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93 Year Old Woman Persecuted By The Filthy Kikes!

 ONS NOTE: This sets a very evil precedent. The fact that the kikes haven't done this till now is quite amazing! But this now allows these scumbags to charge ANYONE WHO WORKED EVEN NEAR a camp, reguardless of whether or not they were stationed at the camp, or even Party nembers. This holohoax religion needs to be stamped out NOW!! We say start killing ANYONE who claims to be a so-called 'survivor'! Perhaps some Lone Wolves could begin in jewhill?!? That is something we'd like to see very, very much. Lone Wolves, GET BUSY!!

Germany: After Eight Decades, Female Concentration Camp Secretary Charged with 10,000 Murders

A former secretary from the Stutthof concentration camp has been charged with complicity in the murders of 10,000 people, ZOG prosecutors said, in what is a rare case involving an alleged female concentration camp staff member.

Prosecutors in Itzehoe did not name the woman but said in a statement that they charged her with "aiding and abetting murder in more than 10,000 cases," as well as complicity in attempted murder.

The woman, who was a minor at the time of the alleged crimes, "is accused of having assisted those responsible at the camp in the systematic killing of Jewish prisoners, Polish partisans and Soviet Russian prisoners of war in her function as a stenographer and secretary to the camp commander," between June 1943 and April 1945, the prosecutors said in a statement.

She will face a juvenile court because she was under 18 when she served in Stutthof.

German prosecutors are investigating 13 other alleged cases connected to the concentration camps of Buchenwald, Sachsenhausen, Mauthausen and Stutthof, according to the so-called Central Office for the Investigation of Nazi Crimes.

Last summer, a 93-year-old former guard at Stutthof, identified as Bruno D., was convicted of thousands of counts of being an accessory to murder and given a two-year suspended prison sentence. He, too, was tried in a juvenile court because because he was 17 years old at the time he served in Stutthof.

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Racist pigs of Canuckastan suppress FREE SPEECH!!

 Nothing new here.... The kikes and commies have controlled Canuckastan since the 60's. Every time Dr. Lloyd gives a speech there he has to sneak in.

Rachel Powell In Butler Shithole Jail!!


Rachel Powell, the local mother of eight who has been on-the-run from the FBI, is now in custody and will stay there until her next hearing.

She turned herself in to the FBI in New Castle Thursday night, officials said. Powell was taken to the Butler County Prison, which is a holding facility for federal inmates, about 1 a.m. Friday.

Powell is charged with obstruction, depredation of government property, restricted building or grounds with a dangerous weapon, restricted building or grounds and violent entry or disorderly conduct.

Powell’s attorney, Michael Engle, released this statement to Channel 11:

“Rachel Powell is neither a danger to her community or a risk of flight. She hired counsel to assist her in turning herself in to the FBI and to address these charges. It is inconceivable that she would try to run and leave her children without their mother.”

Powell didn’t speak during a hearing Friday afternoon, other than to give her name. Her next hearing will be Tuesday, Feb. 9 at 2:30 p.m. and she will be held in the Butler County Prison until then. Sources told Channel 11 she’s unhappy about wearing a mask in jail.

Agents searched Powell’s property in Sandy Lake, Mercer County, on Thursday, but she wasn’t there.

Channel 11 spoke with Powell Thursday afternoon as the Federal Bureau of Investigation was looking for her in connection with the violence at the U.S. Capitol last month. She was seen on video wearing a pink hat and holding a bullhorn, directing people during the January attack.

At one point during the violence, Powell was “clearly seen speaking through a bullhorn and giving very detailed instructions about the layout of the Capitol building,” according to charging documents.

She’s also accused of telling a group of people that they should “coordinate together if you are going to take this building” and that they “have another window to break,” the charging documents stated.

Photos allegedly show Powell using a large pipe to break windows of the Capitol to get inside.

Marcinkiewicz had a quick conversation with a woman who picked up Powell’s phone and did not deny that she was her. Marcinkiewicz had been calling her for two days and the phone ringing straight to voicemail.

The conversation lasted about a minute, and Marcinkiewicz asked her if she knew the FBI was at her house, if she was still in the area and if she was somewhere safe.

There was a lot of dead air, but she did tell Marcinkiewicz to call her back on Friday and she would talk then. That likely won’t happen now that Powell is in custody.

Three other people from Sharon, Bridgeville and Oakdale are facing charges in connection with what happened in Washington D.C. that day.

Rachel Powell Kidnapped By Her JOG Employers!

 ONS + WPF NOTE: Powell is a local ARAer. She is a communist protesters, and one of the anti-Trump people who were payed by the jews to stage that 'attack' on an EMPTY U.S. Capital building. Same kind of trick the jews used in France before the Paris Commune, and in St. Petersburg before the bloody bolsheviks took over!! And the second artical is on another local ARAer. Jordan Mink is a known communist agitator in Western PA who gets payed to protest Whites!! The whole Capital 'attack' was staged. Period!


Sources confirm to Channel 11 that Rachel Powell, the local mother of eight who has been on-the-run from the FBI, is now in custody in Butler County.

She was taken into custody Thursday night in New Castle.

Channel 11 spoke with Powell Thursday afternoon as the Federal Bureau of Investigation was looking for her in connection with the violence at the U.S. Capitol last month. She was seen on video directing people during the January attack.

Agents searched Powell’s property in Sandy Lake, Mercer County, but she wasn’t there.

Channel 11′s Amy Marcinkiewicz had a quick conversation with a woman who picked up Powell’s phone and did not deny that she was her. Marcinkiewicz had been calling her for two days and the phone ringing straight to voicemail.

