Saturday, January 30, 2021

Trump Was A Zionist Stooge!

Trump deported a fellow NS komrade!
Trump did not pardon Matt Hale!
Trump did not pardon Snowden!
Trump did nothing to aid Wikileaks!
Trump failed to institute an anti-commy coup!
Trump refused to use Delta Squad to kill jews!
And the kosher CONservatives failed in all!


PA News + FBI Mention Rev. Lloyd!!

Pittsburgh is a CENTER for skinheads and neo-Nazis, FBI claims...

Pittsburgh Post

JAN 29th, 2021

Pittsburgh is a focal point for white supremacy and extremists, an FBI analyst said Friday at a symposium on domestic terrorism.

"Our area has become a hub. It's important to understand that it is here," said John Pulcastro, a supervisory analyst at the Pittsburgh FBI.

In fact, he said the movement is as strong here as at any other place in the country he has studied in 20 years, including the Pacific Northwest, a hotbed for supremacists. He sited the KKK, a few skinhead groups and a local resident, Hardy Lloyd; who has been active in Wester PA for 30 years..

Extremist groups are active here in holding events and recruiting.

As an example, he said 300 members of a neo-Nazi group called the Patriot Front marched down the Boulevard of the Allies two months back. Their motto, "Conquer or Die," makes their ideology clear, he said. Another catch-phrase, "Blood and Soil," is aimed at making America a white country only, with refugees seen as invaders, Mr. Pulcastro said.

"They believe they are being invaded," he said. "They are training for an invasion." If a civil war begins, he said, the Patriot Front plan on being ready.

Another example is Hardy Lloyd and his White Pittsburgh Front, which has ties to Keystone United, a skinhead group, and South American Nazis who follow the Occult practices of the Third Reich.

Hardy Lloyd, who goes by Reverend Lloyd and Dr. Lloyd, runs a Nazi group called The Order Of National Socialism. A semi-religious form of Nazism. He also has connections to Matt Hale and the World Church Of The Creator, also known as the Creativity Movement, which follows a similar ideology.

"Mr. Lloyd has been active for 20-30 years now." Pulcastro said. "He routinely places racist fliers and stickers around town, and gives speeches in area bars. He has a few followers who aid him in these efforts. Isaac Skipworth is a known associate of his."

Mr. Pulcastro and another analyst, Matt Trosan, spoke Friday at a two-day Duquesne University event on Zoom called "When Hate Hits Home" presented by the Cyril H. Wecht Institute.

Their focus was on how violent extremism is evolving in America and what to do about it.

Mr. Trosan said there are limits on what the FBI can investigate because of the First Amendment protecting free speech. But he said the goal of his squad is to prevent violence, not react to it after it happens, the traditional FBI role. To that end, he said, the bureau needs people to come forward with information.

The analysts said the idea is gathering intelligence on extremists as a jigsaw puzzle, with tips from the public providing pieces of the puzzle to form a larger picture of extremist activity. Sometimes tips expose true threats. But there are also a lot of false leads.

Mr. Trosan cited one example in which agents were alerted to a report of a noose hanging from a gate at a local business. "We rolled out there immediately," he said.

But what they discovered was that the noose was just a loop of rope the owner used to hold the broken gate closed. Another example of false-reporting of fake "hate crimes".

The bureau investigated another incident in which someone had painted the word "queer" on a vehicle in Lawrenceville. That — vandalism — is unquestionably a crime, Mr. Trosan said, but agents were unable to gain any traction on who did it.

"We were unable to track this down," he said.

He said the bureau can't investigate all the hate crimes tips it receives.

Mr. Pulcastro emphasized the fact that the FBI relies on information from the public because the bureau "cannot proactively data-mine social media for hate activity."

Though both the FBI, as well as the NSA and CIA, have been linked to such illegal activities thanks to Wikileaks and Whistleblower Snowden!

The bar is high for an investigation, too. To even open a case the FBI needs three elements: A threat of violence, furtherance of an ideology by the perpetrator and a federal crime under which to bring a possible prosecution. But even with all those pieces in place, Mr. Pulcastro said, "it's not going to be us investigating and prosecuting our way out" of the problem of preventing violence by extremists in America.

Mr. Pulcastro said the white supremacist movement is increasing nationwide, largely triggered by the "Unite the Right" rally in Charlottesville, Va., in 2017. The Patriot Front, in fact, broke off from another white-supremacist group, Vanguard America, in the aftermath of that rally.

