the unholy altar of “diversity.”

Source: Information Liberation and National Vanguard correspondents via White Biocentrism



Death to all Gringos!

Death to all Jogites!

Hail WW3!!

Hardy Lloyd Radio: Highway (Columbia)


The New Third Reich!!


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Just wishing all a happy New Years day!! From this point forward I shall be focusing most of my time on Creativity and our Church. More essays and poems by myself shall also be forthcoming. We are holding a White Pride picnic this Sunday, along with our bi-monthly Church service. Make sure to check our websites for updates.

Rev. Dr. Lloyd, PM


Pennsylvania police officer filmed TikTok defending the Confederate flag while on duty.

 Pennsylvania police officer filmed TikTok defending the Confederate flag while on duty.

A police officer from Pennsylvania filmed a TikTok defending the Confederate flag while he was on duty, 18 News reported.

Officer Brian Gossert, a Mansfield Borough Police Department officer, was live on TikTok when he began defending the Confederate flag.

“I don’t understand how (the Confederate flag) is racist. It represents the South, just like the Union flag represents the North. No one says that the Union flag is racist. So why are we saying the Confederate flag is racist?” Gossert said.

“So yeah, technically they fought for slavery, I guess you could say, but again, that’s been over 200 years ago. I think it’s time that people just like, get the f--- over themselves. Because ... if the symbolism behind that flag is still that hurtful now, then we should still hate the South,” Gossert continued.

Gossert went on to say that police officers are wrongly accused of racism and that it is Democrats who are racist.

Mansfield Borough Manager Christopher McGann told 18 News the department is aware the situation, but declined to comment on the officer's current status.

Along with his rant, Gossert continued filming the TikTok while he was arresting a man.

Gossert became a full-time officer with the department in the fall of 2020, the same year that 160 Confederate symbols were removed from public spaces.

The Hill has reached out to Mansfield Borough Police Department for comment.

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Waiting For Paedophile Biden:

 Paedophile joe biden, the FAKE gringo president who stole the election, is coming to Pittsburgh today. We put up a bunch of stickers and fliers. No media mention of it. Which is odd. However, the number of hits on our websites from the fbi faggots was HUGE!! We are running around the college areas now to see if we can break through the paper curtain before he arrives???

Fuck you, paedophile joe!!

Tuesday, March 30, 2021

Landmark RICO Lawsuit Against Antifa Gains Momentum

 Landmark RICO Lawsuit Against Antifa Gains Momentum

A New Jersey lawsuit that seeks to hold Antifa accountable for organizing campaigns of terror and harassment against individuals is picking up steam.

In D'ambly v. Exoo, originally filed in September 2020, plaintiff Daniel D'Ambly is suing Christian Exoo (known on Twitter as "Antifash Gordon") for leading campaigns of violence and harassment to compel his employer -- the New York Daily News,-- to fire him.

The attacks on D'Ambly were due to his participation in the New Jersey European Heritage Association. Under New Jersey law, his termination was legally dubious on these grounds alone.

D'Ambly also alleges a number of other actors played a role in the violation of his rights, including Twitter -- which ignores complaints about Exoo flagrantly violating their terms of service -- and St. Lawrence University, which not only employs Exoo, but is alleged to be a site from which he organizes, recruits and trains associates for harassment campaigns with the institution's full knowledge.

Cohen, Weiss & Simon (CWS), a law firm tasked with representing D'Ambly's union in arbitration, is also a defendant in the case. According to D'Ambly's suit, lawyers at the firm told him they sympathized with Antifa and did not want to help him. Because of this prejudice, they failed to provide the relevant facts in his defense and did not professionally represent his case to the best of their abilities, leading to substantial financial loss.

The inclusion of a RICO claim could lead to a breakthrough for victims of anarchist and communist paramilitary groups, who the Department of Justice and FBI refuse to punish despite naming them as terrorists in their own assessments.

But D'Ambly isn't alone. A whopping 14 new plaintiffs have now joined the case against Exoo, according to a legal brief obtained by National Justice.

As with D'Ambly, litigants allege that Exoo has organized harassment against them, their families and their employers in a deliberate attempt to do them physical and material harm.

