Saturday, January 23, 2021

ARAer Admits To Posing As Trumper!

 Follow-up to the previous post concerning the Capital riot being a set-up....

Antifa Protester John Sullivan Brags About Posing As Trump Supporter, Breaking Window At US Capitol Building During Riots  


By Alicia Powe  

Published January 14,

Friday, January 22, 2021

An Important Announcement Coming Soon!

The Grand High Council of the ONS is conducting an important meeting this week to determine the future course of our Movement. Reverend Lloyd is very important to the Cause, and this meeting is in part about him. More to follow......

Dr. Konrad
South Africa

Ukranian Nationalists Demand Jews Apologize for Communist Oppression!

Via Daily Archive...

After Israel’s ambassador to Ukraine condemned the honoring of WWII era National Socialists in the former Soviet republic. 

Dozens of people rallied outside the Israeli Embassy in Kyiv demanding that Jews apologize for Soviet oppression.

The patriotic activists called on Israel and the Jews to assume responsibility specifically for Holodomor, a famine that killed millions of Ukrainians in the 1930s and is widely believed to have been caused by the government of Joseph Stalin, then the leader of the Soviet Union.

“Israel deliberately spreads anti-Semitism in Ukraine,” one protester, a white nationalist activist named Vladislav Goranin, said during a speech at the rally. He said Jews and Israel must repent for genocide on Ukrainians.

The action was in response to Israeli Ambassador Joel Lion’s tweet Saturday in which he condemned a torchlight march in memory of Stepan Bandera, a World War II Ukrainian leader who for a time was an ally of National Socialist Germany.

Nationalists in Ukraine and beyond have often blamed Jews for Holodomor, citing the support of many Jews for communism and the prominent positions of power that some of Jewish origins achieved under its rule in the Soviet Union.

Thursday, January 21, 2021

Updated Contact Info For The ONS :

 - - - CONTACT INFO : - - -

* Contacting Address For Suid Afrika and Europe, Dr. Konrad's Email Address -

* Contact For Russia - High Priestess Ivanava

* Contact For Cile/Argentina - Dr. Roberto Juan Miguel

* Contact For Canada - Rev. Dr. Patterson

* Hotline # In North Amerika - (412) 500-8828

* Dr. Hardy Lloyd + The ONS's Telegram Channel -

* Dr. Hardy Lloyd on Telegram - @DoctorHardyLloyd

* Dr. Hardy Lloyd on MeWe -

* Dr. Hardy Lloyd on VK -

* Dr. Hardy Lloyd on Parler - @DoctorHardyLloyd

* Dr. Hardy Lloyd on Gab - @DrHardyLloyd

* Email Address #1 -

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* ONS Group on MeWe -

* Website -

* And check out the LINKS section on the bottom of the right collum for like-minded groups, as well as the SNIPPETS section for upcoming SPEECHES and FLIER DRIVES...

Wednesday, January 20, 2021

Get Back To Being White Power, Damnit!

 A message to my fellow White Racial Loyalists, as well as to my multi-racial Fascist komrades... Now that Trump is out of office, now that the kosher CONservatives have shown themselves to be the enemy of Libertarians and Constitutionalists, it is time to


Trump and the Tea Party confused many, TOO MANY, of our people. Trump and those Alt-Right goofballs tricked our people into thinking that amerikan politics was finally open to White Civil Rights activists. That somehow Trump's election meant that Europeans were no longer discriminated against in los estados unidos. But that belief was a lie. A cruel lie founded upon the mythical promiss that kosher CONservatism was a 'pro-White' ideology.


We are White Racial Loyalists! We are multi-racial Fascists! We are at war against the JOG! The so-called 'United States' is our enemy. Period!!

So, I'm glad the commies stole the gringo election via voter fraud. I'm glad Trump is out of office. Time for us to be the 30's, 60's and 90's radicals we are meant to be.


More Proof That The Capital Riot Was ARAers And NOT Trumpers!

Feds say charges over stolen Pelosi computer being prepared

Riley June Williams of 
Dauphin County, Pa.

I've seen this ugly cunt is several SJW CRINGE videos on YouTube. She is an ARAer!! More proof that the racist commies planned the riots to force the capitalist MPs to go along with paedophile biden STEALING the 2020 election!! The JOG just might implemented martial law during the next four years. Lone Wolves, prepare!!

This also proves what we Nazis have always told people; mainly that BOTH the capitalists AND the communists are equally against the People! Time to support the Third Position, folks. Time to support Fascism!! Or, you all can keep voting right/left and pretty much get the same result:

One Party Pretending To Be Two!

Looks more like Cuba or red china,
don't it, folks?!

No way that paedophile got MORE negro
votes than obama-monkey!!