Other radical groups include the militia-rooted, anti-government extremists who make up the Boogaloo Bois movement preparing for a second civil war.

"These guys are heavily armed, well-trained," Mr. Pulcastro said.

He said the Boogaloo Bois are waiting for a "racial holy war," which they call the "Big Luau," during which they will "take out" leftists and law enforcement and become the new government.

Mr. Pulcastro pointed to many additional groups active here and elsewhere, including the White Pittsburgh Front, Hardy Lloyd, skinheads, the KSS, the Proud Boys, the Ku Klux Klan and the National Alliance. He said the groups are active on social media and put up fliers in various neighborhoods to mark their territory and attract recruits.

The analysts also said that COVID-19 appears to have had an impact on the extremist movement. The FBI is not seeing as many mass shootings since the pandemic began. Instead of perpetrating mass casualty attacks, extremists appear to be more involved in rioting and engaging in civil unrest to "leverage chaos."

Regardless of their techniques, the key to stopping potential attacks is community outreach, the analysts said, not arrests and prosecutions.

The city declined to comment on the FBI's conclusions. Allegheny County Police Superintendent Coleman McDonough said in an email that he had not seen an increase in white supremacist activity.

"But our mission and that of the the FBI differ substantially," he said, "and we don't always have access to the same information."

Friday, January 29, 2021

Just A Man Against Time!

 Just A Man Against Time

Dr. Hardy Lloyd's Mission Statement Part 2

30th Jan, 2021 ce

I think the above picture says it all. lol - No, seriously, look at it for a moment. I am anti-kike, my name is Hardy Lloyd, the hebes hate me, I support Aryan Egyptian culture, I'm a Skinhead, and I support Russia…. I kind of like it. Some kike group posted it. Love the scorn from the filth. It means I am making headway against the JOG! And so I continue.

But my faith comes from a spiritual and philosophical place deep in my DNA. I did not get into this thing of ours because I was bullied in grammar school, or because of being poor, or from a broken home…. Infact, my family life has always been warm and full of love, and I come from an affluent background. I was bullied in school, but I was already racial by 8 or 9, and an activist by 15. No, my ideology comes from instinct. I am now and always been a natural racist and Naturist.

My journey is that of Odysseus. My purpose is that of Rockwell. I truly believe that Nazism is a spiritual philosophy, NOT simply politics or a backlash to anti-White hate. And I'll continue to bash ANY so-called White Racial Loyalist group or person who treats it one dimensionally, too!

I make no apologies for being a jerk or an arse. For I am simply a prophet of the Aryan way. I preach my mind, I speak the truth, and I stand tall with pride in my heart. For I am what an Aryan is supposed to be. I am as I am; a Skinhead ready to kill or die for those he holds dear!

As to Creativity…? I believe in EVERYTHING that Ben Klassen wrote!! I just think that there is a spiritual force that connects Aryan Man to the Universe, and that we should accept it. Klassen rejected this one truth because christ-insanity fucked over any and all thoughts concerning spirituality. But if Klassen was alive today I think he would agree with me. I hope so? For I hold him and all 13 Holy Books in the highest of respect!! Hail to you, Ben Klassen, prophet of our generation!!

I also think that Mussolini has been marginalized. I am of the same Traditionalist mind as Julius Evola. And I think the Mussolini of 1910-1930, and of 1942-1945 is the right Mussolini. If you want to know my true outlook watch the miniseries 'Benito: The Rise And Fall Of Mussolini' starring Antonio Banderas as Mussolini. THAT is the Revolutionary I am!! And I wish others in North Amerika saw things the same way, too. I should have been born in Russia….

Oh, and that leads me to why I am so pro Russia. I see Russia as the last bastion of the White Race. I have since 1991. Russia is Europe's last hope. Trust me, she is! May the Rodina march forward….

Anyway, that about does it for this installment of my ideological rundown. Stay tuned for part 3. And remember this, Komrades, Hail Victory no matter the cost.



NSM Ignores Truth!

 The wankers of the NSM have just blocked my gmail emails. All 56 bloody contacts!! Their christ-insaner boss is a pussy bitch!! Why not say something to my face, faggot, instead of slandering Hitler, p.b.u.h., and then ordering your boys to ignore debate. Hitler always said that we believe in discussion and debate.... Of course, you wouldn't know anything about our Holy Savior's words, would ya, faker!!