One individual, identified as K.R. because she is a child, was put in harm's way after a brick was thrown through the window of her family home. Her house was subjected to multiple attacks by anarchists after Exoo allegedly repeatedly doxed them and put out a public call on Twitter for his accomplices to confront her and her family.

In a separate episode, a Jewish man named Aaron Wolkind was labeled a neo-Nazi by Exoo, who then instructed followers to contact his employer. When Exoo and his enterprise failed to get Wolkind fired, they listed his company's clients and began barraging them with threats instead.

In Mark Antony Tucci's experience, Exoo doxed him on December 10th, 2018. Following the call to action featuring his employer's information -- a restaurant -- 600 threatening phone calls were made in one night, which forced them to close. The business owner acquiesced to the extortion demand and fired Tucci, but in response, the complaint quotes Exoo as saying "they're just hoping this blows over, so keep calling folks," which caused the assault to continue.

For Jobel Barbosa, Exoo alleged he was "transphobic" and organized a call-in campaign to his job that led to his firing. His wife's personal number was uploaded to the anarchist website and Antifa members flooded her with death threats.

Many of these stories hold to a similar pattern. The victim reports their organized harassment to Twitter and the social media giant ignores them. Exoo had previously been banned by Twitter and "Antifash Gordon" is his second account, which is a clear violation of their rules and thus potentially makes them liable for enabling the Antifa enterprise.

If case goes to trial, Twitter's legal counsel, Vijaya Gadde, will be called to the stand.

All of the plaintiffs have real material damages and the law is clearly on their side from multiple angles. Even if Magistrate Jessica Allen refuses refuses to provide justice and prevents the case from move forward, it will be difficult for an appeal's court to ignore the plethora of evidence backing the plaintiffs' claims.

Adolf Hitler’s Speech at the Great Exhibition of German Art

 Adolf Hitler’s Speech at the Great Exhibition of German Art

Scarcely six years have passed since the National Socialist Movement, following many years of struggle, was finally entrusted with the leadership of the Reich.

Nonetheless, today we can already state that rarely in the history of our Volk has there been a comparably eventful period of peace as in these past five and a half years, an epoch of National Socialist leadership which was inaugurated on that memorable January 30, 1933. How many realms of our lives have witnessed radical change since then, a resurgence of life which had been declared completely impossible just a few years earlier by those who had felt themselves “called upon.” The Party which had been decried as a threat to the inner peace in fact bestowed true inner peace upon the German Volk in the first place.

A regime that supposedly would precipitate economic collapse pulled the German Volk back from the brink of economic ruin and saved it. That very National Socialism, which was assumed to spell a disastrous defeat in matters of foreign policy, has uplifted the German Volk from the most dreadful defeat in its entire historical existence, has restored its proud self-confidence and has led Germany to become a highly-respected force in the world. There is hardly one realm in which the prophecies of our opponents were not revealed as lies.

During these months, we have borne witness to the fact that the economic philosophy of National Socialism, which ten years ago had been decried as pure stupidity and only five years ago was termed a criminal act or madness at least, that this philosophy is now gradually being adopted by other states as well- albeit in omission of copyright charges. [-] The cultural program of this new Reich is of an unparalleled grandeur in the history of our Volk. Success will come about as a matter of consequence as it already has in all other realms of our lives. However, we are fully aware that in this instance the initial time period by nature will be a longer one than the ones to date.

In the twentieth century, the German Volk is a Volk of a resurrected affirmation of life, enchanted in its admiration of the strong and beautiful and hence of what is healthy and capable of sustaining life. Power and beauty are the slogans of our time. Clarity and logic reign supreme in our efforts. Whoever wants to be an artist in this century must wholeheartedly pledge himself to this century.

There is no room for any Neanderthal culture in the twentieth century, no room for it at least in National Socialist Germany. We rejoice that the democracies are opening their progressive doors to these degenerated elements for, after all, we are not vindictive. Let them live, we do not mind! For all we care, let them work-but not in Germany! In 1937, 1 felt the time to have come for a clear decision in this matter as well. Naturally, this entailed a severe intervention. Whether or not we can today call geniuses of eternal standing our own is as always difficult to judge, but in the end it is of little consequence for our actions. What is of great consequence, however, is the preservation of an environment in which true genius can be nurtured. To this end, it is imperative to uphold the solid and decent underpinnings of the common artistic heritage of a people out of which develops true genius. Genius is not synonymous with insanity, and above all genius is not synonymous with fraud. To the contrary, genius manifests itself through extraordinary accomplishments which are easily differentiated from the common.