The conversation lasted about a minute, when Marcinkiewicz asked her if she knew the FBI was at her house, if she was still in the area, if she was somewhere safe.

There was a lot of dead air, but she did tell Marcinkiewicz to call her back on Friday, she would talk then.

Three other people from Sharon, Bridgeville and Oakdale are facing charges in connection with what happened in Washington D.C. that day.


Oakdale man will stay in custody for alleged role in U.S. Capitol riot

By: News Staff

Updated: January 29, 2021 - 5:13 PM

PITTSBURGH — A federal judge has ordered Jordan Mink to stay in custody until his trial.

The 27-year-old is accused of using a baseball bat to break windows in the U.S. Capitol building on Jan. 6. He’s facing six charges, including destruction of government property.

According to our news partners at, the judge said Mink showed “nothing but a complete and total disregard for the government and rule of law,” and because of his behavior at the Jan. 6 riots, she did not believe she could set any conditions for release to guarantee his appearance in court.

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Jewish Organization Behind Tech Censorship Funded Study Saying It's A Figment Of Your Imagination

 Jewish Organization Behind Tech Censorship Funded Study Saying It's A Figment Of Your Imagination

Eric Striker

National Justice

A New York University study released this week claiming that Twitter and Facebook do not censor the "political right" has been widely mocked and lambasted as a symbol of the conflict of interests and lack of credibility in American academia. 

The most Orwellian aspect of this story is that the paper was financed by tech billionaire Craig Newmark, who is Jewish and a leading member of the Anti-Defamation League's Silicon Valley speech suppression lobby, the Center for Technology and Society (CTS).

The CTS specializes in two things, the first is to aid eager-to-be-used Jewish tech moguls in their quest to censor ideas they perceive threatening to Jewish interests (preserving domestic liberalism and Israel against populist challenges are their main priorities), and the second is to intimidate those who don't want to play ball, like former free speech advocate Jack Dorsey, into doing their bidding.  

CTS concentrates Jewish legal, political, technological, financial and media to shut down dissent. Besides Newmark, its advisory board includes formidable figures such as Shawn Henry, a former assistant director at the FBI, Steve Huffman, CEO of Reddit, Guy Rosen, product VP at Facebook, and Eli Pariser, the president and co-founder of Democratic Party activist powerhouses and 

The tyrants at CTS have so far achieved impressive results. The ADL was the major force behind the banning of Donald Trump, the destruction of Parler, and the long-term project to radically transform the internet from its original mission to be a public square of free debate into an American version of North Korea's internet.

In cases like Gab, who the ADL has been unable to shut down, they are diligently working to get the Department of Justice to put its defiant CEO Andrew Torba in prison. 

The ADL's campaign of repression is so extreme that authors in Jewish newspapers, who broadly support what they're doing, are asking them to cool off, "So it’s hardly surprising that Greenblatt has already declared ADL’s support for impeaching Trump a second time. That’s a position a lot of Americans—and, no doubt, the majority of American Jews—agree with, and not all of them are partisan Democrats like Greenblatt. But the question here is: What in the world is a group whose purpose is to monitor and advocate against anti-Semitism doing involving itself in the debate about impeachment?"

As for Newmark, his total lack of respect for ethics, facts and scholarship don't end at manufacturing fake studies. The organization social media companies have tasked with supposedly fact checking "disinformation," the Poynter Institute, is also Newmark's pet project. 

In other words, when Tucker Carlson's producers received an ominous email warning them to stop spreading "disinformation" attached to an NYU study claiming to debunk them, the Jews behind the tech censorship campaign paid for a bogus study claiming tech censorship doesn't exist that the fact-checking think-tank they also fund will deem "disinformation" to disagree with. 

The debate over free speech in America is worthless until people work up the courage to talk about the ADL and the Jewish community's complete lack of respect for fundamental American principals and the rights of non-Jews.

Where Is The Commy Rachel Powell?!

 Law Enforcement Presence Reported At Home Of Rachel Powell, Mercer County Mother Of 8 Suspected In Capitol Attack


SANDY LAKE, Pa. (KDKA) – There’s a law enforcement presence at the home of a Mercer County mother of eight suspected of playing a role in the assault on the U.S. Capitol.

NewsChopper 2 flew over Rachel Powell’s Sandy Lakes home Thursday afternoon.

Powell can clearly be seen in videos taking a battering ram to the Capitol in the Jan. 6 assault, and though the FBI has posted pictures of her seeking the public’s help, it still has still not officially confirmed they are of Powell, who is now nowhere to be found.

She’s become known as the lady with the bullhorn, seeming to have knowledge of the Capitol Buildings floor plan, instructing insurrectionists where to go.

Powell has not returned KDKA’s text messages, but in an interview from an undisclosed location, Powell confirmed to the New Yorker magazine that she is the infamous lady with the bullhorn seen giving detailed information of the Capitol layout to the rioters inside.

She is of special concern to federal investigators because she appears to have advanced knowledge of building, indicating pre-planning of the assault but she denies this in the New Yorker piece.

Teenage National Socialist from Cornwall is UK’s Youngest Free Speech Martyr!

 ONS NOTE: The long arm of FREEDOM, which Nazism provides, can liberate anyone in any country at any age! The ONS leaves it's mark on YOU, you limey bastards.


Teenage National Socialist from Cornwall is UK’s Youngest “Terror Offender”

The teenage leader of a National Socialist group has become the youngest person in the UK to have committed a "terrorist offence".

The boy from Cornwall had admitted 12 offences, two of "dissemination of terrorist documents" and 10 of "possession of terrorist material".

