Friday, January 08, 2021

Jews Attack Parler!

 Parler SUSPENDED from Google Play Store, faces imminent BAN from Apple App Store

JOG Beginning Their Final Attacks!

 Time to prepare for war!!

The final attacks by the kikes are beginning!!

Lone Wolves, strike!!

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JOG Using Soviet Tactics!

This trick is not new. The soviet union used to start a local riot, which then became the justification to impose some new draconian rule. Red china uses it on Hong Kong today. And the british scum likewise used it on both the Irish and the Hindus. Watch, the commies will use this to try and pass a law that makes the 'patriot act, seem tame...!?!

Thursday, January 07, 2021

Good Time In Dormont

 Just got done giving a speech in Dormont. Topic was 'Why Supporting Kosher CONservatives Leads To Nothing'... One Trump supporter started heckling, but quieted down. It was a good time. This pic is from my friend from Dormont, who takes pictures for net pages. Promissed I'd give a shout-out. Thanks, Josh!!


Speech in Dormont

 Setting up for my speech in Dormont...

Just me and two dodyguards...

The Philosophy Of The Wolf

AUTHOR'S NOTE : I wrote this and 9 other essays that followed back in 2008 ce. It is THIS essay that inspired the RAMPAGE movie trilogy and the film ASSAULT ON WALL STREET!! This plus 5 more are even listed on WIKILEAKS!! It was written to inspire Lone Wolves to act. You do not win wars by being peaceful, folks. This is my most contraversal essay ever. The only other one that comes close are the handful I wrote in 2019 ce concerning the FALSE FLAG 'shooting' of the kike building in Pittsburgh. I pointed out that the so-called shooter wasn't even a real person. Yep, I am the baddest Skinhead in North Amerika today, folks. LOL


The Philosophy of the Wolf

By Reverend Hardy Lloyd

(Written on December 7th, 89 FE)

The Wolf is cunning! The Wolf is strong! The Wolf cares nothing for the weak of the tribe! The Wolf is the Master Race! The Wolf is the endpoint of evolution! The Wolf uses whatever works whenever it works! The Wolf obeys no laws! The Wolf cares only for the light eyed Wolves, and for the culling of the weak!

The white race is contrary to the Wolf! The white race is of the weak! The white race is brown eyed and black haired! The white race cares for the sick of the tribe, instead of culling the heard for the betterment of the species! The white race is old and decrepit! The white race is conservative and liberal!

The Wolf uses terrorism and usury and deceit and trickery and brute force to achieve the ends! The Wolf terrorizes his enemies! The Wolf will take as many wives as is necessary to populate the world with strong sons! The Wolf cares nothing for ideology or tradition or in saving the white race! The Wolf cares only for the species to survive strong!

The weak ones care for the brown eyed! The weak ones believe in saving all! The weak ones care for law and order! The weak ones bend over to those with might! The weak ones would rather live on their knees than die on their feet!

The Wolf would rather die on his feet than live on his knees! The Wolf knows that Might Makes Right! The Wolf believes in natural law: the survival of the fittest! The Wolf is smart and self educated! The Wolf is strong and works out! The Wolf can use his brain and his brawn to kill his enemies!

Nature shows us that the strong rule the weak! Nature shows us that pity and mercy are what cowards give! Nature shows us that you kill the weak so the strong survive! Nature shows us that Eugenics is a must! Nature shows us that no one has rights, only privileges that you take from others! Nature shows us that the law of Nature is Might Makes Right! That those who have the power to take keep what they take!

We are of the Wolf! We take what we want and we obey no disciplines! We obey no laws! We behold our actions to no one but the past! We reject your city life! We reject your classical music and your conservative white ways! We reject your organized society and behold ourselves to a brave new world! A world of the jungle! Of tooth and claw! Of the Viking village and the dusty town of the Wild West! We are the past and the future!

Behold the vanquished before you. Kill him and those like him! You need no ideology! You need not debate or argue your points with those of the weakness! You are the Wolf, master of all you take! The Universe gave birth to you in the fires of the Super Nova explosion! To kill and fight and die in battle is the best one can do in life! There is no afterlife, only what we leave behind us for our future generations! Make them proud! Make them free! Make them strong!

Poem of the Wolf

Born in an age when blood and steel ruled the earth,

The riders of doom were barbarian warriors

With ruthless hearts as cold as the ice

that cracked beneath the hoofs of the beasts they rode.

They unleashed a veritable hell on earth,

Lashing out with bottomless contempt

For the over-civilized peoples

Who feared the wild world beyond the walls of their cities.

Power ruled their domain, and power lived,

And took form in the steel that they wielded;

Steel that hacked to death weaklings and cowards,

Steel that earned them the spoils of war,

Steel that proclaimed the highest law of nature:

Might is right and woe to the vanquished!

In life, the conqueror takes all!

Laws of the Wolf

• Kill, and Rape and Pillage with utter Rage and Terror!

• The ways of the Wolf and your Comrades come above all else, even race!

• Kill the weak so the strong survive!

• No fancy ideology is needed, just be the Wolf!