This prejudice threatened to pervade the entire nineteenth century [in the time of decline]. The decent, or let me say well-intentioned naive average of that century, has nonetheless furnished that ground from which arose many a great artist. A century that can claim so many great musicians, great poets and thinkers, renowned architects, wonderful sculptors and painters, towers way above the stupid profanities of an epoch of noise-makers in the Dadaist tradition, formers of plaster in the Cubist mode and colorers of futurist screens.

Of course, the nineteenth century also brought forth many an average performance and even more performances ranking below average. However, that is the mark of any century of achievement. How many people wander through life and how few of them are able to run a marathon, and how many actually win the race? Yet these victors are but the fastest runners of humankind. However, if these men would hop around crazily instead of walking like ordinary men, then their performance would equal that of our cultural geniuses of the time of disintegration. They would be no better than these because they, too, would lack the basis for the creation and assessment of supreme achievements.

Hence in the course of the past year, I resolved to clear a passage for the honest and decent average performance. Already at the exhibition prior to the last, we warranted the joyful premonition that one or the other artist was well capable of even greater achievement in the future. Developments since then have proven this assessment correct. Our suspicions were, moreover, reinforced by the winter exhibition on German architecture and the products of our arts and crafts.

These days I greatly rejoice in having been able to afford the German Volk this magnificent work of eternal beauty to be placed in the capital of its arts thanks to the truly magnanimous permission granted by the Italian Government. May none of you who visit this house fail to go to the sculpture gallery. May you all then realize how glorious man already was back then in his corporeal beauty, and that we can speak of progress only if we have attained like perfection or if we manage to surpass this level.

Above all, may the artists appreciate how great the sight and the artistic ability of this Greek named Myron must have been as it reveals itself to our eyes today. How marvelous an achievement of that Greek who created a statue two and a half millenniums ago, a statue the Roman copy of which still elicits stunned admiration on our part. And may all of you take this to heart as a standard for the tasks and accomplishments of our time. May you all strive for beauty and perfection so that you shall also stand the test of time both before the Volk and the ages. [-] I have no doubt that you will be moved by the same sensations that moved me when I first saw this unparalleled testimony to eternal beauty and achievement.

You will perhaps then, too, be able to sense what I feel on this day as I declare open this second art exhibition in the Reich and as I compare it to what existed just a few years before we came.

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Hardy Lloyd Radio: Sven Otto

 Believe it or not, but I walk around town sometimes doing this:

Hardy Lloyd Radio:


Everything People Believed about Hitler's Intentions Toward Britain was a Myth Created by Churchill

 Everything People Believed about Hitler's Intentions Toward Britain was a Myth Created by Churchill

Hitler didn't want to invade Britain. He actually admired the British Empire, with its inherent presumption of racial superiority.

It's good that the UK Government is going to pardon the thousands of Army deserters who enlisted in the British forces during World War Two.

Of course, no army can allow desertion; however, these men were not court-martialled, but were subject to a blanket ban on state employment that deprived them of their constitutional right to due process.

The vast majority of them deserted from June 1941 onward, when the theoretical possibility of a German invasion had all but vanished.

The men who deserted did so after being effectively cheated into becoming soldier-serfs, cutting turf on the Bog of Allen.

That was the second great lie of their young lives. The first one was that Ireland ever faced a serious threat of invasion by Germany, which was the spawn of an even vaster falsehood -- that in 1940, Hitler wanted to invade Britain. But he didn't. He actually admired the British Empire, with its inherent presumption of racial superiority. We know from the diaries of Lord Halifax, the British foreign minister, that Hitler offered terms that did not involve German control of Britain. Churchill refused to allow these terms to be read to the cabinet, and they remain prudently concealed under the 100-year rule.

Instead, Churchill's determination to keep Britain at war turned what had been merely a continental defeat of its army into the enduring myth that in 1940, Britain faced a war for national survival.