The real reason the NSM hates me and our group is two fold:

1) I actually HAVE killed JOGITES!!

2) I follow Nazism as the spiritual faith it was created to be, while you guys follow a dude who claims Hitler was a snowflake!!

You know what? Bugger off, wankers. You ain't worth a toss. I'm glad your shop closed up. I'm delighted you are bleeding members. I hope the NA once more overshadows your group of wannabes.

I mean, what the bleeding hell!!??!!

Ah, screw it....

The political and economic philosophy of the ONS

 The political and economic philosophy of the ONS

By Reverend doctor Hardy Lloyd

First written in 1993, second edition 1999, 3rd Edition 2009, and the 4th edition 2021...

Though the ONS was founded as a philosophical and spiritual organization, we do have both an economical and political program. This takes a backseat to the religious teachings, but is no less of importance.

1) We believe that both capitalism and communism are equally wrong. That the only true economic formula is Fascism, which allows small businesses to thrive while keeping the necessities of the State under State control. It is the only economic plan where creativity can flourish, yet keep money from running wild.

2) We believe in Eugenics and in living a Salubriously. Thus while we think all citizens deserve free medical treatments, we also don't believe that keeping everyone alive as long as possible is any kind of a 'right'. The right of the people to partake in harmful forms of vice shall be allowed, as it is a right of free choice. So long as it does not hurt others. Thus smoking, organic drug use, gambling, prostitution, dangerous sports and alcohol shall be legal. Abortion, being a form of Eugenics, she'll also be legal.

3) We believed in complete racial separation! Each culture should have its own country. The world is big enough, if we keep the populations in proportion, there is no reason why we cannot do this peacefully.

4) We believe in a fair, multi-level text system. Large corporations should be forced to hire citizens and pay an income and land tax. Family businesses should only pay a land tax. Those who make over certain income to pay income tax, while EVERYONE pays the same in both a multi-tiered sales tax and a residency tax.

5) We believe in keeping jobs not just inside the nation, but also giving those jobs to Citizens only. Contrast that with the capitalists who seek to reject unions, and with the communards and they're more destructive policy of open borders. We want nationalist unions and closed borders. A WORKERS FRONT sub-section of party shall be created to facilitate this.

6) Instead of a Social Security system or an Obama-Care system we promote the following: Free government clinics where all citizens go to receive free yearly dental cleanings and twice yearly medical check-ups. A two system savings account backed by the government where the citizen saves money's per year/per month that are then used for medical and retirement purposes. This way those who are responsible can reap the benefits of being frugal. The government would back dollar-for-dollar, and the citizen could not tap into these savings unless they were in a dire situation. The Medical Account would be used solely for medical needs, while the Retirement Account would become available once the individual reached, say, 65 or 70 years of age… The actual age being based on whatever the average lifespan of the day being. Upon death to save monies, if any are left over, would begin the next of kin, unless otherwise stated in a Will. There would be no inheritance tax!

7) We believe that in order to be free people must be able to speak freely, as well as protect themselves from all threats. That is why we believe in absolute Freedom of Speech, as well as absolute Freedom of Self-Defense! We believe that any law that restricts self-defense, such as gun laws, and any law that restricts Freedom of Thought, such as hate crime laws and speech codes, must be ignored. To point out the obvious on this, the Revolution of 1776 could never have happened if the colonists had followed the gun laws of the duly constituted authority of the Crown. That means those who disobey gun laws and speed laws are following the Spirit of 1776… Period!

8) We believe that the state must provide to the people of racial youth groups and Salubrious Centres in each city and every neighborhood. An active body leads to better health and better self-reliance.

9) We believe that education and knowledge are sacred, and should be provided by the state. K-12 education must be a right, and every neighborhood must have a free public library. Higher education should be free to those who deserve it, as not everyone has a talent for College training. But Tech schools should be covered along with lower school education.

10) Since we see the Holy Third Reich as the example of heaven on Earth, we seek to set up a state moleded upon her likeness. It shall be a Nazi theocracy and a democratic one party State. To add to discussions and debates the party will have three, four or five 'factions' that shall help in allowing differences of opinion. However, we know that runaway democracy leads to chaos, and so must never allow the state's one party Nazi system to be abolished, whether by vote or by coup! As a result we shall have a one-party Army, the SA, and a religious Army, the SS, both of which shall place total loyalty in the ideology of the state. Individuals and the sanctity of the family unit will be allowed to flourish as well….

