Tuesday, October 12, 2021

Pgh Bomb Threat Shows Good LW Tactic!!

 LONE WOLF NOTE: This is a good way to bleed money from the local JOG. Every bomb threat has to be investigated. I have been saying since the 90s that if you want to bleed money from your local city call in fake bomb threats, hostage situation's, bank heists and so on.... EVERY ONE HAS TO BE TAKEN SERIOUSLY!! Just make sure to use a burner phone or a public phone. And take the sim card out after, as well as the battery!! That way they can't trace it when the phone is shut off. Oh, and call it in NOT TO 911 but to another number. That decreases the trace even further!! And calling in fake bomb threats in one part of town takes pigs away from the area you ARE GOING TO HIT, in LW strikes....!

Pgh Bomb Threat Shows Good LW Tactic!!


A bomb threat made at a Catholic school in Pittsburgh in the last half hour has led to an evacuation of all students and staff, according to a spokesperson for the diocese.

This is happening at St. Benedict the Moor in the Hill District neighborhood. The spokesperson told Channel 11 that 162 kids and 21 staff were evacuated.

Police helped with traffic and completed their search of the building. A spokesperson for the department is on the way there.

Staff are allowed back into the building.

According to a diocese spokesperson, plans are in the works for an early dismissal, and parents are starting to pick students up.

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