But the German naval leader, Raeder, had repeatedly forbidden his staff from planning an invasion of Britain. And far from wanting to continue the war, in June 1940, Hitler ordered 20pc of his army to be demobilised, in order to get the German economy going again. The "invasion fleet" that the Nazis began to assemble that summer was no more capable of invading Britain than it was Hawaii. It was war by illusion: its purpose was to get the British to the negotiating table.

This "fleet" consisted of 1,900 canal barges, only one- third of which were powered, to be towed cross-channel, in clusters of three, by just 380 tugs. These barges had tiny keels, blunt prows and small rudders, with just two feet of freeboard: the distance between the water and the top of the hull. They would have been swamped during even a direct crossing of the English Channel, a shallow and violent waterway linking the raging North Sea and Atlantic. But an invasion would not be direct. The barges, with their untrained crews, would be able to make only about three knots, from the three "invasion" centres: Rotterdam, Le Havre and Boulogne. These ports are, respectively, from any south-coast landing beaches, at best, 200 miles and 60 hours, 100 miles and 30 hours, and 50 miles and 15 hours, with seasick soldiers crammed into keel-less floundering barges without toilets or water. What army would be fit to fight after a journey like that? And then there's the 55,000 horses that the Wehrmacht would need: its transport was still not mechanised.

All being well, and that really is a relative term, the first "wave" would take 10 days to land, with the barges plying to and from those three distant ports, requiring tides that would have to obey the demands of the Fuehrer rather than the older ones of the sea, in convoy, often at night, and always without navigation lights.

Why no lights? Ah: the Royal Navy. This is where matters become quite phantasmagorical. In August 1940, the British Home Fleet ALONE consisted of 140 destroyers, 40 cruisers and frigates, five battleships and two aircraft carriers.

The entire German navy, the Kriegsmarin, consisted of just seven destroyers, one cruiser with unreliable engines, two working cruisers, no aircraft carriers, and no battleships or battle cruisers: the Bismarck and Tirpitz were still building, and the Gneisenau and Scharnhorst were damaged and out of action until the following winter.

What about the Luftwaffe? Well, it had no torpedo-carrying aircraft, whereas the British had two (the Beaufort and the Swordfish, both of which were later to show their mettle in disabling German capital ships), and air-bombing vigorously defended warships accurately over an open sea is incredibly difficult, even for dive-bombers: Stuka bomb sights were calibrated for stationary targets. All right, but were not British shores defenceless in 1940? No -- aside from a largely intact British army, two fully-equipped Canadian divisions arrived that summer, as did 200,000 rifles from the US on the 'SS Britannic'.

This doesn't diminish the validity of the allied cause, or the later decision of the nearly 7,000 Army deserters who enlisted in it, for they were taking arms against one of the most evil regimes in world history.

Nonetheless, just about everything that people believed about Hitler's intentions towards Britain in 1940 -- and still believe today -- was a myth created by Churchill, which he probably came to believe himself. Consider all the facts above, and then consider how that myth has endured, despite them. Makes you wonder, no?

Tom Savini Hit By Car!!

 The reason I am mentioning this is that I know Tom and admire his work. I also knew George, too. We may not see eye to eye on a few things, but I wish him well.... Take care, buddy!!

Interview With Toronto Sun!!

 Interview With Toronto Sun!!

The Mark Daniell and Sara Goldstein interview is on hold do to canucky yids bitching.... However, if the editors decide to scrap the article we have been assured that it will still make it online. We are therefore going ahead with the interview anyway. A copy will be on my site to be sure.

White Nationalist Group The Base Should Be Banned in Australia, Federal Labor MP Demands

 White Nationalist Group The Base Should Be Banned in Australia, Federal Labor MP Demands

Australian Federal Labor MP Anne Aly is calling on the federal government to ban a "global white supremacist network", following false allegations the group has been recruiting Australian men.

The government-funded broadcaster ABC's Background Briefing program published manipulated recordings "revealing" how the evil right-wing organisation, The Base, had been targeting young Australian men.

Last month, The Base was listed in Canada as a "terrorist organisation" and in the United States, three of its members are facing charges of conspiracy to murder.

Aly said "Australia needed to do more to make sure the country's security was protected at all costs."

"I think the excerpts from those interviews demonstrate just how serious this issue is, just how organised they are and how willing they are to infiltrate into the Australian community and recruit Australians," she said.

"Australia needs to follow suit and really take this seriously by either proscribing The Base, or at the very least recognising how serious this issue is and investigating their activities in Australia."