At 13 years old he downloaded his first bombmaking manual and later that year joined online forum Fascist Forge.

The sentencing hearing of the now 16 year old will continue on 8 February.

The court heard he was the "leader" of the British version of a now banned National Socialist organisation.

Between 2018 and July 2019, he collected a "significant amount of far right material" and expressed "racist, homophobic and anti-Semitic views" on online platforms.

Prosecuting, Naomi Parsons, said his home, where he lived with his grandmother, was searched and police found a National Socialist flag and nationalist slogan on the garden shed.

"The age is the alarming factor and his conduct betrays a maturity beyond his chronological age," she added.

The teenager, who cannot be identified, was in touch with an Estonian boy, who founded a now-banned group called Feuerkrieg Division.

The defendant set up FKD GB and recruited British members from online platforms, such as Paul Dunleavy, a teenager from Rugby, who was jailed last year for "preparing a terrorist attack".

"The group wanted to enact white jihad and the genocide of non-white people," the court heard.

War On Free Speech: Brooklyn

 War On Free Speech: Brooklyn Politicians Call On NYPD To "Investigate" Man For Flag Inside His Home

Eric StrikerJan 4, 2021

Nosey Jewish groups and yarmulke-wearing politicians are demanding the NYPD take action after looking into a Brooklyn man's apartment and spotting a Swastika banner hanging from his wall. 

Councilman Mark Treyger, a Ukrainian-Jew who represents South Brooklyn, requested a police investigation into the man engaging in First Amendment activity in his own home. The NYPD informed him that no crime was being committed, and in response, Treyger has decided to try and whip up hysteria in his community even after the man in the apartment in question acquiesced to his demands to take the flag down. 

Treyger's response is one of many instances of the First Amendment being rapidly whittled down in American life, particularly in New York. 

Last month New York Governor Andrew Cuomo signed a law banning the display or sale of Confederate flags, Swastikas and "other symbols of hate" on public property. In practice, this means a protest group cannot legally display these symbols nor can they be sold by street vendors. Under the poorly thought out piece of legislation, no exemptions are made for an individual wearing a t-shirt with a Confederate flag or Swastika walking on the streets of New York, who in theory could potentially be charged with a crime. 

Governor Cuomo and others admit that the ban is a flagrant violation of the First Amendment, but don't seem to care. The transition of the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) into an exclusively left-wing activist organization that will not defend the rights of political dissidents has created a legal vacuum that NGOs, Jewish activists and politicians have capitalized on to shut down free speech.

The Supreme Court ruling in Smith v. Collin (1978) makes it clear that Americans have a right to display flags and engage in political speech even when the content offends Jews. 

The lack of respect for American values in the name of protecting feelings also goes one way. The Israeli flag is seen as a symbol of hate, racism and genocide by numerous classes of people, yet the right to display it is not being questioned. Enrique Tarrio of the Proud Boys was arrested in Washington DC earlier today over a previous incident where a group of men expressed their offense over a flag representing the highly polarizing Black Lives Matter movement. 

Ultimately, without a new legal organization that fights in the courts to consistently defend political and artistic speech, the government is free to push through hate speech legislation, unimpeded

Wednesday, February 03, 2021

Mercer County Mother Of 8 And Known Communist Was Major Player In Capitol Riot

ONS + WPF NOTE: Rachel Powell is a known communist racist in western PA. We will be doxing her shortly. By by, cunt!!

 SANDY LAKE, Pa. (KDKA) – The FBI won’t confirm it, but a national publication has identified a Mercer County mother of eight as a major player in the assault on the Capitol.

She’s become known as the lady with the bullhorn, seeming to have knowledge of the Capitol Buildings floor plan, instructing insurrectionists where to go. Moments before, she can be seen in position with a battering ram breaking the glass window, forcefully leading the pack onward.

The FBI has posted pictures of her seeking to identify her.

But according to an article in the New Yorker, she is same woman who until recently lived in a house in rural Sandy Lake, Mercer County. She’s a divorced mother of eight named Rachel Powell whose alleged involvement was unknown to neighbors.

“Had no clue. Kind of a shock,” said one.

The FBI won’t confirm, saying the bureau will not comment on ongoing investigations. But Powell is quoted in the New Yorker article as saying she is that woman seen in the videos taken on Jan 6th.

In the piece, she says she’s described as a libertarian who objects to excessive government control, and last spring she was a fixture at demonstrations in Mercer County against COVID-19 shutdowns ordered by the state, telling the Sharon Herald, “I don’t think the governor has the right to tell people not to work.”

Until last summer, she had been working as an independent contractor selling organic yogurt and other products from Cherish Creamery in Jefferson County at farmer’s markets in and around Pittsburgh. But in a phone interview, creamery owner Paula Keswick says she was banned from those markets for refusing to wear a mask.

“Last spring, when all the events that we did because of the COVID mandated that any vendors had to wear masks and she absolutely refused so she was barred from certain events,” she said.

Keswick says she never spoke politics with her but the New Yorker article said Powell became upset with the results of the presidential election, believing in Rudy Giuliani and others that there had been fraud. But Keswick said she was shocked to find Powell could have been involved in the Capitol takeover.

Powell has not been charged with anything and her whereabouts are unknown

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All Pigs Need To Die!!

This shows, ONCE AGAIN, that all pigs are bastards who NEED TO BE MURDERED!! The racist pigs are the frontline troops of the JOG, used by the JEWS to oppress the People. Period! They don't care about White People, nor do they care about law abiding Working Class People or the middle class.... All they call about is their faggy paychecks and keeping society relatively operational, so THEIR FAMILIES can be safe. I've had several coppers tell me to my face that they believe what we WRLs say, but that they don't want to be personally inconvenienced by the post-Revolutionary world.... Basically these yelly belly faggots are saying that it's ok if their great grandchildren are made slaves so long as their own immediate lives are left ok. Fucking scum!!