Tuesday, January 19, 2021

My Take On The Stolen Gringo Election

 Normally I wouldn't comment on 'elections' in the JOG, as they are meaningless. But I predict that the ARAers were the actual rioters, and that paedophile biden and racist harris will use them as an excuse to implement either martial law or a second version of the 'Patriot Act'. Most of the rioters looked like the commy scum I beat up on East Carson street. So I suspect the whole thing was just another trick of the vile jews to further erode peoples' rights. Trump being a zionist and all is why I never fully supported him. But I think he was largely independent of jew control. Hence why all the slander and bigoted attacks against him. That's my take on 2020....

‘The movement we started is only just beginning’ defiant Trump says in farewell speech (VIDEO)

Who Was Behind The Capital Riot?!

U.S. President Trump's Final Address!

Monday, January 18, 2021

King Koon Flier Drive; Pittsburgh!!

 Out right now fliering East Liberty AND Homiewood... Try something, apes!!

Fliering in Homiewood.
Broad daylight, pussies!!

The stickers we are using...
Just for your koonday festivities.

East Liberty yesterday...

Taunting the fat koon...

When niggers run a neighberhood
THIS is the end result, people!!

Some fliers we thought you'd like.

King Koon Truths :

King Koon stole his doctorate and was a commie. Every one knows those two. But he also RAPED little black boys, as well. Martin Luther King was a bloody PAEDOPHILE!! King Chomo, who the gringos worship every year. You wont see this kind of filth in Eastern Europe, baby!! Below are some links and videos with the truth about King Koon and kaffirs in general...

Enjoy and learn.....

Martin Luther King was a sexual predator, newly-released FBI evidence suggests :

The Unknown Martin Luther King, Jr. :

Lone Wolves Within, STRIKE!

 The jews worry that the gringo military will grow some balls one day and take los estados unidos back. The commies have gotten so bad that I would actually support a CONservative, christ-insaner coup. I would actually support one of those Argentinian catholic dictatorships! That is how crazy amerika has gotten, folks. Let's hope that some of the MANY Lone Wolves in the JOG military and police do something...!

US Capitol put on lockdown over ‘exterior security threat’ after fire erupts in nearby area outside complex (VIDEO)

FBI Reportedly Vetting National Guard Troops In D.C. Amid Fears Of Insider Attack

Sunday, January 17, 2021

Fliering The Eastend Of Pittsburgh!!

Over this past week I've been putting up stickets and some fliers in the Eastend. Had a couple of friends help out this weekend. We are now  having a beer and singing very bad karaoke... Too much fun was had! WINK WINK... lol

The reason we picked East Liberty and jewhill is because some wankers on KDKA, WTAE and WPXI on JewBook tried calling us out after I posted some crazy shite on several news stories... I told them that we'd be Fliering their nigger neighborhood and that if they had any balls they should show up and do something. Well, they never showed!!

Pittsburgh's ARAers are all yellow belly whimps!! I got another speech coming up at The BAR next weekend... Show up, monkies. I dare ya! Hell, I own western PA!!

Shenley Ice Rink in Shenley Park.
Lots of polls to sticker.

Kike 'community centre' in jewhill.
Wink wink....

The wife and I had a beer here and made a few locals quite nervious. lol

Some crazy snow this morn...!

My wife is holding up the fliers we used.
Just a little HELLO to my hebe friends.

Our pizza!!
Mineos, baby!!
Best pizza EVER!!!!

CMU campus...
Wait, aren't I banned from there for life?
Wink Wink....

My neighborhood....

Frick Park....
Just walking around....

Frick Park....
Pretty, no?!

Frick Park....
Even more walking....

East Liberty. Koon central!
Fliered the fuck out of here!!

^^ Put a BUNCH of these up!! ^^

One of our favourite stickers.

Frick Park again....
I just love walking around it!!

More Hate Mail From The NSM :

Adolf Hitler, praise be unto him, was NOT a christ-insaner! To even hint at such a thing is to commit blasphemy! Their leaders' comments as well as their dropping of the Holy Swastika from their flag and patch, has caused us GREAT CONCERN as to networking with the NSM.

Signed by the following:

Rev. Dr. Lloyd for United States

Dr. Roberto Juan Miguel for Chile/Argentina

High Priestess Ivanava for Russia

Dr. Konrad for Suid Afrika

Rev. Dr. Patterson for Canada



(Sent to the head of the NSM)

 Just one question...

Don't you find it a bit queer to state you are a catholic in one sentance, then state your RACE is your religion? Just trying to understand... Not looking to promote infighting.

On Fri., Jan. 15, 2021, 04:48 CommanderColucci, <> wrote:

Dr. Lloyd,

     We don't really care what anyone's religion (or lack of) is in this organization. As long as someone isn't Jewish, nigger, faggot or non-White of any sort, they are free to think whatever they want. Our goals are saving the White race and stopping the Jew, not getting into pissing matches about religion. If you really think that Christians and Jews are the same, you're saying our beloved Fuhrer was a Jew. The Fuhrer was a Catholic, I'm a Catholic and many members are Pagans, etc.  I don't care to debate it either, because organizations have been ripped apart in the past over religion, which is also Jewish. At the end of the day, my race is my religion and screw the Jew.

