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Healthy Nationalist Activist Culture

 Healthy Nationalist Activist Culture

By Fredrik Vejdeland

Fredrik Vejdeland shares some thoughts about what constitutes a healthy activist culture, based on observations of the Rise Above Movement from America.

The American activist Rob Rundo from the Rise Above Movement appeared on the Nordic Frontier podcast. RAM is an activist group that has focused strongly on combining the public-facing political struggle with martial arts, comradeship and a healthy lifestyle. They have also made a name for themselves by forcibly dealing with Antifa members who try to sabotage nationalist meetings.

One thing I like about Rob Rundo is that he appears humble and sees RAM’s work as a contribution to the movement as a whole. He says that the Alt-Right movement was/is good in its own way, but that he didn’t find a home there and that’s why he started his own group to complement the wider movement.

“Complement” is the key word, and the fact that RAM contributes to the whole is what gives the group a raison d’être. If RAM had been just another project for self-realisation, I would have been considerably more sceptical of them. Nationalists must fight and not engage in navel-gazing, whether that happens at the gym or in book clubs. RAM protect meetings, meet conflicts head-on, and thus inspire a great many White men. They are therefore deserving of respect. They become role models for the youth via the activism they pursue.

The “nationalist gym” culture is in vogue, but some of those who engage in it are sequestered on their own, and in some cases even distance themselves from activism. They call it “personal development”, but what good is it really if it means isolating oneself from the national struggle and in some cases the people?

What purpose does it serve? To make nationalist friends who participate in the same activity as you? OK, but what will this group of friends achieve? And how will it recruit new people if it chooses isolation? Or is the purpose to create a counterculture, as RAM describes it? But then how will this counterculture make a real impact if it merely differs in name – and name alone – from the gym and martial arts training that regular sports clubs provide?

Rundo talked a bit about the fact that the purpose of RAM’s operations is to inspire manliness in young Whites. Masculinity, in relation to bodybuilding, is about what you do with the body once you have strengthened it. For example, to practise what you have learned on the streets – by taking a stand in conflicts. Then it can really be inspirational.

That being said, I’m definitely in favour of gym and martial arts clubs, but they need to be organised in the way RAM is and have a clear purpose. Training must never be an end in itself, but always a means. It must be about defending nationalist meetings or teaching other Nordic people to defend themselves. “Self-realisation” is a liberal idea from the degenerate democratic age we live in; it is feminine. Sacrificing oneself is the masculine principle. Here I think RAM sets a good standard.

In other words, the Rise Above Movement is something positive. And for those of you looking for a Swedish alternative, you can start by checking out Bellum.

Source: Nordic Resistance Movement

Europe Will Again Become Healthy (1941)

 Europe Will Again Become Healthy (1941)

Source: Germanische Leithefte, volume 1, issue 1, 1941

We humans live in a world in which all becoming, living, maturing and passing proceeds according to unbending, godly laws of nature.

Subservient to them are the stars, heavens and earth, sea and stones, as well as the life of plants and animals.

Nobody in possession of his five faculties doubts that human life also runs according to the same laws. So, too, are the differences between humans determined by the laws of heredity.

In a healthy, naturally-feeling community, for example in peasant life, the sickly is prevented from procreating, and the healthy bonds itself again with the healthy. Only the big city life, estranged from nature, or economic considerations, unfortunately cause many a healthy person to enter marriage with a sickly one.

Then, however, nature avenges itself for the nonobservance of its laws: the offspring can become sickly or carry within themselves a tendency toward sickness.

The peasant who still lives bound to nature has always known that, in every species of animal and plant, lines and races must be distinguished, which can not be indiscriminately interbreed. That would destroy the breed. Among humans there are likewise various races. Originally our ancestors respected these barriers, created by the creator. Later certain spiritual and political tendencies gradually supressed the feeling for natural differences among humans. "Everything is the same which has a human face", that is what they said at the time of the French Revolution. Liberalism, Marxist-Socialism and Communism - those are the milestones in the decay of a Europe misled by Jewry. For the Bolshevist, racial differences are just prejudices which must be overcome. All of that, however, is a human deviation from the godly laws of nature; a disloyalty toward one’s own blood, which must have the most serious consequences for folk, health and culture. Physical damage, psychological disorder and character inferiority are often the scientifically proven consequences of undesirable race-mixing.

