Monday, November 22, 2021

Brooks: The black-Supremacist Murderer

Smash Anti-White Hate!!

The anti-White HATE attack on White people in Wisconson yesterday was perpetrated by avowed racist Darrell Brooks. Darrel Brooks is a 39 year old black-supremacist who has made HATE videos promoting the open killing of White people. He raps and rants about killing White women and children, as well as raping White girls as young as 8 years old. What a piece of garbage!! I can only hope that the AB or Dirty White Boys kill this filthy nigger?!

This latest hate crime against Whites by negroe-supremacists proves that there is no justice in amerika for Whites. We are thus forced to take up arms against all anti-White hate. Violence under the banner of our sacred Jihad, RAHOWA, must be the law of the land. Let the blood flow untill ALL ANTI-WHITE SCUM are dead, and the slavery and prejudices we have suffered as a race for 3100 years are avenged!!


Rev. Lloyd, PM

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