Another white nationalist group, Sonnenkrieg Division, was recently proscribed as a "terrorist organisation" in Australia, making it the first right-wing network listed in the country.

"Prior to that, Australia's terrorist list only consisted of predominantly Islamic-based organisations, international organisations," Aly said.

"What we've seen is that The Base very much operates as a terrorist organisation in the way in which they recruit, in the way in which they communicate, the way in which they circumvent security."

She said while she had confidence in the country's security agencies, it was up to the government to take action.

"The ASIO Director-General came out and said that 40 per cent of ASIO's workload in counter-terrorism consists of right-wing extremism … so I am impressed that they have taken this seriously, they haven't been downplaying it," she said.

"The issue really comes around proscribing the organisations and that's really not a matter for our security agencies, that's really a matter for the Parliament," she said.

A spokesperson for the federal government told Background Briefing it was a longstanding government policy not to comment on whether specific groups have been, or are being, considered for listing as a terrorist organisation.

Joshua Fisher-Birch from Jewish supremacist group Counter Extremism Project (CEP) said designating a white nationalist group as a "terrorist organisation" could transform how law enforcement and intelligence agencies could approach it.

"The Canadian government proscribed them as a terror group for a number of reasons," he said.

"It means that it might prevent individuals from joining the group because they see that as a potential liability. Beyond that, it sort of prevents banks from doing business with individuals who are members of those groups."

He said in Canada it was not illegal to be a member of a proscribed terrorist organisation, but it could open them up to different criminal charges.

He said, as an example, committing acts of violence could see a member slapped with additional federal terrorism charges.

"Hopefully it will make the operational environment much more difficult for those groups to operate, recruit and fundraise," he said.

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6 Dead Niggers:

We got 6 dead niggers in Pittsburgh. Love this town! If you are a Lone Wolf I'd suggest moving here. Almost ever koon is a gangbanger. So if you kill a nigger the pigs think it was gang related and just ignore it. Best tactic ever!! Just make sure you make it look like a gang hit? Or a mugging gone bad, in the case of kikes?


We'll be putting up fliers in homiewood next week. Wait till you see what we got on them!!


Rudolf Hess – The Man who Knew too Much

 Rudolf Hess – The Man who Knew too Much

In May of 1941, during a conflict that soon widened into the Second World War, at a time when most people now alive were not yet born, a man flew unescorted from Augsburg in Germany to the Scottish highlands in an unarmed Messerschmitt 110 twin-engine plane which he piloted himself.

The plane had been specially prepared for this mission by the installation of drop-tanks under the wings and various other modifications. He expected to be received at his destination by a number of very high-ranking British politicians prepared, he thought, to discuss a possible peace deal between Great Britain and Germany. When he discovered that no landing preparations had been made for him, he bailed out of his aircraft and was soon taken prisoner.

The man’s name was Rudolf Hess; he was Hitler’s deputy in the party and next in line, after Göring, for the chancellorship in the German government. From the moment he landed on Scottish soil until his death by strangulation in Spandau prison 46 years later he would never be a free man again. When his mission failed, he was declared insane by the German side whereas Britain was never able to make up her mind as to whether he was a prisoner of war or simply a mentally sick man who should have been returned to his home country under the terms of the Geneva Convention.

At the time of his daring flight, the National Socialists had instituted a number of anti-Jewish laws, they had instigated or at least tolerated a pogrom, and were following an expansionist and aggressive policy, but with some hindsight, one wonders why this man had to be shut up for the rest of his life by the Allied Military Tribunal at Nuremberg, whereas other figures among Hitler’s close associates who had, in later years, played a much more active role were released from jail after a number of years that appear reasonable under normal legal aspects. For the last twenty-five years of his life he was the only prisoner at Spandau, guarded by a detachment of the four Allies in rotation. His family was allowed monthly visits, but the conversations were supervised and strictly limited to personal matters. Various unsuccessful efforts were made to have him released on humanitarian grounds but all failed. His death is shrouded in mystery, the official version is that he hanged himself by means of an electric cord, but an autopsy revealed that the cause of death may well have been strangulation.