These spiritual, or better said anti-spiritual, tendencies come from racially alien and perverted minds. These teachings do not proceed from the laws of nature at all. In opposition to them. National-Socialism does not seek to construct another humanistic creed, rather it seeks to first of all clearly recognize the natural order created by god. Only this knowledge makes it possible to again lead the misled human back to the natural and hence healthy way of life. Therefore National-Socialism respects the nature-given difference between races. And it recognizes natural barriers.

So a National-Socialist also views a future Europe completely differently than a liberal would. Every National-Socialist would instinctively reject a pan-Europe of the American kind. The USA is a mishmash of folks and races. In Europe the various folks have in the course of their development taken on diverse folk characters, because other European races have also blended together - in diverse proportions in the various parts of Germany and its neighbours. All of them have in common, however, a more or less large portion of Nordic blood.

This Nordic blood component is thus that which binds the European folks. A closer union of the Germanic folks is hence not only possible, but also nature-given. The more or less Nordic blood present in the other European folks is primarily of Germanic origin.

If Europe thus does not want to lose its uniqueness, then, above all, the domination of the Nordic race must be secured. The Nordic race, however, has suffered the most by the development of civilization in the last centuries. So has the Nordic race in part nearly ceased to perpetuate itself in the large cities. This valuable race represented and represents not only in the German, but also in all other European folks, the leading segment. This fact is especially significant, because the portion of its blood finds itself in steady decline.

The former, so-called European civilization has likewise had a harmful effect on the health of the folks. The sickly, weak and untalented are promoted with every resource, while the healthy has therefore often had to suffer under the worst social injustice. In nature the sickly and weak are automatically purged and only the strong and healthy come to procreate. Among so-called cultured people, who have created an unnatural environment in their civilization, this "natural selection" is missing.

This is where the measures of National-Socialism come into play. In the final hour they prevent that the white race perishes in the foreseeable future. Let us designate the racially good and physically and spiritually healthy portion of a folk with the comprehensive concept "healthy Germanic blood"; so all measures of National-Socialism which promote this portion are called "measures for the promotion of healthy Germanic blood’. These measures in National-Socialist Germany take two directions: first they prevent the harmful, and second they promote the beneficial.

The National-Socialist marriage law provides for the presentation of marriage documents before marriage. In this manner can, for the best of the folks, the marriage of the healthy with the congenitally ill or the healthy with people with contagious diseases be prevented. The offering of very favourable, interest-free marriage loans, on the other hand, eases the marriage of the healthy.

These just mentioned measures of the National-Socialist state, however, were always proceeded, often by many years, by similar measures of die SS.

The SS man is selected and educated in such a way that he will not mix with racially alien or congenitally ill blood even without these laws.

But in other areas, too, does the SS set a good example by going along new paths in advance. The SS promotes the return of man to natural living conditions through countless minor measures, for example: promotion of building of one-family homes, physical education and exercise, return of valuable families to the land by promoting new peasantry etc. The SS shows, through the laws of its order and its example, the path along which a strengthening of the Nordic blood portion can be achieved. Similar orders have already existed, scattered throughout history, for example the Toms Wikings of the Baltic Sea, the German Teutonic Knights in Eastern and Western Prussia etc. These orders, too, only accepted valuable, fighting men, and their accomplishments were correspondingly spectacular. But they had one lacking: they limited their laws to males. So their valuable blood was not consciously cared for. But that is what it comes down to in the final analysis, namely that a folk, for the sake of its future, not only preserves its supply of valuable blood, but also increases it.

The Reichsführer SS, therefore, already during die difficult period of struggle in 1931, gave to the SS its memorial "Engagement and Marriage Order". In it the SS man is given the duty to select his wife according to the same guidelines with which he was accepted into the SS. The wife is then taken into the SS clan. There she is obligated to the same principles as her husband himself. She hence enjoys the same honour and the same high esteem.

Hence the SS stands at the forefront in the struggle for the preservation and strengthening of Germanic blood and shows the path into a future of healthy folk strength and cultural blossoming. The former, creative working of the SS for these ideas of blood has been recognized by the Führer in that he has entrusted to the Reichsführer SS the solidification of the German folk.

