Tuesday, October 12, 2021

Happy Fuck Injins Day!!

 I forgot to celebrate Columbus day yesterday. Since it's a gringo holiday I didn't pay it any attention. But I am happy they killed off 20 million injin scum. So, HAIL COLUMBUS!! And don't forget to fuck over a drunk injin today.


I guess I'll pass out EXTRA stickers this week to celebrate.

In all seriousness, Columbus was a great man. He allowed the White race to TAKE BACK the lands we once ruled 12,500 years earlier. To see who was in the Amerikas first read Graham Hancock's great work FINGERPRINTS OF THE GODS.... We Whites ruled the Earth as sole masters from 150,000-1075 bce!! Creating ALL THE ANCIENT CULTURES, while the muds and jews were living as apemen in caves and mud huts. Don't try to sell me on the equality myth.

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