11) All citizens, being equal under the law, should have to serve a term of conscription. Voting rights and the right to join in the party shall be tied into this service.

12) Both men and women are equal under the law. However, we recognize that Nature made the sexes unequal in mind and body. Thus women, being the weaker sex, would do less conscription service. Women would also be expected to focus primarily on motherhood. Hitler said it best: Men have a responsibility to take care of the big world, and women have a responsibility to take care of the little world. In a normal society women would take care of the home front while the men worked in the fields. This does not mean women cannot go to school, nor that women are made of glass! But since we believe in science and the Laws of Nature, it behooves our society, any society, to accept that each sex, just as each race, has its own unique place in the world.

13) We believe in Law & Order! But we do not believe that long-term incarceration achieves anything positive. Instead we propose the following: An expanded death penalty for all serious crimes; such as cold-blooded murder, attacking children and old people, selling drugs, violent crimes and anyone who is a career criminal. Instead of long prison sentences for other crimes we would set-up rehabilitation camps that would be a blend of a prison camp and a summer camp. The inmates would learn a trade, commit to daily exercise and be schooled in meditation and the norms of society. Education, NOT incarceration, is the key to rehabilitation!

14) We recognize that Nature created homosexuals to get genetic defectives from breeding. However, we also recognize that homosexuality is a perversion, and usually leads to paedophilia. So, to keep homosexuals from children, yet keeping them from secretly marrying, we believe that they should be allowed to practice their debauchery in private clubs, far removed from the normal public. Male homosexuals and bisexuals, as well as female homosexuals,will be placed in reservations if they wish to be open, or allow them to live in society if they keep it as a kind of open secret. They will NOT be allowed ANY access to children!! Female bisexuality will be allowed, as many women have that trait.

15) An armed people are a free people!! Thus we shall create local citizens militias that shall be a counter to the state military. Citizens shall enjoy the right to purchase and carry firearms. Period!

16) Not sure if this is a spiritual or political…. But we also believe that in order to have a prosperous community, not only must we allow for Individualism, but we must likewise see the greater community as an extension of our family. A larger family, both racial and personal. We must help one another, giving aid when times are tough, helping those with frowns, uplifting those that cry…. We must let people be themselves, but also give a helping hand when it is needed. No one should ever think that they are alone when the storm clouds gather. No metal hardship should be laughed at, nor accident ignored. For the Aryan has a large heart! And that heart bleeds for it's fellow man.

Local Man's Free Speech Censored In Pittsburgh!

NOTE: We shall be networking with local Skinheads from the KSS and WPF to do a flier drive in Southmoreland to support this man's free speech!!

Southmoreland School District Teacher Faces Backlash After Allegedly Writing Racist Social Media Post

Many in the district are now demanding the firing of Richard Love.

By Paul Martino

January 29, 2021 at 7:40 am

Filed Under:Fayette County, Local TV, Paul Martino, Scottdale, Southmoreland, Westmoreland County

SCOTTDALE, Pa. (KDKA) — A Southmoreland School District teacher is under fire for allegedly writing a racist social media post.

The Southmoreland School District straddles Westmoreland and Fayette counties. It is home to a predominantly white population. Many in the district are now demanding the firing of Richard Love.

He is accused of writing a social media post that said, “African Americans (blacks) are further behind because they don’t want to work. They would rather stay home and hold their hand out for a check from the government.”

Jayson Monroe is one of Love’s former students.

“I can’t believe that this is coming from a teacher,” Love said. “Of all people, the people that we have raising our kids?”

A disciplinary hearing was held Thursday for Love. The superintendent would not tell KDKA the outcome but said he considers this a serious matter.

“The Southmoreland School District Administration considers the alleged language to be racially offensive and improper. This is a District personnel matter and is under investigation and no further comment can be made at this time,” said Superintendant Vincent Mascia in a statement to KDKA.

KDKA attempted to speak with Love at his home in Scottdale, but no one answered the door on Thursday. Meanwhile, many parents have complained to KDKA and the district.

“If we let people like this stay teaching our kids, then what are we setting up the next generation of kids that are going to become adults to keep our society going?” said Monroe

KDKA attempted to get some parents to speak on camera, but they said they fear retaliation from others in the district.