From this observance of the National-Socialist laws of blood and race grows an order which for all time will secure not only the protection of the Reich, but will also pave the way ahead in all important questions of human life. It becomes the guardian of the European community of fate. But especially the Germanic folks are bound by this SS order through their common blood. With pride should our children’s children one day say of us:

"You have laid the foundation for the Reich of our race!"

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White Supremacist Terrorism Hoax: FBI Frames Drug Addict Who Left Gas Canister in Front of Jewish Center as Terrorist Bomber

White Supremacist Terrorism Hoax: FBI Frames Drug Addict Who Left Gas Canister in Front of Jewish Center as Terrorist Bomber

No evidence, no problem. This was the investigative philosophy of special agent Ryan McGonigle of the Boston FBI Joint Terrorism Task Force (JTTF) when he accused John Rathbun of being a white supremacist domestic terrorist that attempted to blow up a Jewish assisted living facility with a homemade explosive.

Boston FBI's special agent in charge, Joseph Bonavolonta, hailed the arrest as proof that "racially motivated violent extremists" pose a "very real threat."  

Rathbun was finally convicted for the crime after his first trial ended in a deadlocked jury. 

A Misplaced Gas Canister 

According to court documents obtained by National Justice, on April 2nd 2020 a 5 gallon Scepter gas canister with a piece of paper stuffed in the nozzle was found outside Ruth's House, a Jewish nursing home in Longmeadow, Massachusetts. The canister did not ignite and no property was damaged.  

Blood found on the scene led federal investigators to John Rathbun, a 37-year-old heroin addict who lived with his parents nearby. 

Because Ruth's House is a Jewish institution and the charred paper in the gas canister had Christian verses on it, the FBI spun up a fact-free narrative framing Rathbun as a white supremacist terrorist who planted a homemade bomb with the intention of killing Jews.

Rathbun was subsequently charged with transporting explosives across state lines and attempting to use the explosives to damage or destroy property. 

Agent McGonigle's criminal complaint begins with a summary of an mysterious unnamed group of "white supremacists," referred to only as "Person 1" and "Person 2" and apparently not being charged, who were specifically targeting the Longview Jewish facility on social media.

Multiple pages of the affidavit are dedicated to describing the inner workings of this "white supremacist" group and their threats to the nursing home, yet in a baffling footnote, McGonigle states that Rathbun is neither of the individuals planning the attack and that there is no evidence he was involved in the group or any political activity whatsoever.  

National Justice examined all the documents in the case and found that federal prosecutors never provided evidence tying the defendant to any "white supremacist" or anti-Jewish group or sentiments.

During interviews with investigators, Rathbun admitted that he regularly used drugs and accessed his computer to watch pornography, but categorically denied any association or interest in politics or animosity towards Jews. When informed that the blood found on the gas canister matched his DNA, Rathbun is described as becoming visibly distraught and questioning how that would even be possible.  

A judge nevertheless agreed that "it is reasonable to infer" that Rathbun intended to terrorize Jews because the partially charred piece of paper in the gas canister characterized as a "wick" had a Bible verses on it. 

No Legal Basis For Federal Charges

When the case went to trial for the first time last November, federal prosecutors heaved under narrative challenges. They failed to establish motive, intent or even a sound legal argument to justify the serious charges brought forward.

For example, Rathbun did not transport the gas canister across state lines -- a prerequisite for the federal charges in question. The charging FBI agent and prosecutor tried to get around this limitation by claiming that, while both Rathbun and Ruth's House were local to Massachusetts, the company that runs the home, Jewish Geriatric Services Lifecare, Inc, also owns real estate in Connecticut.

National Justice consulted a legal expert on this argument, to which they replied that it was an "outrageous" theory. 

Jurors didn't buy it either and the case was declared a mistrial. 

The Department of Justice could not let a potential "anti-Semitic terrorist" conviction go to waste and went to trial again last week, where the feds were finally able to eek out a conviction. Rathbun has been held in custody without bail throughout the entire kafkaesque affair and now awaits sentencing -- up to 10 years in prison -- scheduled for next fall. 