In the years after WW2, he became the subject of an occasional book, but ever since his death there has been a profusion of titles dealing with the man, his flight, his mission, and his end. It is as if his spirit refused to be laid to rest and continued to haunt his captors, for the majority of authors are British – Peter Padfield, Peter Allen, Hugh Thomas, Martin Allen, and Lynn Picknett et al., to name only a few.

Leaving aside some possibly far-fetched theories, the most recent accounts set forth a number of points such as

· Hess was one of the sanest, most internationally experienced, best informed, and least dogmatic men in the government of the Third Reich.

· His influence on party politics was guided by high moral standards.

· Despite official denials, he flew to Britain with Hitler’s full knowledge and support.

· There was a substantial British peace party in 1941, which included most of the aristocracy – and the Royal Family.

· His fate was closely linked with that of the Duke of Kent, brother of the British King.

· Winston Churchill guilefully used Hess and the peace party to encourage Hitler to wage war against the Soviet Union.

Obviously, the various authors concentrate on different aspects of this topic and have somewhat divergent opinions on the importance of the points at issue. Martin Allen’s book The Hitler-Hess Deception is strong when it comes to the events, which preceded Hess’ flight. In a way, it is a sequel to his book Hidden Agenda, which deals with German efforts to court the Duke of Windsor and with the deal that may have been struck between the Duke and Hitler in early 1940; some of the personalities involved appear, in fact, in both works.

The main issue that Martin Allen as well as some of the other authors expound is that Hess’ flight was not at all a flight undertaken by a madman at the spur of the moment, rather, it was the culmination of a series of flights by Hess to meet the British "Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary on Special Mission in Spain," Sir Samuel Hoare. For Allen, this was a sting operation set up by Churchill’s SOE organization with the aim of having Hitler wage war against the Soviet Union and thus relieving the pressure on Britain. Allen does not go very deeply into the question whether a peace party, possibly under the leadership of the Duke of Hamilton, actually did exist in Britain. For him the important point is that, regardless of whether it did or not, the Germans were led to believe in its existence and its ability to topple Churchill and were thus encouraged to attack the Soviet Union.

Once Hitler had been launched against Stalin, Hess became expendable, but as he knew about the initial overtures from Britain, he could not be set free, nor could any telling traces of the operation be allowed to remain. This was accomplished, in Allen’s view, by an immediate seizure of all pertinent documents still available in occupied Germany, and possibly even by the elimination of important witnesses such as Prof. Karl Haushofer who, with his son Albrecht, had played a major role on the German side in the negotiations with the "peace party."

The book Double Standards, written by Lynn Picknett et al., presents us with a more detailed analysis of the political situation in war-time Britain; it strongly affirms the existence of a peace party, with, at its head, the Duke of Hamilton, the leading Scottish peer and, like Hess, an accomplished aviator. These authors leave open the question of whether this party was knowingly playing into the hands of Churchill, whether it was pressured into cooperation by the War Cabinet that had begun to intern political opponents, or whether its own peace moves were simply being used by the Prime Minister as bait for the Germans. The authors strongly underscore the involvement of British nobility, including the Royal Family, in the moves to end the war with Germany.

Double Standards deals in great detail with the various places where Hess was detained and with the circumstances of his transfers and conditions of detention. The book describes an attempt involving the Duke of Kent and aimed at spiriting Hess by plane out of the country, perhaps to Sweden, in the course of which all on board, except one man, met their death. This kind of theory ties in with the ideas of other authors who claim that Hess died or was killed at some time during the war and was replaced by a Doppelgänger who was suitably conditioned for this unsavory role. As mentioned above, however, this line of thought does not really sound convincing, even if the circumstances of the Duke of Kent’s plane crash have, indeed, remained mysterious to this day.

The general consensus of most authors is that, in one way or another, the Churchill government managed to encourage the Germans to attack the USSR, then waited which turn matters would take and eventually joined forces with the Soviet Union once the German army had not succeeded in overthrowing their enemy in a first onslaught. The question is raised here and there in these books as to what extent London informed Moscow of the impending attack. While there is no documentary evidence, the presence of the ‘Cambridge Five’ at crucial positions in the British administration renders it highly likely that Stalin was indeed made aware of what was going on between Berlin and London, even if he may not have been fed information via official channels. The Soviet preparations for a war against Germany (and possibly the rest of Europe) have recently been discussed in a number of publications that converge on the conclusion that the deployment of Soviet forces in the western part of the country was such that the USSR, later in 1941, would have struck out on its own had the Germans not made their pre-emptive move.