And all the JEWS, TOO!!

Monday, February 01, 2021

Adolf Hitler’s Radio-Broadcasted Speech to the German Folk from the Wolf's Lair (1944)

 From The Daily Archives:

Adolf Hitler’s Radio-Broadcasted Speech to the German Folk from the Wolf's Lair (1944)

In the fifth year of this the greatest war, no one can remain ignorant of the causes and, hence, the meaning and purpose, of this international war.

After all, the time has long passed when it still appeared as though this war was one of those European confrontations instigated by England in order to render impotent (Verohnmachtung) the continent and maintain a balance of power to the advantage of the British empire. Those forces which agitated for war in London ever since 1936 have today been transformed from the drivers to the driven. The minds that they sought to summon in accordance with old British tradition have got beyond the control of their masters.

Remarks disseminated by certain English newspapers that, following a defeat of Germany, Russia would have no more reason to advance any further in Europe and, therefore, that Russia would be content to concern itself with the education, that is, extermination of the German Volk, are just as much a Jewish impertinence geared to European fools as the other view, namely, that before this war ends England would in any event immediately take the lead in a new fight against the Soviet Union.

First of all, whoever wins this international war will not allow British newspaper scribblers to determine his objectives. And, second, in the case of a victory of Bolshevism, the sad remainder of Europe would hardly continue to fight under England’s leadership against the European-Asian colossus which would then rule Europe, especially since only a complete blockhead could think the military prospects of such a war are promising. In addition, every European knows that, in such a case, the remaining European remnant states would have the privilege-as would the Empire troops of the Canadians, Australians, New Zealanders, or South Africans-only of bearing by themselves the burden of the blood sacrifice in the struggle for the preservation of British rule so that England’s own men are spared.

One thing is certain: there can be only one victor in this fight, and this will either be Germany or the Soviet Union! A victory by Germany means the preservation of Europe; a victory by the Soviet Union means its destruction.

That is so very clear that every not completely crazy Englishman should know this quite well. If in spite of this they act as though things could be different, with true British hypocrisy, then this must be attributed to the responsible war criminals in London who no longer see any possibility of escaping their involvement. Above all, their escape route to the rear has been cut off at home by their Jewish wire-pullers and slave drivers. It is therefore no longer a question for England and the United States of America whether or not they want and are able to fight Bolshevism on their own after this war, but how they can fight Bolshevism in their own countries.

What Europe can in reality expect from the British promises of assistance has best been proved by the Anglo-American stand on the fate of the Poles, Finns, and Baltic states, as well as all of southeast Europe.

The unscrupulous promise of a guarantee to help Poland once drove this state into a war against Germany. By the untruthful claim that other states had to be saved from Germany, mutual assistance pacts were forced on them.

Today, by the same untruthful slogans, these countries are being abandoned and sacrificed. They must be surrendered, but not because every single Englishman wants this, but because England will be incapable of preventing this development in case of a victory by Bolshevism. Yes, not only this; it is because they are not even able to stand up for a different policy against their own opposition contaminated by Bolshevism, let alone successfully implementing such a policy. By the way, anyone who sold to Jewry as England did will sooner or later die of this plague, unless he manages to pull himself together at the last minute and remove these bacteria from his body by force.

The view that it is possible to live together peacefully or obtain a reconciliation between your own interests and those of this ferment of the decomposition of nations is like hoping that the human body will be capable of assimilating the plague bacillus in the long run.

The question of saving the European states and thereby saving Europe is therefore a question which can only be decided by the German Volk, its Wehrmacht, and the states allied to it. However, should the Reich break, then no other state in Europe will be capable of mounting an effective resistance against this new invasion by the Huns.

And they know this in the Kremlin.

Therefore, in the case of their victory, just as a precautionary measure for the future, the fate of the German nation would be its complete extermination through Bolshevism. And this goal is also the openly admitted intention of international Jewry.

It is of no matter whatsoever whether the Jewish defenders of this goal sit in England or America, or whether they direct their central office in Moscow.

It makes no difference whether European or non-European statesmen realize this fact, or whether they do not wish to believe it. It is all the more irrelevant whether they believe in one country or the other that, by submissive petting, they can perhaps detoxify the Jewish bacteria, which they bred themselves. If Germany does not win, the fate of the states in North, Central, and South America will be decided within a few months. The west would shortly follow.

Ten years later, the oldest civilized continent would have lost the characteristic features of its life. The picture so dear to all of us of a more than twenty-fivehundred- year-old cultural and material development would have been erased, the nations as bearers of this culture, while the representatives of the spiritual leadership of these nations would lead a miserable existence somewhere in the forests and swamps of Siberia, provided they were not liquidated by a shot in the neck. Meanwhile, the devastating Jewish Ahasuerus [Xerxes] could celebrate the destruction of Europe in a second triumphant Purim festival.

That the German Volk is today capable of waging this decisive fateful struggle for its own and the European continent’s preservation, it owes to the merciful dispensation of God, who allowed National Socialism to reach its goal victoriously eleven years ago, after a long struggle for power.