In a self-important press release patting themselves on the back yesterday, the DoJ repeatedly mentioned the Jewish ownership of the property where the gas can was left, but not that "anti-Semitism" played any role in Rathbun's decision to leave it there.  

Nevertheless, Rathbun's farcical conviction will still be tallied up as another instance of "white supremacist domestic terrorism" by the FBI.

History is the Propaganda of the Victors: Don't Blame Adolf Hitler for World War II

 History is the Propaganda of the Victors: Don't Blame Adolf Hitler for World War II

Accordingly, Germany’s Fuehrer Adolf Hitler has been assigned total blame for starting World War II in Europe, history’s deadliest conflict in which 50 million died.

Interestingly, the anniversary of World War II has reopened old wounds and ignited an ugly battle of words between Russia and its unloving neighbors, Ukraine, Poland, and the Baltic states.The latter two accuse Moscow of having stabbed them in the back in 1939 by becoming a partner with Germany.

The European parliamentary assembly (OSCE) recently held the USSR and Germany `equally responsible for World War II.’ After 70 years, it’s about time.

A flat-out lie,’ angrily retorted Russia’s prime minister, Dimitry Medvedev. The war cost the Soviet Union 25 million dead. Russians are quite right in believing that they, not the US and British Empire, defeated Hitler’s Germany. Russians fought with incredible heroism, suffered unthinkably casualties and damage, and ground Germany into dust. The Allies played an important but comparatively far less important role in Europe against an already defeated and ruined Germany.

Underlining Moscow’s worrying rehabilitation of Stalin, Medvedev claims the Soviet dictator saved Europe from Hitler and rejects all attempts to equate him with Hitler.

But the facts say differently. Stalin was an even worse mass murderer than Hitler by a factor of three or four. Stalin was also a much cleverer strategist, war leader and diplomat than Hitler, who stumbled into a war that Germany could not possibly win and for which it was woefully unprepared.

Russias President Vladimir Putin admitted the 1939 Ribbentrop-Molotov Pact that partitioned Poland between Germany and the USSR, handed the Baltic states and Romania’s Bessarabia to the Soviets, was `immoral.’

But Putin correctly asserted that the 1938 Munich Pact signed by Britain and France with Hitler that returned Czechoslovakia’s ethnic German Sudaten region to German-Austrian ownership was equally immoral. He reminded Poland of its unsavory role in carving up bleeding Czechoslovakia. He blasted East European critics as `collaborators with Fascism.’

Interestingly, we know that Hitler was determined to undue the pernicious effects of the post-World War I `peace’ treaties that cruelly dismembered the German Reich, Austro-Hungarian and Ottoman Empires. He was set on restoring the 1914 borders.

But it is little understood that Stalin was also bent on historic and geographic rectification. He sought to erase the effects of the 1918 Treaty of Brest-Litovsk, imposed on defeated, revolution-torn Russia by the German-led Central Powers.

The draconian treaty tore away a quarter of Russia’s population and industry, and vast swathes of Russian-ruled territory: Poland, the Baltic States, Belarus, Ukraine, Crimea, Bessarabia and Finland. Like Hitler, Stalin was determined to regain lost territories. This he largely did from 1920-1939. The 1939 Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact was the final act in the restoration of the old Russian Tsarist Empire.

A fascinating book, `The Chief Culprit’ by Viktor Suvorov (US Naval Institute Press), the pseudonym of a defector from Soviet military intelligence GRU, makes explosive new revelations about Stalin’s role in igniting World War II. My old friends at KGB despise the GRU. But it was GRU that got 2-3 high level agents into Franklin Roosevelt’s White House and shaped America’s wartime foreign policy.

Suvorov’s argument is simple. Stalin cleverly lured Hitler into war by offering to divide Poland. This act, Stalin knew, would prompt Britain and France to declare war on Germany. Stalin expected to pick up the pieces.

Stalin also knew Germany was no match for the USSR. Hitler had only 3,332 tanks, most of them light vehicles armed with machine guns or 20mm cannon. Contrary to our images of a motorized blitzkrieg, 75% of German transport was horse-drawn (think how much hay and how many hay wagons are needed to feed 750,000 horses.) The Wehrmacht had no winter uniforms. The German High Command expected to win the war against Russia in only three months ­ before winter set in.