Hate Mail From The Pretenders At NSM

 Hate Mail From The Pretenders At NSM :

(This gem came to me today from their 'security' guy.)

From -

Sent on 17th Jan, 2021...

First of all Hardy ,

You’re NOT a Dr.  and if you are as you claim to be where did you get your doctoral degree at and in what field of study ?  Not that expect you to show any sort of legitimate documentation or credentials of it . . . . . . . .

Second , I did some checking around about you talked to a few folks of who have had dealings with you in the past that I trust and confirmed everything that’s been printed about you and after hearing about ALL of your past convictions one of which shooting and killing your former girlfriend with the very same pistol that she bought you doesn’t sit well with me at ALL ! 

I guess this made it VERY CLEAR to me that  why you were expelled from the W.C.O.T.C. ? 

I find it very repulsive that a Man who claims to be White Power would go and commit  such a  crime against those that can only carry on our bloodlines and yet only served only a few years in prison for  it only to be confined to mental hospital for the remainder of your sentence  because of who his Daddy has good connections with so you wouldn’t get locked up for life ?

With that being said I have NO interests in extending a 🖐🏻 of unity to you or even a finger for that matter unless it’s the 🖕🏻

In fact I wouldn’t even piss in your mouth if you were on fire 🔥 oh and you might wanna take that ⚡️⚡️ Pin off of your camouflage hat you look like your too outa shape to be wearing that you disgusting fat ass looking 🐷 


Oh and DONT bother sending me anymore emails as I won’t even waste my time opening them as they’ll just go right to the spam folder and deleted so again 🖕🏻 and your request for unity , you deserve NONE , Not from us

Sent from ProtonMail Mobile


Where should I even begin??? It's race-traitors like this wanker that make us WRL's look bad. If these fools are running the NSM no wonder they are bleeding away members. Oh, well… Let us start.

On my website it clearly states that I recieved my Salubrious Medical Degree from the WCOTC in 2002. Which is also the same year Reverend Matt Hale ordained me. The Philosophy degree comes from New Hampshire. Which is ALSO STATED on my website. In Creativity, as well as NS Mysticism, Doctor is a title for a High Priest. This is also true in Satanism, which I was also involved in. I have been ordained a High Priest in the following faiths:

Traditional Satanism, Creativity, Odinism, Wotanism, Nazi Mysticism, and I even hold minor rank in the LDS sect of Mormonism…

Next he claims to AGREE with jew propaganda. On occasion I have run into nitwits who actually BELIEVE in the lies the kikes spread about me. His declaration that he believes the fucking jews over a fellow racialist prooves that this loser is a race-traitor!! No true WRL is to EVER agree with ANYTHING the jews say. Period!

Secondly, the scumbag I excicuted was an informent for the JOG! To show ANY sympathy with such a rat is to declare oneself a traitor to his race. Her snitching to the FBI is a matter of court record, which anyone with $50 can optain from the county records office in Pittsburgh. She had been recruited by the FBI, in concert with the Pentagon, whom she worked for, because the gringos actually believe that I have contacts with Al Quida. A lie that they continue to stand by to this very day… For this dirt bag to stand up for a JOGITE is beyond understanding. I just don't get it?

I mean, I'm suprised he didn't stand up for those 3 ARAers I clipped utilizing the Castle Doctrine Law of PA!?! Was I wrong on those, too, wanker…?

Also, this ugly rat cunt was NOT my girlfriend!! I was married to my first wife at the time. Infact, one of the reasons I excicuted this JOGITE was because she threatened to kill my wife, a close friend and myself!! All of this came out in court and is available to ANYONE with $50…

The next lie he claims is that I was excommunicated from the WCOTC. That is a lie. I was one of the leaders of the WCOTC, which then became the Creativity Movement. After Rev. Hale's kidnapping the church started to go down a road I could not follow. Many started worshipping Hale as a semi-devine Fuhrer. After delivering a lengthy sermon on why this new attitude was in violation of the tenants of Creativity my entire congregation voted to form a new church. We named it THE CHURCH OF CREATIVITY in April of 2003. I then formally resigned from my post on the Council of Reverends in June or July of 2003. I later joined the Creativity Alliance. But left them in December of 2018 after realizing that the CA was just a small group of haters…

Now, I don't know where he got the idea I was shipped from prison to a loony bin??? Unless he read the lies on the CA's forum and believed EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM?!?! lol - But I've been kidnapped 9 or 10 times now and not once was I coddled! Nor have I ever snitched, either. One of the reasons that I am persecuted so much by the JOG is because I refuse to submit to their tyranny!! Nor have I ever been sentanced to a loony bin. All of my time was served in prison; a State max, and fed lows and a medium…

As to not doing life in a JOG hell hole, that was because of both a jury finding me innocent of the JOGITE killing, and the Castle Doctrine Law of PA. ARAers be ware. lol

Oh, and I love how this jew-boy doesn't want to hear the truth. Nor is he interested in White Unity, either. No wonder the NSM boys changed their flag. You filth don't deserve to use the Holy Swastika!!!!