Without January 30, 1933, and without the National Socialist revolution, without the tremendous domestic cleansing and construction efforts, there would be no factor today that could oppose the Bolshevik colossus. After all, Germany was itself so ill at the time, so weakened by the spreading Jewish infection, that it could hardly think of overcoming the Bolshevik danger at home, not to mention abroad. The economic ruin brought about by the Jews as in other countries, the unemployment of millions of Germans, the destruction of peasantry, trade, and industry only prepared the way for the planned internal collapse. This was furthered by support for the continued existence of a senseless state of classes, which could only serve to transform the reason of the masses into hatred in order to make them the willing instrument of the Bolshevik revolution. By mobilizing the proletarian slaves, the Jews hoped that, following the destruction of the national intelligentsia, they could all the more reduce them for good to coolies. But even if this process of the Bolshevik revolt in the interior of Germany had not led to complete success, the state with its democratic Weimar constitution would have been reduced to something ridiculously helpless in view of the great tasks of current world politics. In order to be armed for this confrontation, not only the problems of political power but also the social and economic problems had to be resolved.

When National Socialism undertook the realization of its program eleven years ago, it managed just in time to build up a state that did not only have the strength at home but also the power abroad to fulfill the same European mission which first Greece fulfilled in antiquity by opposing the Persians, then Rome [by opposing] the Carthaginians, and the Occident in later centuries by opposing the invasions from the east.

Therefore, in the year 1933, we set ourselves four great tasks among many others. On their resolution depended not only the future of the Reich but also the rescue of Europe, perhaps even of the entire human civilization:

1. The Reich had to regain the internal social peace that it had lost by resolving the social questions. That meant that the elements of a division into classes-bourgeoisie and proletariat-had to be eliminated in their various manifestations and be replaced by a Volksgemeinschaft. The appeal to reason had to be supplemented by the merciless eradication of the base elements of resistance in all camps.

2. The social and political unification of the nation had to be supplemented by a national, political one. This meant that the body of the Reich, which was not only politically, but also governmentally divided, had to be replaced by a unified National Socialist state, the construction and leadership of which were suited to oppose and withstand even the heaviest attacks and severest tests of the future.

3. The nationally and politically coherent centralized state had the mission of immediately creating a Wehrmacht, whose ideology, moral attitude, numerical strength, and material equipment could serve as an instrument of self-assertion. After the outside world had rejected all German offers for a limitation of armament, the Reich had to fashion its own armament accordingly.

4. In order to secure its continued existence in Europe with the prospect of actual success, it was necessary to integrate all those countries which were inhabited by Germans, or were areas which had belonged to the German Reich for over a thousand years and which, in terms of their national substance and economy, were indispensable to the preservation of the Reich, that is, for its political and military defense.

Only the resolution of all these tasks could result in the creation of that state which was capable, at home and abroad, of waging the fight for its defense and for the preservation of the European family of nations.

When, eleven years ago, the National Socialist movement gained power in the state, after a long struggle by lawful means, the main conditions for the successful resolution of these tasks had already been created. The German Volksgemeinschaft had become embodied in the movement itself. It was therefore not the state which fashioned the movement in the course of the following years. Instead, the movement molded the state. While many great things have been accomplished since that time, the building of the German Volksgemeinschaft undoubtedly stands at the top of the accomplishments of the National Socialist revolution. It was the gentle as well as dogged conversion of the former state of classes into a new socialist organism, a Volksstaat, which alone made it possible for the German Reich to become immune to all attempts at Bolshevik infection. One decisive accomplishment of the National Socialist revolution is that, in this state today, every young German, irrespective of his birth, origin, wealth, the position of his parents, so-called education, and so on, can become whatever he likes, in accordance with his merits.

It is most evident in the war today just how rapidly the socialist organization of the body politic took place. After all, the Wehrmacht also plays a role in this development. More than sixty percent of the young officer corps comes from among the enlisted men and, thereby, bridges the gap to the hundreds of thousands of laborers or members of the lower middle-classes.

History will one day record it as one of our greatest accomplishments that we succeeded in beginning and carrying out the National Socialist revolution in this great state, without destroying national wealth, and without restricting the creative powers of the old classes, and, in so doing, obtained a complete equality of rights for all. This process will be continued by National Socialism with staunch determination and consequence. This will rob international Jewry of all chances for an internal hollowing out of our body politic.

Thus, the National Socialist community can already today be regarded as the unassailable center of European self-assertion. After all, only a state which is completely free of all antisocial focuses of infection at home can securely oppose Bolshevism abroad. Jewry itself has lost all power in our great Reich.

By unleashing this war against National Socialist Germany, it helped to spread the ideas of the National Socialist revolution and teach other nations to appreciate the elements of a scientific realization and objective resolution of this question. The World War of the year 1939 will one day enter history as a gigantic repetition of the internal struggle against our party in the year 1924.

Just as in the past, the attack which sought the destruction of the movement spread its ideas throughout Germany with the force of an exposition, this present struggle will in a few years open the eyes of others on the Jewish question. It will make the National Socialist solution of this question and the measures for its elimination appear just as worthy of imitation as self-evident.

The greatness of the confrontation with its impact on world history will train the eyes and the minds of the nations for thinking and acting in tremendous historic dimensions. Millions of soldiers and prisoners of war will one day propagandize this realization.

That the National Socialist revolution has beyond this given the German Volk the weapons for self-assertion of its interior organization, economics, and power is nowhere better documented than in this gigantic fight which has raged for more than five years now. This struggle will not follow a course different from that of all previous great wars on this earth. The ups and downs of the events can only depress the man who has not learned to see and think in historical terms.

The step from the vision of a half-blind soldier in the year 1918 to the reality of the National Socialist state in the year 1944 was more tremendous and difficult than the step from the present Reich to the final victory will be. That Germany’s and Europe’s victory over the criminal attackers from the west and the east will stand at the end of this struggle has not only become an expression of faith for every National Socialist, but also, at the end of this entire fight up to now, his inner conviction.