Most important, Germany had no raw materials save coal. Its sole sources of oil were Romania and Russia. Germany had only enough oil for a two-month campaign against the Soviet Union. It had no motor lubricants suitable for Russia’s -20 to -30 F winter weather.

From digging in GRU files, Suvarov asserts that in the spring of 1941, Stalin was poised to launch 170 divisions, 24,000 tanks and thousands of warplanes in a surprise blitzkrieg against Western Europe, supported by mountains of munitions and more reserve armies from Asia and the Far East. The first target was Ploesti, Romania, Germany’s sole source of oil. Germany was also Italy’s sole source of oil. Losing Ploesti would have knocked both Axis powers out of the war.

The Red Army and Air Force were deployed in vulnerable offensive formations hard on the new German-Soviet border. Stalin ordered all 1,000 plus defensive casemates of the formidable Stalin Line defending the USSR’s western border destroyed.

But Hitler struck first. Learning of the Soviet threat, Hitler secretly massed his armies and attacked on 22 June, 1941. Operation Barbarossa caught the Russians flat-footed: warplanes on the ground, tanks on rail cars, munitions in the open. Soviet ground forces were quickly enveloped, cut off and destroyed in vast numbers. Had they been positioned in defensive deployments behind the Stalin Line, this rout would not have happened.

Soviet propaganda later tried to cover up Stalin’s plan to attack Europe, claiming his forces were outmoded and unprepared, and generals incompetent. This view still prevails today.

Not so, claims Suvarov. His view will infuriate mainstream historians. I poured through Suvarov’s meticulous military analysis. To me, as a veteran military analyst, his figures appear to confirm that Stalin was just about to attack when Hitler pre-empted him.

By 1945, Stalin’s Red Army had taken half of Europe. But, contends Suvarov, had Hitler not attacked first in 1941, Stalin’s thirty-million man army, backed by mammoth industrial production, would have overwhelmed all of Europe in a 1941 surprise blitz.

Suvarov’s unstated conclusion: Hitler saved Western Europe from Stalin. He asserts, less convincingly, that Hitler’s offensive into Russia led to the inevitably downfall of the Soviet Union in 1991 ­ and the real end of WWII.

In the author’s view, if Poland had given back German-populated Danzig to Germany, war might have been avoided. The British Empire collapsed because of its fatal decision to go to war with Germany in 1939 over Poland, a nation it could not possibly defend.

All this is grand heresy. We need to clear away the lingering clouds of wartime propaganda and begin understanding what really happened.

Carrickfergus: Police investigate posts about asylum seekers

DR. LLOYD'S NOTE: For those in the States this article doesn't make sense. Untill you realize that Ireland and the UK DO NOT have Free Speech. In England you can be jailed for saying anything the JOG doesn't like. Worse in Canucastan!! Lone Wolves, GET BUSY!!

 Carrickfergus: Police investigate posts about asylum seekers

A number of social media posts about asylum seekers being accommodated at a Carrickfergus hotel are being investigated for potential hate crimes, the police have said.

The PSNI has received a number of complaints about the posts.

In a statement Ass Ch Constable Bobby Singleton said it was important to remember that "it is not illegal to seek asylum in the UK".

He said those seeking asylum go through a "rigorous process".

He added that cases are assessed before a decision is taken for them to remain as refugees.

'Fear of persecution'

He said: "Refugee status is granted on the basis that they could not live safely in any part of their country for fear of persecution on the basis of their race, religion, nationality, political opinion or anything else that puts them at risk including their gender, gender identity or sexual orientation.

"As a police service we have a duty and are committed to protecting everyone, but in particular vulnerable people."

He said that in the past week the PSNI in the County Antrim town had been engaging with the men and women who are seeking asylum as well the Home Office and Mid and East Antrim Council.

"Police will continue to engage with and provide reassurance to all parties and indeed the wider migrant community who we know are concerned by these events," he added.

A Home Office spokesperson said that due to "unprecedented demand, we have had to use temporary accommodation such as hotels to manage demands on the asylum estate".