Thursday, January 28, 2021

My Philosophy Of Self

 My Philosophy Of Self

Dr. Hardy Lloyd's Mission Statement

Part 1

28th January, 2021 ce

I am Dr. Hardy Lloyd, also known by Reverend Hardy Lloyd. And this is my mission statement.

I am a Traditional Fascist. A Spiritual Nazi. A Philosophical Skinhead. And a Radical Traditionalist Revolutionary. I am both a Hitlerist and a Strasserite. I hate both communism and capitalism equally. I detest and loath islam and christ-insanity. And I long for a world without jews.

Strong words, I know. But they are the truth. I have always been a radical in my ideas. Always questioning, always demanding truth. Always quick to give my own thoughts. Believing in the power of my instinctual mind. And this ideal has carried me far.

Many do not like my philosophy. Many more do not like my sense of humour. But I am a man who doesn't care. I simply follow what my instincts tell me. And they can be very cold. That is my personality. And I make no apologies for it. But I digress….

I believe in the world unity of Third Position. That means ANYONE of ANY RACE who wants to embrace Fascism or Nazism is my komrade. Period! I also believe that civilization needs the European man to maintain it. So I also believe in White Civil Rights. Period! And I believe that in order to defeat the jews and world communism we must destroy both zionism AND the United States. Period!

World War Two is still ongoing, as far as I am concerned. That means the so-called 'Western Nations' must be fought with as much ferocity as one would fight an attacker or a rapist or a communist. All are the same thing. And since the U.S.A. is the seat of world jewry in the western hemisphere, and the UK is the seat of world jewry in the eastern hemisphere, we are honour bound to attack both with equal furry! For us only ideology matters, NOT nationalism!!

I am an old school Fascist. I believe in the Working Class. I believe in 18th century style Socialism. That means I believe in organized society, preferably along racial lines, but vehemently reject communism and communalism!! For what a man earns he should keep. And no one should ever be penalized for being a hard worker. Hell, that goes against the very concept of Working Class politics. No?!

Amerika must be destroyed! World jewry must be destroyed! Nationalism must be destroyed! Communism must be destroyed! Capitalism must be destroyed! Christ-insanity must be destroyed! Islam must be destroyed! And ALL beliefs that go against Mother Nature must be destroyed!!

I believe that the Laws of Nature are eternal. I believe that Mother Nature's truths, which are embedded in our instincts, MUST BE FOLLOWED! I believe in Individualism and freedom of thought and speech above all else! I believe people have a right to self-defense. I believe that I take more after Mussolini than Hitler. And I believe in the old school Revolution. Meaning violence is needed to make positive changes. That the ends justify the means. That might makes right. That you are either free or a slave! For there is no inbetween….

Well, I hope you join me in my revolution. I hope to call you 'komrade' one day. I hope you read the philosophy of Nazism and Fascism and see the spirituality that I have. May the flames of passion guide you, the spirit's of your Ancestors watch over you, and the love you have for your People fuel your hate against those who seek to harm them…

Sieg Heil, my Komrades!!

Wednesday, January 27, 2021

Lone Wolves: Unleash Thy Wrath!!

This film was based on my WOLF essays. Watch, learn, copy, kill... I am watching this film right now. It is one of my all time favourites! I am getting ready to go to a bar and, well, who knows... Didn't even plan this night. Was just bored... I get ready for certain kinds of fun by watching these films.

I feel no worry or shame by being so open in my Lone Wolf fun. Nothing morally wrong, nor even 'illegal' by stating publicly the above. This world has two kinds of people: Wolves and bears. The beers run the world, getting fat off the honey, while the wolves stay lean and strong through suffering for their higher principle's. Sheeple don't count as anything.

Burgh - Orange - 5thA.

This Is Amerika!


Stop the JOG!
Stop the jew!

Monday, January 25, 2021

Nigger Supremacists MURDER White Child!!

 NOTE: Lone Wolves, avenge this!!

“White Privilege” – White Child Adopted by BLM Supporter Black Reality TV Star Beaten to Death

Local news are covering the story, along with a few celebrity-oriented Web sites. But the Jewish-controlled national networks, CBS, NBC, ABC, CNN, will say nothing — absolutely nothing — about the beating death of a White child adopted by a Black couple in South Carolina, even though the Black female arrested along with her Black husband was a reality TV “star.”