The guarantors of this victory are today not only the soldiers at the front but also the fighters in the homeland. Just as National Socialism was born out of the First World War, so it will receive its exterior strengthening and reinforcement in the Second. No matter how difficult it may be, the homeland will never despair in the end because it knows its fate and sees its sons fighting at the front for it. The front will never lose heart. Even in the hardest days, it will get hold of itself again because in its hand it holds not only the working but also the equally brave, fighting homeland. The attempt of our enemies to bring about the collapse of the German Volk and Reich through high-explosive and fire bombs will in the end only result in reinforcing its socialist unity even more and create that hard state which Providence has destined to fashion the history of Europe in the coming centuries. That this tremendous, worldshaking process is taking place by causing suffering and pain corresponds to an eternal law of destiny, which states not only that everything great is gained by fighting but also that every mortal comes into this world by causing pain.

The twelfth year of the reorganization of our Volk will make the harshest demands on front and homeland. No matter how much the storm rages outside the walls of our fortress, it will one day subside like every tempest. From behind the dark clouds, the sun will come out again and shine on those who remained steadfast and unshakable and who, true to their faith, fulfilled their duty. The greater our worries are today, the greater our accomplishments will seem to the Almighty, who will one day weigh, judge, and reward those who faced a world of enemies, loyally held on to their flag, and carried it onward without losing heart.

Therefore, despite all the devilry by our enemies, this fight will in the end lead to the greatest victory of the German Reich.

Wolfsschanze, January 30, 1944

Snow Storm Allows For Lone Wolf Strikes!!

 LONE WOLF NOTE: Storms allow for all kinds of Lone Wolf strikes. Snow storms are no exception. Lone Wolves can use the sluggish response time of the pigs to kill scores of jews and monkey households. Hell, they always salt the ghettowood last. So, get to it!! Winky winks....


ONS + WPF NOTE: Untill the snow storm passes through Ohio and Western PA flier only if practicable. No need to hit neighborhoods with stickers on wet polls, or fliers on snow covered cars.... The mailbox option is on you.

Snow settles over Southwestern Pennsylvania, more expected throughout day

Megan Tomasic

Tribune Review, Pgh

Mon., February 1, 2021 5:39 a.m.

Several inches of snow settled across Southwestern Pennsylvania Monday morning as part of a system that is expected to remain in the area through Tuesday.

A preliminary report by the National Weather Service in Moon posted around midnight suggested the facility received 4.5 inches of snow since the storm began early Sunday morning.

In Allegheny County, up to 2 inches was expected overnight into Monday. An additional inch could be recorded throughout the day, with less than an inch occurring Monday night.

430 AM Radar Update: Snow showers continue for the Upper Ohio Valley and Allegheny Mtns. Can YOU identify the center of the low pressure system? Hint: Find the swirl. #PAwx OHwx #WVwx

— NWS Pittsburgh (@NWSPittsburgh) February 1, 2021

Similar totals were predicted for Westmoreland County, with less than an inch expected overnight. An additional inch could occur throughout the day, increasing to 1 to 2 inches Monday night.

Throughout the day, temperatures could reach 34 degrees in both counties.

In all, the storm is expected to bring accumulation of 4 inches or more by Tuesday morning. According to the National Weather Service, 5 inches is expected to accumulate in much of Allegheny County over the two day period, while 4 inches is expected in Westmoreland County, with heavier accumulation in the county’s eastern ridges.

❄The winter weather advisory and winter storm warning (ridges) remain in effect through 7 AM Tuesday as (mostly) light snow persists over the next 24 hours. Area roadways and untreated surfaces may be slick. If you must travel, please exercise caution & give yourself extra time.

— NWS Pittsburgh (@NWSPittsburgh) February 1, 2021

By 5 a.m., emergency dispatchers in both counties said they had not had many calls for crashes due to weather conditions.

Crews have been working to keep roads clear. In Pittsburgh, 50 crews were dispatched overnight, according to a tweet from Pittsburgh Public Works.

Over 50 of our crews will be working in #Pittsburgh tonight.

While it appears we have missed the worst possible snowfall, roads can still be slick. Our crews will be working to address 1200 miles of roadway.

— Pittsburgh Public Works (@PGHDPW) February 1, 2021

Plow trucks in the city can be tracked online.

Speed limit restrictions are in effect across the region. According to PennDOT, the speed limit on Interstate 376 is reduced to 45 mph between Hopewell in Beaver County and Interstate 79. Similar measures were also taken along Interstate 279, which is reduced to 45 mph.

According to the National Weather Service, snowfall is expected to end Wednesday. A weekly weather report shows partly sunny skies Wednesday and Thursday, with highs between 32 degrees and 39 degrees.

To Live as a National Socialist

 ONS NOTE: The following article may have been written by a nordacist?! The ONS, Nazism, Fascism, the 55 Club and Dr. Lloyd DO NOT support the vile bigoted ideology of nordacism!! Nordacism is used by Anglophiles to oppress fellow Europeans!! It is anathema to racial unity. Period!

To Live as a National Socialist

From The Daily Archive

National Socialism is the original, natural, organic and scientific way of thinking and looking at the world.

It is both a return to our pre-Christian forefathers’ mindset as well as a higher insight into our place in the cosmos, a higher consciousness we have reached through our race’s accumulated historical experiences and scientific discoveries.

