Thursday, January 14, 2021

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An Open Call For Unity

 An Open Call For Unity


This is Rev. Dr. Hardy Lloyd. I have just completed my entire probation. Which means that I am totally free to piss off the jews and live my life. lol

To be serious for a minute I just wanted to thank everyone who helped me get through the last 11 years of persecution, which saw me in and out of the JOG's concentration camp system. Now is the time to be serious and get back to the way I was in the 90's. No more bollocks, folks!!

Having said that I feel that unity is needed now more than ever in this insane world we have today. Just look at the insanity in the U.S.A…. Totally nuts!! So I extend my hand to ALL KOMRADES, no matter their group. Let us unite in this final moment in our race's history. No more hard feelings from me, and I hope none from those who have disagreed with me over the years...

Your Komrade!

Rev. Dr. Hardy Lloyd

Founder and head of the ONS

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PS:  I shall continue to shun ANY group and/or person who is affiliated with ANY prison gang or nigger-like activities. Period!! If you are a junkie, smoke K2, do street drugs, and/or are a member of either the AB or AC bugger off.

PPS:  I view christianity the same as Ben Klassen did. I will network with certain Libertarian minded folks. But I shall never support any monotheist creeds, nor any kosher CONservative traditionalism. I view both communism AND christianity as JEWISH TWINS! Sorry if this offends some White Racial Loyalists, but I must stand by my principales, come what may...

Wednesday, January 13, 2021

What NS Mystics Believe In

What NS Mystics Believe In

A 16-Point Rundown Of Our Beliefs.

By Reverend Dr. Hardy Lloyd

First edition 1993, second edition 2001, third edition 2009, fourth edition 2021 ce...

  1. We believe the Aryan race is Holy and Sacred.

  1. We believe the Gods created us to be their mortal children, as well as to rule the Earth.

  1. We believe that our first nation was both pre-dynastic ancient Egypt as well as archaic ancient Greece.

  1. We believe our Godhood was given to us in circa 40,000 BCE., and that we fell from this Godhood in 10,450 BCE.

  1. We believe that our restart was in 9600 BCE in Troy and Crete, spreading out to the four-corners of the Earth. This colminated in a rebirth of Aryan Egypt in 5500 BCE. In circa 4000 BCE there was a second downfall, which brought about the rebirth of Dynastic Aryan Egypt in 3250 BCE, and Archaic Greece between 3300-1200 BCE.

  1. We believe our downfall was caused by collective sin and a racial civil war, brought on by renagade Aryan scientists who blended our DNA with ape DNA; creating the negroes and simian peoples (sub-humans).

  1. We believe that through Jihad shall we find both redemption and the cleansing of our planet.

  1. We believe in waging Jihad by any means necessary!

  1. We believe in living our Faith and Culture ABOVE ALL ELSE!

  1. We believe in Nature's Eternal laws and in living Salubriously.

  1. We believe that the first two Messiahs were named Horus, sent to Aryan Egypt, and Hercules, sent to Archaic Greece.

  1. We believe that Adolf Hitler, praise be unto him, is the great Redeemer sent to show us the way to salvation. We also believe that Savitri Devi and George Lincoln Rockwell were sent to guide us down Hitler's path of righteousness.

  1. We believe that the Third Reich was Heaven on Earth and strive to replicate it.

  1. We believe that by living the Holy Faith shall we enter Paradise (Elysium - the highest kingdom), and by Martyrdom shall we purge our past sins.

  1. We believe that by living a life of sin are we damn to die a painful, second death in the afterlife.

  1. We believe that as man is now the Gods once were, and that as the Gods are now man may yet become!

The Spiritual Philosophy Of The ONS

The Spiritual Philosophy Of The ONS

by Reverend Doctor Hardy Lloyd

First edition 1993, second edition 1999, third Edition 2009, fourth edition 2021 ce...

  1. We believe that Nazism is the true creed of the Ancient Aryans laid out in a modern form. That Hitler is the Holy Redeemer sent by the Gods to show us the way, and that National-Socialism is the spiritual philosophy of our blood. That the Holy Third Reich is the example of Heaven here on Earth, and that out Holy Savoir, Adolf Hitler, praise be unto him, died not just for our sins but also to usher forth the Maudi, who will lead us out of darkness.

  1. We Believe In following the Faith by setting up SS style kovens. These are small cells, family units and community churches totally independent of any central command structure. We are persecuted for our culture and thus we must practice our ways as if we are at war, for we ARE at war!

  1. We believe that World War II never ended and is in fact in its fourth or fifth stage. That all the nations who fought against our Holy Redeemer are to be attacked, regardless of whether or not we live within their borders! Our RACE and our FAITH our nation! Faith above ALL other loyalties!

