Sunday, January 17, 2021

Fliering The Eastend Of Pittsburgh!!

Over this past week I've been putting up stickets and some fliers in the Eastend. Had a couple of friends help out this weekend. We are now  having a beer and singing very bad karaoke... Too much fun was had! WINK WINK... lol

The reason we picked East Liberty and jewhill is because some wankers on KDKA, WTAE and WPXI on JewBook tried calling us out after I posted some crazy shite on several news stories... I told them that we'd be Fliering their nigger neighborhood and that if they had any balls they should show up and do something. Well, they never showed!!

Pittsburgh's ARAers are all yellow belly whimps!! I got another speech coming up at The BAR next weekend... Show up, monkies. I dare ya! Hell, I own western PA!!

Shenley Ice Rink in Shenley Park.
Lots of polls to sticker.

Kike 'community centre' in jewhill.
Wink wink....

The wife and I had a beer here and made a few locals quite nervious. lol

Some crazy snow this morn...!

My wife is holding up the fliers we used.
Just a little HELLO to my hebe friends.

Our pizza!!
Mineos, baby!!
Best pizza EVER!!!!

CMU campus...
Wait, aren't I banned from there for life?
Wink Wink....

My neighborhood....

Frick Park....
Just walking around....

Frick Park....
Pretty, no?!

Frick Park....
Even more walking....

East Liberty. Koon central!
Fliered the fuck out of here!!

^^ Put a BUNCH of these up!! ^^

One of our favourite stickers.

Frick Park again....
I just love walking around it!!

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