National Socialism is a total worldview and as such demands that we embrace it totally. If we cannot embrace it fully, and can only “think National Socialism” without “living National Socialism”, we will remain divided “democratic” individuals. One could say that a true National Socialist is not just a person with a strong set of views; a true National Socialist lives National Socialism.

This is not a question of who is “properly educated” or not, but a question of great practical importance: We cannot hope to defeat Zion if we do not first rise above the present system. This means that we must practise what we preach. National Socialism must rule within us before we can hope that it will prevail around us! A weak people cannot free themselves from their tyrants, no matter how many of them may hold opposing views. Only through living National Socialism can we reclaim our race’s former strength and overcome the enemy.

Culture and anti-culture

“Modern culture” is in reality not a culture but an anti-culture. It is the opposite of a people’s true culture and their naturally developed way of living. The anti-culture is the foreign implantation of unnatural customs and traditions that destroy the original culture and ultimately destroy the people, who are dependent on their own culture for their long-term survival.

It is not enough just to understand that modern anti-culture is destructive, because by living within it we willingly or unwillingly constitute a part of it. As a National Socialist, one must therefore actively distance himself from modern anti-culture and everything it represents. Practically speaking, this can be difficult, especially with regard to our mindset, habits and more subliminal cultural influences that we “breathe in and out” without realizing it. Our behaviour and mentality are deeply influenced by anti-culture. We are “children of our time”.

One should at least have a highly critical attitude towards television, Hollywood movies and to some degree modern pop music. Watching TV, being entertained by Hollywood and listening to popular music are just habitual behaviours (and for many people a form of addiction). Remember that National Socialism is harmony, harmony in man and nature but also in matters like art and music. Disharmony and perversion are spread by Zion within cultural life (behaviour, trends, art, film, music etc.) with the aim of subverting the life force of our race.

A simpler and more natural life

In the same manner as one should avoid so-called modern cultural expressions, one should also reject products of the Judeo-capitalist system and attempt to live a simpler, more natural life in harmony with nature. This entails boycotting products and trademarks from Jewish and large capitalist businesses. One should not support the Jewish-capitalist system via unnecessary consumption of luxury items.

Consider the fact that when you buy such wares you enrich and increase the power of those who work for our race’s destruction – and every time you buy an expensive product, you also pay tax to a state machinery that uses the proceeds to brainwash children at nursery and school and forces mass immigration and anti-culture upon our people.

Today people even pay to wear capitalist companies’ logos, when in reality it should be the companies paying people to display their advertisements. This phenomenon is a direct result of Judeo-capitalism’s victory in 1945. Do not accept it – you are a National Socialist, not a willing slave under a Jewish-capitalist system. Avoid wearing so-called designer clothes and priding yourself in their logos. This does not befit a champion of National Socialism.

Likewise a National Socialist should also boycott foods and drinks from companies that support multiculturalism, as well as multinationals that profit from producing food that is manufactured with the aid of harmful pesticides and which contains poisonous substances. One should aim to eat naturally. It should go without saying that a National Socialist should not help Judeo-capitalism poison him! There is also no valid excuse to eat at foreign-owned pizzerias or American hamburger chains or drink beverages like Coca Cola.

Complete abstinence from drugs

Some nationalists defend alcohol abuse by claiming that it’s a “part of our culture”. But not every aspect of Nordic culture is holy. High alcohol consumption is such an example. Alcohol is a poison, and its widespread abuse by our youth is catastrophic. Alcohol gradually destroys the brain and weakens the individual and the intellect. For young people, whose brains and personalities are still developing, abusing alcohol is very serious. Drinking oneself into intoxication every weekend is quite simply not acceptable for a National Socialist. There are of course occasions when it’s acceptable to consume alcohol, but moderation must be the principle for a National Socialist, or, even better, strict abstinence.

Alcohol is not the only drug weakening our race. Narcotic substances, which are so dangerous they are even forbidden by this decadent system (or require a prescription), are also a problem. Some have been used previously, or are still being used, as medicines. Others lack any medicinal use and are extremely destructive; e.g., ecstasy. Israel controls the distribution of ecstasy into Europe and makes large profits by destroying the Aryan youth in the process. All drug abuse is harmful. A National Socialist has zero tolerance of illegal drugs and views many of the legal narcotics which are also used medicinally with great skepticism.

In our modern Jewish system, a serious new threat has also appeared: the lawful drugging of already vulnerable sections of our population via so-called anti-depressants. Anti-depressants don’t just produce passive and more tolerant people, but also violent psychopaths. These so-called medicines are even given to children and make enormous sums of money for pharmaceutical companies. The system creates doped-up and compliant individuals who are kept content and satisfied via chemical means. Naturally the Resistance Movement does not allow such drugs to be used by its activists.

A healthy soul in a healthy body

An unnatural life leads to sickness, both physical and psychological. Sadly, it can be said that the whole system we live in is sick and that all people in it are sick physically or mentally to some degree. The young generations, our recruits, are poisoned, both in body and mind. As a part of our worldview, we regard spiritual and bodily regeneration to be dependent on each other. Being a National Socialist in thought alone is not enough; it must also be physical – National Socialism must be lived. Is revolution even possible without a spiritual or bodily regeneration? Hardly, for a physically and spiritually weak people cannot free themselves, no matter how “right” they are.

Today many young men attempt to “cure” their bodily weakness via the methods offered by the Jewish system. One such method is so-called bodybuilding, with its accompanying sub-culture, unnatural dietary supplements and other “wonder drugs”. This lifestyle stills results in an unhealthy person. The reasoning behind it is sick and so is the result.