  1. We believe in both of jihads and Fatwas as declared by the High Psiests of our Faith.

  1. We believe that the Aryan is made up of three parts: The Soul, which resides in the heart. The Mind, which resides in the brain. And the Body, which houses the two. The Soul is our eternal life force, the Mind is our personality. In the world to come we shall be given a new body of perfection.

  1. We believe in the Multi-Verse and that each layer has multiple Dimensions to it. Each layer is a different vibration. Thus when we travel from this world to heaven we become a higher state of vibration.

  1. We believe that White people are a different race from Aryan people, but that both come from the European species; Homo Sapiens (AKA: Human and Cro-Magnon Man). We also believe that the Japanese people are our close cousins.

  1. We believe the gods created the Earth for us alone!

  1. We believe that in circa 40,000 BCE we were given our godhood, but then lost it in circa 11,000 BCE by our sin. We shall not get it back until we cleanse our planet of the filth and purge our race of this sin!

  1. We believe that the ancient Aryan pyramids were built to remind our Volk of where we came from, and more importantly, of WHO WE ARE!

  1. We believe in the esoteric power of energy. This transforms into what many would call 'magic'. This is done so by a combination of eugenics, Evolution, ESP ability, meditation, ancient formulas and living salubriously. We tap into the energies of the Multi-Verse and utilize that energy into the physical world. The Multi-Verse has three forms of energy: White (Positive), Black (Negative) and Gray (a combination).

  1. We also believe in the power, both mental AND physical, of ancient knowledge. By learning more and more esoteric knowledge not only will our energy levels rise, but we shall prepare our place in Elysium by it's study.

  1. We believe that certain studies lead to increased energy and special knowledg. Such as the ancient teachings of the Aryan Egyptians in the form of Osirian 'magic', the Hellenic philosophies of ancient Greece and both Classical Greece and Archaic Greece, and the esoteric records of the ancient Aryans from the Hindu texts.

  1. We believe that evolution alone cannot explain why Aryans have both a soul and ESP abilities. Natural selection cannot account for the Godhood we had 40,000 years ago, perhaps even 65,000 years ago. Nor can it explain away our colony on the planet Mars. And no amount of science can dismiss the fact that the European race has zero to very little ape DNA in it, or that mud peoples have 2-10% ape DNA in them! This has led us to the belief that the Aryan race was divinely created by a race of Gods, and that that Pantheon can only be the Hellenic deities, as they are the oldest worship Gods on Earth. Therefore we believe that the Gods created us to rule this universe as Gods ourselves, conquering all before us!

  1. We believe that by living the Holy Faith of Nazism can we enter into Heaven and become Gods ourselves. For we believe that as man is the Gods once were, and as the Gods are now so to man may become!

  1. And finally we believe in raising up our species by a both the practice of organic eugenics and by living Salubriously. Shunning Uber Technologies that would enslave us to a fake existence!

JOG To Attempt To Violate Free Speech In Pgh

The racist fbi will no doubt try and stop our Free Speech flier campaign in Pgh. But until they burn the Bill Of Rights we are here to stay!!

Tuesday, January 12, 2021

How To Make Hat For Cat


Parlor Update:

 Parler CEO: 'People Are Threatening My Life'

Getting Ready For Some Fun!

                                    😁 😊 😈

Flier Time... Judenhill!

 Time to say hola to some of my friends, in my old neighborhood.

Wink Wink 😉

                      These Stickers Rock!!

Sunday, January 10, 2021

Upcoming Essays and Events :


* Ancient Aryan History - A Brief Rundown By Dr. Lloyd
* The 16 Points Of NS Mysticism
* The 16 Points Of ONS Stances
* Interview With Rev. Dr. Hardy Lloyd
* Re-Print Of Old Triple Interview With Dr. Lloyd
* Rev. Dr. Hardy Lloyd's Philosophy
* More Of Dr. Lloyd's WOLF Essays
* Other......


* Speeches by Dr. Lloyd in Atlanta (Jan)
* Speeches by Dr. Lloyd In Pgh + Ohio (Jan/Feb)
* Flier Drive In Squirrelhill, Pgh (Winter/Spring 2021)
* Spring Flier Drive In Pgh (21st March)
* Other........

Gringo Politics: The Truth!

 This is what JOG politics REALLY IS!!

Stop deluding yourselves with any thoughts that voting kosher CONservative, or voting at all, aids us!!

And Now Back To Seriousness...

 After having a crazy night with our mates, and acting a bit crazy online, and after the hangover, now is the time for serious activism... We'll be starting our flier-drive for Western PA soon... Also, more philisophical essays on the way. We just had to blow off some pent up rage with wackiness!! LOL

Hey, its Pgh's and the feds' fault! They wouldn't give back what they stole!! That's ok. The jews on the hill can blame YOU for all the fliers.