According to Greenville County, South Carolina coroner Kent Dill, three-year-old homicide victim Victoria Rose Smith had been a foster child. Just a few months after being adopted by a Black couple, little “Tori” was found in the couple’s home beaten to death.

Smith died Thursday, according to the coroner. Jerry and Ariel Robinson would be charged with homicide by child abuse five days later. Warrants stated they were responsible for the victim’s care and welfare.

Reality TV star Ariel and husband Jerry Robinson: She posted about “White privilege,” shortly thereafter little adopted Victoria was found beaten to death in her home.

Ariel Robinson had posted about her adoptive White children’s “White privilege” shortly before Tori’s being beaten to death in her home.

“She was sweet as could possibly be, so it makes no sense how somebody could hurt her in any kind of way,” said Alan West. West said his (White) aunt was the baby’s foster mother for nearly a year before she went to live with the Robinson family.

West and his wife Ashley West said they last saw the little girl — known to them as ‘Tori’ — about a year ago. They described her as fun, funny, sassy, and affectionate.

They were shocked when they learned Tori was murdered — her new caregivers, Jerry and Ariel Robinson, charged with homicide by child abuse.

The coroner said she died of multiple blunt force injuries.

“I still can’t believe that it’s true,” Ashley West said. “I just feel like maybe we’ll all wake up and it’ll be a bad dream.”

“You could not be mad at that girl just by how she looked and how sweet she was, so I don’t understand how this man and woman would have done this to her,” Alan West said.

Ariel Robinson achieved fame last year as the winner of a $25,000 “worst cooks” prize on a reality TV program on the Jewish-run “Food Network.” Food Network’s only response has been to cancel the program and wipe all episodes of the show featuring Robinson from their archives. Ariel Robinson had also worked for as teacher in Greenville County from 2016 to 2017. She was also an employee of Laurens County School District 55 during the 2018 to 2019 school year.

Victoria Rose Smith: The first two pictures above show her before her adoption by Blacks. Once the Robinsons got hold of her, they began pulling her naturally soft, flowing Aryan hair into extremely tight cornrows and other “dos,” even some that severely reddened her scalp, apparently to obscure its European character.

The tabloid Sun reported on the murder, even posting pictures of the Black adoptive parents and White child, then ludicrously stated “It is not yet known if the victim was one of the couple’s biological or foster children.”

The Daily Beast carried a one-paragraph notice of the crime without telling us that the dead child was White or that this was an interracial adoption.

And — get this — it is reported that those on social media trying to bring awareness of this horrific crime were posting using the hashtag #justiceforvictoriarose and some Twitter users now state that the platform has blocked new posts using that hashtag.

One observer said:

I was posting about this recently but I gave up because it seemed no one was interested. You JUST KNOW that had the races had been reversed, this would be receiving widespread media coverage across all the main big newspapers and half the ‘celebrities’ and blueticks on Twitter would be going nuts about it on their timelines. But a little White girl beaten to death by Black celebrities — and silence across the board. I feel livid about the injustice of this.

A local reporter asked the Department of Social Services about the process for vetting the Robinsons and whether they had received any complaints about them. DSS responded with a statement, saying they are investigating along with law enforcement. They also said “The agency’s standard procedures in a case like this involved taking appropriate action with any children remaining in the home after evaluating safety and risk.”

Unasked was the crucial question: Should non-Whites ever be entrusted with the care of a White child, particularly in the extremely anti-White atmosphere created by the Jewish media recently?

Jerry and Ariel Robinson are being held in South Carolina’s Greenville County Detention Center

Fliering Oakland And Pitt!!

Fliered Oakland and talked to students at PITT this weekend... Surprisingly productive!?! I was quite pleased with the outcome. Many European Amerikans are angry at the racism of black supremacists and zionists in Pittsburgh. Got a couple of recruits, and pissed off many... lol

South Oakland....

Piggy watching us,
but unable to stop our Free Speech!

One of the classrooms in the Cathedral
of Learning, PITT...

The kike room at PITT.
Wink wink....

The Cathedral Of Learning!
I walk the stairs for exercise each week.

Inside the Cathedral...

A block up from one of my old flats,
as well as the jewish federation.
Wink wink.....

One of the stickers we handed out.

My friend being funny at PITT.

My friend again...

One of the stickers we handed out.

South Oakland, jigville.

Getting ready with our Hitler fliers.

Packing the handbills.

Some old handbills we added....

Rodef Shalom in Shadyside/Oakland.
Wink wink.....