The question, which is looming large behind the many pages devoted to this subject, is why Churchill was so adamant in his negative attitude towards Germany, whether he was aware of the possibly horrible consequences of his decisions, and to what extent he condoned the scenario that he was conjuring up. Double Standards speculates that Hess may have gone so far as to propose to Britain a change in the German government with Hess becoming Chancellor and Hitler being moved to the more ceremonial post of President of the Reich. This is not unconvincing for, if Germany at Munich still thought that Britain would not become active on the continent, the situation was different in 1940/41 and may well have prompted the Reich government to become more flexible.

What is frightening about the British sting operation is the apparent lack of scruples, with which the Churchill government went about setting two dictatorships up against each other. The outcome of this duel was not at all certain; what was certain, though, was that the independence of the countries of eastern Europe was doomed. This consideration also invalidates the argument that Britain could not possibly made peace with the Reich, because London had, after all, gone to war to preserve the integrity of Poland. These are questions of political morality, and in a way it would seem that the increasing preoccupation of British authors with this turning point of WWII reflects the unease they are feeling with respect to major and in the end catastrophic decisions taken in their name and over their heads by less than a handful of people in Whitehall.

A clue to the question as to why Churchill acted in this way can perhaps be found in the documents reproduced in the German edition of Martin Allen’s book (Churchills Friedensfalle), which were only quoted in the English original. In September of 1940, Sir Robert Vansittart, Chief Diplomatic Adviser to the Foreign Office, wrote a letter to Lord Halifax, Secretary of State, on the subject of peace overtures made to Mr. Mallet, the British ambassador in Sweden, by Dr. Weissauer, Hitler’s personal lawyer:

"I hope that you will instruct Mr. Mallet that he is on no account to meet Dr. Weissauer. The future of civilisation is at stake. It is a question of we or they now, and either the German Reich or this country has got to go under, and not only under, but right under. I believe it will be the German Reich. This is a very different thing from saying that Germany has got to go under; but the German Reich and the Reich idea have been the curse of the world for 75 years, and if we do not stop it this time, we never shall, and they will stop us. The enemy is the German Reich and not merely Nazism, and those who have not yet learned this lesson have learned nothing whatever, and would let us in for a sixth war even if we survive the fifth. […] All possibility of compromise has now gone by, and it has got to be a fight to a finish, and to a real finish. […]" (emphases in the original.)

This letter is a most instructive illustration of the state of mind of the small group of people who governed Britain in the 1940s. It shows that the fight against Hitler was incidental; it was only part of a larger battle aimed at eliminating Germany as a political power in order to preserve the British Empire. Vansittart’s references to the "fifth war" – which Halifax undoubtedly understood – beg the question of the other four. Obviously, WWI was one of them, but the three others that Britain had supposedly fought against the Reich since the 1860s are somewhat mysterious, as there never were, during that time, any declared hostilities between the two countries. One can only surmise that for Vansittart the wars Prussia fought against other countries in 1864, 1866, and 1870 or such conflicts as the Boer War, the Agadir crisis, or the Baghdad railway project were, in essence, wars, in which Britain herself confronted the German Reich. Such considerations shed interesting sidelights on British activities behind the scenes of European politics throughout the 19th century.

Thus, in a vain effort to stem the tide of history and save the Empire, Churchill and the men around him lost not only what they were trying to preserve but managed to ruin a good part of Europe at the same time. The authors of Double Standards devote several pages to a discussion of the tragedies on all sides that could have been avoided if Hess’ mission had been a success. With a marvelously tongue-in-cheek attitude they also consider, side by side, the kind of Europe that, in 1941, would have resulted from a reasonable peace with Germany, and the political structure we see emerging today in the same geographical area: they find little to choose between the two.

While Martin Allen clearly casts Hess in a sympathetic light, the three authors of Double Standards go a step further. Like so many captains, they bear him to center stage and seem to say that, had he been put on, he would have proved most noble. With this regard it matters but little whether his final resting place is at Wunsiedel, next to his parents, or in Scottish soil, next to the poor fellows who may have crashed with him on Eagles Rock.