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Adolf Hitler’s Speech in the Lustgarten, Berlin (May 1, 1937)

 Adolf Hitler’s Speech in the Lustgarten, Berlin (May 1, 1937)

The problems of our life are worse than those of other peoples. Perhaps there are peoples who can afford the luxury of waging war at home, of wrangling and bashing each other’s heads in.

Where Nature has given human beings everything in abundance, they will perhaps accord less importance to the necessity of uniform action and thus of a uniform will. Yet Nature has not been very kind to us Germans here on earth. A great Volk, an infinitely competent Volk, an industrious Volk, a Volk who has a will to live and a right to make demands on life, is living in a space much too tight and too confined to possibly provide to it everything it needs, even given the greatest diligence. When we sometimes hear foreign politicians say, “Why do you need a further, broader scope for life?” we might respond by asking them in turn, “Then why do you place such great emphasis on it?” It is for the very reason that our life-struggle is so much more difficult than elsewhere that we must draw specific conclusions from this fact which constitutes our fate. We cannot exist on phrases, cliches and theories, but only on the fruits of our labour, our ability and our intelligence.

For at the fore of our National Socialist economic leadership stands not the word “theory,” nor the word “money,” nor “capital,” but the word “production.” Believe me, my Volksgenossen: it requires more brain-work, more effort and more concentration to draw up and implement a Four-Year Plan to secure for our Volk the requisite vital goods for the future than to start up the rotary press to print more paper money.

It is very easy to stride before the public and say, “We’re raising salaries, earnings and wages”-and then tomorrow we shall raise prices. And it is very easy to say, “We’ll shorten working hours-that means output-and raise wages instead.” That may be popular at the moment. But the collapse is inevitable, for the individual does not live on a paper wage but on the total sum of the production of his Volksgenossen. That is the foremost precept of National Socialist economic policy.

Life itself puts every generation under an obligation to wage its own battle for that life. Yet what centuries of prejudice and irrationality have built up cannot be completely eliminated within four years’ time. Everything cannot be accomplished at once! But we have the will to master this problem and, armed with this will, we shall never capitulate! And we are applying ourselves thoroughly to our task; you will have to admit that. In these four years, we have established order; we have ensured that it is not the undeserving who walk off with the wages in the end, but the millions comprising the upright working masses in the cities and the countryside who are able to gain their just reward! In Germany we have truly broken with the world of prejudices. I may regard myself as an exception. I, too, am a child of this Volk, and did not issue from some palace; I come from the work site. Neither was I a general; I was a soldier like millions of others. It is a miraculous thing that, here in our country, an unknown man was able to step forth from the army of millions of German people, German workers and soldiers, to stand at the fore of the Reich and the nation! Next to me stand German people from every class of life who today are part of the nation’s leadership: former agricultural workers who are now Reichsstatthalters; former metalworkers who are today Gauleiters, etc. Though, mind you, former members of the bourgeoisie and former aristocrats also have their place in this Movement. To us it makes no difference where they come from; what counts is that they are able to work for the benefit of our Volk. That is what matters.

For subordinating oneself is something every person must do. We, too, subordinated ourselves. For nearly six years I was a soldier and never voiced a contradiction, but instead simply obeyed orders at all times. Today Fate has made me the one who gives orders.

And this I must demand of every German: you, too, must be able to obey; otherwise you will never be deserving or worthy of giving orders yourself! That is the prerequisite! It is thus we shall train our Volk and pass over the stubbornness or stupidity of the individual: bend or break-one or the other! We cannot tolerate that this authority, which is the authority of the German Volk, be attacked from any other quarter.

This also applies to all the Churches. As long as they concern themselves with their religious problems, the State will not concern itself with them. If they attempt, however, to presume by virtue of any actions, letters, encyclicals, etc. to claim rights which accrue solely to the State, we will force them back into their right and proper spiritual-pastoral activities. Nor is it acceptable to criticize the morality of a state from that quarter when they have more than enough reason to call their own morality into question?108 The German leadership of state will take care of the morality of the German State and Volk - of that we can assure all those concerned both within and without Germany.

Hence this May Day is the illustrious holiday of the resurrection of the German Volk from its disunity and its fragmentation. It is the illustrious day of the erection of a new and great Volksgemeinschaft that unites city and country, workers, peasants and intellectuals above and beyond any divisions, allowing the Reich to stand as sole presider over all in full panoply.

What is, therefore, more logical than for us to again wholeheartedly pledge ourselves to our Volk on this day of all days? We cannot renew this pledge often enough: that we wish to belong to this Volk, that we wish to serve it and will endeavour to understand one another; that we wish to overcome all that divides us and thus defeat the stupid doubters, the mockers and the incessant little cavillers; that today above all we wish to renew our faith in our Volk, our confidence that it is a marvellous, competent, industrious, and decent Volk, and that this Volk shall have its future because we are the ones responsible for that future!

Political Establishment and commy scum Launch Manhunt for Men Who Spray Painted George Floyd Statue

 Political Establishment and Antifa Launch Manhunt for Men Who Spray Painted George Floyd Statues While Public Expresses Support for “Vandals”

For years, anarchists and black grievance groups have been smashing, vandalizing and defacing statues and monuments dedicated to white peope, who they dislike for racial reasons.

Politicians and law enforcement have either expressed support for the criminal behavior or refused to prosecute it.

Now, statues and murals dedicated to George Floyd are, according to the media, being tagged with "" by a nationalist group of the same name. This act of tit-for-tat civil disobedience has stirred anti-white groups and politicians into an uncontrolled rage.

In New York, the city's presumptive next Mayor Eric Adams is demanding the FBI investigate who splashed paint on a bust of Floyd in Brooklyn. The physical ode to Black Lives Matter that has come to symbolize institutional anti-white hatred and exploding black crime rates to much of the public is not federal property. If the law is applied as it is meant to, the FBI would be out of its jurisdiction.

Governor Andrew Cuomo, whose political career is collapsing under accusations of incompetence that killed numerous elderly people from COVID and a slew of sexual harassment complaints, roared on Twitter that he was unleashing the NYPD Hate Crimes unit to find the men or man who painted the Floyd monument.

He ended the message by spewing that people who politically disagree with him should "Get the hell out of our state."

Selective Prosecution

New York state has been the site of some of the most egregious yet officially tolerated hate crimes and acts of vandalism for the past year. Some of the targets anarchist and Jewish groups hit were Church property, such as numerous instances of Virgin Mary statues being smashed and spray painted, while figurative displays of a variety of white men were also regularly brazenly destroyed. Nobody was ever arrested for these attacks nor was much of an effort ever made to find them.

Over the past year, numerous officials have gone so far as to express support for the attackers. Last year in Boston, when a statue of Christopher Columbus -- a symbol representing the Italian-American heritage -- had its head removed by anarchists, Mayor Marty Walsh expressed support for the hate crime and subsequently permanently removed the remains of the sculpture.

The scramble to utilize an all-hands-on-deck law enforcement response to find the culprits behind the sprayed protests against George Floyd monuments represents an ideological double standard to people in the country who have looked on with dismay as police tolerate or even help violent anti-white hate groups destroy public property.

Public Shows Support for Patriot Front

An examination of comments on social media sites such as Youtube underneath news videos on the recent acts of civil disobedience shows that the overwhelming majority of the public either supports the actions or believes that it is unfair to selectively prosecute them.

Anthony Cumia, the former first mic on the legendary radio show Opie & Anthony, declared on his program that he did not understand how painting blackface on a black man could be racist.

Most websites that allow open comments sections feature ordinary people not affiliated to any political group celebrating the action.

If the FBI and prosecutors decide to ruthlessly pursue the alleged perpetrators, they run the risk of galvanizing the frustrated white masses behind them, a catch-22 that is likely being discussed at high levels.

Whether media reports of Patriot Front's involvement are accurate or not, the group is certain to enjoy new interest and popular support from the media coverage the incident is receiving.

Source: National Justice

The Dark Side of the “Liberation of Europe”

 DR. LLOYD'S NOTE: All those who fought against the Holy Redeemer must die. Kill, my brothers and sisters, until there's no blood left to spell.




The Dark Side of the “Liberation of Europe”

US soldiers who fought in World War II have commonly been depicted as honorable citizen warriors from the "Greatest Generation." But a new book uncovers the dark side of some GIs in liberated France, where robbing, raping and whoring were rife. 