• Do not breed with inferiors! But take lesser white women and use them to breed the strong!

• Reject the old white world in its entirety! Death to any white traditionalism or conservatism! Capitalism, communism, nationalism and religion are all for the weak!

• Any family of Wolves that cannot raise their children strong must be murdered!

• The Aryan race and death are eternal! Bring the former glory and strength, and give to the latter the weak!

• Use the common sense of the Wolf and your genetic Aryan blood! Stop second guessing your instincts and just act!

• Work hard, strike fast, and die with sword in hand!

• True freedom comes from letting go of humanity and embracing the animal within you! We are all animals! Most are sheep, but few are the Wolf!

• Trust none who are not of the Wolf!

• Only a fool believes in anything other than the power of the Wolf!

• Kill those of our race who fail to embrace the Wolf, especially if they are racially aware!

• The ends always justify the means!

• Never compromise!

• Live as Nature intended you to live!

• You are a Barbarian! Embrace it and live a life of strength!

Code of the Wolf

• Kill the weak so the strong survive!

• Might Makes Right!

• The Wolf comes before family and race!

The Fourteen Principles of Salubrious Living

 The Fourteen Principles of Salubrious Living

By Ben Klassen, p.b.u.h.

Written 1981 ce

1. We believe in living in accord with our human biological heritage and in harmony with the Laws of Nature.

2. This means eating fresh wholesome food in its natural state as Nature has given it to us. It must be uncooked, unprocessed, unpreserved and not tampered with in any other way. This further means it must be organically grown, without the use of chemicals.

3. Availing ourselves of a clean, wholesome environment: fresh, unpolluted air; clean water; and the beneficial therapy from the direct rays of the sun, every day.

4. Some form of strenuous physical exercise several times a week.

5. Rest and relaxation, both mental and physical, including sound and efficient sleep.

6. A form of recreation that is gratifying to our sense of accomplishment.

7. A sense of purpose, security and confidence to fuel our goals for accomplishment and living the good life. We must have goals and we must be motivated.

8. Deliberate self-mastery of our life and our work.

9. Gregarious living within the framework of our CREATIVE religion, our White society and social intercourse with our White Racial Comrades. We are social animals.

10. Healthy expression of our sexual instincts.

11. Living in a pleasing and healthful environment.

12. We do not believe in the use of any “medicines,” drugs, or chemicals as having any healing or therapeutic value. In fact, all medicines, drugs, narcotics and chemicals are poisonous and toxic to the human body. Furthermore, and for the same reason, we do not believe in the use of vitamin, mineral, or enzyme supplements, nor the use of artificial food coloring, preservatives, nor refined or fragmented foods.

13. We strongly believe in the practice of fasting as the best means of ridding the body of accumulated poisons and toxins. We are convinced that fasting is the most natural and effective means the body has of overcoming all forms of disease, and restoring itself back to health.

14. Living in, and promoting a eugenic White society. This means that we take particular care in not only assuring the perpetuation of our precious White Race, but we take deliberate care that the misfits are culled and that each generation advances to higher and more salubrious levels, physically, aesthetically, and mentally. 

(WMB: Creative Credo No. 5 & SL: Introduction)

Little White Book - 07


Three Short Rules for Maintaining Excellent Health


1. Eat only raw foods in their natural state, basically fruits, vegetables, grains and nuts.

2. Get plenty of physical exercise, preferably the kind that rev up the heart and lungs. Among these are jogging, tennis, swimming and similar activities.

3. Stay away from man-made chemicals of all kinds. This includes alcohol, nicotine, caffeine, sugar, preservatives, insecticides, narcotics and drugs of all kinds, whether prescription or non-prescription. (WMB: Creative Credo No.7)

Wednesday, January 06, 2021

The Purpose Of This Blog

The Purpose Of This Blog

6th Jan, 2021 ce

131 AH

This blog is to promote not just the writings and personal philosophy of Rev. Dr. Lloyd, it is also for the dissemination of NS Spirituality. Specifically the sect of National-Socialist Mysticism, which was founded by Dr. Lloyd in 1993.

This blog is NOT a sounding board for infidel politics, nor the news of any one infidel state! We are NS Mystics above ALL else. NS Mysticism is our religion, our nation, our culture… We don't support kosher CONservatives or capitalists; nor would we ever side with christ-insaners, no matter how pro-European they are.

We are not affiliated with any gangs, nor do we associate with AB/AC members. Period! However, we do back fellow Third Positionists no matter their race or nationality, so long as they are true to the creed of Third Position.

We hold weekly religious meetings, and Dr. Lloyd gives monthly talks and speeches around North Amerika and the Caribbean. We believe in the sacred Jihad and in the martyrdom that sometimes accompanies it. We follow the Fatwas issued by the Grand High Council and NOT those of the infidels that contradict them. We also pray twice daily to our Ancestors and the Gods, facing towards the Sun.

If you have any spiritual questions, or are seeking an interview with Dr. Hardy Lloyd, contact either us via this blog, or email Dr. Lloyd at: