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Family Offering $5,000 Reward For Information In Attack That Left Clairton Delivery Driver Fighting For His Life

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Family Offering $5,000 Reward For Information In Attack That Left Clairton Delivery Driver Fighting For His Life

By Bryant Reed

May 3, 2021 at 7:51 pm

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CLAIRTON, Pa. (KDKA) – A delivery driver from Clairton is in critical condition after he was beaten, robbed and left for dead while delivering a pizza. His family says he was only working there to spend time with his family.

Keith Linn, the co-owner of Garletto’s, says cases like this are what make it hard to do their job. He says whoever beat his stepdad close to death deserves whatever they have coming.

“I don’t ever mess orders up, I’ve been messing orders up non-stop. I’m sending out the wrong stuff, I’m forgetting to put stuff in bags, I’m having a really hard time concentrating,” he said.

Keith and his wife own Garletto’s Diner in Clariton.

Keith says his stepdad, 64-year-old Steve Linn, went out for the last delivery of the night Sunday to North Third Street, but when he took longer than normal, Keith started to worry.

“I have a GPS tracker on my car, I’m looking like, ‘why hasn’t he moved?’ About 45 minutes go by and I’m like, ‘he still hasn’t moved, what’s going on?’”

He went to check for himself and was not prepared for what he found.

“I saw my stepdad hunched over, covered in blood,” said Keith.

Just shortly before he lost consciousness, Steve Linn told his stepson that he was jumped by two people. One of them hit him in the back of the head, while the other dug through his pockets.

“They were just animals. He told the paramedics while he was still able to speak that if they would’ve just asked for the money, he would’ve given it to them,” said Keith.

Keith and his entire staff are now terrified.

“This scared one of my drivers. My main driver is a little weary, he said he might need to get a new job. It’s hard to get people with unemployment checks, and this is going to make it harder,” he said.

For now, the Linn family and their employees are holding their breath and praying Steve holds on.

“He’s off life support. He’s breathing on his own but he still not responsive,” said Keith.

Keith says doctors are waiting for brain swelling to go down before they can do any surgery on Steve.

He says the family is offering a $5,000 reward to anybody who can provide information leading to an arrest.

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