The liberators made a lot of noise and drank too much.

They raced around in their jeeps, fought in the streets and stole. But the worst thing was their obsession with French women. They wanted sex -- some for free, some for money and some by force.

After four years of German occupation, the French greeted the US soldiers landing in Normandy on June 6, 1944 as liberators. The entire country was delirious with joy. But after only a few months, a shadow was cast over the new masters' image among the French.

By the late summer of 1944, large numbers of women in Normandy were complaining about rapes by US soldiers. Fear spread among the population, as did a bitter joke: "Our men had to disguise themselves under the Germans. But when the Americans came, we had to hide the women."

With the landing on Omaha Beach, "a veritable tsunami of male lust" washed over France, writes Mary Louise Roberts, a history professor at the University of Wisconsin, in her new book "What Soldiers Do: Sex and the American GI in World War II France." In it, Roberts scrapes away at the idealized picture of war heroes. Although soldiers have had a reputation for committing rape in many wars, American GIs have been largely excluded from this stereotype. Historical research has paid very little attention to this dark side of the liberation of Europe, which was long treated as a taboo subject in both the United States and France.

American propaganda did not sell the war to soldiers as a struggle for freedom, writes Roberts, but as a "sexual adventure." France was "a tremendous brothel," the magazine Life fantasized at the time, "inhabited by 40,000,000 hedonists who spend all their time eating, drinking (and) making love." The Stars and Stripes, the official newspaper of the US armed forces, taught soldiers German phrases like: "Waffen niederlegen!" ("Throw down your arms!"). But the French phrases it recommended to soldiers were different: "You have charming eyes," "I am not married" and "Are your parents at home?"

After their victory, the soldiers felt it was time for a reward. And when they enjoyed themselves with French women, they were not only validating their own masculinity, but also, in a metaphorical sense, the new status of the United States as a superpower, writes Roberts. The liberation of France was sold to the American public as a love affair between US soldiers and grateful French women.

On the other hand, following their defeat by the Germans, many French perceived the Americans' uninhibited activities in their own country as yet another humiliation. Although the French were officially among the victorious powers, the Americans were now in charge.

The subject of sex played a central role in the relationship between the French and their liberators. Prostitution was the source of constant strife between US military officials and local authorities.

Some of the most dramatic reports came from the port city of Le Havre, which was overrun by soldiers headed home in the summer of 1945. In a letter to a Colonel Weed, the US regional commander, then Mayor Pierre Voisin complained that his citizens couldn't even go for a walk in the park or visit the cemetery without encountering GIs having sex in public with prostitutes.

"Scenes contrary to decency" were unfolding in his city day and night, Voisin wrote. It was "not only scandalous but intolerable" that "youthful eyes are exposed to such public spectacles." The mayor suggested that the Americans set up a brothel outside the city so that the sexual activity would be discrete and the spread of sexually transmitted diseases could be combated by medical personnel.

But the Americans could not operate brothels because they feared that stories about the soldiers' promiscuity would then make their way back to their wives at home. Besides, writes Roberts, many American military officials did not take the complaints seriously owing to their belief that it was normal for the French to have sex in public.

But the citizens of Le Havre wrote letters of protest to their mayor, and not just regarding prostitution. We are "attacked, robbed, run over both on the street and in our houses," wrote one citizen in October 1945. "This is a regime of terror, imposed by bandits in uniform."

There were similar accounts from all over the country, with police reports listing holdups, theft and rapes. In Brittany, drunk soldiers destroyed bars when they ran out of cognac. Sexual assaults were commonplace in Marseilles. In Rouen, a soldier forced his way into a house, held up his weapon and demanded sex.

The military authorities generally took the complaints about rape seriously. However, the soldiers who were convicted were almost exclusively African-American, some of them apparently on the basis of false accusations, because racism was also deeply entrenched in French society.

A café owner from Le Havre expressed the deep French disillusionment over the Americans' behavior when he said: "We expected friends who would not make us ashamed of our defeat. Instead, there came incomprehension, arrogance, incredibly bad manners and the swagger of conquerors."