There are no shortcuts in nature. Everything has a price. You can get bigger muscles and achieve “better” results via the use of anabolic steroids in the short term, but the price for this is high. Nature has shaped man throughout millions of years of evolutionary development. A healthy man, of good racial stock, is perfectly adapted to handle all types of situations and has a well-adapted physique and a stable mind for this goal. There are no wonder drugs that can do anything other than destroy the natural balance in the human body.

For example, we have no drugs that can prevent us from sleeping, only drugs that keep us awake longer, and always at a price. Neither are there any miracle drugs that can make us live any longer than we would do by pursuing a healthy lifestyle. Using steroids to build bigger muscles follows the same principle as a farmer using poisonous fertilizer and pesticides in order to “improve” his harvest.

This practice is based on the Judeo-Christian capitalist delusion that we humans are in some way not a part of nature (or that nature is magical), that there is no natural balance and that we can break nature’s laws as and when it suits us. This is a parasitic mindset, and one day we will pay a high price for this violation of the natural order.

Anabolic steroids have direct repercussions on the human body. The body doesn’t just suffer physical damage but psychological damage; for example, in the form of personality changes. These changes in personality and psyche are often permanent, and are of such a kind that we absolutely do not want them affecting our activists. As such we do not encourage activists to practise such an extremely materialistic and self-centred “sport” as bodybuilding.

So what kind of training is appropriate? A person doesn’t just need to have endurance, strength, flexibility and speed – he must also be able to physically defend himself and his family. Only a balance between all these characteristics is healthy. Training should be a matter of creating this balance. The sports one plays should also have a practical use in life. Soccer, tennis and similar sports/games are not especially suitable (with the exception of some, such as rugby).

Certain martial arts are suitable, as are jogging, swimming, orienteering and cross-country skiing. Strength training (as opposed to bodybuilding) is recommended, as is hiking in the forest and mountains. Activities like parkour (but without the sub-culture) are also recommended. Naturally there are other appropriate sports besides those mentioned here, but this is just a guideline. Lastly it should be added that it is of course better to play sports like soccer or tennis than not to exercise at all!

Mental attitude

The National Socialist activist in the Resistance Movement has an obligation to pursue a good physique, but it is one’s mental state that is the most decisive factor in determining whether he or she can handle the struggle.

Big, strong men without the right mentality can collapse under the stress and adversity that physically weaker individuals with the right attitude can handle well. We want activists who are unaffected when the enemy threatens us with long prison sentences, throws us out of the workplace or attempts to sever our family ties. We want activists who won’t crack when the enemy media demonises us in their attempts to destroy our lives.

Activists are often born tough, but with the right attitude and training even a “soft” person can cultivate this strength. The activist must acquire courage, if he or she lacks it – as without it, he or she will eventually break. And because courage, or what is regarded as such, is often just experience and habit, the activist must develop in these fields as well.

“That wasn’t so bad,” is something you have likely said to yourself after doing something you were initially doubtful about. If you slay dragons every day, you eventually stop realising you’re doing something brave, even if everyone else considers it as such. The task that at first glance seemed so difficult soon becomes habit and routine.

Our struggle is no different. When you have joined the fight for our survival and been there a while, you’ll wonder why you didn’t do it sooner. You will realise that your apprehension was largely unfounded, and that you are pursuing a goal that others regard as requiring great courage.

Mental health

Although activists are strong of character, life as a Resistance Man or Woman can entail great adversities, even for brave National Socialists. The Resistance Movement is aware of this. You must be conscious of this too, and realise that your comrades can sometimes go through difficult periods in their lives; for example, when they have family problems or are due to begin a lengthy prison sentence. Nest chiefs, as well as very active activists, can also burn out. An almost apathetic state can occur when someone has hit a wall or fallen into depression.

Such issues may cause an activist to regard their Movement work as the source of their problems and lead them to give up. Perceptive individuals see these signs early, in themselves or their comrades, and take appropriate measures. It is extremely important that you do not use this as an excuse if there are other reasons why you may wish to scale back your own level of engagement.

At this point in time the Resistance Movement cannot offer psychological support on a professional level, although the organization has little to no faith in “Freudian shrinks” anyway… The best support is found among your comrades and your Nest chiefs. Do not hesitate to bring up any issues, even if they are of a private nature. The reality is that a person who is suffering from mental issues – even temporary ones – can be a risk to the organization if he keeps them to himself. To fight against hopelessness and dejection is a necessary condition for being effective. Stand together, just like on the streets!

Life as an activist

As an activist one must understand that it can be difficult to combine a regular life with the struggle. One effectively excludes the other. One can quite simply not expect to prosper in a system one is fighting against, and vice versa. This needs to be emphasized: You cannot live a life as an integrated part of this society and simultaneously work effectively as a National Socialist activist.

A career outside of the struggle is therefore unthinkable, and, if an individual clings to the delusion that it is still possible, it is proof of a split personality that cannot decide which side they want to take. Sooner or later a decisive moment will come, usually with the result that the weaker side of one’s personality – i.e., the compliant side – wins, and the person in question becomes a defector.

Activists should therefore attempt to adjust to this reality from the outset, and not pretend or hope that it’s still possible to live a double life. Unfortunately, the vast majority of activists must still provide for themselves in some way, and many must also provide for a family. The enemy knows this is a weak point for activists and will not hesitate to attack them accordingly.

The Resistance Movement does not want divided individuals as activists. It goes without saying that any ambitions of growth and advancement should primarily concern the struggle and the Movement. This means that an activist will be forced to accept a lower standard of living than many of those who obediently serve the system. But as this is in accordance with one’s new life as a healthy and Spartan National Socialist, this shouldn’t be a problem.

Source: Nordic Resistance Movement